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Dogs Want To Kiss Family Who Help Deworm


come here, Yangtuo get up Doudou Doudou finish it then do it for you, July wait a minute wait a minute July Finish it for Yangtuo and do it for you The little guys are sunbathing here The sun is fine at afternoon Dogs love stay here July need 3 bottles This bottle is only for 20 pounds It's a dewormer, it can't be eaten you just want to eat anything just eat it smell is ok just smell it smells good come here, Heibao I just let you smell it for a while Get up, you finished, July Doudou, get up, you finished it yesterday don't do it can't do it any more, go away hurry up sit down What are you doing? Look at it, it's so naughty how can he do i for you? Heibao go away, July Doudou, don't scare it I did it to some dogs yesterday Finished deworming the rest of the little dogs today Deworming regularly is an important immunization job for dogs Diseases spread by parasites can be avoided It can also prevent the dog's nutrition loss At the same time, it can reduce the skin problems of dogs should deworm dogs regularly It is a powerful guarantee for the health of dogs From the moment we rescued these little dogs We are responsible for every aspect of them before finding a suitable adopter for them We will do our best to take care of them I only wish that all life can be respected and treated kindly

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