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Eric Stonestreet ‘Licks It’


We're back with
Eric Stonestreet. That is his new movie,
Secret Life of Pets 2. And so what is this one about? More pets. More pets? Yeah, lots of pets. We go to a farm, Max
and I. We go to a farm, where we meet a very
new exciting character, played by [GASPS] Harrison Ford. Oh boy. Yeah, he plays a cool cow dog,
cattle dog, like a ranch dog, named Rooster– very exciting, with Kevin Hart. It's amazing. Wonderful, wonderful. All right, in honor
of your new movie, we've decided to
play a new game. It's called Eric Licks It. And– [LAUGHTER] Because dogs lick
things, and animals– Yeah, they do. Yeah, they sure do. So what we're going
to do is we're going to have– we have four items. You're going to put
this blindfold on.

We're not going to scare you. Don't worry. OK, yeah. You can trust me now. I'm not going to scare you. I promise you. All right, here we go Let me move you down
to the first one. Keep your hands
behind your back. Wait, I have to– OK. You can't touch things. All right, so put
your tongue down and– Put– I've got to lift it up? Yeah. oh. It's in this. [LAUGHTER] Something plastic, maybe like– Right. Do you want to taste it again? My girlfriend is so
pleased with me right now. [LAUGHTER] Oh, I don't know. Maybe a golf– like something. Well, you're not
trying that hard. I mean, if you put
it in your mouth– Hm. [LAUGHTER] Oh, like– if it's
somebody's mouth guard, I'm going to be real mad.

[LAUGHTER] It's not. We'll tell you
what that is later. You didn't get it. It's like fake
teeth, or something. All right. That's my final guess. You're right, you're right. Is it really? Yes, it was. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] All right. All right, you're on a roll Who's fake teeth? Here's the second one. [LAUGHTER] OK, I don't care for that. What is it? This is a new shirt, by the way. Nothing's happening
to your shirt. I don't like it. Really? [LAUGHTER] No, because it's wet and
moist, and there's no flavor. And that's weird,
because I'm touching it, and my tongue's telling me
it should taste like pudding.

No. It shouldn't taste like pudding. I think you do like it. Try it one more time. I don't think you dislike this. OK. I don't know you, but
I think you do like it. It literally has no flavor. All right. [LAUGHTER] All right, here we go. Hands behind your back. Ellen DeGeneres? What? We really might have
B-factored this. All right, come on. All right. Oh my god, I smell
it, and I felt it. Oh, that's Jell-O. Yeah, that's Jell-O. Yeah. All right. I think lime
Jell-O. Is it green? Yes. Mm. Gawd, you're very good. You only didn't get one.

So far. But here's the last one. Ma'am, what are you
screaming about over there? [LAUGHTER] Why are you so
interested in this? What have you done to me? Is it Patrick Mahomes's hair? It's actually Patrick Mahome. Oh my god. Patrick! It's a stuffed
animal of some kind. What kind do you
think it would be? Oh, is it duke? Yes, it's duke! Oh! That's it. You're done. The Secret Life of Pets 2
is in theaters this summer. We'll be right back..

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