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Something i noticed is that everybody reallyreally likes when i do routine type of videosso i figured tonight. I would film kind of likemy evening, nighttime routine, except in a morevloggy way. Normally before i feed the cats, dinneri will play with them because they get into this. Really playful mood – and i wanted to show you thethings – that we’re gon na be playing with today, because they were sent by 101Rabbits becausethey now have a cat line of products, so these are some of the cat’s. Favorite treats they’re justwaiting for them. We also have a lovely enrichment toy for them that you put treats in and theyhave to use their brains to get the treats out, as well as some of these little spring toys and the kitty cat wand. So let’s play with them mew. This is freeze-dried freeze-dried, chickenwith catnip and we’re gon na put it inside here now i’m going to eat my dinner, which is cold, pizzaand, a mini pepsi and watch the walkingdead and then i’m gon na feed the cats. So this is the food that i feed thecats. This is the naw or Naturawls, and this is a raw food that is turkey and beef. I also have these licky mats that were from 101Rabbits shop that i’mgoing to feed the cats on meow. Here you go come on Sadie there you go so for the bunnies tonight. I wanted tomake them kind of like a little enrichmentbox for them to dig into so i have a boxhere i’m going to cut off the ends and i have an extra one of these scratcher things for cats, but these can work great for rabbits as well. Cats. Cats jj, so that fits pretty good. I’M alsogonna sprinkle some herbs in hereand around the edges, i’m going to addin some orchard grass and timothy hay. Here you go. Let’S see what is that someone else is awake, hi Dipper, so um as you can see, Dipper made a bigmess in his enclosure, so i’m gon na clean this up. Excuse me ex-squeeze me don’t- nooooo, let go Dipper come on. You got ta get away from there. Oh, my god he’s so mad that i’m taking itaway you’re the one who chewed it Come here. Do you want come out so that i can clean alittle bit better and brush? You come here good boy brush this out. Thank you.


Then we’re gon na grab your carrier, one second, okay, come out, then i’m going to set up all the toys. You be good. Somebody else is awake, Mabel Mabel be careful. Your water is right there. Okay, so i finished spot cleaning Dipper’senclosure. You can see that there’s a bigchunk of cork missing. That’S fine, nothing! I can doabout that, but it is meant to be shredded. Look at this beautiful sunset, i’m so sad that the cameradoesn’t pick up the same colors. The human eye does look at you. Are you waiting to go back in theenclosure, Awwwe, you’re, so sweet Dipper, Dipper you’re getting bedding all over me all right? Now it is Mabel’s turn. Are you ready to come out come on Mabel, so i really like sitting in here with Mabelsometimes, so i’m gon na do thatbefore. I clean her enclosure. You want a treat, want a treat. What do we got this one’s tiny, so there’s just a bit of stuff on top ofthe hide, i’m just going to sweep that off and then the dig boxes are prettymessy. So i’m gon na scoop this stuff out there that’s a bit better. Now, Waddles isn’t awake. Yet but i am gon na grab his Wodent wheelso, then i can just give it a wash. So i’m also going to make the rabbit’s saladand the hamsters are getting one tonightfirst things. First, i got ta wipe down the area jj. Did you really just jump upthere? Just as i’m about to wipe it, so i start with the lettuce after i’ve rinsed the veggiesfor, the rabbits and hamstersi – don’t usually wipe off or dry the vegetablestoo much the rabbits cannot never be too hydrated. I guess that’s the word next, the rabbits getcilantro and then some dill for everybody, some kale, The rabbits just get a little bit, it’s likea little treat for them and we have some arugula. Then i have some green bell. Pepper, then, for the hamsters theyget, a little bit of cucumber the syrian hamsters get alittle bit of baby carrotWaddles doesn’t because carrots are pretty high insugar and then i have some pre-washed broccoli, but i was eating this the other day with ranchand um. I found some bugs, so i was eating some bugs that was really fun, so we’re gonnawash this for the rabbit or for the hamsters and then lastly, for the syrian hamsters i’mgoing to give them a little bit of strawberry, come on



Now, let’s go get Mabel and we can givethe rest of the animals their veggieshey. You you ready to go back, hi yeah, all right come on. There you go here. Is your veg ohmy gosh, there’s a strawberry! Here you go okay, mr chunky. Cheeks! Everything is going in the pouch todaywhy is that i gave Mabel this puzzle for tonightand she’s working very hard to try and get it open. You can do it, so i just washed Waddle’s wheel. He is the one thatis, usually the last to wake up, or he is usually hiding until later, so you may not get to seehim in this video. I am gon na leave his veg in here, though, so it is almost 10 p.m, and here is mrWaddles, see. Waddles is just so fast and speedy and he wakes up at a later date. So it’s really hard tofilm him and i feel bad because i think people are going to think that i hate Waddles or something and that’s. Why he’s not on film as much? But i don’t know if he can see this, but he’s reallyspeedy and he’s just super hard to catch on camera, hello, hello, little cutie, your little t-rex arms, i’m just gon na givethe, rabbits, a bit more hay in there hay boxes. The last thing i have to do is justwash the cat’s dishes for tomorrow, so that is my evening and nightly routine for mypets. I hope you guys have enjoyed and iwill see you guys in my next video bye,


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