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DOG HOUSE MANSION – backyard tour 3


(playful music) – Hello! – This is the backyard video three. Should we show 'em around? – Welcome to the last backyard video! – Guys, we got a couple of
more fun surprises to show you. – (all screaming) – Wow. – Pause the vlog. – We're back!
(laughs) Guys, the dog house is so much fun. There's a door on the inside
and what do the dogs do? – And then what's inside the dog house? – We got dog beds, we got dog food, water.

– There's a window.
– They just hang out there. They sunbathe in the window. – I love it
– The window's tinted, so it doesn't get too hot for 'em. And it's insulated so in the
winter time, they're warm. Adley, tell them about the dog house. Do you think it's pretty cool? Can you go in there? Adley plays in there just
as much as the dogs do, huh? Then, they have their own dog-area where they can go potty. – Then, they're not pooping
all over the backyard. It's the worst when you
come out here and wanna play and you're like, "Aw.
There's dog poop everywhere." Now, they got their own
stop to poop and pee.

– Their own dog poop area. Should we show 'em the dog house? Do you wanna climb up in it? Okay, let's go. – Hi, Koopa! Hiiii. Is that your dog house? Oh, hi, you want a treat? Yummy. Oh, hi, Koopa. Welcome to the backyard, bud. This is how you get in. Oh, hi, doggies. Oh, and then they go up there? The dogs climb up there? And then what do they do? – [Mom] Hey! – Hi! Are you on their d&og bed? – (laughs) You're crazy. Are you a doggie? (laughs) (roars) We got a soft bed right here for 'em, another bigger bed back there.

It's all insulated inside. They're just good to go. They're happy doggies in here, huh? Is that pretty fun? Then, down here for the
summertime, we got some shading. They can go underneath. There's another little
dog bed in there for 'em, if they wanna chill in
the outside a little bit. And then fenced off so they don't go poop all
over the rest of the yard. AstroTurf, so we just wash it off. Adley, wanna show 'em
how to pick up the poop? Watch Adley. I'm teaching her that this is her chore. Show 'em how to pick it up! Pinch it. – Nah, you're okay. Don't step in it. Pinch. Yay, you got it. Go put it in the corner. (laughs) Should I get it? Oh, it's your turn? Aw, shoot.
(laughing) – Very clever, babe.

This fence, Olive actually
can fit through here, so we had to get another piece of fence, right here, so she can't crawl through. – It's true. We installed it and she
just slid right through, and we were like, "Well, shoot,
that doesn't really work." So now we got this guy,
but it's pretty good. I like it. 'Kay, should we show 'em
the rest of the yard? Let's go! – It's a fireplace! How does it work? – Yeah.
– And you turn it on.

Yeah, and the fire comes out, and then it keeps us so warm. – What do we make by the fire? – Ooo, yeah, what do we make? – [All] S'mores! Oh and they be so yummy! This one's more fun at nighttime though, so cut to nighttime. (snap) See? Much better at nighttime. Look at this. Adley, what are we doing? – S'mores!
– S'mores! – And the best part, it's a gas fireplace, so we don't have that smell.

– Don't smell like smoke. We can do this every single night. – Every night? – Yeah, anyways, back to daytime! – You're on fire, you're on fire! (snap) – We've got a trampoline! (dogs bark)
(shouting happily) Show 'em your tricks. Can you do a trick? – Whoo! – Yay! Should we do a flip at the same time? Okay, ready? One, two, three! – Yay! Good job! – Let's do it again! Ready? One, two, three! (laughing) (screaming) – Big tricks! Big ones.

Go! Two flips! Got a big one? (laughs) High-fives! Oh, yeah! – We taught Adley one of our
favorite games of childhood. – Okay, dead man. Are you the dead man? Alright. ♪ Dead man, dead man ♪ ♪ Come alive ♪ ♪ Right before we count to five ♪ – One two, three, four, five. Come alive! (screams) – Can't catch me! (screams) No, no. Oh, no! (screams) – Daddy's dead! – I'm the dead dad. – One. Two, three, four, five. (screams)
(dog barks) – Crack the egg. Let's show 'em how to play. Sit down, you're an egg. Okay, good luck! What? Oh, thank you. Okay, don't get cracked! Oh, good idea.

Okay, there ya go. Crack the egg, crack the egg, crack– Whoa! Okay, you gotta crack me! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa! Whoa! Oh! Whoa! (screams) (playful music) (yells) (plane noises) And that's Adley's trampoline. Adley, you gonna share it? We love the trampoline, in
the ground 'cause then the kids can run on, run off. It's a little bit safer and it's just a lot of fun. – We don't have to worry
about them falling off. True story: I broke my
leg on a trampoline. – True story: I broke lots
of stuff on trampolines, so anyways. – We love our backyard. We have a little piece of
everything for everyone, so it's been really fun. – Mom's got the splash pad,
the kids got the trampoline, I've got a skatepark, the dogs got their palace. – And we've all got a fireplace.

– We all got a fireplace It's good stuff. Thank you guys for coming
on the final backyard tour, and take an aerial view now. Look around. That's the whole backyard! We absolutely love it It was one of the things we wanted to focus on and spend our money on. It's something that we can
do with the family, hang out, and film Best Days Ever.

Which, watch more Best Days Ever coming. We got super busy having
Miko and the new house, and doing space station and everything, and we're getting back to it. More family climb and
family Best Days Ever, huh? Yeah! Get ready for that. Oh, and very last thing,
from all the backyard blogs, we gotta thank Kevin. You guys remember Kevin,
like the, "Kevin!" Our buddy, Kevin. – Kevin! (laughs) – We didn't even know who he was. Someone recommended him because
he did a really good job and we became best friends with him. He helped us design all of this. The rock splash pad,
him and I brainstormed and he's like, "I can make it happen",
and he made it happen. He was lifting giant rocks with cranes. – Fun fact: he is going to be the one landscaping our lake lots, so more cool projects coming our way.

– Kevin! (laughs) Last thing, we wanna surprise Kevin. We found his business on the internet and we want everyone who
thinks our backyard is awesome to go leave a rating. Give him five-stars. Leave an awesome comment of how good of work he did on whatever
your favorite part of the backyard was
and let's help him out. Deal? – He did so good. – Deal. Thanks for watching. Hey, you wanna end the blog? Bye! Oh, you like those treats? Aw, yeah. Alright. Ah..

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