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DOG POOP IN TARGET!! FGTEEV Family Shopping Trip w/ Gaming Toys Unboxing & CANDY !


I hurt my elbow! It's FGTeeV alright guys. We're gonna. Go check out some sick bricks and get some candies cuz we're going to the movies tomorrow some popcorn yeah My phone's all day no, it's not My phone hangs up. Oh, it's not a phone call. It's a video. Oh now. I'm gonna get a watermelon for the movie You're gonna walk into me with a giant watermelon. So we're doing gummy oh yeah Yeah, stop playing you guys back up back up. Are you kidding? That is so gross somebody smell it so we can verify That's what did you do that? Oh? [no], don't run, so fat All here's.

Oh, [here] is screaming. I see you already got some You guys know [what's] what? Oh look look? Till the come so let's just go walk walk Look hey, you're too loud. What's that okay? We need that one let me see Alright, so oh we just get oh yeah, but rotten walker the double to hold this We need these Funky crew stir [oh] in the in the Shark one the Batman [no], there should be more no we need no we need Tiberius. No, we gotta check in here Hi, guys check the back Yeah, you got it. That's that's a good thing about the blind bags that they're not [blah] you can see who's inside get it dude Okay, you're making the sick bricks extra strict. You got it no I think he's right here, and I'm right here look oh, we gotta clean yourself and then look Tiberius warp-speed Anything else I let's put these bags all back in there cuz we just made a mess first sick Brick Mom I was kidding but What if you wait what if you guys were the sick Brick boy and girl? They'll be this sick brick mom wait Try and check for [Skylander] is there anything new [oh], how about Disney infinity? Oh, yeah? Bringing up after you're done checking blind bags right lex all right now hold on are we sure this is all we got Hold on hold on [oh] you can get this one, but that we already that's the one on the beggar [I'm] [gonna] [get] this one.

Oh, that's new that's new Yeti have hristina be funny. You know what his name is I'll be I'll be back or something like that like it. I'll be [Ba] (baby crying) Is that kid okay? Hi guys, that's it We got a collection complete yes, like Batman [and] Mickey mouse [next] again. Yeah, and what's he like? Oh Aquaman never seen aquaman alright. So that's it So do we need to want to put that in here ready throw it in throw it nice [alright] now Let's go get some snacks for the movie Yeah, here the candy monsters pick out one snack. Show me what you get in that's for me gummy Cola What is that ring pops? That's not really a movie snack? Why is that your favorite? Oh you guys can't get these because they're really hairy Sorry Tell me fun of my jokes. Yeah, oh Jujyfruits yeah, those are fruits from a [juji]. Tree is are those are indigenous to South Africa? Go mommy catch it? No, nice. All right, so that's it.

We're done. Oh None of the movies tomorrow [cuz] it's so late tonight. Oh I love fluffy bunny [shot] last axilla if I get this and you've had to steal it I don't get it. I kind of want these if you want to split one bag of these in one bag of cola So we share it yeah, all right. That's what me and my [career] [I] don't know what's going to get okay? So do your thing you may need to subpoena Cubot Bob boeing as effective ever ah gee? I hate boys the new Chief in yeah, oh Good, what are you – you hate boys Is that something you said in like Elementary school? Is something [you] said in elementary school, okay? I'll excuse that then Mike you like girls [Tasty] you like girls Mommy I Scared you all right little fish. Let's go. We got our goods. We're going home Whoa, whoa, whoa all righty? What do we got [we] [got]? superheroes Robots Hollywood Monster Sharky all right, so open these up guys we got a bunch of sick bricks.

We're gonna get them all open today Okay, I think we got Tiberius warp-speed yep, it seemed Nice, and who do you got [yes]? Yes open? [oh], no one is cheap at flappy Boys Okay, I'll open up this one I'll be buck MC. Mogul I'm gonna beam these up in the game nobody seen my password I Trust that you all closed your eyes Then I meant to subscribers cuz you know Nope, don't tell them hey. Nope. They were closing their eyes Let's see it like they would even listen to you. They they're good listeners. Come on. I'll be back Yeah, look my figure knows they have mustard stuck underneath it you have unlock the hood key nice Hooky Yeah, well kept for a captain blackbeard. It's got [the] hooky and boom way back up retreat and go Go, oh nice Retreat flappy Bird, Let's see what this tin Flappy Bird [nashes] let me let me see what do you get oh, [wha]? Remember let me see red bird.

Let me see put it down. [hey] look I Is this flabby [oh]? He's so squishy you guys gotta tap the flappy bird to like get him from Falling oh Anyways look this is the first sick brick That has a weird weapon when you put it on the side of faces backwards [all] of the other ones Except you putting the weapons on the side except for this one. Who's in the next one This one, whoa Blue Vodka, I'm Gonna have this one oh All right, here's who we got? Okay, we forgot one pack. We forgot one okay? Oh That's [filly] on the floor is it Okay, open it. We gotta build it open the box Quicker Quicker What? It's built already What kind of fake nonsense is this? Block Beard we have the wrapped here This is so weird. It was already built just kidding we built it let me see black beard and there's the shark here's Captain Blackbeard [alright], right, let's see if let's see let's see a shark attack John Secrets all right we got rotten walker [we] got hairy pears We've got Tiberius.

[I] mean fishy fish Mick. Fish hook and swat. Cop and I'll be back and rusty nuggets and Check out these two awesome. Dudes right here [blackbeard] night rat and she's the best shot a couple with all righty guys Well, that's all for our sick bricks fun today. I Say be bubbly Papa Hi, bye.

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