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Dog Will Not Allow His Family Around Him | Before & After Makeover Ep 12


Guardian: Jindol, C'mere. Come to papa .. It's been 6 months, Jindol refuses the owner's touch Even after some time, he will keep his distance from them Could it be possible for Jindol to accept the owner? Production crew: Hello~ Guardian: We have a serious problem. Follow me to the terrace Guardian: You can't see him right? Messy and neglected terrace Guardian: He’s shivering cos strangers are here Jindol is sitting nervously in the corner of the terrace Guardian: Jindol, C’mere! Come to papa..

The owner approaches him calling him lovingly But he’s still nervous and he runs away. Guardian: You can’t get to him, you can’t touch him. He avoids people always You can’t be closer than 2M to him. It’s almost restricted. For a few months, Jindol is not giving any space next to him to his family When production crew approaches WOOF!!! Panicked by a stranger’s touch, he runs away He reacted very sensitively and ran away Soon he started shivering intensely Guardian: It’s been 6 months since he came to our house.
We haven't touched him once yet Jindol was a stray dog in the town He had been rescued thanks to a report by a local Yet, he was about to be put down because no one would adopt him Guadian: I thought ‘I will think other matters later and save him first’ ‘I have a terrace so he could stay there’ It was only temporary at first, but now he is a part of my family It has been 6 months living together under the name of family At first, He thought Jindol is going to be fine over time like his stray-dog siblings.

Yet, 6 months have passed and he is still keeping his distance! Guardian: He’s face is better. At first, he was scared by us and he fell asleep with a long face He sleeps comfortably now so that's good but… Production crew: So where does Jindol do his living?
Guardian: Here. On the terrace… Production crew: He doesn’t even come out to the living room?
Guardian: No Ever since arrival, Jindol has lived on the terrace Guardian: He is curious though.

He looks inside super thoroughly Guardian: When I’m coming in (home), he steps in his forefoot here and keeps his hind foot there.. Only the forefoot and his hind foot is always (on the terrace) Ding dong~ Jindol is coming to say hi like he’s waited But he doesn’t come inside the house Seeing that he looks in whenever he hears something It seems like he wants to say hi to people. Why won’t he come out… Guardian: Maybe he thinks that the terrace is his home, and the inside is a different place from it A place where he doesn’t belong.. Next day Wishing Jindol to enjoy the living room when he is alone Guardian: Jindol~ have some snack~ I put theses like this from here He will probably come out because he wants it Production crew: Oh, you think he will?
Guardian: Yes..! Guardian has made a special chicken road just for Jindol The whole family wants Jindol to get used to being in the living room Rumours say this walk-path has a special story Guardian: You see that power pole??
Production crew: Yes Guardian: He used to look down here from there.

In the winter Jindol used to be on that hill where he can look down at the road Production crew: Why was he looking down here? Guardian: His friend died. He was hit by a car Guardian: They were always together, and when one died,
he howled for a month, two months… in January. After his friend passed away due to a car accident, Jindol stayed here Guardian: If other dogs come around,
Jindol sat here and looked at us. He wanted to hang out with us Maybe it is because Jindol misses Gum-doong Jindol greeted everyone when people are taking a walk Guardian: Some say hi back, some tell him off. Some throw rocks at him Production crew: Oh, really?
Guardian: Yes Production crew: It would be nice if he can walk with them Guardian: Yes, it’d be nice. That’s my wish. On the other side, Jindol is left behind at home after his family went for a walk Carefully eats meat on the terrace At that time! Jindol came over to the living room! He walks alongside the special chicken road his owner made. He takes his snack and walked back to the terrace Guardian: There is one left.

He ate the rest Guardian: This is because he ate in hurry Production crew: So he does come out when people aren’t around
Guardian: Yes, he does come out Production crew: Only when people are not around
Guardian: Exactly He just wants to give Jindol as much affection as he gives to these guys Guardian: How good it will be if Jindol can play with papa like this? When will Jindol realize his family’s desperate wish? Guardian: I think he doesn’t know what people are like. But I reckon he doesn’t hate them. Guardian: It’s a shame that he used to enjoy the mountain but now he’s caged like this. This is a prison for him Owner wished him to be happy in this family and brought him home Yet, Jindol couldn’t get out of his internal boundary and locked himself up on the terrace It’s decided to get some help from animal behaviorist to find a way to get close to him Jindol keeps his guards up to a stranger Animal Behaviorist: He is trying to run away from this uncomfortable situation.

In most cases, he should reach out to the guardian because he knows him better Animal behaviorist: As I see it, he was reproduced in the wild. He was brought up in the wild and has never contacted with people.. Jindol was not taught how to interact with people because he was brought up in the wild Animal behaviorist: How was he (Jindol) caught..?
Guardian: I heard that they caught him using an anesthesia gun Guardian: He was anesthetized then he got a shot and showered so he was brought home like that Animal behaviorist: One day, overnight, he found himself in an unusual place like he’s just fallen from the sky He must have been terrified of strange people and strange space that he found himself in Animal behaviourist: Okay, come here This time, we’re trying to corner him into living room Jindol panicks and goes round and round Production crew: He’s out! By chance, he went into the living room Jindol is also confused by his action Animal behaviorist: Now he’s there (in the living room).

Now is the time..
Now is the time you communicate with him Animal behaviorist: Walk slowly, like this.. He walks around Jindol very slowly Trying to make him feel safe around people first Jindol goes round and round among people Soon enough, he is relaxed and sat down Animal behaviorist: Oh, right now! Just go! Don't stop! Jindol keeps his place even when the owner is approaching Animal behaviorist: Alright, alright.

Good, good! Production crew: He doesn’t move when the owner comes to him
Animal behaviorist: He doesn’t Jindol starts to open up to his family Animal behaviorist: Because there is space for him to run away it is difficult to touch him. So you have to put him in a small space. In a small space, only the owner and Jindol are left. However, he stays in his spot well Animal behaviorist: He knows that he can’t run away, and he still stays calmly when the owner comes toward him Getting close to Jindol even more Animal behaviorist: Don’t touch his back, but go to his face Cautiously, the owner gives his hand to Jindol Jindol accepts his touch calmly Guardian: I’m tearing up..

I’m so happy. This is all I have wished for .. The owner having emotional overload at his first touch in 6 months Animal behaviorist: Now, you will take him for another walk… Carefully put a leash on him Animal behaviorist: I will lead Animal behaviorist: Just naturally The owner follows Jindol’s steps Jindol enters into the living room..! Animal behaviorist: You can think of it as a house exploration Still feeling a little strange, but Jindol finds his peace, exploring the house Guardian: Gosh, I can’t believe it! Soon, Jindol and the owner share their affection, sitting in the living room Guardian: Seeing it (the training) works, I thought it is a miracle. I still think his mind is not 100% open just yet.

Guardian: If I have a wish, I want to raise him until he opens up 100% to us
and until he can move freely in the house even when the family is in the living room. I will raise him well until then Dear son Jindol, thank you so much for being in our family’s lives!.

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