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Dog Awaiting Death In The Spot Where He Was Abandoned (Part 2) | Animal in Crisis EP170


One day, a dog appeared in front of a restaurant Restaurant owner : This dog cries a lot like this Local : It's very odd.. Don't know what happened but he just endlessly cries Don't know where he came from but No matter how much it pours on a rainy day He doesn't go inside the restaurant and only stays still, sitting in the entrance of the restaurant Local : He's sulky and doesn't eat at all Local : He never leaves But the dog who's just sitting in, always stands up and checks every face of customers who go inside As if he's desperately looking for someone to come back.. To shorten his painful time a vet arrives at the site
Vet : Hello~ Vet : Wow..

He cried a lot in a short time Vet : He has very healthy eyes I think he cried a lot due to the mental unstableness or wariness Waiting for the owner who doesn't return.. Can't even imagine how scared and painful it is.. Vet : What he doesn't leave the place where he was first abandoned can be caused by a deep relationship with his owner or the heart of waiting for the owner.. As worrying that he might miss his owner passing by on the road the dog still doesn't leave the spot where he was abandoned Whether or not he can continue to wait for his owner We first tried to check his condition but found the liver damage that can even threaten his life Vet : He's showing symptoms of late-stage infection by heartworms The owner might have given up him since he had a severe illness Vet : The health insurance doesn't cover animal treatment so many people often abandon or neglect their animals who are seriously ill because of the cost and financial problem The dog's body and mind must've been very painful…

It's time to let him stop waiting He needs to be treated in the hospital for more than 6 months We visited the restaurant again with the dog It's time to say goodbye to kind people who cared for him and also say good bye to the regret that hurted him.. In a bright mood We need to talk with them about the dog PD : He's in the late-stage infection by heartworms If we knew such a sad story behind him.. we'd treat him better but.. It was a very short time but they just feel sorry for him Get treatment well and be healthy Everyone prays for him to get well soon PD : I'll contact you when he becomes healthy Local : Let us see him.. / Yes I will The owner that said he'll be back never came back for him but the dog that made that promise kept that promise The dog has gone through a tough time on the harsh and cold street But thanks to the villagers who think of the dog he won't be alone anymore Since he began to be treated in the hospital One month later We got the good news that he'll have a new family! New owner : It broke out hearts when we saw the broadcast..

We used to raise a dog before but the dog passed away about two months ago The major cause that they decided to adopt the dog was their dog Mong who they spent 8 years with and suddenly passed away It's almost been more than two months but can't still erase the memories of the past 8 years with the dog Husband : (After Mong passed away,) we cried every day since we were too shocked We thought we'd forget the dog if time passes by but couldn't still forget the dog after two months The lady said his eyes that look similar to Mong's have been weighing on her mind I just wanna see him and bring him here as soon as possible I'd like to bring him, treat him, and live happily together To greet the dog as their family they visited him in the hospital The dog who used to be in a severe condition now looks totally different! Can't find his tear stains and he looks much brighter than before Vet : It was a risky treatment But the dog pulled through and almost returned to normal Thankfully, his broken heart is even being cured now At that moment, a welcome guest visited to see him This restaurant owner took care of the dog since he suddenly appeared before her! It's just glad to see him in good condition Restaurant owner : He's totally changed His eyes are round now Now the dog's going to live a new life and the restaurant owner wishes his happiness He says goodbye to the lady who grew attached to him and he arrives at his new home Aww you're so pretty As they've lived a different life in a different place They might haven't faced each other but Now, they met as the family who will wipe each other's tears He looks so happy now 🙂 Congrats! You got a present from dad [Name tag 'Mideum'] He was given the new name, ‘Mideum’ (Faith) and it means that they trust each other until the end of the day Mideum, give me a kiss! Aww so kind! Did you kiss me? 🙂 Mideum seems to understand his mom's heart Since you met mom, trust your mom and let's live happily, right? Kiss~ Aww so pretty <3 Please remember me not as a crying dog
but as a smiling angel 'Mideum' 🙂

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