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(ENG SUB) [REACTION] คุณชาย Khun Chai (To Sir, With Love) | EP.3 | IPOND TV


Hello, I'm Pond, O, Gift. Stay with the three of us one more time with IPOND TV. This will be a reaction to the KhunChai drama in the third episode. After the last episode, it ends with Mr. Jan. It's like you're going to search for secrets, find evidence. Well, what exactly is Tien's secret in the end ? Actually, I found it. Hairpin, but I thought I'd keep it for you. Ah, woman, what woman, Lady Lee? But I misunderstood. Hmm, and then I came out of Tien's room with my mother and came back, yes, so we had to go in. in the closet first and ended up saying like Tien opened the door , opened the closet door, found it, and didn't know what Tien would decide. How do you decide? Well, and for anyone who wants to watch the full KhunChai drama.

You can watch every Monday – Tuesday. It 's 2:30 PM on Channel One31 and I can watch it backwards. Via OneD application or go to the website to type www.oned.net sure enough. Ok, now let's start watching it. And the reaction of this drama in the third episode. Uh, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, Tien stood in the shadows. Oh, Khun Chan, thought about it. Die. Ouch. Take control. Come on. Do you want to talk about this with Mr. Mother? Tian, ​​we haven't finished talking yet, Tian. What do you do when you die? She wasn't really eavesdropping, Father Tian. She went to Enuan because she thought it was in there. Oh, are you crazy? Why would she go into my room? Yes, that's it. Why did you go into Aunt Tian's room ? Sigh, Nuan didn't go in.

Oh, to be honest, yes, that's it. But I think Nuan, mother. This teacher wants to know that Mother's mother has to do this much? I even had to sneak into Sister Tian's room. Mother is not shy, but I'm embarrassed. Well, you already know. Well, I'm sorry on behalf of my mother . What are you angry about? Don't say mom Did you see that Phra Tian was not angry? He didn't say anything at all. That's why mom is there. I still don't understand. Because P' Tian, ​​he's a man of manners, oops, how good is it that he didn't sue Mrs. Ma? If it's me, I'm telling you to take care of your mother. Oops . Are you a child or are you mad at me? Oops , Aunt Tian, ​​I'm sorry. Yes, Aunt Chan. Oh , he's a very nice person. Ah, yes, he doesn't want it to become a big deal.

Ah, you're a polite person. Yes , I heard you. take a girl to you candle What does it look like, who sits? Lady Phin? beautiful, cute, sweet Deserves to be your granddaughter's son, Grandma Mud . Well, that's right. It 's most suitable for our Mr. Tian, ​​aunt . Did his father put it in a pledge? Yes , like this, he has to call it a marriage to pay off his debts. Well, he's right, anyway. Well, let's cut it off . Who knows? Aim for you candle You won't be disappointed. But who knows, well, I wasn't expecting to be Mr.

Tian's wife, brother. I just want to be a wife, that's all. Hmm, don't mess with it. Let it grow out of its height, hmm, probably a character that, um, a translator for some story, reward, what else , low mood? No, what is it called in Chinese? At the place we like to watch Chinese series, he likes to talk. What kind of tavern is it? Not a tavern, uh, uh , yes, yes, I can't remember. I forgot. How are you, Commander? Uw Nia, let this little boy change into a kimono to please the captain . Japanese food, beautiful, pleasing, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, but not as beautiful as the Japanese women at my house . Kang, please help. What rights did he send? Don't tell me you're drunk on drugs? Chinese and Thai people don't have any money.

There are these. Every time they come, they will never pay a penny. before the war is over My shop will ruin it for sure. Bong won't pay . Oh, don't pay, don't pay. What do you say, will you get it? Not yet, Mistress. In times of war like this, only yuns come to visit. The money they didn't pay. The magnate had a tendency to take over our teahouse. Here if someone knows They go to borrow money to support. Yes, Wang Clan was definitely kicked out of the Dragon Mall Association. Mistress Nie got the shrimp. Always find a way to sleep with Khun Tian quickly. Oh, if it's Khun Tian's wife. Then you can ask to help uphold the mistress's teahouse. Hmm, no one can't be without the head of the guild of organizations.

Let it be so. Today, when you go to the fifty thousand guild meeting first No one has ever respected Ou. never seen the head It's because U is a woman. Saying nothing, no one will listen. Completely worthless. Mistress is a good person with kindness. Mistress is precious to everyone here. The day that is tied has no rice to eat no place to ripen There is only the mistress who takes care of and nurtures. Then at the orange family house What are the events? Now, Mr. Mek has found a partner for Mr. Tian. Heard that they will marry soon. That's no big deal. please just dismantle Has served Atian. Au is confident that any man, if he sleeps with Lue, will be fascinated. The fine trick that Hua has trained for, oh ho, use it, so it's not cool . We will not allow our brothers to starve to death. Right now, Aunt Jian, who had been interfering, didn't dare. because before In my mother, I have opened a way to come to Khun Tian. When the way is to be demolished to approach Ah Tian.

Love garlic head jokes like chong may huang eggs Lue also has to be careful. I'm afraid that there's something disliked to take everyone. I'm not here. If you know the truth about what kind of candle is a xiu tree like , uh, uh, it should be like, whoa, this is the tea that the woman brought back from abroad.

Ying brought it to Khun Na Li. Thank you very much. You are really considerate. Isn't Ten here? Ying said she would invite Ten to go out as a friend for coffee. This shop is open around Bang Saen. It's just right. Pok Pok is very beautiful, isn't it? Hi, P' Thien, hello, Ying Pin, he stopped by to bring some stuff for mom. Then I would invite the children to have coffee, but I , my mother, had already agreed to see the harp. that the candle is going to be with a friend Will you give mom another word? ok mom Is sister Ying bothering Phi Tian or not? I'm going to run errands. please wait Let's go. Brother Tian, ​​I'm going with you.

I'm going to run some errands. You don't want to understand? If the lady doesn't let me go I'll tell Brother Tian, ​​well, let's go together. Going to many people must be fun, so please come, but I think deep down he is helping his brother. 'Cause he already knows, hmm, and maybe like it too. Then I'm stressed and don't go. My dearest brother, oh my dear, oh my, my dear brother, oh my dear, oh my, I'm ready, let 's go, Ying Harp, Khun Yang is so handsome, how can you not get slapped? Is it delicious? Brother Tian Let's try it. Thank you very much. Hmm. Let me taste it . Huh. Huh. It's delicious. It's like a real cafe. It's up to you, who, oh, oh, hey, we're focusing on the back? Here we go, maybe we're picking them up? Well, yes , because he's already a killer.

Can't you see? Found an acquaintance ? Don't be like this. Don't get it wrong. I'll come and run . Well, it depends on whether the job will be successful or not. Hmm, or if it's successful, the candle will see or not. Hmm, yes, oops, sorry. nevermind nevermind It's okay, have you seen it, have you seen it yet? Oh, it's worth your eyes , Khun Ying, your neck is about to come off. My brother will be back. But it's really true It's good to be with two people like this. So we can talk to you about what to talk about.

I have nothing to talk to you. Oh, nothing to talk to you . You speak very well to me. In fact, you should be able to make good friends. Well, hold on . It 's me. Whatever you say, Brother Tian believes. No, I may be able to help you. Mr. Nie will help me. I can see that you are. Always keep screaming about me and Ken. Otherwise you wouldn't have come today, or did you change your mind and want something in exchange? I'll give it to you. I want something from you. Well, I did all this so that I wanted to protect my brother. Well, I went to investigate. I know that now How is your home status? Your palace is now addicted to the replica of Mr. Mother.

If you were married to Tian Nie Everything is perfect, right? Hmm , Nani, he sees it well, doesn't it, P' Tian? Do you think you can find it? Haha. I know it's difficult, so I want to talk to you first. Well, my brother is a good person. I want him to get it and end up with someone he likes, not forced like this.

Are you coerced or consenting? If this is the first I want you to fight. and follow what you want But if this is the main thing, it is unfortunate that people with knowledge educated like you willing to trade everything for his own happiness for money I think it's embarrassing. No dignity at all. Well, wait a minute, madam. I'm telling the Well, lady, but his house umm, lady, but his house is lost again, are you okay? I'm not familiar with it. Let 's sit. I'm sorry. Oh, it's the moment that happened. I have to get slapped now. Oh, lady harp.

Is your mother hurt? It's all tired . I'm sorry, ah, I spoke badly to you. I'm like this. What do you like to do? I just want you to give it a try. How happy it is to be able to do what you want to do , you can say, um, because you have nothing to bear. If you don't understand what I'm saying You can think of your brother. Brother Tian and I were framed to do something to protect the looks and dignity of the family. He would have done everything according to his own will. No one wants to be tired of carrying all that burden. Obviously , I might be as disgraceful as you say. But I will do my best. How are you going to intervene? I don't care.

Please tell Ken as well. That I have some business to leave first. You follow me. Do you know? Because there are people following . Hey, the fifth one. It's really fast. I can't see it. Oh, don't let me remember. I 'll get it. Oh ho ho **** really losing weight, it's people. It's going to be a couple. Oh, wait. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Knife and knife that he is good at. There is a patch. Here is a hat. In conclusion, the candle is wearing a hat. Oh, the candle is empty, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, my value has changed. Hurry up and collect it. Let it slip again. The same wound is empty. The same scar is the same wound. Wound, this one you saved me the other day. You didn't go to the doctor? The wound was so inflamed. And he rarely talks, yes, we don't know each other very well. Then here you need to be careful. Is Japanese food still following you? if they follow I can help you find a place to hide. You can go stay at my house. My house is near the Orange Family Warehouse Pier.

Or if you're in trouble or need some help? You can come see me at home. I just want to thank you for helping me. Thank you. Wait . My name is Tian. Your name is I don't know better. Our horoscopes are not likely to be destined to each other. Every time we meet, there's always something to hurt, but it's true, stuck, oh, nailed, oh, there's a knife, cut off the sleeve, and he's feeling really good, like the one who cuts his sleeve for him, I see. Thank you . Well , lazy Siam, I found someone who saved me the other day. So hyung came over to thank him, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, probably patching, hmm, yeah, we might, and scan too, yeah, maybe, like, hey, this guy might like to play with . That's something like this So what's he like ? Who is he? Something like this, whoa, it means, um, I'm worried now, eh, or will you look at it, or will you know that Pee Nae is the finger heroine? Thinking back to when I was a child , maybe, like, I wonder, but I'm not sure, but now I 'll be sure .

Well, mom told me, if anyone knows about this that I'm going to be in trouble, remember, don't even think about dying. Pity you. One day, the Daehan Eyedi room woke up from the bed. that will be sleeping but over his sleeve will pull out the sleeve I'm afraid that my lover will wake up So he agreed to cut off his own sleeve. To make a lover continue to sleep comfortably The younger generation then used the word Duan Xiu, um, to represent the love of a homosexual man. Also known as the type of love, he must be extremely worried about it . I just want to hug my brother. This has been scolded by my father and wants you to help me, right? Brother Wild, are you tired? If you say I'm tired Will you change your mind to learn the job? and can't help father and brother What do you have to carry this much? no matter what I want you to know that I will always be by your side.

And it's my brother as usual, Brother Tian . Hello, can you tell me? What happened to the father , synchrotronization, it blows, oh, after this, he will have to save, yes, save me all the time, oh my, I'm still alive. So what are you going to do with the police? Should the police deal with it first? Don't let anyone catch you. Yes, another magnate belonging to the family but we don't know what family he is It's not like he's saying that the magnate Ma is careful, um, eh, eh, wearing betel nut is Elder Tao, Elder Tao, oops, oops , I've done as ordered . Brother Tao, of course, send it over. Ah , that cop deserves to die. It also received quite a bit of tribute from Au. it also has greed want more money It contacted to tell the business secrets that Ou had told it.

Let the competitors know well that the line of Aua reported before if it succeeds Ua's business would have been affected quite a bit. Lue is good. When Lue will come to live with Hua. Well, it's just like, freelance, freelance. It's okay. U don't want to force anyone. And how is Sister Lue's condition? His condition continued to improve. Do it for the family again, hey , keep it the same. or add this drug If the medicine runs out, the money he needs is good , drugs, treat a fever, he should teach, he must always depend on this drug. to bring him to work You can think and think in that sense, or you can think that it really helps. Well, it can really help.

Just an offer form. As if he wanted to come and stay with me, is it still painful? Since Jiu brought the medicine to eat The pain got better, no joint pain. It doesn't hurt into the bone like before . It's good. Let me work and save a lot of money. Then I will take Mei to a good doctor. How will Mei get lost? Then Jiu disappeared from work all day. Are you tired? Jiu is not tired. Jiu Keng will die. Growing up, I will be like Jiu. Then I will help you find money to heal Mei. I will do good work. And if I'm rich I'm going to take everyone around on a trip, okay ? It seems like I haven't thought of anything, but I'm injured Nim Chit. M, Tien , hmm, it's done.

It's done. It's fast . The team came just right. Come here, you should choose someone else to eat. Hmm, I have good news to tell. Is it an auspicious time, mom and dad? Can you find an auspicious time for your child? Well, get married . His mother said that this child likes to eat harp very much. Hmm, I want to get married quickly. Hmm, so my father asked Sin Sae Nie to find an issue for my child. See ? I'm not in a hurry, father. So what are you waiting for? If you love each other, let's get married quickly. will have children in time to use I want to work first, father. As for marriage, I want you to see it first. Ah Tian as usual Or you have to get married before you can take the position.

Well, we can work together. It's okay baby You don't have to hurry, you don't have to hurry, let 's go see it because we have to get married anyway. It's a duty, right? Well, the model understands why I have to be weird. At this time, Khun Tian seems to be dissatisfied with his mother for playing with your wedding. Looks like they're arguing for sure. You didn't listen until the end. Well, Nuan has come back to report to Khun Chan first. Let 's go listen. Khun Tian just caught Khun Chan. Secretly put it in the wardrobe. Well, don't let them get caught again.

Oh my gosh. A hundred percent unethical people. Mom, give it to me. Oh, this person, why ? Why? About the tree To the point that he lied to his father to speed up the wedding. Why does it have to be like this, Mr. Mother? So what are you waiting for? Wait for everyone to know what the demolition is, or wait for Teacher Mi to push his son up to take the position? I'm just asking for some time to make up my mind.

You know you have to get married. must inherit But this is too soon, ma'am. the faster the better If Lue officially owns everything, then, then, what will it be? No one dared to say Lue. What does this mean? if the child is married has inherited How will the child be? Just don't let anyone know what Lue is. It's like, I'm not happy anyway. Listen to my mother's song, Mr. Tian. This child must live. To serve as a good son, he had to hide and lie for the rest of his life. That's right, isn't that right, ma'am? Not forever, Ah Tian.

Even though Lue is like this But I've heard that someone like Lue can get married and have heirs And if Lue has an heir, yes, mother, a person who is Duan Xiu like a child can have an heir. But the child doesn't want to have it, Mr. Mother. I don't want to get married. I can definitely hear that mother. It's very clear. Oh, and they don't talk to each other and dodge a bit . Whoa, whoa , splash tea, hot tea, um, so you'll know. Yes , it's very hot too . sound If it's picked up, it's killed, killed, ordered, taken away , and can't be caught now.

In addition to having a blister patch What is red? candle Do you like the man that I am? We are already vengeful. Kudu from His Majesty probably won't be able to live for long This character should have died first. Where did your mother-daughter's corpse go arguing over there? Rather than hurrying to follow, you see, let's kill each other. The moment he spoke clearly, he didn't follow . shocked These are important matters to discuss. Oh, tell Khun Chan, why? Go and tell Mrs.

Mother and Khun Tian. will also get more stories Mr. Chan is just Mrs. Sang Euan, but must , but this is important. Ms. Chan must know for sure. I don't. Well, I'm busy right now. It's about Mr. Tian. Big eyes. Hmm, if this gets out of the way. Mr. Tian must be relegated from the position of the clan leader. Do you know about me? Because what does the candle do? Tell me now, call me money, tell me, yes, yes, I already got the money. Until Uu knows love , yes, Ua has to risk death as well. But if there is a fee to build How much will it take? What are they doing here? Don't be in a hurry to say it, mom.

It's supposed to be like wait a minute, gotta see the water, uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh What do you need to use yourself? Day and day I can't see what to do.

Tong, come with Ua. Ua has a job to do. Eh, didn't you hear? That I'm telling you that I have a job for Yi Tong Man to do A Tong, or who will I choose to listen to? Between the mother like Uw and the wife crying Oh, may be able to give money to shut up, hmm, give more, I think you have to slender, maybe slender, because it can't be trusted, um, choose your mother, maybe you can, maybe look your eyes like me give more 'Cause I'm the real master , eh, what secret is this guy going to tell you? go hide at home Look, I'm working now.

See, I can't see. You watch like this. Oh, watch the front of the room. Did you say something to the teacher? Why? Or can you talk to the Jan? But can't you talk to your mother like Ou? Can I Nual, did you hear that? / Can't you hear that, Mrs. Jan, did you hear that? If I can hear you, why would I ask you? Like. / I told you to speak it. Mr. Tian said that it was a C. Oh my, I said it very clearly. Mother, ten years ago. Magus Zhang was condemned as a Xiu tree. until life is destroyed There are blood stains on it to this day. Just like this and even rushing to tell the teacher, bye-bye, but this is a bad thing causing the Orange family to decline Ua is just a category of the orange family only. Lue is just a worker. Lue doesn't have to pretend to love and want to protect the Au family. As for garlic Lue has no evidence A worker like Lue says, whoever he says will believe, good or bad, or may be fired for slandering garlic.

There is no need for evidence. Just spread this news. Others will find a way to prove the truth. Whether it's Mr. Deputy Or is it that the people of the Five Dragons Guild, hmm, who knows that the Forbidden Dragon Association is not tightly packed. I'm still thinking of a way to overthrow the magnate If there is a whole story about Khun Tian It's a lucky sex, hmm, I'm sure the Orange family will be destroyed. I can assure you that I'm more spoiled than when the rich man was condemned. Ah Tong Luk probably forgot. that ooo scores mom Ua has a lot more money than the teacher, eh, or how much he wants. Then shut your mouth. What are you laughing at? Why did mom give money to shut up like this? That also confirmed that Your secret story is true thank you see? I would like to go to bed and think about it first.

How much do you want, die , animals won't get money, believe me, they might die instead. I want to know who killed this. It's definitely dead. This condition. Pretend to be superior. This, yes. It's unlikely to survive. In summary, the recruiter is Jiw. because it will be freelancing You're going to die. What is this? Well, act a little over the top. Go to the market with Uan. Or if you want something, he will buy it for you. I won't go. I'm here to serve Mr.

Tian. Because he called. Oh , Mr. Tian? Ah, Mr. Tian, ​​he doesn't like demolition. Don't dream about it. Did Brother Tong mean that Mr. Tian had already given him a fiancee? That's it I already know, brother. But I don't care I agree to be the mistress of Mr. Tian. better than being a wife U has money too. Lue how much you want, lue say, come on . Annoying, uh, don't want money, die already. This kind of person, um, that's Mr. Tian Chao. If you don't like Khunying Pin Try telling Mrs. Mae that you like what kind of woman you like. in case you try to find someone new Mae Bua doesn't know either. Oh, Mae Bua. You don't have to look for anything.

If Brother Tian Nie doesn't want to get married, then don't have to. Well, don't worry, Brother Tian. I'm here with all of you. I'm not going to let anyone force me to rape you. There are so many things in our lives that we have to do. I don't see the need to get married at all. that you want me to understand you but by tradition If you have to inherit the position from the magnate Khun Tian has to get married and have children. Clear alone. Mae Bua. Sit. Come. Mother ordained. This is Pian. I will be the first head of the association who doesn't have to marry and have children.

What do you want, Mr. Tian, ​​sooner or later, Mr. Tian has to get married. I met a woman that I liked and had a child anyway. Even if it's not Khun Ying Harp, that's it, Mae Bua , Mae Bua, it's not always certain. Not that we all have to get married, brother Tian, ​​if you don't like it, you don't have to marry. That's enough, OK, we'll stop talking about the future. And then talk only today. Oh, as for the lady of the harp. No need to worry at all. I'll handle it myself When did you come here? I will pretend to cry He ran away, almost immediately terrified.

The ultimate support already cut me Do you want to believe this candle? If Chan knows, will you get hit? Well, no, Mae Bua. The more my mother The more I don't want you to get married too, joking, but in my heart, this is like, um, always observing , ok, bye-bye, ah, first offer, you know what it is. Camphor , ho, give it to me. Father Tian, ​​isn't it? Tell me. Oh, what's the secret? I don't think it's easy to tell. Do you remember misunderstanding? Calling it wrong . Are we misunderstanding each other? Words a day . How much do you want it? If the money is not enough I said I didn't dare to risk it.

I accidentally took the money from both sides. Yes, I don't want to do it. Hmm, must have money in my mouth for sure. Hey, how much money do I have to spend to open my mouth all day, who wants to look, who wants to listen, doesn't look, eh, eh, eh, P'Jia Ua sees what Khun Chan is talking about. because Jay saw it well It's good to know that Uu is not an adulterer, but Ua just warns that no matter how much money Khun Chan takes on his head, Well, don't think about it. This is threatening. If Aunt wants a cow to tie her mouth close, it's not difficult . Just ask for money to not be torn.

That's enough. Keep focusing on eating. Hmm, these Aunt Jia Nie murderers know how to style. Well, it's true, he's good at medicine. You have the right, uh, uh, maybe a poisonous soup. Not dented at all. Deer female harp ? Uh, hey, hey, hey, yang, may I talk to you? Why are you saying this, Mr. Yang? I have something to see. Madam, it's not that you're not good. But Phi Tian definitely doesn't like you. We look right again. what insult I may not be cute He was sweet and flirtatious with other women. But that doesn't mean that P'Tian has no way to like me , or that P'Che has a lover already. Does this mean I have to dub business? I don't want to be a bad person, madam.

Well, Khun Ya won't tell you. As to why P'Ten has no way of liking me. I have to keep guessing like this, or that P' Tian already has a child, no, no, no, don't, it's not about that. It's down, laughs , it shouldn't come off easily. Ah, I like it, so I'll tell you. That I like him, flirt with him, uh, Mindian , at Mindian's house, oh, what's up, what 's up, what 's up And this time, the candle will be like, can you do anything? Uh, can you help? **** Avoid money, money range again, eh, don't run away.

Do you want me to call your wife? Oh, so it's true. Oh, stop. Oh right. superior Think it's too much, hmm , why don't you say something nice? So I just teach it. Well, you grabbed my wife's butt and everyone saw it. Hmm, I didn't slander you. not everyone misunderstood Ouu just goes to help brush the dust that sticks to his butt for his wife. Everyone can see this clearly. Still a lie on the other side, very brave, to be honest , but I don't dare you to argue. It's hot. Well, Brother Tong, this is Mr. Tian . Why do I have to be polite like that ? I must have been too kind.

Have to work with problems A little love is not enough Still causing issues every day If I keep myself It's going to be a bad example for everyone. from now on Tong is no longer a worker of the Orange Family. whether here or at the warehouse It's definitely revealing now, hmm, you argue, step away from the budget, pay your respects, pay respect to this, so you know that you're just an idiot, oh well, it has to stop, it's going to be in the family, isn't it? I don't know, Ah Tian , ​​other workers, hurt others even though they were wrong.

They also step ah with the child. If the child keeps it straight Exactly, it would be a bad example to others. if you are a mother How will you decide? We have to stay calm in this matter. Don't use emotions like this. See, this side is shocked. It might be a misunderstanding. Ah Tong has been working with us for a long time. It shouldn't be such a fuss. Oh, hey, hey, give it another chance.

Wait a minute, this matter is dealt with by itself . But it's just to help the child. Well, yes, um, but it's wrong. Oh, other people are confused ? Die, idiot, Mr. Jiu. Yes, Mr. Jiu, come and kill me. Let the pontoon go to the very end, come save the zone, eat single comfort zone, Khun Tian Chao, Khun Tian , ​​everything, everything, Khun Tian, ​​eat a little snack. You will be in a better mood. Thank you very much maam.

Write . I know all about it. Let's go get it together. I'm going to punch him in the face again. Go, good sir. Brahmin, deal with it, but wait a minute. Don't go yet. must disguise himself first Just go like this The orange guy saw that there was no fight and got scolded again. Hmm, help Mae Bua. Wait a second . Did you fall or what ? Come on. I love you. Oh, I love you. Can you still catch me? Well, it 's just that you're afraid, and then you're going to have an affair with someone else. See , I'm a little scared of snakes, a little scared of snakes. Oh, pretend to be me . It's us. I'm happy I was shocked a hundred times, still, this is true. Play as a child, children can't watch. Mother Bum is a busy person. Khun Tian smiled and was in a good mood. But there's still another matter. I can't help but wonder, Mr.

Mae agrees to be straight, even though he's straight, aggressive, hmm, wrong in mother? Hmm, strange, Mr Chan. How could Mr. Mother allow you to cough so straight? Usually, you have to be stressed and even fired. A fool like you can still see it. Well , this has to be about a secret that he knows for sure . Well, why did you bring something expensive? Would you give it away? family as well Are you going to do this? Borrow will take the most valuable thing. Go buy yourself first. Oh, Khun Chan Chao Kha . I think it's good. brooch Father Mo gave it to him before he died. If you had to let the secret out of his mouth No matter how much, it's okay. Oh , my God . Where is the last treasure? I will keep you yang stupid for women in the future anyway. If you give this piece I can't find another place to replace it. Well, I agree with everything. for my everything It's an opportunity, right? Well, I know it.

Oh, it's already begun. Insects , insects, insects, this is it ? Really, do we really have to do this? There's no other choice, mom. Well, later we'll talk in a secret place, don't talk like that. It 's a pity for you. Oh, I'm trying to get the father's treasure to buy a secret. I don't know if I can buy it straight or not. What will you say loudly? I'm not suing anyone. Will I die first? Maybe go in and meet and die? Uh, the right is very high. Tik Tok isn't there.

Where has it gone? It's all right. What's up? Today is too aggressive. Oh, I can't accept it. to give another piece of money And then get out of here. Well, last offer, um, sorry. from now on Uw won't come back and step on this place again , ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . Just one piece of money It's gone in a moment. Fight here , hmm, have food and live life. Well, there's already an offer. Anyway, tomorrow, how do you have to prepare money for the Kong brothers? In this party, the husband must spend a lot of money, wanting to know how it is considered to be used. Aww gave Lue a chance, why would you do it? Ah, will it be powder, swans in it, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, beautiful, so beautiful, so beautiful, I'll go, get up and kill, will you see it on Monday ? Keng, four cars , ouch , knives, knives, escaping, of course, wait here first, you can get it, but will anyone see? You're not here.

If you are the one who has answered, then I know, in case you are your mother. Yitong is a rowdy person. Kafuu is very good Today, how will you know that I'm aware of it and Mr. Nuan ? Well, if I'm eating, I'm definitely choking. Oh, how is this, but I want to know what effect it has , eh, aloe vera , makes my body numb or not? What the heck hey Bleu I can't move numb or it's like paralysis um uh yes ok e tao I can't even say it must be awesome but it's the result of him doing it um dam tom Did you see E straight past this line? I don't see you Are you sure you can't see? It's not that I saw it and intended to hide it.

What is she doing here? It's suspicious And if I really see Why do you have to hide it, you know, why come out, when will you recognize the person straight? Oh, your head is out, you know you want to use it to kill someone . Come and be dragged and pulled by your legs. Oh, the color is straight. Uh, where are you going, Khun Chan? I heard a sound coming from this way.

Khun Chan is deaf, come with me, will you find it? If not, then drag it away. I don't see anyone. And I can't hear anyone with you. Huh , drag it, ah, because the body seems to be like all of them. come dub all I'm starting to get conscious. Straight. You're greedy. Straight. It's going to get speed first. I don't know. I don't know. My eyes are numb or what. Come on, I want to look at it. It's like , uh, it's a drama. magnate, magnate I'm bad. Where did you have to go with me and you? Stop, brother . You will come here again next time. Why? It will prove that. It killed people to cover up Father Tian's accomplishments. You don't suspect that Mr. Mother has crossed over. he didn't die Because I know about my son, right, Mr.

Mother. Oh my god. I'm excited. Awesome. I also thought in my heart that he would let us see the end of Tong now. Ah, or should we wait and see in the Next time, hmm, which we'll have to wait and see, because Tong itself is like looking at it, hmm, but I don't know if my eyes are closed or what feelings I'm looking at. It's a symptom of being unable to move, ah, but still aware, eh, so I'm just looking at myself what I'm being hit with something like this. But as we said, it was the result of his actions, hmm, something he was greedy. It's like maybe When you're too greedy, plus your habit of being a bad person, yes, it's a consequence. As we said, people like this can't keep it, so why say it? Mother said that this was a chance. Yes , that's right, like giving him money. But we don't know if in the future, he will betray us or not.

Yes, this seems to be asking for long-term money. Like it's not enough, yes. to be regular When finished, it may be like there is an event that causes more money. Add more in the future My own son again, um, in front of other people. It's too much. Well, it's like giving a final offer. To warn with good hope, hmm, but Tong chose not to accept the money. And it's kind of sassy, ​​so the end must be like that, yes , by habit, by action, and as I'm guessing, Must be Aunt Jia, um, because he's good at making medicines, yes , and the best.

Then opened it as a chest When it comes to extracting it, it's enough to sprinkle it, hit it, make the subject say momentarily unable to move Probably only for a while, maybe not all the time. and it's like deceitful killing one more time like that But I like the scene where it's like throwing pills, nah, pretty, pretty , and then mommy covers her nose, peeps, aunt Jai is here, like a flink! A very beautiful, like it's a powder that he extracted one more time. Really beautiful. This scene is, yes, awesome. It's a very fun episode. It's very fun. Characters like Tong, we don't think it's important to form. How important is it to the story? Well, but uh, it's good. It's a connection from the previous episode. Yes, like Tong, hey, cheated, didn't let other people's salary. Because he's usually a bookkeeper, managing accounts, eh, but he's like cheating other people and like Mr.

Tien came to help that person, eh, it's plus his anger and resentment back then that he didn't like Mr. Tien who Like he's messing with his business, yes, and now he knows Mr. Tien's secret. And then, when it comes to the second round, Mr. Tien decides again. Well, like this, but it actually means Tong, ah, ah, yeah, and thought. Look, and like when your mother comes and says, hey, we might have misunderstood. Well, give it a chance . And when it will walk into the room It pushed to hit his ass again.

Well, slap that woman's butt. Now it's obvious WOW , just like Mother Jan said, tell Nual that even a fool like you can see it, yes, that's kind of improbable, yes, anyone can see it. Oh and another great shot of this episode Nual, Nual forever, I'll tell you if I click on it. and eat too Just now it's like a choking, right? It's true, or drinking water, it's a burst of water. I can't take it. What kind of person is this? It's a shot feel type. It's so good. I admit it, but it's a good character. Yes , it makes me know that he's a clear person. Honestly, don't get too stressed out. But I know that like he's someone who takes care of you Jan It's been a long time, hmm, since it's probably like living in an old house, yes, like I know that ho, that treasure is the last piece your father Well, then I'll be willing to trade it for a secret. me family treasure But I understand you, Jan.

That's like playing cards. It's the last card that he's going to use to rise up again, right , if he knows that. Everything will be exposed. And his son, Yang, will take his place. But while his son, oh he's support his brother. he doesn't support my mother, uh, uh, uh, I'm crying. oh It 's like he's already convinced that his elder brother likes this, is like this, is like he likes a man, it's simple , and then it's a scene that reminds him of what P'Tian has to bear all his life, yes, and cover up , that's all. Tired and going to be bad, causing him to run back to hug Tien, whoa, it's a very impressive scene. Then you don't need much. Just running in and hugging, umm, it's the end, right? It makes me know that this little brother is like I love you very much and like I understand everything. Especially in the latter part is like trying to protect, yes , brother from everyone, from everything, just like that, there is something to put pressure on your brother.

Tried to protect try to brush away I don't want my brother to be angry, uh, trying to make laughter, yes, including when my brother is like, Tong is angry, right, uh, uh, it's like to make laughter, yea, to make my brother in a good mood, like a younger brother . I really love you so much, but that's it . Because as a result of Tien being a good person, um, Tien has been fond of Yang since childhood Yes, how close are they? Yes, so the relationship is straight. Brothers and sisters are inseparable. Hmm, yes, even if my mother tries to blow his ear, she can't help it. I blamed my mother as well, hmm, that I was a person with no manners, because he didn't speak directly, he said, see, Tien, he's a man of manners, hmm, but I already know that he's blaming me, no manners, eh, ah Yea , Yang is a child.

So embarrassed. Eh, why do you have to do something like this? Well, it's like Tien. This is the best help template . For his younger brother's sake, eh, isn't this mother grateful yet? Still choose to be like, follow, want to continue , even Nual said it already. Last time, it was a mistake. You got caught by Mr. Tien . Will you take it again this time? Oops, missed it last time, eh , this time. I have to follow again. Well, let me know.

I really like Jan's mother's aspirations. She's someone like that. but understand him It's his chance, ah, that he must know . Nual is angry with Jan's mother because it's like, This is also like cursing. I will curse it forever. And then there's a scolding, eh, eh , say it, then mom Jan said you lied and cursed me, right? On one occasion, Jan's mother lied and cursed even a fool like you knew. I'm still confused today that, um, how can these two be subordinates together? Oh, oh, talk about the main couple, oh, oh, oh, I can't talk about It was to meet, um, in the midst of that white cloth.

But it lets us know that, um, Jew, uh, it's like getting a job, uh. kill It's the police, right ? Work for probably the magnate Another magnate, this one I guess, I guess, eh, but before, it's like he used to work for Mha magnate too, yes, and got his salary Got the money, hmm, but this time, I feel like the tycoon on the other side should give more money. . Hmm. So it's like going to that side.

Hmm. And will reveal the side of the magnate Mha one more time. Yes, the magnate Mha is like realizing it and hired Wan Jew as an independent assassin. Hmm, let's go. Kill him, hmm, and then you can kill, and you know, ooh, Jew's house, this is like working for two younger siblings, um, yes, and this kid is sick. So it's like receiving this drug from the magnate Mha, um, in return for his successful work. But he said that he received medicine from the magnate Mha every time , his condition was getting better and better, hmm, no pain, no pain. But there are two ways, yes way muj, one is a drug that actually heals, ah, and it's like giving in return for real, hmm, and the other is to treat a fever, eh, or maybe it's a drug. Yes, that's what makes Alleviate the pain, yeah, yeah , it's going to stay like this forever, um, so that's a commitment, yeah, get Jew back to work for him all the time, uh, um, we think that's the second way, yes, because it's possible.

Because looking at the face of Nong Maey , Nong Maey and another sister, look at the black eye circles, but it is a disease. His illness I felt that it was possible in two ways. Well, because the magnate Mha Nie wanted Jew to be his subordinate, yes, but Jew was like no. It's better to take it as a job. Well, it's not the level of a magnate Mha hires Wan Jew to kill the magnate Song. Well, that's what I was thinking. Hmm, it's possible. Hmm, yes, ho , like what Tong said, everyone knows. That these five families were like want to overthrow themselves Otherwise everyone would want to knock down the magnate Song anyway.

Oh, and if it even hires Wan Jew to kill her father, right? Well, if Tien finds out the truth , what will happen? Well, but we've seen that it's true, Jew. He was indifferent to Tien, hmm, he had feelings for Tien too, like someone who cared about him like , uh, thank him. And then to the legendary scene of this episode. It's about cutting the sleeves, um, because Tien, ah , Tien's shirt is nailed, nailed, and can't be removed . Jew helps with cutting the sleeve. Umm, to get the shirt out. Um, and the sleeve is Tien. hmmm and Tien smiles hmmm, he likes it very much and then it made Yang see the incident ah and then compiled all the events and processed it like, ah, something like this, back to childhood, hmm that hyung I myself like to dress up as the heroine of the opera. So I pieced together the story. Right now my own hyung is probably TuanSew (LGBTQ+) so chooses to protect a secret like that. On the side of Jew and Tien, that's what we saw, that's the issue.

Hmm, but right now. Well, like Jew, he doesn't want to tell his name, um, let Tien know because of his career. And he probably knows who Tien is, hmm, right? So he doesn't really want to know. I mean Jew, right? Jew probably knows that Tien is the son of Song magnate. He knows. He probably knows Song magnate. And, er, because there was a time when he said that if there was anything I could help, tell me . Yes, this is a house with a warehouse like this, yes, it might be because of this too. So he didn't say his name. Well, it's going to harm himself too. Hmm, like that, but he has good feelings for each other. Hmm. And will there be things that need to be met again? Well, as for Lady Pin, that's it. Ah, he has his family, he bears, yes, his obligations to the family , like if the palace will be seized, carry, oh, bear, he said to Yang that both himself and Mr. Tian have obligations. to bear no choice There was no choice, yes, so I wanted Yang to understand that .

Why did he do this? Well, he's just doing his best right now. But it was something that made Yang understand . Hmm, and I feel like I'm starting to fall in love with Ms. Pin too . It 's all true, Yang should have liked it from the beginning, eh , Lady Pin will probably fall for Yang gradually. Keep going , oh my, it's an episode that should have a very long recap because the story is so long, the story is long , there are many clues, so many characters, but it's really fun, it's really fun. Then tomorrow will be It's the fourth time How's the story going? Tong will survive or not. I think he's not alive. Tong is dead. Yes , and it will be a story about who killed Tong. Well, we'll have to wait and see. Okay, but this is the end. For reaction to KhunChai drama, I hope everyone will enjoy and have fun together. Before we leave, don't forget to press Like, Press Share , Press Subscribe and press the bell, and leave #IPONDTV on Twitter too.

For today, the three of us would like to say goodbye. And then we meet again with the reaction in the next episode. Today I'm going to say goodbye. Hello..

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