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Family Guy Season 11 Ep 7 Full UnCuts – Family Guy 2023 Full Episodes #1080p


Good e eveningQuQuahog.
Our top p story: a a local YaYaee fan's's drem
comes s true whwhen he's s diagnodd
withth Lou Gehehrig's didise. But firsrst. Hey, thehe TV nt o out. OTRSRS:
HuHuh. , mymy God, ththe Wi-Fi i is o. (s(scrming, , shoutingng) (g(grunting)g) Okay, , everyoyonealm dom do. I knknow
hohow we'll l get rougugh thi. This i is thstorory of
ththe greatetest trilolo ever t, The MiMighty Ducucks. DaDad, why d don't youou tel
ohow you u and Mommse. fefelln loveve and got married? And inin go the e rbuds. g Wellll, it w was the99990s, the e decade o of Viagrara
bualsoso Lorena a Bobbitt,t, f
a yayay-o peririod for p penis. After grgraduatingng, yo momm
and meme moved t to the cici (9(90s-stylele sitcom m theme a) (fouclclaps) I I lived wiwith mbestst frie,
QuQuagmirere a Cleveveland.
We w were the e kind of f frs
who o were allll good-loloin,
excecept for D David Swiwimm. Anyourur mom livived
across t t hall
witith her frfriends nnnnie an. uh, uh, nnie. God,d, we deererately neneed tot more f fale chararacters
in thihis sh.
I wawas the ChChandler NoNot becaususe of ms bubut becabecause I keked
to take e 40 Vicododin day..
GuGuys, I'veve got bigig new TeTell 'em, , Quagmirere.

I gogot a promomotion
at Bckbubuster! -(gagasping)
-(clapapping fouour mes) Gleonanard Quagmgmire,tha! I I know, riright?
You knowow h I alwlways feltt likeke I was s stuck in n send ? Well, , this is is a new gegea! Wellll, congraratulatition Gle! ThThis cls f for a fouountain d. (90s-stytyle sitcocotheme plpla) PETETER: I wasas the leaeast gcl
at fountntain dancncg.
I just s swung my y arms
d trtried to f fit in.
It wasas senseleless.
We werinin our clolothes,
fofor Gos sasake.
Everyoyone got w w.
It w was col You know,w, therere were
origininally ninine friendnd, but reree of 'emem died
of p pneonia..
I'I'still hahaunted by Chahas shiverering lastst wo, "D't letet Monica a get Botot" Welso huhung out a at
ourur favore e café, PePerk Pl,
wherere we wouould a sweweat
like crarazy
'cauauseveryonone in thehe 's
wo t turtlenececks,
vevLois, , you lookok down.a.
What's w wrong? adad Pitt brbroke up w with e
in pretttty publicic way.

I justst don knonow
if I I'll everer date agagn. itit, I thouought you u and Dd
dateted in higigh schoolol. Did d you breaeak up? Uh-u-uh, storyry's not o over, g
Settttle down.n. Yo f father anand I had d datd
r a fefew years,s, but t I didn't't know
if it wawas going g anywhehere. but ret remained c close frir. I acactually b briefly d dated e
our r roommateses, Barry.y. HeHe was onene of thememw. My f father hahad plannened out
wholehole life fofor me. He wananted meo o marry onone
of Quahohog's -andnd-comers,,
Tom Tuckcker, Elmemer Hartn,, Seamamusr Billlly Zane.. It's's meetingng
the e n of my y drea
♪And thenen meetingng
hihis beaufuful wi
And isisn't it i inic Don't t you think? OnOn your wewedding da AlAlanis Misissette wawas Ameris
eetheaeart in ththe '90s.
ShShe nt on n to becomome oe
of t t CDs in n the gararag.
Waitit, amus h had arms s and l?
ChChris,'m n not suree
yoyou have t thereen l light
jusust chime e in wheneneve. Lois, lelet's go t take a dndnt
swswim at ShSharkbite e Cove Oh, , sounds w wderful, , Seam, bubut I haveve other p plans OkOkay, wellll,
I'I'm denitetely goingng.

♪ ♪ Peter, w why don y you admitit? You ststill got got the ho f fo. ItIt's obvioious. h, w we're broroken up.. WeWe're justst frien n now. (four r claps) oking g back,
I realalize he w w right..
Buththe '90s w was
an excititintime,, and wananted to e experience
l it hadad to offefer.
HeHey, guys,s,
ths s a great t concertt in Wororld Tradede Cenr PlPlaa
this weeeekend! ReallylyWho's plplaying? Oh, , that souounds deliciou
But who o are the e bands?, They're e opening g wi Cake..

Wait, shshouldn'cacake be lae ?
ItIt's a desessert Kornrn is lalast
Kornrn is a bibigger draraw tha. CoCo is not t a biggerer draw
th cakake. -C-Cake is d delious..
-"NoNo Doubt"?"? bubut that s still doeoesn't as
yothisis issue o of the e orde My l last showow
was s a Weez c concert.. Wellll, at's ' 'cause
everyoyone smokekenowadaysys. What banand did wewe see lt t e
at the P Palladiumum Itas, uhuh, Blur.. Yeahah, I can'n't remembmber, e. It w a v very confnfusing tite
OkOkay, timeme for anonoth sc. Let's s transitition
wiwith a '9090s guitarar sting
(9(90s-stylele sitcom m theme a) (f(fouclaps)s) (four clclaps) -C-CHRIS: DaDad, what.t…
-P-PETER: H-H-Hang on,n, Chr. ItIt's not d done ye ♪ (m(music endnds) Okay, erere we go.o. What'd y you do r r a living,
What anynyf us didid
nevever realally matrered.
ItIt was jusust "vagueueusine" But det despite hahaving broro, I uld sosometimes s sneak away
toto the Intnternet totoo flirt t with youour mo. ll, , I'm gonnnna go movove my y in froront of ththe mior..

-A-AOL GUY: : Welco e!e!
ETER: ShShh, shh, , shh, shhh! -Y-You've gogot mail!!
-Okakay, good, but quiuiet. Peter, q quit tryiying to flflth
that clelearly girirlfrid ofof s and coco w PETER: :ant boxox V
We a a watched
ThThe X-Filel, icich would d be
Fox's s lastit s show.
AnAnd it wasas the heyeyday
the m multi-camamera sitctc,
ananPaul Reieiser, itsts kin, wawas must-s-see. Perhapaps I'llryry this yoyogu. ThThat's beeeen in thehe
sincnce our wewedding. (groans)s)
Perhapaps… I w won't. (audieiee laughthter) Peteter, admitit it. You'rere still i in love w with. Yeah, , every titime you s see r
you gogo, "Schwiwing!" Whicisis, like, , the sounund of beieing lifteted by a b bor
I think.k.

Yeahbut t we decidided
wewe wanted d see othther peo. That's's oy 'cauause she g got d
ofaiaiting aroround for r yo. Lookok, shloveves you, but she e n't gonnnna wait a ard
I knew t they werere right
Yo momom was thehe only onoe I I wanted t to sp
the e rest of f my life e w.
So I s saved mmomoney,
and, a a few mononthlater,r,
I I boht a r ring. So, did d u enjoyy
yourur pesto w with sto?o? Doeses ts smilile
gigive you y your anerer? is, , there's s somethining
I I wa to asask you.

Will y youarry m me? OhOh, Per,
I'm-I'm m so sorryry, but… I'm reready engagaged
toto Tom Tucucker. Passeded ovefor r Tom Tuckcke? That'sererrible. Wh do o you thinink of thahat,
fellll '90s ststar Joey y Lawre? -M-Meh.
-Oh. Huh.. OkOkay, wellll, whatouould you k
if I tolold u ththatlossomom would c complety
drdr out of f show bususiness to g g a PhD i in neurososciee and thenen come baback , whwhile you u would woworkteady
fofor 20 yeaears, lolose all y your ir
and go b bankrupt?t? -W-Who
-(-(chuckleses): Therere it ! Yeah, , at's thehe–
ththat's thehe thi I w wante. ere'e's Dad? YoYou've g gotale poporn!: PePeter, getet in herere
d fifinish thehe story!! Sorry, I I was jusust watchii
someme guy takake it in n theO ododbye. All l right, w where we e we? MoMom ju saiaid
shshe got enengaged totoom Tuc? WeWell, de d down,
I knew I I loved y youfathere, but I I guess I I justaveded
to my y father's's pressurur Anonon my 28thth birthdaday, he intntroduced d me
to my fufure husbaband.
) ) (high-h-pitched)d):
He's y your kingng-
o-be ♪ ♪ A kiking who'll whatetev ♪ ♪ Her Highghss Desires ♪ ♪ ♪ HeHe's youkiking-to-beb.. Thanksks, lie.

Goodod afternonoon, Loisis.
m ToTom Tuckerer, yourur king-toto-be. In o oth news,s, PresididenClintoton sent m me
a cocongratularyry cigar,, but itit's aittltle moist.t. PETER: Well, , I p that e easily. SoSo I dideded I was g gonnao
you u could dodo in the e 0:
make a. Agaiain, Per,,
it's's your mimixtape, bubut yove g got "Cotttton Eye "
song nunumber twowo, mberer four, s seven andnd eig.

You ththink it s shod be
numberer three a as well?? No!! I maOh, PePeter, I g got to sas, the foururth and f fif timee
I heheard "Cototton Eye e e," reaeally got t to me. LOIS:
I was s so happypy.
I knknew Per w was the o one I wanteded to spspend
the restst of my l life with. But t I dreadeded ving
to t tell my f father.
Luckilily, hwas s remarkababy
understataing abouout it.
I've dececided tbebe remarkakay
understatandg abouout this.. Really?? YeYes. And t tprove itit, m m going toto pay
fat thehe MTV Beaeach Houses. And I I omise
it's notot part ofof a rus . OhOh, Daddy,y, thankouou! PETER:
I was s rilled..
Carteretetting me e marry LoL, bubut this w was gonnanae
the ultitimate b bachelopapar.
The MTMTV Beach h House wawas ld in the m most hepapatis-richch t
of F Florida,,
knowowas Floririda. WhWhassup?!! (cckckles)

No s spping ththose yet.t. We parartied t s same wayy
eveveryone i in e '90s0s di,
YeYeah, I wawas etty m much
s the coololest guththere.. ,
With t the best t legs. Trere were ththese otheher idis
herere having g a bachelelor pay
but t I didn k know 'em.m.
ThThey were e lors.
-JOE: : Who's ththat? Peteter?
YeYeah, get t out of m my str
Whatat the helell are yoyou i?
I'm tetelling ththe ory ofof
my dayays at thehe MTV Beaea Ho.
m storory! f I'm abouout telll
hohow I met t Daria.
SoSo, yopartrtying harard
oror hardly y paying?? Hardrd interesested. You're m mean! (D(Dari theme plplaying) La-la-a-la-la-la La-l-la-la-l-la PETETE
I I even gotot to meetet my r,
rkrk McGrathth, Pauly y Shoe
d JaJamie Kennnnedy,
and d we becamame frnds.s. ys, comeme be in m my weddini. Then w weSoSorry, Peteter,the 2s
but canan't go wiwith you.. WeWe'rnot alallowed
in thehe 2000s Yeah, , we have e to statay bace
inin the '9090s. Goodbye,e, Peter.. PETETER: AnAnd , they a all walkeked to thehe a
and didisappearereforever.r.
TeTell t wororld aboutut us! PEPETER:
I annened to,
but enen I foundnd
a a half-eatatenot dogog
atat only hahad a littttle bt
ofand d on it.
d momost of ththe sand
was s ve brushshable.
You u can prtyty much wawash
a h hot dog w with ap a and wa,
anand you cacan still l eat .

danced f for eightht hours
strahtht on
The Grinind, occacasionallyly going . AlAl, for sosome reasoson,
I was e e only guyuy
-a -a bee wasas followiwig
thwhole e time.

-(buzzg)g) Maybe e it was ' 'cause ofof e
Country y Time Lememonade popor I'd I'd been eatating,
or 'caususe me andnd Quagmirire
But littttle did I I know,s
while e I was dadancing
and d periodicically , Cara to destrtroy my rerelationshsp
th y your mom m once andnd for .
Hey, y you'rDaisisy Fuentete. Oh
I I y my lasast name.. that's hohow YoYou' the h hottest g girl
of 199ththis. I'I've got a a propoposion foro. (whihispering)g) Hey, thehere. You'u're all t t
a bag g of cps.. WhW. I hopepe it nevever unds d dub
and dateted. (crowd c cheering,g, whistlil) (Daisysy gnting)g) ok, , Peter's s wrestlining
withthaisy Foooo-en-tazeze! (i(indistincnct chatr)r) oth h gruntingng) aisy grurunts) It a all happepeneso fasast. Oh. . We're hahavingun
'causese it's nonot 9/11 y y.

. I I was kissssing Daisisy Fut. AnAnd it wasas
on n national l levisionon.
I was s home dngng
whwhat girlsls did at t the m-
lolooking atat pictuss
of J John Elwaway.
MyMy hse-toooothed drereamboa. Denv. (gpsps)
Peteter?! How w could yoyou? LO::
MyMy heart s shattereded
the e moment I I saw it.t.
I ok y your fathther's mixixte
and huckcked it ininto the o ocn Right t then andnd tre, I I vd
I I would nener see hihim aga.
(laughs)s) She sasaidwood."." (laughghs) That wasas cool. YeYe. Wood! ! Wood! You'rere right! ! Wood. (laughghter) (laughteter contininues) (laughtete Daddy,y, telus m more
ababout the e black '9'90s Well, MaMac Johnsoson got AIAI,
and was s like, "W"What?!" But t then, hehe ce backck te
nenext seasoson and orored 30 ps in a gamame
wherere no onene would t touch m And hehe caught t ithroughgh
heteterosexualal sex ctatact? WeWell, thiss mac.c.

rrific. . Thank yoyou, Clevevel. to thehe ente BrBrown famimil, whose lala name esescapes mee
at t the momt.t. (laughs)s)
Terrrrific. Thanksks, d. Now w bac. my lilife. I I had je So as s a way toto fget mymy p, I ththremyselflf into
a dot-cocom startutuwith Quauag. yoyoung entrtrepreneururs s at t the heighght
ofofhe dot-cot-com bubblbl.
Oogle?e? Goo goooo Gah-gagogoo?
GeGee-gee goo? Go….. ggo? Keep sayaying babybyords, PePe.
You're o onto meththing. We'r're ose. W We're cirircling! Goo-gogoo gah-gagah? Oo. o oog?
Ooh eeeee ooh ahah ah? MoMonts latete, we'd f found
a sineness idea a destineded
to cngnge the tetech worldld
foforeve Goooogoogle..
A A search e eine for r all
t the info o on theoooo Goo Do.
Peopoplere alwlways gonnnna nd
informioion about t them! PETER:R:
WeWeere on o our way..
WeWe rented d fice spapace, anand tchingng it gaveve us
t the idea a rent ofoffice sp.
(e(eletor bebell dingsgs) Uh, , early,
we hadadn't discscussethe,e, , tone of ourur work enenviroen.

I shouould s we e haven't.t. I ththought ththis was
be a a place ofof busineses. WeWe got ovever ou, and ththen spentnt
e e rest of f the day y doig
d inhe ' '90s– babating whahat was bebetter-
rrest t Gump or Pulp Ftition. Forrt GuGump is ridiciculous! One e guy dodoes wt hehe's toldl
the timemend makeses millionon. BuBut a girlrl goes ofoff,ries e
didifferent,t, gets DSDS, and d! I fifind your r argumentnthalw
and pepedantic.. I I didn't s s either r one. Laugughed so h hard, I c crad
myself i in the ththeater.w
about ititow makeses me… g (laus) -(-(ud flatutulence)
wiwith Tom T Tucker wewereack.
e yoyou ready?y?
I can'n't believev ththe weddining
jujust two s scenes awaway. What's's wrong, , sweeti I I guess I'I'm just n not sr
if I'm'm doing t the rightht t.

What if f is is a a mistake?? Trt me, , you're d doing thehe . Now, l lten, we e don't hahaveo
mu timime beforere the wededdi, so I I wanto g go over s sometg reregaing
the fafather-dauaughter ncnc. It goes,s, "Dallahah-hollah, wakkkka-lakka-a-akka-hakakka-ba
Macacarena." DaDaddy, I d d't thinknk "The Macacena" iss
the bebest fatheher-dahterer da. Well, hohow about t another r s? ♪ Casesey uld wawaltz
with t the strawawrry blon
de And d the nd p played ono.. WhWhat? Wronong '90s?? ♪ in thehe '90s,
L Gooooogle tookok off..
We celelebrated d grand
dot-cocom bubblele fason::
by havgg
anan outragegeous yachcht ry
wi lobobster figights
and hohoers.
didid Ecstasytasy,
which wawaterriblele for you,
and ononlyver
made m me feel f fantast..
KiKids, don'n'do it.
It's's too awesome
They y said iwowould burnrn a e
in y youbrain,n,
-but shohow the h hol .
-LOIS: P Per, thatthat's enou.
IfIf you hatatpure,
uncoconditionanal lo
and exexriencingng the prorofd
rmonony of thehe universe,
trthis d drug. t ere's alalso, likeke,
a 90chanchance you'l'll hook ,
but realally, , dodon't do i . Even if f yodon't t hook up,
yoyou don'cacare.
BuBut you'llll hooup, , guarant. CHRIRIS:
And wh PETER:R:n name
Ok BuBut despspitour susuccess,
sosomething g was missssg. PePeter, we e d it! What t the matteter?
You u still sasad abt BrBrandon? Yeahah.

I nevever heard d ofh
bebefore he e died, but t when he e ed, it w was so. But t also, itit'sois. She's s getting g married d mor. Somehow,w, a this s successs
feelels meanglgless, knowowing I'm m out
to lose e her foforever. Peteter, then n you ed
to stotop that w wedding befofore it's s too latete. But t we've gogot a busisiness . You don'n't care
about t is busininess. All l yove evever cared d abot
is Lis Ls.

ThThis is yoyourast shshot. PEPETER:
Pete y They w were ght.t. wedd. I dececided to o get theree ththe way eveveryone g got aron
in the ' '90s–
propelleled byn exexplosion.. (lououd explososn) (o(organ micic playingng) Do y, LoLois
Commmmondenomiminator PePeersch, acaccept thihis man toto be
your lawfufully wedddded hud yo (allllasping)) aryou dodoing herere?! l Loiscan n I talk t to you
privataty? (loud plplosion) What i iit, Peteter? fore youou marry T Tom, whatats
thee Mortrtal Komb bld codede? I I keep fororgetting.g. It's " "A-B-A-C-C-A-B-"
but yoyou can't t do this s o YoYou're ruiuining mweweddin! Lo, , if I dididn't comeme he, I'd regrgret it
for e rerest of mymy life. knknow I scrcrewed up,p,
and I I don't deservrve you, but I cacan't stopop thinkinn
abouout you, d day and n nigt It's b been ththis w
since ththe day wewe met.

And I'I'll neverer stop. n UnUnlessaisysy Fuenteses
felt s somethingng DAISY:Y:
Uh, , didn't.. fofor me. Loia He c cheated o on you! No dauaughter ofof me is g gog
to marryry a cheatat! Daddy'y's rit. but t u blew i it. P, I was inin love wiwith you, ,o
bYou kissssed Daisysy Fuent… Loiserere's somemething
you shshou know.w. He d didn't kikiss me.
kissssed him. Because e you lt s somethingn? BeBecaus. ! Daddddy… i is th trurue? I onlyly did itoto protectct u
from makakina hugege mistakek! LoLois, I mamay not bebe
as smama or as h handsomee as t the guyss
youradad wants f for you,, but t I ve youou more
than a all of 'e'eput togegeth. That's a a fact.
Just a as su as the Star W Ws movies a are
a a perft isisolated t trilog, unrreded by addiditional c can. OhOh, Peter!r! (orgrgan playsys "dding MaMarch) amamn it, ststop them!m!
-PET: OnOne by onene,
m memrs of f Lois' fafamily trd
tototop me, bubut I laidid 'em .
abt pupunching s someone Tg -in a chchur h
thatat just fefeels go do-() (b(bell tolllling) (loud d exosion)n) Clevelanand pickeded us
in a w white Broronco.
(t(tires sququealing)) WI I was drivivingve
mymy innent t friend O O.J.

And d hiex-wifife's headad
down t to Mexi.. which h I paidid 50 granan
We e e toto rent ououtPaPar,
I nonow pronouounce thisis
e lalast straiaight marrrriag. -(-(both moaoaning
-PETERER: And I I think
I got swswindled
thehe Fenway y deal
becau-(babat clacksks)s a ge
No! ThThat wld h have beenen
the e game-wininng run!!
The ReRed Sox lolo. ALL:L:
Boo!o! LOISIS:
I was viving serioious regrers
about t myecisioion, but w ws
already y egnant w with Meg,,
soso there w was no babacking . ThThis bee's's chasingng m!
(beeee buzzingng) -(laugughs)
loud flalatulence)e) Ow (allll three l laughing)g) AwAw. Wow,w, Mom andnd Dad. I I feele
I lelearned soso much totoght. And d t just a about youou gu,
but al a about thehe '90s. OhOhthere's s a lot momore to l. Likeke, for ststance,
are yoyou famililiar th a b band calllled
"C"Counting g ows"? I I think I I ght haveve heard m
inin a Srbucucks. Yes,s, you havave. Anyway, , their ler le singers
ththis thingng cald AdAdam Dur.

HeHe lks likike if Mararc Marn
hahasex withth a scarerecrow anand gave b bir
to a a baby mamade of hehem. I alys t thought
he lookeked like t theowardldlyn ini-Thahat's not t what thahat s
prprod-No, Chrhris.The Wiz.. BuBut actulyly, the jojoke's on, becae
this Sidideshow BoBob burnououst wiwith a priri rosterr
of ' '90s tailil. -Jenninifer Antoton.
-N-No. –W-Winona RyRyder.
-That y?y?! Chststina Applplegate,
Lara F Fly Boylele, Emmy R Ros.

OoOoh, this s is justt
makikinge angrgry. -Marary-Louisese Parr.
-I hear r she's didifficult. UgUg This susucks, Momom. We r really haveve
to s spend thehe wholeayay . Yo
to go o see PePeert Hamlmle. You know I I havplanansy ToTo be… withth this skskull sexuxuay oror n to bebe… wiwith this s skl sexuxuall. Th i is the ququestion….. I swerered when n I was
with thihis ull sesexually a a little w while a..

Huh.llll these s spray paint cs
are emempty. Whatat? Reallyly? (lauaughin:
H-How cocould suchch a thing haveve come p pass? Scw w this. QuQuick,
before y youmotherer gets bab, everytytng in ththe garbagag. We're ththrowing
l thisis stuff o out. WaWa. You'rere throwining awy
Stie's's Big Wheheel? I I took it t from a f front la. (can rtltling) I ththoughtheyey'd neverer le,
FaFacty Red.d. So, I guguess
Thanos g got t Minind Stone..

Wow. S So now w he'sot a all of. g guess so.o.
-Whahat does t thamean f for ? . I I knew it t was gonnnna be us. Ohmymy God. ThThere's a a hot . YoYou ow, I I never foforget
the ba o of a headad. I dodon't ink k we've memet.
I'I'm Glenn n agmire.. works grgreat n for ththe youngeger owd,
but I'I'm 44. 4444? Oh-ho,o,
wham I I trying g so hard?d? Come o on, let g get out o of . Lookok, I'm nonot some b bimbo . Wow.hahat was papainful. Likekehat timetime I passed
a kikidneytonene Phillipips. (groananing):
OrOr was it.t… murdeder? -H-Hey, Dougug.
-H-H, Stewieie. r r a spin?? t YeYep. Wherere areou h heade? Oh, I wawajust gononna
drdrive throrough me p puddls and d see how w long .

The e records s seven sisidewk
squares,s, byours s truly. (laughining):
Allegedldly. Okay, geget t of h here, youou. WhWhat the d dce? Wherere is ? (sigighs) Boy,y, tell yaya,
nono better r way statart youy p in neighghbor's yayard. QUQUAGMIRE::
Come o on, Brianan! It w was a sofoft steameme,
almomost imposmpossible toto pip can't fifind it ananywhere!!
mymy Big Wheheel? What? NoNo. Did d you lookok? Oh, wawait a mininut Peter r threw ouout a buh h of f
fromom the gararagyestererda. Maybe e was in n there. Threw itw it out? BuBut day
is our t trash picick up d!! (gasasps)
We'rtoo o late! I'veve got to o get
that B W Wheel bacack. Will youou drive m me
to t the tn dudump? Really? ? Can'we j just maybe
bubuy you a a w one? No, Briaian.
ItIt has to o be thaBiBig Whe. It's's very spspecl to m me. I I lost my y V-card o othat t. Yowhwhat? Yep, w wenover a a speed b bp
really f ft and brbroke my h h.

Stewewie, you u don't hahave a . -Y-Yeah, notot anymorere. I haveve to corrrrect you u the,
ian. I'm'm a man.. 'Cause, , you knowow..
brbroken hymymen. Boys d don't havave mens!! Okay, ththen I mayay have jut
rieded my tainint. Eithther way, , I love t thab! HiHi. Can yoyou help u us? We'r're tryingng
toococate a lolost Big W Wh.. -(ininsectbuzzzzing)
-M-My God, there'e's justst so. much… . gaage. (moaningng) Yes, w we are s search
of a B Big Wheelel that w was erreoeously disiscad
edand cocollted totoday. Oh, ththen it prprably camamen
with thehe morng l load.

Sorry.y. Thatermrm alwayss
makekes me blulu. But t if it juju came inin,
thatat's bad n news. UsUsually ththe newe,,
justst blows r rig into o the o. Yeahah, I'afraraid your r Big l
mamabe goneses for gooood. Dear Godod, this i is horrib! Phewew. Ooh,omomething s smellsd
I'I'm blininin ts box.x.! I'm b! I'm m blind! I I'm blindndm bli! Da it.t. Monica'a's not rerespog
to anyny of my t texts. YoYou're stiti tryin''
to banang that 4 44-ye-oldl? -Wt arare you sesending hehe?
-M-Mosy pornrn.

Ju shotsts of rodsds. All anangles.
Updownwn, left, , right. LoLois, maybybe you cocoulhele
ask k out thisis woman m me. ShShe's closose to youour a. BuBut she wowon't sponond
to a any of mymy texts.. Oh, wellll, that e easy. JuJust ask h herf she'e's al
caught u up on isis Is Us.. (p(phone vibibtes) ShShe says, , "I'm o b behin,
so no o spoilersrs. Hyststical lauaughing fafac,
hysticalal laughining face."" HoHow-how isishat funnnny? .

Great.t. This isis exaly
the stufuff I needed to know LoLoiswill All righght.h me thes
m a a sucker f for romananc. Thananks, Loisis. Th couould opp
a whwhole new w wod for r m. that allllowthem t to hears
for ththe firstitime.e BiBilly, canan you heaear? Yes! A. Yo momom and I a are goingng
to getet divorcece. I'I'm in lovove withth somne e, and d didn't w want
to say i it withhehe silly h h. Briaian, I've e been doioi resh
on m my Big g Wheel. If i it end upup in the e oce, it m most kelyly has traraved
to Gararbage Islanand. Whatat's Garbabage Isld? Theanan ermous s clusterre
Noh Aof m man-maddedebrisP Pa, floati i in the mimiddle
of the o ocean This i is terribible.

, et peoeople knowow about i i.
-Igrgree. It's's likee
a gianant garbagage whirirlpool. Brian? You heheard me.. Anyway, , I'm headading thee
to f find my B Big Whehee. Perhrhapyou'llll come wiwith . Boatining an isisland of f gar? I'in..
Maybybe Peter r will comom t. Oh, , uh, I cacan't bebe in ss
nfor r a couplele of episiso. (w(whisperining):
I'real-l-life pregegnant. Oh, mymy God. I I had idede. (high-h-pitched)d):
I knknow! Anywayay, ma's g got to
get off f her fe.. All riright, timimto retririevy
Big WhWheel om G Garbage I Isl. Let't's do it.t.

Hey,y, how'd y y get thehe moy
to rent t this bt t anyway?? Oh, I I got a rtrt-time jojb
atat Target.t. Okay, , technicacall I wororkt
the weirird, in-stste Pizza a . The Targrg In-Storore Pizza a. FeFeed it toto yr fat t kid we
yoyou buy f-f-brand tetennis sh.
NoNow,lenn, , I'm gonnnna helpu
geininto the m mind of a m middle-agagedoman.. Stepep one: a all go frfrigg'
nuts ovever nkee C Candles,, soso to helplp you leaearn ale
flavavors, I m made a lilittle.

I'm nnnna give yve you a nam,
anand u tellll me a a nkee Canandle or a a porn . -O-Okay.
-Black C Conut. No, ththat's a c cdle.
Amber GoGold. -T-That isis a calele.ld? April ShShows. UmUm… both?? Veryry good. I I tried t to icu
ththere, butut you g i it. Bo. OkOkay, okayay, I'. But,t, Loi Mononica agrereed
to h have dinnnnerith meme tomo. That's g great! I ppose. But I I don't inink
I I can pullll it off f byyse. ll youou come anand just b be nr to ge meme tips anand help me
gegethrough h it? Fine, bubut I'll h have
toto rearrgege my schehedul. Frididay nighthts arwhenen
Peteter and I I do ediblbl and goo o the aquauarium. . Per, I'm'm freakining out. Yeah, dodon't-dodon't…d. Okay, I I spy somemethinblue.

Uh… NoNope.cean?n? ? HeHey, you g got it t two, b. ThThat ties s the recocor. d ifif we didndn't thinknkhis
allNo, it's's fine.ough. It'l'll all bebe wth itt
oncece we get t to Gargege Isl. Not a lot of wd d today. NoNo. y,y, what cacauses winind? Well, ifify readining materirl
hahas taht m me anythihing, itit's just t a cloud d with . Blustete… is a gd d word. Uh-h. …. Moana.a. MmMm. You nevever saw Moana.a. (p(phone vibibras) Yourur blowo l looks nicice. Oh, ththanks. So, , um, I nonoticed a a yogt
in the b back of y your car. -How oftften do yoyou do ya??
-(phonone vibratates) -I-Is everytytng all r righ?
-Hmm?? Oh, oh, , yeah, ahah.

Sorry.. My, umum..my-my y dad
locked h himself o o of his s . Oh, sosorr
Do y you need d to helelp h? UmUm, no, uhuh, .
He, um, , he brokeke, uh.. okoke the wiwindow witith his . High h heel. My y dad's a a wom. -O-Oh.-(phonone v) (chuckckles)
You're l lky we cacame here.. I almostst suggeststed Mickeke. (laughghing):
Oh, mymy God. That's's so infoinfoal. e e you talklking
ababout McDoDona's? -(chAnAnother thr thingah!
I was jujusthinkining about t . "AMBMBER Alertrt
whitite Honda a Accord,, licensplplate…""
Uh, , uh, I memean someeat t pictureses of sinkn. Doest itit? Listenen, what i if we jt t bl
onon dinnerr and headad back toto my placc Great! I I'm in. Waitit! You hahave to yy
for r the breaead. Hey! You haveve to pafofor the brbr! You u have to o pay for r e br! You u ve to papay
fofor the brbread! The brbread! (cryrying): You havy for tht! (cining) (creakining) runtnting) Moana?a? Oh, , my God.

. Brian. We made e it! ! My God, , I don't t lieve it. Whoa, lolook at alall the ckckg
from Micickey D's.s. Wh"M"Mickey D'D'"God,
I'vThThat is jujust greatat. AnAnyway, lelet's starart okg
for mymy Big Wheheel. HeHe check i it out,
a VCR jujust stingng here.e. I'm tataking thihisucker h ho. (gruntnts) (gasasps) Oh, , crap. Briaian, youdidiot. Now hohow thhellll are we e supd
to g g back toto land? We'r're bothoioing to didie. Oh, lookok, a messagssage in ae
is wasashingp. PEPETER:
Dear Engngland: EnEncled,
. pleasese find onone bole f ft
in excxchange fofoRussell l B.
We feel l this iss n Your et t cetera, , America. -(flatululence)
-(grnining) DaDa it, Bririan!
How coululd yosinknk our boao? 're gogoing to d die! MAN:
Yoguysys need anany help?? -Aah! -Aah! WhW? NaNa's Taylolor.

'Sup?p? How ththe ll didid you getet h? I-I-I fell o off aooze cruise. -You w what?
-Yep, , wash up p here. MaMatter of f fact, a all d. w w are you u all plananning
toto g back k home? Get baback home?e?
Why wowould we w want to d do t? Yeah, wewe've got t everhingg
we n need herere. There's s tons of f free,
half-eataten food d that wasash. AnAnd we jususbang eacach otr
all daday. Thatat, uh.. thatat doesn't'tound tererrib. Hey,y, so, we'e've been n ss Can yoyou tch usus up
on all t the imptatant things ththat we'veve misd? So, , no way!! Kylie JeJenner andnd Tyga
are l longer totogether?? Splitstsville, m mfriend.. How did d bert Karardashian n ? Gu Guilcancerer. FOh, , boy.?t? Soeoplple thoughght the dancig
Judge ItItos were e funny? FoFor a whilile,es.

Is Leneno still l doing it? No, he's's not hosostingnymom. OhOh, so Cononan g
The ToTonight ShShow?
-O-Oh, como.o… A-And d so whaababout
Craig KiKilborn? I Is hetillll? I'I'actuallyly right h here. Oh, ,OhOh, hi, GlGlenn.iaig. I hahaven't seseen you i ia wh. H-HoHoare WhWho?gs with h Mon? Moninica, y-yoyourot datate
frfrom the o other nigig. Oh, yeahah. I plowowed her.
Thanksks again..

But-t-but thouought
shshe was ththe one. Yeah, nono, wh r realized d is yoyosent me,e, ts ththeye likeke my biblble no. I I just keeeep using g thee
me tipips on dififferent w wo. I owe yoyou, Lois.s. You've o opened upup a wholeled
of middldle-aged led legs m. (humumming Oh, , my God. . Quagmireres
terrrrorizing g middle-a-aged we anand I'm responsiblble r it. I'I've creatated a mononer. Oh, nono! My LununBar for r wo. (hauaunting mumusic plining) ♪ ♪ Pleasese call ththe DW I'm stucuck in herere. ♪ ♪ (s(seabird s squaw in n dista) Hey, whahat day isis it? Trasash y. (botlaugughing) BrBrian, looook,
I I found B Big Wheelel. -Cooool.
-It's rere than cocool, Briai. I believeve thBig g Wheel
may acactually b bour tickckt off f the islaland YoYosee, I'v've calcululated t, en with h both of f our weigig, it w wilstill l be capabable
of flotataon. MyMy plan isis to atchch siJimmy y Buffettt
margararita mainines to iti, whicouldld be ablele
to p propel usus he. Home? I I don't ththink
I I want to o go home.e. WhWhat?
What arere youalkiking about? I'I'm sayingng I like e it .

O-Ok, , I-I don'n't thinkk
I cacan ta to o you, becacause,ightht now,
you're m making lele sense than an M. Escscher floooor pl. So, , how's c coming? Are we g gonna fininish on s se? I don't t know, MrMr. Esch.. I've n nev put s six stairirws
all in onenepot. And I'veve lost, l like,
n of my y guys in n here.

HI hateI I quit!!place!r!! (gruntnts) Uh, 'scucuse me,'m'm-I'm loooog
for anytythingy….. Mikeke "Bubblele"? IS:
ItIt's "Bublblé," you u idi! OhOh, hey, L Lo…w! ThThat feelsls great!! Glenenn Quagmimire, I trtrd
toto help yoyou meet a a nice ea bubut you jujustouldn'n't hep
yourseself, cod d you? WhWhat a youou talkingng abo? I ththought
I wahehelping yoyou find l lo, and,d, insteadad, yol toto get dowown every y middle-e
wowoman's papants in t tow.

Slks, , Lois.
They c call themem scks. YoYou wouldndn'tnow ththat
ifif it wasnsn't for m m (s(sighs)
You'rere rht. YoYowere kinind to me,e,
and d I to advdvantage o of . I owowe you anan apologyl. Wellll, ank yoyou. Here, , let meakake it up p to. I'llll b you a a coffee,e, an. do you l like the e music ofof . "Lountaiain"? "Lontatagne." Thank k you. He Hey,, you wa t to take
a poinintless s girltridide wk -Surure.
anand sten -G-Great LaMontagn? See yaLoLois. Last chahance,rianan. YoYou're reaeally not t comi
wiwith me? I'm m soy, Stetewie.
I'I'm not. I knknow . it's k kind of j just too o pt
for meme here.e. I see.e. llll, I shouould go. Fort L Lauderdalale Tanya a d
a four-p-piece puzuzzle TANYNYA:
shWhWhere es t the cow g go?. It's a all cnersrs, babe.. (s(sighs)
I haveveo say, sayingng gdbye t to you, B Br.

SoSo long tata very gogood ce dedeThat's's odd phrhring.rew. Sorry,y, it'beenen hard
to thihink straiait. d I' eitheher been d drunk
or ejacucuting. Thesese are ththings
yoyou n't sasay to a b baby. Goodbye,e, Brian.. Goododb♪ , Stetewie. (whirrrrg) ♪ Sha-a-la-la-lala-lla, mymy l♪ ♪ In t s sun
wiwith your r hair undndon
CaCan you hehear me nonow CaCallin' yoyour namee
frfrcross s the bay?y?
♪ ♪ A A summer's's day la♪ ♪ Chasin' ' love outut ♪ ♪ DoDo-do-do, , do-do-dodo Do-do-o-do-do-dodo ♪ (peoplple exclaiaiming) ♪ Do-do-dodo-do, do-o-do-d ♪ ♪ Do-do-dodo, do-do-o-do-do-dod♪ Hey,y, hey, hehey, hey ♪ -♪ Do-do-dodoo, do-dodo-do
-(scscreamin ♪ Stewieie, what t the hl'ss
going g on? Wee backck in Quahahog? -We are,e, Bri.
-Why? ? What hap happened? You're a an enormomous imporort
part of f my lif B Brian, and d I couldn't't bear
the ththought t ofosing g yo.

I asmed d it unlikikely
you'd chchge your r mind, so I a added t f fans
from manany, many y De laptots so I couould simplply
w w everyonene back toto lan. Thank k you. ThThat meansns a l to o me. Wellll, our ururney taugughte
somethining,rian.. You cacan row awaway just t at
anythihi in thisis world,, buyou can't ththrow awayay
a frfrndship.. No, yoyou can't,t, Swie. the gararbage? CoCooe You dodo what t you got t d,
Do-do-o-dodo-do-o-do-do-dod♪ ♪ He hey, , hey, heyey ♪ ♪ Do-do-dodoo, do-dodo-do Do-do-dodo, do-do-o-do-do-do♪ Sweeeet sunshihine So, , shla-la–la-la-la-la♪ ♪ My ladady ♪ ♪ In t sunun
withth your drdress undodo
♪ ♪ Now evmile aw.w… ♪ (M(Mak versision
ofof "Thundeder Isnd" " playi) Saususage and d pepperononi fo? (sniniffs) -Alan? that s smes ,
do-Yeah.h.itit? BuBut, actuaually,
I I orred jujust peppeperon.

Can I e e your receceipt?.

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