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Exhausted dogs asking for help in the garbage house and the journey of tears


If you think this is a garbage dump, you're wrong. This was a place they call "helping animals". Many dogs lived here in bad shape You see a tired dog lying just under the stairs I did not know how he could lie there Because there were many dogs behind the door I could clearly see the ribs of these dogs . This dog can't move, afraid to see me After being fed, this dog calmed down What was really going on here? I called the authorities I had to call more friends to take the dogs out The healthy dogs were taken to the animal shelter And the weaker dogs came with me to the vet Tasha was the most worrisome case And Yami was the case that couldn't get up At first I thought Tasha was just a puppy, weighing 2.7 kg But it turns out to be an adult and malnourished dog She had a virus and needed an IV As for Yami, the situation was nothing to worry about She's just so exhausted she can't stand it After being fed and injected she was fine She'd never had a full meal That's why she was so happy every time she was fed And Tasha still didn't feel better She was sad while quarantined in another room 7 days later the treatment had paid off Tasha wagged her tail happily when she saw me We were very close to success And Yami had recovered and kla ar for a new life She would be fired in the afternoon It's hard to say goodbye to this beautiful girl When we went through gh hard days together I found a new home for her with friendly owners They would come pick her up to look after her She couldn't bear to leave me, kept kissing me I was really happy to give her a new life And Tasha, she didn't need an IV anymore She would return home with me soon too After many difficult days could I finally rest A job that wasn't easy and easy to shed tears But I really love what I do Because I see destiny who have a brighter future Like Yami, she lived the life she dreamed of A life where she had a warm bed and good food She tried to get used to her new life Soon she would love everything about that house As for Tasha she went home with me You have no idea how much she loves that bed For the first time t in her life she saw such a soft bed And I kept her with me to take care of her I got from her unconditional love and loyalty I feel so lucky to have such a sweet dog The howling dog was completely changed I feel so lucky to have such a lovely dog Thank you for supporting us See you soon and see you soon

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