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Doberman Dog Born Different Gets Bullied By His Family | Kritter Klub


Sang by the star singer, 'Bank' 🎡Mama, don't leave me alone~🎡 -Bank – Owner πŸ‘©: He's like my shadow
– Crew πŸ‘¨: Huh? The shadow that can't live without meh! Mommy's sidekick – Doberman dog, 'Bank' 'Bank', you can't follow mommy around like this, mommy can't get things done because of you Bank's mommy is busy with running guest houses πŸ‘©: Imma be back, I'll just hand out gloves! Right! Wait~ 🐢: Should hurry-woff!! πŸ‘©: Okay okay tee-hee Only after *a second* starting to work Only after *two seconds* starting to work 🐢: Mama! 🐢: MAMA! (Mom's busy working and taking care of Bank at the same time 😒) As he found mommy, suddenly turns demure lol 🐢: "Mama's hug is da best thang in the world…" Dozing off Crew πŸ‘¨: (??? What the) He sleeps standing up? (Oh my! Sleep in peace my darling) πŸ‘©: He was born weak, and born with a different color, in brown πŸ‘©: When his brothers are born dark.

As Bank wasn't feeding himself well since young, πŸ‘©: I took extra care for 'Bank' from then onwards ('Bank' with special browny-colored fur) From an early age.. He was bullied by his family and left out all alone (Family's raising their guards on 'Bank'..) (It's alright~ Bank, mommy's here for you) So as not to make 'Bank' feel lonely She's filled him with love three times more than anybody πŸ‘©: Goodie night~ Mommy's going to bed as well~ 🐢: Knock Knock πŸ‘©: Who's there? πŸ‘©: Gahd~ Are you gonna sleep with mama~ 🐢: That's righto! (Mommy's all mine 🐢) (Always keeps by mom's side, for the entire day tee-hee) The next morning Being careful (Without 'Bank' knowing, prepares to open the business) πŸ‘©: Hon~ Keep your eyes on 'Bank' while mommy's gone~ πŸ‘¦: Yeap! Count on me~ 🐢: Yawns~ Had a gewd sleep~ Looks for mommy as soon as he opened his eyes TwT 🐢: MA! MA! WHERE ARE YO!!! πŸ‘©: "Sigh.. I have a bad feeling.." Swoosh- 🎡Why.. my feeling.. never goes wrong..🎡 ESCAPES Son πŸ‘¦: HEY! BANK!! CrewπŸ‘¨: He isn't there? SonπŸ‘¦: (Yeah..) Let me search that side πŸ‘¦: BANK!!!! CrewπŸ‘¨: Oh! Why is he here!! Crew #2 πŸ‘¨: Haha..

I know right 🐢: Mama! I missed you all this time πŸ‘©: Awww You did, didn't you~ Well done πŸ‘©: But you shouldn't come out all the way here~ Gosh what should I do for you 🐢: Hehe I won't be able to live without yo mommy~ Phew.. What am I gonna do with yo honestly.. It ain't Chan-Jong this time, BUT his bro Woong-Jong enters the scene! Will my doggo-son 'Bank' be okay like this..? Hmm.. Lee Woong-Jong / Expert in Animal Behavior:
In the case of 'Bank', he has a stronger bond with the mother Lee Woong-Jong / Expert in Animal Behavior:
rather than his breed, so gradually we should offer him an environment in which he can hang out with his own breed It's necessary to improve Bank's relationship with his own breed So as to let 'Bank' rely on his biological mother, 'Mink' instead of his owner His relationship with the doggo family needs improvement! (Supa Awky) If they have a separate space for them, they'll be relying on each other and be able to hang out naturally, as time passes by Gradually increasing the time he spends with his family is the key! πŸ‘©: Should follow 'Mink'! 🐢: M..other! πŸ•: What is it, my boi~ Feel like they'll get closer to each other from now on hehe πŸ‘©: Wish 'Bank', 'Mink', 'Shark', 'Tank' spend πŸ‘©: the best time together from today onwards That's how 'Bank' is Slowly coming back to the arms of his family..β™₯

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