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DOG RESCUE MiSSiON!! Pirate Ship and Swimming with pretend Sharks! family day playing at the lake!


(children shouting excitedly) – [Shaun] Hey!
(screaming) Who did this? Was this your idea? – I want tape! – [Jenny] Oh wow. – I'll never make it to Pirate Island. (screams) – No it not! – It was your idea! – [Shaun] We're here, pups! Looks like a little otter! (laughs) Was that a 360? – Found a dinosaur bone. – [Child] Cool! – [Jenny] You guys look so cute out there! – [Shaun] Goodbye, ya scallywags! Oh no, the kids, wait!
I wanna go with them! We're on the barge! – [Mom] Hi, Koopa! Olive's walkin' the plank! – [Shaun] Go! (laughs) – I see one! Oh, she's so cute. – [Shaun] That one looks so comfy. (laughter) Oh, a puppy! – Wait, we're gonna get one for me right? – You're not a dog.

– Please? – [Shaun] Is that one comfy? (laughter) Are you testing the – – I'm not big enough – [Shaun] Do you wanna try it? Oh, you're gonna love that. – [Mom] Good job, Niko! – Wee! (laughter) – On your mark, get set, go! (laughter) Wee! – [Shaun] Whoa, watch out
for the dinosaur express! – So one of my, one of my
good friends at Space – – Whoa, buddy! Hello! – Oh my god! – It's so soft. – Aww, baby. – And plenty of money
for plenty of surgeries. We just love ya, dude! The founder of Spacestation
shows up to my house, during my stream, and support one of the employee's efforts to help a dog. That is the most random
thing in the world! (yells)
– I tape the vlog – [Man] Better watch out
(mumbles) gonna get you! – [Mom] He's taping the vlog! Oh no. (happy music) – What's up Snapchat? Today
we're going on an adventure! (happy music) – Got some food Got some dogs that are ready to go home.

– [Mom] Where's Daddy, O? There he is! You're not letting the dogs in. (laughter) Gotcha! – It's his costume. – [Mom] It too big. – Hi – [Shaun] You guys gotta keep an eye on the baby for us, okay? You're her guard dog. Can I get a kiss? (kissing noise) Aww, I got my kisses! Mm, some cheese. Today is a best dog day ever. – Best dog day ever! – We're taking the pups to Pirate Island, but first they gotta take their vitamins. How do we get the dogs
to take their vitamins? – We put that down. Cover it in cheese. And then smash, smash. – [Shaun] See you gotta
put the vitamin in there and you squish, squish, squish. And the dogs don't even know they're taking their medicine.

Our dogs are getting old. We had the dogs before we had the kids. They're like our original kiddos. – [Jenny] Olive, come here! Here you go. Voila! Now she's more healthy. – Olive is going to be… – I think she's 12. – 12? 12 in October. – [Shaun] You're almost
12 years old, miss. Olive is like our first baby, we took her on every hike, every fun thing we did. Everywhere we went, Olive came with us. – [Niko] Ah, she's not eating (mumbles)! – [Shaun] Hey, you eat your vitamins. Good job. – Jeez, Koopa, come get your treat! (kids yelling) He's probably sunbathing. Koopa's always sunbathing
on the back porch. Koopa! Aha, sunbathing, I see. Come get a treat, bud. – I gave him that treat! – And Koopa's going to be 11. – [Shaun] 11? – So we didn't realize this. But Koopa and Niko
share the same birthday. – Koopa and Niko, they're buds. – I opened the lid! – [Shaun] Hey! These kids been stealing my Dad M&M's.

– Olive's not eating hers! – [Shaun] Olive! – [Jenny] She spit hers out. – [Shaun] You guys
gotta get your vitamins. We're going to take you
to Pirate Island today. Are you ready, dogs? Are we going to Pirate Island? – Yeah! – [Shaun] Those are mine.
You guys share those. Hey, whoa whoa whoa whoa! Not like that. You can't just drink them. – My turn! – Okay, there's still for you. This is not how M&M machines
are supposed to work. Mom, did you want any? – I'm good, thanks – So like I said, today's the dog day. We're taking them to Pirate Island. Then we're going to go
get them a new dog bed. 'cause their are other dog beds are, like, all ripped up and stuff.

– [Adley] Yeah, come see! (failure sound effect) – [Shaun] Exactly. They've
been ripping this thing up. – I love that one though, because Koopa will go underneath and burrow in it. – [Shaun] Snuggling in there. all right. Do we have all our stuff ready for pirate island. – [Mom] We probably should bring some… – [Shaun] Let's bring
the new pirate floaty. Hey Niko. Do you want
to do the pirate floaty? (children yelling) Hey, careful, careful, careful. – They've been wrestling
– They've been wrestling all morning and Niko already
got a bump on his eye. Niko, let me see your eye. Right there. Whoop. Yeah, these kids been crazy this morning and that's why we're
going to Pirate Island. We need to get all our wiggles out. (yelling) – Freeze! – Let's go get cake! – Mom, will you unfreeze me? – No. – I got tape! – [Mom] We got the dog food.

– Hey, what are you doing down here? – [Niko] I'm taping your leg! – No, Mom unfreeze me. – Come I'll help you, Adley. There you go. (indistinct) – Stand up straight! – This is not a good idea. No! Not my hook. – [Jenny] Wow, good job, Adley! – Seriously? – [Jenny] It's like
she's done this before. – It's not part of. – Remember when we taped him to the wall? – [Adley] Dad, I won't hurt you! – [Shaun] This is not a fun day. – [Jenny] Oh wow. – Oh I'll never making to Pirate Island. Niko! Okay, that's probably enough. She's out of tape.

Now free me! – Mom, where's more tape? – No don't tell 'em where more tape is. – Mom, please! – Unfreeze! – Freeze! Niko, don't unfreeze him, okay? – Niko, if you unfreeze me I'll give you chocolate. – He's lying! – No, I'm not. I'll give you chocolate if you unfreeze me. – If you tell me more tapes are! – [Jenny] Okay let go and
see if I can find more. – [Adley] Okay!
– No! You said we were gonna go! – [Jenny] This is too good! (laughter) – Niko, will you unfreeze me? I give you chocolate. – No! – [Jenny] I think we're starting to run low on tape (indistinct).

There you go. Taping
dada and (indistinct). – Why'd you give her more tape? (laughter) Are you guys going to
carry me to the lake? – Yeah. – [Jenny] We're gonna drag you. – Just like when we kidnapped you! – [Jenny] Yes! – She's pulling me! – [Shaun] Guys. I'm really stuck. Can someone unfreeze me? – No!
– Please? – Not yet! – What's the opposite of melt. – I'm not doing it. (laughter) – I'm really not gonna be
able to get out of this. I'm getting kinda (mumbles). – [Jenny] I'm actually excited
to see if you can get out. Hey!
– [Shaun] Oh, good job! – [Jenny] Do not tape your mom! No! No! – I tape the vlog! – [Jenny] He's taping
the vlog! He's – Oh no.

The vlog can't see. (laughter) Unfreeze! (screams)
– [Niko] Tape attack! (screams) – This was all your idea! I'm taping you to the couch! – Freeze! Freeze! Adley, I freezed him! I freeze him! – Unfreeze!
– Freeze! – [Jenny] Hurry, run, Adley! – Unfreeze! Run away! – Ow, ow, ow. – [Jenny] Did you get
some hairs in that one? (screams) – I'm going to take you to the couch! This was your idea too! – No, it not! – It was your idea! (dog barks, Adley screams) – [Jenny] all right, me and
Naves are getting in the car.

– This was your idea! – [Jenny] No! (dramatic music) – Aha!
– It's in my hair! – Oh no, it's in your hair? Lemme see. I got it. – Thanks – You're welcome. (Niko screams, dramatic music) – [Jenny] Okay we're going– No! No! No! She's, like, taped to Mom. She's already taped to me. – [Shaun] All right, everyone in the car. We're going to Pirate Island. Put everything you guys want in the bag. – [Adley] (nonsense
noises) because it's tape! – all right. We've got everything we need. Olive, Koopa come on! Do you guys wanna go to the lake? Oh yeah. They're excited. I got the stuff and the dogs. – [Adley] Dad! Dad! Dad! – [Shaun] Hey! (Adley screams) – [Shaun] This was your idea. This was your idea. – Yes. – [Shaun] That was a
pretty good idea actually, except for how am I
supposed to drive it now? – [Adley] Untape it.

– [Shaun] (struggling noises) You kiddos! (kids screaming) – [Shaun] Take mom! That didn't work. Get in the car. Get in the car. Olive, get in the car. Get in the car. Oh, you're coming to island with us, are you so excited? Hey, no scooters, we're going! I love you, miss. 'Kay Olive, get in the car. All right. Olive's in. You got Koopa back there? – Yeah, I got Koopa! – [Shaun] And you got Olive! – Aww, Adley, those pups been with you since you were a little baby. – Okay, bud, get in your seat. Get in your seat. – Can you grab the pirate floaty? – Pirate floaty! We have a new pirate
floaty that Mom ordered. Where is it? – [Jenny] On the stairs? Ahoy! Look at this thing! Awesome! Wait, gotta go that way.

How awesome is that? The kids and the dogs and the Dads. We can all play on it together. Pirate ship aboard. – Oh, they're sitting by Adley. – [Shaun] Aww, best friends. – (giggles) I'm sitting by Naves. (happy music) – [Shaun] We're here, pups! Go run and play. We're here, kiddos! Oh, you gotta stop? Yeah, mark it. That's your bush. Good job. Everyone, that's Koopa's bush. No one use that bush. (happy music) – [Adley] Oh, he's going by the water. – [Shaun] Oh, yeah! – Oh, it's freezing! – [Shaun] Hi, Niko Bear. (water splashing) (gasp) What is that? – It a dinosaur bone. You found a dinosaur bone? Oh, let's dig it up. Adley, we found a dinosaur bone. – [Adley] Cool! I don't think that's a dinosaur bone. – [Shaun] It might be, let's check it out. – [Adley] That's a rock. – [Shaun] Oh, just a rock. Oh, we found Olive, hello. – [Niko] I need to go pee. – [Shaun] You need to go pee in the bush? Whoa, whoa, whoa! Niko's marking his territory.

– [Jenny] He really is! – [Shaun] Go Niko, go Niko, go! Good job. All right, that bush is Niko's. Koopa claimed a bush and so did Niko. All right. We'll be right back with swimsuits on. – I need to see the front of you. One, scootsy scoot. Two ones, scootsy scoot. – Good job. Thanks for the help. Adley is being a good big sister today. Good job, miss. Hello, Naves! You going for a little ride? – [Jenny] Princess Navey has arrived. – [Shaun] Should we blow
up this pirate ship? – [All] Yeah! (happy music) – [Shaun] Whoa, this
thing's looking ginormous! – [Adley] You have a lot of (mumbles).

– [Jenny] Where do we even begin? (happy music) – Let's go find the dogs! – [Niko] Yee, yeah! – [Adley] Think they're over here… Where are they? Oh, there's Olive! Koopa? – [Shaun] What you guys doing, pups? – [Adley] We're on a
mission to find the pup. – [Shaun] Where's Koopa? – [Adley] Oh there he is. – [Shaun] Aha! Let's play hide and seek from the dogs.

You guys hide and see if
the dogs can find you. Hi, Koopa. Here's what we're doing. We're looking for Adley and Niko, can you guys find 'em? Where's Adley? Where's she? No, she's not there. Is she back here? No. Where's Adley? Where is she? Aww, they found you! – [Adley] We were just statues. – [Shaun] He's jumping in! Koopa, come on, bud. Aww, hi Koopa. He looks like a little otter! (laughs) Was that a 360? I think Koopa just did a barrel roll. – It's so cold! – [Shaun] It's so cold? Is it (mumbles), Koopa? Welcome to the dog wash. Aw yeah. Koopa likes his ear scratched back here. And Koopa is so snuggly. He– – Gross – If he sees someone cuddling, he comes and snuggles up. And he's just so warm
during the winter time.

He's just like a big warm cuddle buddy. Oh, hello, Olive. Did you come to join the party? Come here, miss. Olive's a little less into the water. She likes to go into it sometimes. You want to get on the paddle board? Okay, I'll get a paddle board for us. All aboard! Olive, Koopa, hop on! – [Jenny] Are you guys
going for a paddleboard? Koopa, what about you? You getting on? – Come on! Come on, bud! Come on , Koopa! Whoa, careful. – [Jenny] Grab him, Adley! – Koopa, come on. Come on, bud. He's here, pull him up! – [Jenny] Pull him up! Good job! – Niko, we're coming to pick you up. Look Niko is just relaxing – [Jenny] He's practicing his floating. The last two weeks the kids have been doing their swimming lessons and Niko has killed it
at floating and swimming and Adley is really good at swimming. Now she can dive in. – She can do a mermaid
dive, Brandon pop it up! – You can dive over and down. (triumphant music) – [Jenny] Woop woop! Go Niko! Good job, bud! – Towel.

Yeah. – Good job. – [Niko] Momma, (mumbles). – [Jenny] You guys look so cute out there with your paddleboard dogs. – Oh! – [Jenny] Was that fun, bud? Ahh! Hi, Olive. All right, we're going to go check back. Oh! Pfft. – Seriously? – [Jenny] What just happened? No wait, get off! – [Shaun] Hug mom! Hug her! (indistinct yelling) – [Jenny] Stop!
– We love you, Mom. – [Jenny] These are my dry clothes! Stop! (Jenny groans) All my hard work. Hey, looks like a giant bagel. (Adley yells) – [Shaun] Watch out, pirates! – [Jenny] Arg, en garde! – Wait, that was sore! – Hiyaah! Get in there! – Check this out, vlog. Ahoy, mateys! – Ah, don't push us in the water! – [Shaun] Goodbye, ya scallywags! There go the kids wait,
I wanna go with them! Ahoy! We're on the pirate ship! (Jenny yells) (water splashing) He's escaping! We lost a pirate.

– (growls) It's okay! – [Shaun] She's falling
in the fishing hole. I'll save you! There's a rescue boat for Niko right here. Hold this vlog and do not drop it. Climb in, Niko. I rescued a baby pirate. – [Adley] I'm about to fall! – Going to take us back to the dock. We lost another Niko! We're coming back to the dock, Mom. Ahoy!
– [Jenny] Ahoy! You stay here, ya pirates. – Koopa, you want to
walk the plank, buddy? Come on. Hello, go in the pirate ship.

Oh no, the pirate ship be taking off. – [Jenny] Get him on!
– I got him! Olive, you're coming too. Argh! Come here, ya scallywag! Come here, Olive, come here. Argh, you're a prisoner now of the boat. Argh, I caught another dog. Let's take 'em out to sea. – [Adley] (indistinct)
– [Jenny] Hi, doggy! Olive's like, "What is this?" (Jenny laughs) Hi, Koopa! You guys having fun? Olive's walking the plank! She made it! Good job, miss! They both made it back to shore! – Argh, my sword! Are you trying to escape? Get back on my ship! No, hey! These are my prisoners,
they're all escaping! Hey, you! Get on the ship! – Okay, okay! – All aboard! (indistinct) (Navey cries)
– [Jenny] Miss, it's okay! They're not really prisoners! They're just playing.

(triumphant music) – [Jenny] No! What is happening? – He almost got on. I save you, Koopa. – [Jenny] You were floating away! (Niko squeals) – Oh no the — – [Jenny] The sword!
– Adley saved it! It was under the dock. Good job, Adley! – [Jenny] There is chaos amongst us! – We're pirates. We survive
and strive in chaos. – [Jenny] Did they go under the dock? – I'm going on a sword mission. – Dad, can I come with? – 'Kay, ready? – 'Kay, go. – She's under the dock. – [Adley] I see it! – Grab it! – [Adley] I'm ready! – Pull you out? – [Adley] Yeah! – One, two, three.

She got the sword! – [Jenny] One? Where's the other one? – Where's the other one? – I think it's – – Oh no there's another one. – [Jenny] Put it on the dock. – All right. – [Jenny] Guys. We're
still missing one more. There was three swords. – Oh no, where's the other sword? Is it in the ship? – Not in the ship either! – [Jenny] It's not in the ship! – Koopa really does love this thing. – [Jenny] He does. It's probably warm. – [Adley] I see it! – [Jenny] Where?
(Navey cries) – [Adley] It's, like,
all the way (indistinct). – [Jenny] Guys, it's all
the way on the shore.

What's wrong, you wanna
go in the pirate ship? Yeah! Hey, are you eating my arm? Are you eating my arm? (Jenny laughs) Oh, guess what guys? – [Shaun] What?
– [Jenny] It's Navey's bedtime. (sounds of agreement) (indistinct) she's fussy! – [Shaun] You tired? I'm gonna get you! Careful with that, it's sharp. (Navey giggles) (Jenny laughs) – We're at the pet store now! We're gonna get — we're gonna get Olive and Koopa beds, treats, and toys. – That's right, 'cause it's
a doggie best day ever today and we have a really cool surprise then. – Now we're gonna look at some pets. – [Shaun] Uh, no pets. – [Adley] I know. We're not gonna get one just look at some. – Just look at pets,
we're not getting one. – [Adley] What if we get a pet fishy? – [Shaun] We do not need a pet fishy.

Oh, look at that pirate ship. We should get that for Pirate Island. – What if we get a pet fishy
and put it at Pirate Island? Aw, these are so cute. – [Shaun] Aw, they're
so cute. Hello fishies! – [Adley] What kind of fishies are these? – [Shaun] It's a… Turquoise Guppy. All right, we need to find the dog stuff. – Wait, wait, these ones! I see one!
– [Shaun] Hey, kitty, kitty. – Hi… Aw, she's so cute – [Shaun] So cute.

Okay, you're not a cat. I think we're in the cat section, we need to find the dog section. Maybe the other side? – Here!
– [Shaun] Ooh! (gasps) Maybe they want a a banana? – [Adley] No. – [Shaun] No? – What do they want? – [Shaun] What do they like? Oh look! Adley, we could shoot treats and then they go chase them and eat 'em. That's kinda cool! (toy squeaks) All right, we also need dog beds… – Okay well, let's go
round to the dog beds! – [Shaun] (gasps) Dog beds! Okay. – I like this one! – [Shaun] That one looks so comfy. Let's try it. Aww, puppy (indistinct). Oh, that one feels so soft. I like this one. Do we put this one in our bedroom? – Yeah
– We're gonna get one for the bedroom and
then one for downstairs. – Wait, we're gonna get one for me, right? [Shaun] You're not a dog. – Please! – [Shaun] You're not a dog.

You can share with the dogs still. This one's kinda comfy… Is that one comfy? – Uh-huh! (metal scraping, ominous music) – [Shaun] Careful! – I think this one's comfy. – [Shaun] Ooh! This is one that he can, like, crawl into, 'cause Koopa likes to crawl in, you know? – [Adley] Oh wait, this one! – [Shaun] Ooh! – Look, Olive and Koopa. – [Shaun] And they can crawl in there. (laughs) Are you testing them? – It's not big enough. – [Shaun] It looks pretty comfy. – It won't be big enough
for Olive and Koopa. – [Shaun] I think they're smaller than you – No, they're bigger. – [Shaun] Whoa, this one's way poofy. (Adley yells) That one nice? – Yeah, Dad! – [Shaun] Come try this
one, it's way soft.

– Ugh, oh my gosh. – [Shaun] That's a way comfy one. Huh? I'm glad I brought you
to test all these beds. – Yeah, I'm actually — Dog tester! – [Shaun] Whoa. (Adley laughs) Okay, get me in here. Oh, that's nice. – Dad, you're not a dog! Okay so Dad, we're gonna get two dog beds. – [Shaun] Okay
– Because this one's big enough to fit both of the dogs. Do you know why we're getting another one. – [Shaun] Why? – For me! We'll get one for downstairs, one for upstairs… Where my hat? Hiyaah. All right, one for upstairs, one for downstairs and then we need to pick out a surprise for my friend's dog because it's his birthday and he needs to get surgery and we're going to surprise him. It's going to be fun. – Which friend? – I don't think you've met him before.

His name is Parker and he
works for Spacestation gaming, but it's not like
Parker-Pookey, my friend, It's another Parker. Who's also my friend. He goes by Guac. He's had a dog for a year now and it's way special to him and he found– (indistinct) I like that. – So this one's for me, this
one's for Olive and Koopa. – So Parker's dog, he's
had it for a year now and they found out it needs surgeries, two of them or three of them, and they're really expensive. And we're going to surprise
him and his dog with, like, some dog stuff and
then money for the surgery, which you guys are helping
with the surprise because we're donating all the money from this video.

When you guys watch this video, you're helping Parker and his dog and that's going to be awesome. – Dad, is he a big dog or a small dog? – It's a small dog. It's like a little, like,
I think it's like a bull– I don't know what type of
dog it is, I've seen pictures but I don't know dogs. Pop it up Brandon, I'll
send you a picture.

Pop! – Does he like bean bags or dog beds? – [Shaun] Uh, bean bags. Okay, let's put these back. – [Adley] And then let's
go get a shopping cart. – [Shaun] Are those the ones we're buying? – Yeah. – [Shaun] Okay let's get a shopping cart. Oh, look at all these fun toys! – [Shaun] Hey, is that
like the kind of dog? – Yeah. That is the kind of dog. How did you know that? I think that's the exact
kind of dog he has. I think they have two of them too and it's special dogs 'cause they got them right
when they first got married.

And me and Jenny got Olive and Koopa right when we got married and they were like our kids. So I totally understand how
these dogs are like their kids and it's going to be a fun surprise. – Yours is for dog beds
and, like, big stuff, mine's for toys and little stuff. – [Shaun] Deal! Turn! – [Adley] Oh yeah. – [Shaun] Okay you start
looking for some toys. Vlog, you're going in the kid's seat. – [Adley] Dad, is there
two of them or one of them? Let me see. I think they have two let me show you the dogs. – Lemme see both of them.

– So check this out, vlog. Get out of your car seat. So tonight he's doing a
livestream for his dog. That's his dog that needs
surgery; his name's Gucci. All proceeds go to Gucci's surgery. – Why does he need surgery? – Cause his legs aren't right. And so they have to fix his legs up or he'll be in pain his whole life. So they said they either need
to pay for him to have surgery or they'd probably have to put them down, And we definitely don't want that. So Parker, my friend, is selling all his Pokemon cards and doing all these, like, streams to try and raise money. It's really stressing him out and it makes me feel sad and I don't want him to
sell his Pokemon cards and I want to help the doggy. So that's who we're helping. That's who you guys are
helping right there. His name's Gucci. Then that's Alex and Parker, my friends, but oh, look here's the dogs.

Look, so, that one's healthy. And then that one's Gucci and he's the one that needs surgery. He has little casts on his legs. And that one is one years old. Cute, huh? – Okay, Dad. Grab the dog beds! – [Shaun] Back to business We got to get Gucci some birthday — no, what's the other one named? 'Cause it wasn't Gucci's birthday. Oh, Frankie's the other one. So the brown one's Frankie and it was his birthday and
then the white one's Gucci and that's the one who
has to have surgery. We might have to pick
up these at the very end because they, like, don't
even fit in the shopping cart.

– Yes, they will. – [Shaun] Uh-huh. – Well no, we'll just stuff 'em in. – [Shaun] 'Kay, stuff, stuff, stuff. All right, kinda. Hey,
you're right! Good job. This is for Olive and Koopa and this is for Frankie and Gucci? – No! Frankie and Gucci, me,
and then Olive and Koopa. – [Shaun] You don't get a dog bed! You share with Olive and Koopa except for, I want to get them one of
the, like, covered ones. Like this. 'Cause Koopa loves those. All right, perfect. – Dad, we need two! – [Shaun] We don't need more dog beds. We got plenty of dog beds. What, what kind of treats do you have? – I just got a lot of toys. – [Shaun] A lot of toys? I like that. We should find something
to hide the money in. Ooh. We could put some money in that. Okay. We'll get that. – We're gonna get two for both of them. – [Shaun] Good idea. Hmm. Smells like dog food. Some treats. Okay. Yeah, right. That's bigger
than all of our dogs. That's like a dinosaur bone. – No it's for them to feel
better and they can share.

– I think that's bigger
than their dog's mouths. Let's look if it's big enough. Look, that's how big the dogs are and that's how big the bone is. You think that it's going to work? – I guess not… Does anybody at least have a big dog? – [Shaun] Yeah. Who has a dog that could eat a bone that big. Could your dog eat that bone? Leave a comment if so, because that's a giant bone. These look like the perfect size. Yeah, let's do those. (indistinct) I like these too. – Dad, I got just the thing! – [Shaun] What's just the thing? – Follow me, get this, get your cart. – [Adley] Dad, we're gonna —
– [Shaun] See anything else? – Dad, I think we're gonna need two carts.

– [Shaun] I think we've got enough stuff. – Dad! – [Shaun] What? – This! – [Shaun] Ooh. – Then you can put all the
toys and money in them. – [Shaun] Oh, I like that. So, let me explain,
what's going down here. So, he's doing his, like, Raise-money-for-his-puppies stream tonight and he's going to be like
an hour into it, going good. But then what he doesn't
know is we're actually gonna meet at his house
and Alex, his husband, is gonna let us in and then we'll come in. "Hey, surprise!" and give him all the dog
stuff and the rest of the money he needs for his surgery. Which again, is coming from you
guys for watching this video every time there's, like,
an ad that YouTube pops up in this video, that money
is what's going to the dog. Thanks for watching this
whole video. Watch it twice. Should we get them like
little shirts or something? That'd be fun. Or like
little bandanas or something. – Do you think these will work? – [Shaun] Oh, those are cute.

I think they need to
be bigger. Let me see. Oh look. Best dog ever. It's like best day ever. – [Adley] Will they fit? – [Shaun] I think they
will. Let's grab that one. That's large and that's large, grab both those and then we'll
get them bandanas with that. We'll get one of these, one of these. Perfect. Do we need anything else? That's cool. – Wait, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad! – [Shaun] Aww that is kind of cute. Should we get that too, just in case. All right. Let's– Oh! A little dog hat. Okay. Last thing is this dog hat. – We need two because there's two of them. – [Shaun] I only see one. We'll just do one in the– oh wait. Okay. Let's roll. We got some good stuff. – Bandanas. – [Shaun] Okay. – We got these. – Best dog ever. I love that– 'Kay! No more! Pause. Pause. Freeze. – Put me down! – [Shaun] You're staying in the cart. Turn 'round. (indistinct) Nope. We got enough stuff. All right, I got to buy all this stuff and then we're going to surprise him.

You look very comfy. – I'm not comfortable. – You look comfy. (pop sound effect)
Uh, hello? Okay, you definitely look comfy now. – [Adley] (giggles) I'm a pillow. Help! (Shaun laughs) One bed, – [Adley] You mean two beds – [Shaun] Two bed. – My bed. – [Shaun] (laughs) Adley's bed. – Ooh you can be my pillow. – [Shaun] Oh, perfect. – (pop sound effect) Boink. – [Shaun] All right. I think the dogs are going to love these. Actually, let's leave this one in here 'cause that's for the surprise.

All right, here's Olive and Koopa's bed. Watch out, you doing okay? – Open door, open door – [Shaun] Open Sesame. – We're home! – [Jenny] What? – [Adley] This is my bed for me. (Jenny laughs) My pillow! – [Shaun] Koopa, look! Do I snuggle in there? Do you wanna try it? (Jenny and Shaun laugh) – [Shaun] You gonna love that, buddy? Do you want to try and come
cuddle right here, bud? – [Jenny] Why is that
bed bigger than Adley? – [Shaun] I know. So
the dogs and Adley fit. – Is this your new bed on the floor? (Jenny laughs) She's, like, part dog. And then, we got stuff
for my friend's dogs, here hold this. – [Jenny] This is so soft. Do you wanna come check it out? Aw so (indistinct)
– [Adley] Stuff for us goes on my bed. – [Jenny] Your bed, okay. – Yeah, she keeps calling this her bed. – This is for us.

– [Shaun] That's for Olive and Koopa. – And the– the puppies. – 'Kay so mom, have you seen the puppies that these are going to? – [Jenny] I have not. – Frankie and Gucci. Let me show you. (toy squeaks) – [Jenny] Ooh.
– [Shaun] Oh look. They get surgery. – [Jenny] Aw, that's so sad. Oh, is that a dog hat? – [Shaun] Isn't that amazing? – [Jenny] That's so cute. This might, like, fit Navey. – Oh yeah, look at these. – [Jenny] Best dog ever.
Salty little beach. Those are cute. – Let me get the rest of the stuff. Adley, will you get everything ready? – Uh, okay. After I take a nap. (Jenny laughs) – [Jenny] All right. Good
night, my little puppy. Who's a good dog. Who's a good doggie? – I'm sleeping! – [Jenny] Okay, goodnight. Ooh, Olive, do you smell some treats? Those aren't for you.

I hear Miss Navey. Should we go get her? – Yes. – [Jenny] Navey, Navey, Navey. Hello, Miss Naves. Niko, look at the dog bed! It's so big. So, you can fit too? Wow. – [Adley] I'm going to put
this in mom and dad's room. – [Jenny] Our room's messy, okay guys? No judgment here. It's not that bad just… laundry. – (indistinct) Adley moving
into Mommy and Daddy's bed. – [Jenny] Hey, yeah. Get out my bed. – In the middle of the
night, I always wake up and sneak into Mommy and Daddy's bed. – [Jenny] This is true. Niko, do you do that? – No. – [Jenny] You look so cute, bud. – I now can open my door by myself. – We don't want me to sneak in your crib then get a– get a crib for me and we put a giant mattress over the crib. – [Jenny] (laughs) Okay. I think that dog bed is coming off the bed and like right here. – I'm sleeping on it, though. – [Jenny] Okay. Oh, that
could be your new spot.

You and Olive. Aww. – Hi, Naves. Chub chub – [Jenny] Whoa, Daddy. – I told ya (indistinct). – [Jenny] Olive, do you like the new bed? – You want this? – [Jenny] Look how cute that is. – Naves, you want this? – [Jenny] You want it, Naves? What are you doing? She's trying to slide down the stairs. – Are you going to help me? Okay. Here's what we got to do. Grab some, stick it in there like this. – Why? – 'Cause we're going to give
it to someone as a surprise. It's for a doggy's surgeries. (paper crackling) – [Jenny] Good job, Niko. – Oh, good job. – Can you hold this down? Thanks. Hop on the rocket! Let me start over! Can you hold it back down? – [Jenny] All right, let's set this up.

– On your mark, get set, go. Wee! (silly music) (laughter) Wee! – You gotta move that bag
right there, or it will break. (breaking sound effect) You moved the vlog! – (Shaun laughs) Oh boy,
what's going on over– Ooh! – Wee! – [Shaun] I like your invention. – Go, Niko. Go, Niko. – [Shaun] Ooh, you gonna
sit inside that one – On your mark, get set, go! – [Shaun] Navey's just over
here playing with money. Hi, Naves! Is that so fun? – [Jenny] You helping, Navey? – [Shaun] She is helping. (funky music) – [Shaun] (laughs) It's a money duck. (funky music) – [Adley] Don't forget this! – [Jenny] No, that's our beanie! – [Shaun] Hey, that's my beanie! (funky music) Receipt in case they don't want anything.

All right. One puppy
surprise is on the way. – Are you going to head over right now? – Yeah. He just started
his video game stream that's like a charity stream
to raise money for his pups. And then I'll pop in his
stream and be like surprise This is for Frankie's
birthday and Gucci's surgery and then I don't know. I'll just be cool. – Dad, I want to show
you something real quick. – [Shaun] Okay. – This is the dinosaur express. You see all dinosaurs on this trip. One at a time goes on this bus. – [Shaun] Dinosaur
express? Watch out, Niko. – Wee! (laughter) – [Shaun] I don't know about this. Aw look how cute. She's crawling to her mama. Ahh, watch out for the dinosaur express! (Niko and Adley yelling) – Will those puppies be there? – [Shaun] They will be there. They're going to be so excited. – If they're there can
you take a video of them? – [Shaun] Yes, I'll get a video. It's going to be for the vlog. The family's gone to the lake
to hang out with cousins.

– [Jenny] Back to the lake. – You're gonna have so much fun, Niko. – Yes! – [Shaun] All right, wish me luck. I'm going to deliver our surprise. (Family saying goodbye) Koopa, we're gonna go surprise
some other doggies, okay? I'll text you right before
so you can watch the stream. – Okay, deal.
– [Shaun] Deal? All right, we're here. I'm so excited. So, here's the plan. I'm gonna go inside the
house and do the surprise. You guys are gonna stay in here because you can't just go
vlogging in someone else's house. That's kind of weird. Also the surprise isn't about just, like, filming it for the video or anything. This is about just doing
it because I want to, he's a good friend and
this is a good surprise. You know, we try and do good stuff and surprise people all the time that you don't even
get to see on the vlog. It's– it's part of what I love doing. But, when we do have the
chance to show it on the vlog, I like to share it because
it spreads positivity and sets a good example.

You guys should surprise more. It's just– it's fun. That used to be one of our mottos, like, early, early best days ever. We'd always say surprise more. And it was a blast. Anyways, I'm going inside. And uh, maybe what I'll do
is Brandon let's pop up the, the, like, Twitch stream, he's streaming right now. So you guys can still see the surprise, but the vlog is not going in. So a pop-up Twitch
stream and the surprise. Let's go! (indistinct) I almost forgot to turn off my truck. All right, wish me luck. (gunshots) Oh wow, that's a lot of noises and There's a lot of noises
going on right now. Shonduras! Yo, everybody say hi to Shaun. Shonduras is amazing. Literally one of the best
people on this planet. Here's the thing.

I don't think Sean streams on Twitch, but y'all should go check
out Shonduras on YouTube 'cause he's literally like the best guy. The freaking greatest
personality in the world. Loves us all so much. As, as, as people that work
at Spacestation gaming, just go follow A for Adley on YouTube. Subscribe to A for Adley. Subscribe to Shonduras,
like, support the man. Support the family. They deserve it. Like, literally the best
people. Oh my gosh, Unit! Hey, the whole, the whole
SSG crew is coming in. Unit is also, also one of my, one of my good friends at Space– – Oh, buddy! – Oh my god! – It's Shonduras, I'm here! Hello! (Shaun laughs) You
didn't expect that, huh? You were just talking to me on the stream.

– Oh, it scared me so bad. – Hi Guac's stream. How's everyone doing? This is unexpected. I've never
been in his house before. This is the first time and I'm uninvited. – Are you coordinate with him? – I coordinated with Alex. Get in here. – Oh my gosh. – I have to be playing Dead by Daylight. The one scary game I
play and I'm like getting in the middle of a chase
and Shaun shows up. – No, you're good. – All right, so, here's what's up. – Two things thing. Thing number one, it's been so fun having
you at Spacestation Gaming. Seriously, man. You've
done so much cool stuff. – I love it. I love it so much. – This guy's amazing. He really has changed
the org in so many ways. (indistinct) – I got a layover. – He's changed the org
in so many great ways.

You're doing so much great stuff for SSG, for the whole office. And I just had to come
surprise you and say hi. Thing number two. When I very first got
married, I got a dog. I got two dogs. Cause they were friends. I totally know your situation
with having to get surgery for Gucci over here and that makes me sad. – He's, he's a good boy and we love him. He's got the best little heart. We're doing anything we can to help him. – Hey, buddy! Okay. So, check this out. – Oh my gosh. – Gucci, come try this out. Get over here. – This will be his new
favorite thing in the world. – So soft! – Oh, baby! – Oh yeah.

Adley helped me pick that out. – Oh my gosh, Adley. Y'all are so nice. – This is from me and
all the people that watch the best day ever, specifically
this best day ever, and the SSG team. – For you guys and Gucci. dig in there. Here, I'll hold it. You
can just dig in there, there's lots in the

There's a lot of Gucci, these are for you to
enjoy before your surgery. – Are you kidding? Oh, this is so nice. Oh my God. – There's lots of good
stuff in there, man. And plenty of money for
plenty of surgeries. Look at this cute little doggy
ball, full of surgery money. We just love ya, dude! You've done enough for me.

It's about time I returned
the favor in a cool way. – This is so nice of you, oh my God. – Look at this cute little duck. (Guac laughs) Doesn't it make you happy? – This is going to make me happier than they both (indistinct). Oh my gosh. Y'all, oh my gosh, this is so nice of you. – There's a couple of
things you gotta see. I hope they fit. When me and Adley saw them we're like, aw, these are cute. There's a salty little beach. – Salty lil' beach, oh my gosh. Look at this chat. Salty
lil' beach for Gucci. Oh my gosh. This is so cute. – Got a cute little
Gucci bandana over here. Oh my gosh. This has got, like, twenties
like flying off of it. Oh, that's so cute. Oh my gosh. This is adorable. This is so nice of you, There's stuff everywhere, right now.

Oh my gosh, Shaun. It's a combo of dog
stuff in my — and look, you can let your dogs play at this and slowly get the surgery money out. (laughter) – It's great, yeah. They'll pull them out. We'll just have to pull out their mouth as soon as they get it in their mouth. Yeah, no, this is great.

Oh my gosh. This is so nice of you guys. Adley, everybody that helped with this, like, I am so appreciative
and I know Alex is too. – This is my first time
meeting Alex. Get over here! – I'm sorry my camera is
so bad for this thing, but this is, like, this
is like the nicest thing that I could've ever asked for. Dude, thank you so much. I'm so, seriously. Best job ever, the best job
I've ever worked in my life, like, the nicest people in the world. – I would say the same about you, man.

It's been a busy couple weeks. We have some cool announcements coming. We've had lots of guests
and just like… yeah. It's been busy, so your help
has been much appreciated. – Oh my gosh. Thank you so much. Hey, I really am like, shook. I've never had so much love for (stutters) I mean, like, a pet. Like everywhere we went, the hikes and the road trips, everything. They went everywhere with us. – They're with us all day, all the time. – And it's like when, especially when they cuddle with you at night and they, and you take care of
them and see them grow, like, it's such a cool experience. See a lot of people that SSG
here in the chat, gifting subs.

Thank you so much. Tyler, Unit, whoever, whoever gifted those subs,
like y'all are the best. And I love you and I appreciate you. – I love you too. – Dude, Alex, thanks
for making this happen. Me and Alex been texting
back and forth for days now. I was like, "When's he streaming
again next?" And he's like, "I think Saturday," I was like, perfect, I'm filming a best day ever Then I can go with the kids and grab stuff for the pups. And he was like, oh no, I told you I was given an SSG jersey. So Alex thought you were
getting an SSG jersey. – Oh my gosh. – Alex didn't even know about this. – I have the Jersey. It's covered in a bunch of Pokemon cards. – See you have a jersey.
– It's over there. Oh yeah. – That was another thing, dude. At the office the other day
when you're like, "Yeah, I'm selling Pokemon cards
to cover the surgery," that broke my heart.

Cause I have Pokemon cards and I know how much you love Pokemon. and I don't want you to sell your cards. So, feel free to sell a couple,
but keep some of them now. – Okay, I have a big stack here. I have a big stack here still. Hey, what's your, what's
your favorite Pokemon Shaun? – My favorite Pokemon:
Scyther, Machamp or Machoke – This is for you. This
is from all of chat. – Oh, you can't give me a, no, I did this so you wouldn't give away your Charizards. – Shaun. I have four of them. – Oh.
– One's for you. – Yes. All right keep all the rest of your cards. This is my first,
where's this camera? Ooh.

This is my first real
Charizard, right here. I have like, I have an old Charizard, like a first edition.
– Worth much more than this guy
– Than this guy? Well, this is my first new one. – It's pretty and it's the least I can do. Cause I know you, you have
a love just as much as me. – I really do. – All right.
– All right. Well I'm gonna let you
get back to your stream. That was really fun. At some
point you'll have to clean up.

– No, I will, I will
move at least the ones so I don't run 'em over or whatever. This is so nice of you guys. Y'all from SSG, (kissing noses) just know that I love you and I appreciate you and
thank you for coming in and saying hi, like, this was the coolest surprise ever. – Enjoy the stream. – No it's going great. So far, so. – It's nice to meet the rest of the fam. Finally get to actually
meet Gucci and Alex. – [Alex] Frankie's at grandma's. – Aw. Frankie's at grandma's? – Frankie's not here right now. He's playing with the
other dogs at Grandma. – Okay, well I want to come back sometime when you're not streaming
and I'm not surprising and we'll all hang out
and play board games. – Yeah, man, let's do it. That sounds great. Okay. – Bye bye, Gucci. – Thanks, Shaun. Love you man. Oh my gosh. I am, I am still in so much complete and utter, um, shock. That was, that was the nicest thing ever. Like I, I kid you not, chat.

When I talk about SSG, literally being like the best org ever. Like literally the nicest people, the coolest org to work for, like I've never worked anywhere like this. It's been so nice. The, like, the founder of Spacestation shows up to my house during my stream, doesn't live close to here, by the way, makes the effort to come
and support one of the employee's efforts to help a dog. That is the most random
thing in the world. But it's so beautiful. I, I can't even explain, like, how much in shock I am right now.

"We love you, man. SSG is a family." It is a family, though. It is Shaun, thank you for
gifting those five subs. Oh my gosh. Sorry. I was like being shook to the core during that entire situation. Shaun, thank you so much with the five gifted subs on top of everything else. Tyler, thank you for gifting five subs. PeskyWolf, thank you
for gifting five subs. Unit, thank you for gifting three subs. All the fall is holiday unit.
Shawn y'all are the best. Steves, thank you for the follow.

Y'all are so nice. We're going to do what we can. If we don't raise a penny, that's okay. If we raise a lot of money, that's even better and we'll be able to pay this off quicker, but either way, like we can't just let Gucci suffer. So… Having a French bulldog wear clothes is. It's the cutest thing in the world. Bandana is massive. It is. He's a big, that's a big
bandana for a little boy. Well, it looks cute on him though. It's a cape. He's super doggo. Exactly. Exactly. (funky music) – It's beautiful. (laughter).

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