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FAiRY FiNDiNG with Adley ūüßö‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ Pirate island & Roblox are full of Baby Fairies! Fun Rescue Mission


this video is sponsored by wowie oh I caught something yeah 
they do they got it we both caught some what did   you get oh a rainbow fairy daddy i bet they were 
friends when they were hanging out with each other   that's fun yes hello this is pirate dad and 
chuck and we be needing a rescue mission   there's fairies all over pirate 
island hmm and down button you caught a ferry wait what's that big laser thing in the 
sky turn turn yeah rainbow let's follow it bear got the jar out yeah oh i got upside down fairy an 
upside down guys just got a pet   we need their best friends lucky can you give 
me one push when i can catch one up in the sky   i got a disco fairy the tooth 
fairy is talia tooth fairy teeth   a ballet fairy nico you catch it you got 
it a ballerina bear you were right fun   yeah we had a lot of flapping today we should 
put them in the laundry i got a unicorn fairy i just got a message from pirate dad and 
chuck no look at this let's see what they say   captain captain are you calling them yes hello 
this is pirate dad and chuck and we've been   needing a rescue mission there's fairies all 
over pirate island there be pet fairies and   these baby fairies oh baby fatties out there 
what i know they smell like glitter we left   some got to glow fairy finders please come catch 
these fairies we're not leaving the pirate ship   until they're gone yeah we're not gonna need to 
catch them help us thank you good luck good luck   we're gonna catching fairies should we go help them oh this one catches fairy pets this one catches fairy   babies oh these ones catch 
fairies you caught a fairy this is how you feed it that button some candy   come on fairy okay well mine's getting 
something i'm going to start looking   yeah they do oh a rainbow fairy fairy i bet 
they were friends when they were hanging out   with each other that's fun i got a baby mom got 
a baby look what i catch the diamond mirror i was   just riding towards mom with the lid open 
and then i like caught it and like when i would you catch mom it looks 
like a strawberry fairy what is that i have no idea you keep catching like 
rare upside down fairies maybe my driver's side   down there what if we go check by the volcano 
yeah should we see if there's any lava fairies i got a disco fairy you got a disco ferry 
should we check the volcano now yes volcano what a moonlight fairy wait dad what it's yellow 
this is ultra rare mine is all turning we gotta   get the book and look at like what the fairy's 
name is i don't even know what it is it's like   a black shadow a shadow fairy i told you that's 
a lava fairy look this is like the collection   that's like all the fairies we have so you can 
choose that and like see all the cute fairies here   we have the same ones what'd you 
get oh nico's catching something over 200.

There's over wait i think there's 
one on dad's head dad there's a fairy on   your head what it's right there click 
it whoa it's a turtle fairy artists on   you they could character friends this could be 
your baby mom can we switch i want to try and   catch a baby one okay yeah okay let's get back and 
get you back to fairy catching you're gonna catch   a baby one you just open the dryer i open the jar 
oh one of these fairies okay yeah open the drawer   follow the wings oh i just found one on 
dad's head i got something would you catch   it's like a love fairy oh mine's like a unicorn 
fairy mom got a unicorn bearing on my head yeah   ultra rare one is it it's violet i got 
a unicorn fairy i caught an ultra rare   oh a unicorn i bet that one flew over from unicorn 
island oh my god okay i'm gonna try and catch   a pet i never caught a pet before maybe down 
here oh there was one down there i think i got   it can i try catching it's blue is that a giraffe 
that's cool [ __ ] look at this giraffe i got you   okay little guy you hungry let's get you some 
food i got one do you want a cake i caught one   let's see would you get a flower fairy i'm excited 
to see what their names are we gotta look and see   yeah can i return with the pet fairies yeah 
here let me get you set up i was just feeding   this guy and giving him hugs he's my new giraffe 
pet fairy why don't i give you my love fairies to   go with your love fairies go to the fairy trade 
okay so open the lid i just actually caught a   vlog fair you look at the camera on it did you 
get it awesome did you guys get yours i got it i get to get it what did you get mom okay this 
is seriously my favorite fairy look it's a vlog   fairy with cameras okay dad let's trade you want 
the vlog fairy yeah okay let me give her to you   open up oh i got it wait let's see shut 
the lid you got it i sent you my vlog fairy   i gave you that and now i have an upside down 
fairy yeah hey good trade oh and that one's purple   oh purple's good and this one's blue yeah 
that's a good trait it's a blue it's a blue   blackie oh this is almost eat pizza you're 
upside down fairy loves eating pizza let's   see what yours is she loves doughnuts donuts 
and cake pancakes and avocados and avocados   can you put a pet fairy in here so give me 
a wait let me get set up for a trade okay i think i got it what'd you give me let's see 
what did i get it's gonna oh gave me a little   baby fairy an upside down monkey 
i give you my upside down motion   wait so this is a pet fairy yeah i got you 
on your pet family oh good job nico now don't   match okay do you want it now addly let me dump 
this we are gonna be trading fairies all summer   okay ready now don't let it collapse 
i'm already out here it comes   ready set ready i got it is it coming yeah 
what did you get oh mom look at this we train okay remember to shut your lid after you trade   guys do you hear that the volcano's 
gonna rough let's get out of here go go go go go oh it's a good ferry let's go come on get inside oh that was a close one that was a 
close one wait where'd nico go   oh he made it oh chair wait guys do you think 
there's fairies inside yeah i ain't got one you   did under the table no where was it it was 
right there oh i'm gonna try and catch one whoa a deer fairy wait guys we don't 
even know these names mom can you   give us some fairy names here yes i can okay 
everyone go to your fairy catalog so do this   section one minute i gotta catch this there it is i have nine okay vlog look i got that one a 
love fairy that one's a fire fairy that's the   lava fairy maybe oh he's kind of like a prince 
prince lava camera fairy adly traded me upside   down fairy that's the last fairy i had okay 
should we start seeing these fairy names yes   a yellow bee fairy okay what's a what about a 
diamond fairy oh a blue diamond fairy look at that   name too blue diamond is ellie emerald fairy ellie 
emerald fairy hi elliott rosie did you find my   yellow bumble bee fairy yet oh here it is bianca 
bumble bella fairy what about the pink bianca pink heart fairy me and ashley both have pink 
hearts pink our fairy tales are number three   too oh they were both our third fairies they 
were probably by each other yeah twins what   about um my moonlight a yellow moon diddy dreamy 
fairy vinny great mom what about my lava prince   it's an orange prince fairy and i caught him 
in the volcano and he likes donuts and hugs wait just right here a disco fairy she got a 
disco fairy on the table it was doing disco   on the table this is a darla disco fairy darla 
disco fairy and then i need to look at your prince   he's an orange lava prince his name is noah noble 
fairy and he's legendary no a noble fairy and   he's legendary that's super hard to find guess 
what with this noble legendary fairy i want to   give it to my favorite fairy friend adly berry 
trade okay go to your trade open up that lid i got it wait that's a tooth fairy one 
tooth fairy one we just caught a tooth fairy   okay it's like blue and it has a tooth that's 
so cool you know the one with the vlog on her   head yeah yeah i got it sarah selfie fairy wait 
sarah's selfie fairy sarah like my sister and   trophy like a picture yeah the tooth fairy is 
talia tooth fairy teeth no i haven't cheated look you could catch twins twins twins we 
caught those same ones before wait i think i   just transferred you oh oh yeah transfer complete 
you're welcome what did you get you gave me an   upside down fairy and i give you the royal prince 
rare fairy what was his name i already forgot   my lava prince noah noble noah noble noah noble i 
hope you love your new jar oh wow i can't wait to   find mermaids and merman fairies really i wonder 
if there's some by the hot tub we should go the   house do you think there's fairies by our house 
yeah i bet there's fairies in the mountains at   papa todd's cabin oh yeah we should take these at 
the space station there's space fairies astronaut   fairies are they real i need to know wait i just 
remembered something yeah i'll be right back   where's she going i don't know uh 
did you need your fairy catcher she's back remember this roblox what move fairy 
game you've been playing mom look at this i saw   her play it the other day it's this one right here 
find the glowing fairies sign the glitter fairies   do you want to watch adley play okay those look 
like some of the fairies that we caught that's a   baby fairy oh a baby face like nico when he was a 
baby yeah oh okay let's find the glowing fairies   find the balloons maybe that's why they called 
the game welcome to find the glowing fairies equip   your got to glow fairy finder and start exploring 
the magical world to try and collect all the   fairies there's the got to glow jar down there at 
the bottom oh look yep okay it's just like sweet there's that one we caught already 
oh yeah there's the bee fairy okay so i'm gonna look around pull out 
your fairy catcher good job nico oh i see   one on the roof i'm gonna get up there 
how are you gonna get up there stairs   i did not see those things those are not 
that those are ladders yeah you're right   let me go can you go pull out the thought to 
glow for me i'm not making automatically oh i'm gonna get her ready ready hey 
come see your sister she's in roblox   bianca here let's go find her bianca's 
a little fairy founder click on her   she's common oh look there's your sister bianca 
the bee fairy she's common okay dad like i'm   gonna see if i can jump onto that roof no way 
nope oh that looks like a pirate ship pirate   island it literally looks like pirate island that 
looks like the skull from fairy forest no way and that's the pirate ship skull 
rock and a crashed pirate ship they   have fairy forest in this game a damn 
look there's pedals to the pirate ship   yeah let's definitely go over there and 
check it out on the rocks are you serious it's like i feel like this is just like fairy forest you got it right inside the rock we're inside a cave oh rainbow crystals 
bear got the blow jar out yeah just in case okay be careful when your fairy 
finding it's dangerous out there   definitely a knobby in there yep find the 
thing got the sneezes bless you little fairy   i made it i just barely uh jumped to the 
rainbow bridge oh barely that was spooky good job there's probably such good fairies at the 
end oh somebody only there's another one   hi cowboy guy we're just looking 
for some fairies he just spawned   he probably was at the very end i saw a fairy in 
that bush let's go check it out wait don't look   throw that inside do you see that oh yeah what is 
that let's go check it out i'm walking on water what's that big laser thing in the sky turn 
turn yeah go to rainbow let's follow it   that looks good it's on that roof is that 
where you started wait is that a fairy   oh my goodness where you started let's 
work around in this world a little bit   right there let's look around in this world 
before we go to the get yourself get your should we go up the stairs and go yeah okay 
i think a fairy up there maybe yeah maybe   fairy tale skipper is the jar [ __ ] 
invisible oh yeah i think it's invisible you found a cherry pie fairy oh wait how many 
fairies can you collect let's look in your fairy   jar five of 21.

So i think that the first set is 
21 and then you start finding other sets uh-huh   i don't know we'll have to play more and find 
out so there's a toilet a little bathroom break   for the fairies jump out the window hold 
that princess castle i bet it's covered in   are you sure you fairies jump yeah you slid under the railing i got an idea 
what what if there's a ferry by your roblox   game watching you play right now you can keep 
playing i'm gonna try and catch it how do we   go to that pink tower okay right there any 
berries watching us play roblox right now   oh kevin it was sitting on emily's head 
watching let's see what we got what is it   i'm not upside down right she's just handstands on 
natalie's head watching us play dad wait no she's   a cartwheel fairy she does cartwheels that is 
the most like ashley fairy i've ever seen finley   flip fairy finley flip fairy yeah i got a flipper 
oh look is there any fairies in here that's cool   and you're very oh look a little leaf pad 
wait leap up to the top hello family ouch berries hide everywhere i just found one 
on your head handed a lava volcano and   a pirate treasure chest right there i 
see something get the jar nico good job she's like a cat that's funny 
i was like what kind of animals   i knew are those animals yeah nico you're 
a good fairy fighter no go inside down   wait wait go back right there you go 
get the jar good job ninko enjoyable and it like floated me up really yeah   drop a little fairy magic on you 
tomorrow i'm just gonna play this all day   the cheetah cat fairy over the bridge through 
the woods ooh they did good on this water can   you go through that water because underneath their 
mask oh maybe they're yeah look for water there's   a secret cave yeah they told me that there's lots 
of secret places to find fairies the people that   made this game are our friends and they asked if 
they could put fairy forest and pirate island in   the game and we're like yes that's awesome we 
love finding fairies pretty cool huh i never i all the castles right there you think i 
think i think we're getting into iceland   wait ice fairies let's look up oh snow let's 
explore the snow for a snow ferry real quick   hello does anyone see any snow fairies 
they're probably gonna blend in with the snow oh and there's a fairy over there 
i think okay there's a friend   there's a sausage you saw a fairy nicole yeah a ballet fairy nico you catch it you got 
it a ballerina bear you were right bud   okay go to that secret transporter 
is there a way to get into this   what how do you even get into that 
tent point it's a trick to check   any fairies around here go on top like 
that go through the portal now portal where do you think it's gonna take you 
i don't know it's probably another obby   wait where is this what the lava 
cave we're in a lava cano oh do not   fall these are just like the fairies we 
found in our lava volcano i bet yeah probably oh i thought it was good why 
are we letting godly control um good idea but do not fall in the lava 
oh careful lee are you sure okay now go   yeah okay go again hurry yeah oh okay you're 
stressing me out no that one that one that one mommy okay we wait there's more fairies more fairies 
captions you'll get over here fairies it's escaping again thanks for watching bye nico come on i can't believe those humans 
try to catch these fairies yeah our friend   fairies let's take our wings yeah we had a lot of 
flapping today we should put them in the laundry i have diggers on my legs okay come on nico good night you

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