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Family of four, pets escape Loxley house fire


four homeless. WKRG News 5's Whitney Leibold joins us live from Loxley. Whitney, a charcoal grill started the fire? Yeah Peter the house here on North Cypress street is considered a loss…. But The family and their pets are safe and are currently staying with family members The homeowner woke up around 1-45 when her security camera alerted her there was movement in the backyard… When she looked at her phone she saw a large flame covering the grill, and as you can see in this video, the flames quickly spread to the house…Loxley, Summerdale and Stapleton Fire Departments arrived on scene and were able to get the fire under control, but when the sun came up, you can see the extent of the damage, the home, garage and back porch are destroyed…and the only things left are some shoes, purses and a lot of memories…..

Live in Loxley, Whitney Leibold WKRG News 5..

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