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FAMiLY FRiENDS and WiLD ANiMALS!! a Best Day Ever with Declan! favorite Adley & Niko memories game!


– Your first time in space station though. – This is like best day ever Like yeah bih let's get it. Whoa! (Background chanting) – [Dad] Look it has everyone signatures – Hey, how's it going? – Getting teared up a bit? – Yeah I am bro – This is so cool, man. There pop up another favorite
memory we've been doing Nico's graduation! (Music playing) They're saying what they're
gonna be when they grow up – A dinosaur bone guy (Background laugher) (Music playing) – That was awesome! – [Dad] A dinosaur bone guy Hi Koopa do you wanna meet Declan? – Hey! He's been watching you for a long time, he knows the buddies! – They're all over the neighborhood. You made these?! – Yea Oh boy. Looks like we're having a car wash Are you gonna wash the car? – Me and Adley – OMG There's one over there You really put these all
over the neighborhood? – Yeah.

Ready, set, go! (Music playing) (Laughing) Is that a bird? – A birdy! – Maybe the deers are here! There's some right there. Look – They're so fast like me! – [Dad] Giving him some leafs? He's eating your whole arm! Big momma Yeah! – Yeah. – There's a bunny under there! – Where? – [Dad] Do you think you
can reach in and get it? – I don't – I think I can! We're sending in Adley – Here you go! – Oh, thank you. Oh yeah! – [Dad] Wanna throw rocks with him – [Niko] Do you know how you do this? – [Dad] Oh, yeah! You skipped it, that looks cool.

– For you. – [Dad] Thank you bro! – Yummy. (laughter) – [Dad] Cool! You got a cool one. – I got two! – [Dad] Two again! Holy shi- Is that yummy? – Baba – [Mom] Oh, yeah! (laughter) (cheering) That was the very first myth out of our real life quarter machine! How crazy? One idea turned into all this. My favorite part of the
day was meeting you. – Our, sure. Hundred percent. Friends! – Friends. Yeah. – Look I drew you. – Awe – That's very cute man. Good drawing man. Best day ever! (suspenseful music) Nice. – Good job. Good job buddy! – [Mom] You wanna be a dinosaur bone man? – Yeah. – [Mom] That's so cool. – And dig for a dinosaur bone. – [Mom] I love that. – But I'm gonna still be your kid. – [Dad] Aww, okay. Alright vlog. Welcome to
the best birthday ever! – Yeah, what!? So I got my buddy Declan
here at the space station. How long we been friends for? – Like years. – Me and Declan have
been friends for years. You've been in a best
day ever before.

Yeah. – Yeah I've been in one before. – Should we pop it up? – Yeah. We're gonna pop it up. – Yeah. Pop it up Brandon. What's up – [Declan] What's up my G? – How are you man? So yeah we've been hanging
out for a long time, right? – Yep. This is your first time in
the space station though. – This is like the best
day ever like for real man. – Like for real dawg.

yeah bi*** let's get it. – Yeah. Right now we're having
a pizza party and then guess who's on their way. – The family. – Yeah, You excited to meet them? – Yeah boy! – Yes! Who are you excited to meet? – Jenny maybe, Ad;ey, Niko – Yeah, we should go to pirate island. – Oh yes we can. So they're gonna get here
just a minute and then we'll surprise them. And then
they've got a surprise for you. – Oh yeah man. – Sound good? Have you watched like all of our videos? – Yeah. – I feel like you watched them all. – Yeah man. – See that's what friends do,
they watch friend's videos. – I, Josh was like years ago. – Yeah. When I lost my phone,
you remember that? Yeah. – We're gonna find daddy's phone. – [Dad] Yeah. Let me know in the comments
if you guys see an iPhone, do you see an iPhone? How about now? Still
looking for the phone.

– I had the baby, right? – Did you just say I have the baby?! And he knows everyone's
name? He's like, yo, what's up tall chicken, Brandon, pooky. You know everyone dude. – Nick, Colby, … – Colby and It's Brandon.
That's where Brandon. Brandon is gonna edit this video. Brandon I need you to pop up too. Do a pop up Bran What are we popping up? – I like space station, like, like that? Yeah. – Pop up. Brandon. – I need that. Okay pop it up Brandon. All the fun times exploring
the space station it was cool. Oh, there's Brandon, right there! – OMG – Gonna pop it up right now! Hey Brandon, pop us up
exploring the space station. – Alright! (cheering) Welcome to the space station dude. (all cheering) (Music Playing) The perfect day. – Yeah boy! Surprise – How's it going? How are you? – Good! Getting teared up a bit? – Yeah yeah boy Awe this is so cool man! From everyone in Space
Station unit to Declan.

You're my number 1 fan bro. – A jersey. Look at all this stuff. This is so rad. Yellow hoodie. Look through them. And that's the team. That's all the way through
like binoculars. Oh yeah. – I wanna say thanks
to y'all. For real man. – Like for real dawg. – No problem. – Get a picture. We got chocolate bites. We got chocolate puffs. – I like this one! Oh yeah.

That's a good spot. – The squiggle. Best day ever! – This is gonna be crazy
best day ever, because – Make it present. We have so many fun things
we've been doing and we haven't filmed a video for like two weeks almost. So I think we're just gonna pop up. Lots of fun stuff that
you never seen before. Does that sound like a good
idea. This is gonna be cool. Let's go see if the family's
here. Best day ever. The family's already here and
they brought the surprise. Are you guys excited to see Declan? – Yeah. I, I know what he looks like. – [Dad] You remember Declan? – Yes. I'm so excited to meet him. – [Dad] Do you wanna go see Declan? Yeah. Yeah. Hi Maeve. Oh, you wanna film? Do you wanna film? Adley
Ooh, Adley wrote her name. – [Adley] That's Adley.

And then… – [Shaun] Oh! All the homies signed it. – And Adley. And then it
goes: love, love, love. – [Shaun And Jenny] Yeah. Good job, Nico. – Okay. I'll write Navy's name now. – [Shaun Okay. You write Navy's name really little right there. – "Y" – [Shaun] good job. He's gonna love that. – [Adley] Yeah. – So what I'm thinking is, you know how we've not filmed
the best day ever and forever.

We should just pop up all the
fun things we've been doing. 'Cause we've been filming
on our phones a little bit. This would just be like all the
best days ever best day ever of all the fun stuff we've
been doing. I like that idea. – I, I love that idea. – It's gonna be a good
day. First surprise Declan. All best day ever stuff. Yo family! – Yo family! (people cheering and laughing) – You're so nice. I'm so
glad you can meet the family, and Jenny and Navey! – Hi! (Shaun laughing) Should we get him the
surprise? You brought him? – Yeah. – Okay. We've got a surprise
for you. Reveal the surprise. – Here you go! – [Shaun] Oh! (people cheering) – [Shaun] It's got everyone's signatures. Shondura, Navey. Niko signed it. You got Brandon, Holiday, Pooky. – Oh my God. – [Shaun] You like it? – I do man. – [Shaun] Dude. Thank you – [Jenny] Thank you. – [Shaun] For enjoying
best days ever with us. Yeah.

Yeah. – [Declan] Let's go! – [Shaun] Hey Nick! – Hey, what's up? – Hey, hey. – Can you sign it? – Oh yeah, for sure man!
Let's do it right here! (inaudible voices in the background) – Dude thank you so much! That is the coolest skateboard, man. – I know. – [Shaun] Who else? Should
we get my mom to sign it? – Yeah! – [Shaun] I think she's right over there. Mama, we need a signature (people chatting in the background) – I want some Nanas – [Shaun] You want some
nanas? Here? – Yeah.

– [Shaun] Pull right there. All right. Adley this is our fun blog
where we're popping up all the fun stuff we've been doing. You got any good things to pop up? – Oh, we went to the
monkey place yesterday. Can you pop that up? Ooh, we went to the
monkey trampoline park. Let's pop that up. – Pop it up. – Pop it up, Brandon. Pop, pop, pop. (edm music) (edm usic) (Shaun cheering) (edm music) (edm music) – I'm all good! Dad, did you see me push the button? – [Shaun] Yeah. Was
awesome! For her next trick Adley, can you jump from
right here to right there? Whoa. She's really high
up ladies and gentlemen. Woo. (edm music) – One more try. (edm music) (Adley shouting) – [Shaun] Wow! Are you okay? Good job. Wooh! (edm music) Wooh! (Shaun laughing) – Good job, Adley! – Oh, you've been waiting years for this? – Yeah. – His favorite video
is when Niko was born. That's his favorite video. – [Shaun] Aw, when Niko was born? – Should we take him to Pirate island? – Oh yeah. – [Shaun] Would that be fun? Yeah.

All right. I think we're gonna go to
pirate island with Declan while we're driving there. Pop up another favorite
memory we've been doing. What should we pop up? What do you think? – Ooh. – Niko's graduation. It was so huge! – [Shaun] Yes, he's all graduated. – He's all graduated.
I love it. Pop it up. Pop, pop, pop. – All right, Niko. – What are you doing today? – Doing graduation! – You're graduating. Wow. Does that mean you don't
have to go to school anymore? – Yeah. – Summer. – [Shaun] Good job. Did
you do good in school? – Yes. – [Shaun] Good job. – Let's do the trick while using me. – [Shaun] Okay. 1, 2, 3. Uh! – [Jenny] Look! (kids singing) – They're saying that they're
gonna be when they grow up. What do you think Niko is going to say? – Like Flash? – Oh Flash. I think he's gonna say superhero. – A dinosaur bone guy. (laughing and clapping) – That was awesome.

– [Shaun] " A dinosaur bone guy." (kids singing) (clapping) (kids singing) – [Teacher] It was the best ever. We haven't had as much practice. Now you guys… You guys can go sit down. Good job guys. (clapping) – [Shaun] Uh, Niko! (people cheering) – [Jenny] Good job. – [Shaun] Good job, buddy. You're graduating! – [Jenny] aAnd you're so goofy. You wanna be a dinosaur bone man? – Yes. – [Jenny] That's so cool. – And dig for a dinosaur bone. – I love that. – But I'm gonna be a kid now.

– [Shaun and Jenny] Oh, okay. – I draw the glasses. – [Shaun] That's cool! What'd you get? – A year of adventures. – That one, that's me. – [Jenny] Oh, that is you. – [Shaun] There's Nico. – [Niko] There's me. – [Jenny] Ooh. You're
so handsome that day. – [Niko] That's me. – [Niko] That's me. – [Jenny] That's wait that's dad. – [Shaun} What? – [Jenny] Dad you made the yearbook. – [Shaun] Yes. I'm in Niko's yearbook. [Shaun] You're pretty lucky bud. [Shaun] Oh, ho smashed up. – [Jenny] K, thanks Niko. – [Niko] (Inaudible voices) – [Shaun] Okay. You ready? – [Niko] Yeah. – [Shaun] Got a graduation surprise. It's in my office. Okay. Close your eyes. Come on in, open 'em. – Surprise! – Happy graduation. – Oh it's so cute! Niko, can I show you what to do? Put your hand in, put it in and- A balloon! – [Dad] Says graduation. – What's inside there? – What's inside here? The same as me. – Adley show me your yearbook. – Do you wanna sign it? Here's my yearbook and all my friends.

– [Dad] Whoa! – K Vloggy, you're gonna sign it, k? V. L. O. G. These are all the teachers together. And I can tell when they took that photo cause my teacher was taking,
wearing that outfit yesterday. So they took it yesterday. Okay. And then I got a class picture. It's me. And that's my
best friend Brielle. And then Rosie, my best
friend and Haley's best. And my best friend and pretty much, all the girls are my best
friend in this class.

– That's fun. – What are doing here? – Look I got my yearbook today. – Oh, did you graduate school? – Can you sign my book? – Oh yeah. I can sign your book. – [Dad] Oh, that's awesome. – Niko, I wrote thanks for being my BFF. – So this is my yearbook. – [Mom] Adley! What? – [Dad] Cursive in the first
grade. Are you serious? – It's you're going into
second grade next year. – Second grade next. – Oh my God. Wow. You're getting
into like grandma mode.

– No, I'm not! Mom and daddy are! – There's a shark in our office. Hey, – [Adley] Niko got a shark glove! – [Dad] We're gonna drop
the balloons off the side. You wanna do it? – [Niko] Yeah. – [Adley] Don't catch it! – [Dad] It's just gonna
fall all the way down. – [Adley] Catch it, Nick! – [Dad] Good toss! – [Mom] That one was good. – [Dad] That's a cool parachute, Niko. – What's that say what
you are? You are amazing. – You are amazing. – You moved the desk. – [Dad] Oh, fresh desk, new wall. I like it. – Found this Fanny bag too. – Can you sign my yearbook? – Yearbook? Let's go. – That's some yearbook. Throwback. I haven't signed a yearbook
in ages. Was today graduation? – [Dad] Yeah, she is graduated.

– Oh, look how cute. – It's my yearbook. You have a yearbook. You're not old enough for a yearbook. – I am. I graduated. – What grade? – First grade. – First grade already? You want me to sign your yearbook? – Yeah. – All right. Cool. – You need to sign my yearbook. – Did you graduate today? – Yep! – Oh my gimme a hug first. Do you want me to write
left hand or right handed. And then do you want me to close my eyes or keep my eyes open? – What? – Just kidding. – [Dad] Oh, careful careful. That's right. The kids are all

No more school. Are you guys ready for summer? Yes. Let's go to pirate island! Let's go! Get my skateboard. Ooh. Hi. Thank you. You ready to go skate? – Yeah, man! – Cheers. We goin to pirate island baby. – That's our favorite thing. – [Dad] Yes. Yes. Wait, you need to sign my skateboard. Oh yeah. It's only fair. I signed yours. You gotta sign mine. – Yeah, you. – Sign there. Oh, that's getting tricky. He made it work. The squiggle go. You ready to go to pirate island? Adley's ready! Bro, you like all this stuff.
This is all our memories. Do you remember some of this stuff? – [Declan] Yes I do! – [Dad] Look, that's the old
space station in the basement. When we very first started
filming videos when Adley was first born, the space
station was in our basement. And in other news, that is
our very first daily vlog. We did it. Adley's first merch or sunglasses? SSG stuff. – That's why Declan, you had merch. Declan had to get his own merch. That's why he team DR for Declan.

– Yeah team DR dog! – Yeah. I love that. Oh there's Mike. – [Declan] Mike? – Yeah! – [Dad] You're meeting everybody today! – I do. – We're just going to skate
pirate island. Yo Mike, look at the skateboard – Show Mike your skateboard. He loves skateboarding. – Oh my gosh. Signed. Yeah. Everyone's signed it. Yo are you riding with me in
the monster truck? Ha yeah. All Declan's riding in the
monster truck with us, vlog. – Yeah man! – [Dad] Ah, yeah. Seatbelt on. Yeah. You're definitely
gonna need a seatbelt. I drive crazy. You can't drive
a monster truck not crazy I mean, I keep all the
rules, but you know, good example stuff. I got my seatbelt on. What's your favorite
part about pirate island? What are you excited to see? – Volcano! – The volcano? – Yes. – Do you wanna go inside the volcano? – Yes. – We're going inside the volcano. – Ooh. – And the pirate ship. – Yes. – And the- all right. We're driving to pirate island,
while we're going there. Oh, another good memory.

We went up to the farm
and we looked for animals and we went hiking. We saw foxes and deers and moose and pop up all that fun
stuff, Brandon, pop it up. Pull me up. Pop, pop, pop. Yeah. Enjoy the cabin with the family. See you at pirate island. – [Adley] Hi birdy. – [Dad] Pretty orange. That's cool. Is that a bird? (whistling) – This is how I whistle. – A bird! – Look at my dinosaurs they're
like having adventures. – Going on their own
little adventure here. That's cool, bud. – That so cool. – Hi little bug. He's so cute. Yay. – [Mom] He's still in. – He's connected to the stick. (screams) Snail poop! – [Dad] You touch snail poop. – [Mom] Should we find one for Niko now? – Yeah. – [Dad] There's a Wolf. – Yeah. – Did you see the Wolf? Yeah. Where'd it go? – Do you see that? 4, 4, butts. 4 white butts. You see 'em? well, and
there's the eagle behind them, the deer and the eagle.

– These snake eggs. See that snake? – You gotta open it up and take it out. – Niko, look, it's a
trap, it's just these. (laughter) – It was just a trick! – It was way less scary- – Open that up. (screams) – Okay. See this? Yes. Is it tied in a knot? Pull on it. Okay. Now pull this one. Make sure it's good and tight. Okay. Now go ahead and
take your finger and cut. Just cut that. Hold that. And then cut one of those. Okay. How many pieces? Two? – [Dad] She cut it into two pieces. – Okay. Now cut one of those. – [Dad] Whoa. – So now we have two pieces
of the string, right? There you go. – I saw what he did. – What? – He already had them
tied together and he was, then I cut the strings
and then it was together and I just kept these strings,
and then he put that part in, but then he just pretended,
and it was already tied up.

But then he just hauled it. – [Dad] Do you see him? – See him? – Yeah I see them! There's mooses! – [Adley] Logs. Should we get out and lie behind the logs? – Found our first animal. – The mama and the baby and the dada. – [Dad] Oh, that's cool. – You see them? They're so cute – Do you see the moose, Naves? – Yes. – Moose. – Pretty cool, Huh? – Maybe the deers live here. – [Dad] Straight ahead. – [Adley] See one, look
there's some over here. – You pull up a little – Pull up. Yeah. – Oh, oh. There's some right there. Look. – Was it like a baby deer? Oh, he is running down.

– [Dad] Oh, it's a baby deer. – [Mom] Oh, there's so many. – [Dad] That's so cute – Guys, I don't care I'm
just, I'll keep eating. – [Mom] It's running right by you. – Hi. – [Dad] Oh, there's more right there. – You're so fast. Like me. – All right. So we decided to stop at the
house because Declan had to meet Olive and Koopa. – Hey. – Hi Koopa do you want meet Declan? Hey, he's been watching
you for a long time. You guys are buddies. Olive come here. Come meet Declan. Come here. Good job, miss. Hey. Oh yeah. They're so excited to meet
you. That's that's cool. – Me and Adley put a car wash sign up. – What? – They're all over the neighborhood. – You made these. Oh boy. Looks like
we're having a car wash.

Are you gonna wash the cars? – Me and Adley. – Oh my God. Adley there's one over there. You really put these all
over the neighborhood. – It says at Thursday only. – Car wash Thursday afternoon. All right. Sounds good. I'm gonna bring my truck.
Are you gonna wash my truck? – Yeah. – Hey deal. Oh, look at Niko's super
speed. You got any good tricks? – Yeah look at my handstand. – Let's see it. – Boy. – Ooh. That was a way good handstand. Flash Niko's still, are you fast Declan? Yes. I wanna race you. – Oh, it was here to here, bro. – Alright let's race. Alright. From the car to the cement right there. – I'll race you too. – Oh, she's fast, So is everybody ready? Yeah. – Yeah. – On your marks. Get set. Go. Niko's still going. – Oh yeah. Declan's getting
his first ride in the Tesla. – Ooh dude. – Good luck. Jenny goes really fast. – Oh my gosh. – Hey, not like that. Get down. Get down. The
baby's in her car seat, babe. Do you have any memories to
throw too while we drive over? – Ooh, treasure hunt on pirate island.

– Oh yes. The pirate island treasure hunt. We had the whole crew there
looking for merch and cool new animation hoodies.
And it was good stuff. And Niko found treasures, treasures. And he can buckle up. – [Mom] Money too. – [Dad] Yeah. You found treasures? – I found treasures I think. – These kids found some cool
treasures. Hey yo Declan. Maybe you'll find some
treasures while you're there. – Oh yeah, I will. – All right. We always have treasures
hidden around pirate island. It's kind of fun. See you guys there. Drive safe. Drive safe. All right. Brandon, pop up the treasure hunt
at pirate island with the space station, crew. pop, pop, pop, pop. – Get caught sleeping on the job. – Finding home already. Well, I don't even know where it's,
it's all they collected is- is it behind the eggs? – Found the money. Okay. This is the first money I have
ever found on pirate island. Of all my days of working here. Did you film it? – Yeah.

I scored pretty good. – Holy gee! – Whoa, whoa, whoa! Got
any twenties in there? Oh, dog. You gotta go look for twenties. – Okay. – Quit finding these dollar bills. – I know right. – Look for twenties. – You found another one!? Oh good job! One, two, three monies. Good job! – That's amazing! From a
treasure hunt last summer. – Oh. – Here comes Brody. Brody's been diamond. Oh shoot. Welcome to pirate island, bro. You ready for a good time? Yeah. Oh, thank you. Why are you so nice? You always
gimme the cutest surprises. I love it. Ooh, Niko. What should we show Declan
first at pirate island? – [Niko] Dinosaurs! – [Dad] Dinosaurs? Do you like dinosaurs? – I do. – Yeah. – I like dinosaurs and tractors. – Oh, me too. – Oh, you and Niko are like twinners. – Oh that see how by this? – You're gonna have to
keep up with these kids. – Oh. – I changed my shirt to
an A for Adley shirt. – [Dad] Oh cute. You like that dinosaur? – Yeah.

It's my pet. – Oh, nice dinosaur. What'd
you name your dinosaur? – Super sweet grass. – Yeah. Sugar sweet grass. Was that good name? – Yeah. – Eggs. He's been stealing eggs. That's a meat eater. You
know, he takes all the eggs. All right. The next part of this vlog
is gonna be filmed by Declan. – Who? Yay boy. Love the guys. – This is another mama
dinosaur right here. Oh, do you wanna see our biggest one? – Oh yeah. Way. Let's go boys. Yeah. I come up here. My there where's going on? – [Niko] Dinosaur. – [Declan] Oh, that's sick my guy. – You wanna feed him? And I'll film. – Ah. – Bam. Get that dinosaur some food. – I wanna feed him. – Okay. – Okay. Show Declan how to feed her.

– He's eating your whole arm! Big mama. – Yeah. – Yeah. Like those you have jeans. – Oh look the man one. – Who's nice. – Oh yeah. Or snap. – You like those pterodactyls right there. – Look I did. – Some baby pterodactyls right there. – Good job bro. – We gotta get you in the
volcano too. We gotta open it. – Oh yes. Of course. – Hey. – Wanna see the biggest one is boy. Here's the boy one. – Oh yeah. – Look he can not get hurt at all cause he had this big shell.

– Yeah. The shell for protection.
You know what I'm saying? Yeah. – Dad. What? – What? – He doesn't have his eggs. – What? – There? Big white eggs. – That's not his eggs. – Those big, a big. – Mama. Should we take
them over to big mama? Gotta put these eggs
in the right nest boy. – Oh my gosh. – Okay. Let's go. How did those eggs get in the
wrong nest? That is not good. Good job. Careful. Helping dinosaurs is not
easy. You see that treasure? Yes. Go for it. That's all you. – Okay.

Always busy. – That's the new space merch.
That's the new space station. Animation merch. Oh, isn't that cool. – Cool. Yes. You go take this out. – Yeah. Dude. Look how awesome these
are. Oh, you look so cool. Those are the new animation
button ups and they're awesome. Jenny helped with those good job. I got an Adley on me. All right. Should we go give those
dinosaur eggs back? Yeah. All right. Grab your eggs. – We Puting my. – Here and yellow. – Oh this Declan merch
though is so sick. Yeah man. I like your Declan merch.
All right in there, Nico. – No, don't cause yellow. – Where does that one go then? Where. – I think they're mixed up somehow. – The raptor took them. – The Raptor took the eggs – No this is what happened dad. Those eggs Go to the triceratops. And then someone stole
the rest of the eggs. So the mama dinosaur thought. So those. – Were her. Okay. We've got an egg problem.

We gotta solve. Those are not big. Mama's eggs. These are so we need these eggs
in this nest and those ones. Where do they go? – In the triceratops' nest. – Okay. Let's do an egg swap everybody. Big eggs go in here. These ones go to the triceratops. – What? – Good job. – Some eggs. – All go get the Raptor
ones. You hold that guys. These are our eggs. Not yours. Huh? He's scary. – I got. – All right over here. Hey, guess what? We found your eggs. It was a rescue mission and
I had helped from Declan. All right. There you go. What? Swimmer? The raptor took another egg? Okay. Do you want me to deliver it? – I'm delivering it. – Let's go across the bridge. – And I'll get another one. How you lose your eggs? – Yeah. How'd you lose all your eggs. – I all in different places. – That's a stinky Raptor.
He's a troublemaker. Never get a pet Raptor.
Huge troublemakers. Not worth it. They look cool. Cause way too much trouble.
Always hiding eggs, you know. Arr! To the pirate ship.
Are you ready to go? The pirate shirt? Yes I am.

Yeah. Cheers. Cheers. All right. Come on up, dude. – You playing again? – This is the pirate boat. Oh, Declan. You gotta meet chuck. Do
you know who Chuck is? – The pirate. – Yep. Shot. There is Chuck. – Oh my and the Eagle. – Where's the Eagle right there. Oh, there's the Eagle. Yeah. My dad. What he. – Used to be right. – There. There's one right there still. I think we have two of them
and I don't think they're Eagles.

They look like they're PE, what kind of bird is that? Whoa. What'd you. – Say? Pelican? You're. – Very smart. You're right. Pelican. She's smart. – Yes. It's genius right now. Like 400. – 100% Genius. – Remember we had a fairy Z in there. – Yeah. We put the fairy Zs in there. You got lot the family cartoons. Declan, have you seen our family cartoons? – Oh yeah dude! – Do you like em? – I like like, yeah, you
guys- ow my finger like that. – What's your favorite
cartoon we've done so far? – I like that doctor thing. – The doctor one. – Yeah. That's cool. I love
the doctor episode too. And I love our cartoons. – Ah don't grab me like that. – Okay. – Cut my hands off. Up, down, down. I got it. Oh my. – Jenny's. The funniest in
the cartoons is pretty funny. You really are. And Jenny does a ton for
animation while dad's making the vlogs and the videos
around the space station.

Jenny does so much for animations on what our family looks like. What, The design, the environment. You're getting pretty smart
with this animation stuff. – Thanks. Huh? See if you wanna learn
something new, you just do it. Jenny's like an old grandma
and she's still learning new things. Yeah. – Yeah. Rita, what's up. I. – This, this blood is an owie. – I think that blood is an owie. I think that blood is an
owie. You're so tough, buddy. Let's get you a bandaid
boy. Niko's a tough boy.

Yeah. – A vampire flies over
here to pirate island and eat my blood. – That would be crazy. If a vampire flew to pirate
island to eat an Niko's blood, but maybe it's pirate
island. Anything's possible. Do you know pirate?
Island's kind of magical. I think at night the
dinosaurs come to real life, but we've never filmed them do it. Whenever we do the cameras,
they don't come to real life. Oh boy. Oh no. Jenny found church. – Think I see money under there. – Where? Who? – Don't know how much it is though. – Right there Declan over here. Okay. Right in there. Do you think
you can reach in and get it? – I Don't know. – I think I can! – Can you do a rescue mission? Get it for Declan. We're
sending in an Adley. – I need this.

– Here you go! – Oh, thank you. Oh yeah. Some pirate treasure. – Let's go. – So we've hidden money, all over pirate island and
we never find all of it. So there's always little
treasures to be found. Just little dollar bills all over. It's kind of cool actually. – Declan! Come look at the sand. – Declan. Niko wants
you to come see the sand Yeah. Dude. Check out the
pirate ship from the front. Oh, that's a big rock. – This one's for Declan – You wanna throw rocks with him. – Know how you… – brothers for life. – Oh yeah. – Skip it's on.

You skipped it. That was cool. Yeah. I Dodge did for you. Thank you bro. Mm, done. That was cool. – Daddy. A good skipping rock. – Ooh. You wanna see some skipping? This one's for you. Oh. – Ooh. – We got one skip. Yeah. One skip. – That's okay. – All right. You guys be good. I'm going to get the volcano keys. Well, I'm grabbing the volcano keys.
Pop up another fun memory. I can't even think of one,
but I got a million of them. Brandon pop it up. We've been having so much fun as a family.

– Hey, give me that ice cream. – [Dad] This is Navy's ice cream. – [Mom] Hey, mmm, can I have some? I hope I didn't give her an idea. – [Dad] What are you doing? Use the spoon. – Navy, What are you doing? – [Mom] No? You get back here with that. – Hey, wanna see something cool? – [Dad] Yeah. – Time to race! I want to win this! – I'm aiming for the- – You got two! Did you do that? – Beep beep, they're twin ninja ducks.

– [Dad] Cool, Niko! You got a cool one! Two again! – Whoa, whoa. We gotta set some expectations here. Kids, claw machines don't actually work. I don't know what was up with
that when we kept winning, you're not supposed to win claw machines. Don't try 'em. But if you do, good luck. – You like that? – [Dad] Gotcha! – [Adley] Oh, she's chugging. and my pancake- – [Mom] There we feed mama. – [Dad] Are you sitting on a bear? – Yeah. – [Mom] Hey, we got a surprise! – We need to start filming our vlogs again with all the why videos. We didn't film the vlog
for like two weeks. It felt crazy. I love filming videos. And so the kids like
dad, we should film this. Dad get the vlog. Dad, dad, dad. It's like, we're not doing a vlog today. And they're like, please. So that's why we have all these
like vertical videos is cuz we just grabbed little
moments here and there. We haven't filmed any best days ever, but it feels good to be

Leave a comment with what best days ever you wants to see this summer and we'll do some fun ones. You ready to open the volcano? Wait. You found that? – Niko gave to me. – Cool. – Cool my guy. – That's way. Cool. Yeah. All right. Thank you. You ready to open the volcano? Yeah, let's go. – The pirate ship. – Oh yeah. – I, I, I am hyped. – You're hyped? – I'm hyped, I'm king. – You ready to open a volcano? – Oh, heck yeah. I got that key baby. Oh I love this best day
ever stuff for sure. Best day ever? – Yeah! For sure man! – Ready? – They do their thumbprints
and then you push the button. Ready? – Yeah. – 1, 2, 3. It's working. Yo, you did it. You ready to go in there? – I'm so ready Oh my God. Yo, that's sick my guy. – [Dad] Isn't this cool. – Yeah. It's cool. – Niko likes to build,
Adley likes to do art, and that's where I usually sit.

We're like twinners. You
always sit where I'm gonna sit. – That's so neat bro. – All right. First time in a volcano. – Yeah. – What do you think about
pirate island so far? – I like like the pirate island. Like I like the birds out there, like ammo it's like for real. – Yeah man. So what's your
favorite part of the whole day So far? What. – You think I'm a favorite
part of my family.

When I go see my company, my friends, some of my team with the game sip, my leadership space station
game. And my guys saw I, you. – My favorite part of the
day was meeting you for sure. A hundred percent. – Friends, friends done. Yeah. I forgot we can live here. – Oh, okay, – [Dad] Are we gonna live here? We should have a sleepover here. – I like this. I love you man. – That's a good drawing man. All right. – So I think we're gonna spend the rest of this best day ever just
playing at pirate island.

We'll pop up more fun stuff. Do you have any good
stuff to pop up that we, they might have missed? – Quarter machine. – Oh the quarter machine booth. We took a giant quarter
machine and it was really fun. We put, oh, pop it up Brandon, pop up all the quarter machine stuff. – And did you do my birthday yet? – Pop up Jenny's birthday.

My God massage. This is so fancy. – And I dressed eighties for
video for the animation and quarter machine video. – Pop up everything Brandon
we've been having too much fun. – Yep. That's like a two for one. – Yeah. – Far out. – (cheering) – That was the very first mint out of our real life quarter machine. So a couple months ago we had
this idea to build a real life quarter machine, like a giant quarter machine
that you could get NFTs from. We put quarter machines in there. Clonex a whole bunch of our
homies NFTs and we brought the real life quarter machine to
lie and check out this line of excited people to try it out. How crazy. One idea turned into all this? That's what the space station's all about. Shout out to unnamed technologies
who helped us make it and the space station crew
for bringing it to life. Aw, guys, who pull this
fiber out the machine.

Nice. What'd you get
in the quarter machine? – B friends two. – My five boys just got B
friends from the quarter machine. This guy needs a fanny pack We got a bunch. We got a bunch. – Hello can I buy some more chalk? – Yes. Blue chalk. – Good. – Enjoy. – Cheese! – Say chicken butt! – Say Koopa! – Koopa! – What's up, dude? – Oh dad! I'm done with my drawing… sitting on it. – Drawing troll. – So that's you dad. – Yeah. It's gonna be mine. – Yeah. You like this one? Yeah. – I want this one. That one's cool. – It looks cool. – All right. This one's
gonna be Niko's next shoe. And that one's gonna be Adley's. – Oh and I'm gonna do this one.

– Oh, now I got his. – E like that. – A golden shoe. Ooh, I want that one. – You like that one. – Ninja shoes. – It's true. – Also my drink's alive. Listen, Hi, would you like to drink me? Yes I Would. – That's what we're going to see – It says number 10 on mine. – We gotta find number 10. Let's roll. Let me see your best chair moves. – Best chair Move. – Wow. That's pretty good Move. Niko Hulk smash. 540 spin dad move. – What? – All right. Was that fun? Did you guys like
watching that stuff? You. – Guys watching that stuff? – It feels so good to be
filming best days ever again.

– Thanks for watching bye. I think Declan should end
it. You wanna end this? Yes. Go for it's all you – Stay positive. Thanks. Y'all. – Oh, I love that, good job Pass the Niko. No, you have Niko. – Pass to me boy. – No, you have Niko. – You have him. – No, you have Niko. – No, you have – No that's my brother bro..

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