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Dispute of Thomas Shelby and Aberama Gold | S04E02 | Peaky Blinders.


I like your yard, Mr. Strong. How much would you take
for it? It's not for sale. Not for sale? Okay. I just took a look around. I like this place. Fire for melting silver, canal to get it away. How much? Nothing you see
is for sale, Mr. Gold. Oh, everything is for sale. Everything. You tell Mr. Strong I'm going
to buy his yard. This yard has been in his family
since they settled. But I have decided to make it part
of our deal. Charlie? Charlie, come here. We're going to spin a coin
for your yard, Charlie. You're going to what? If it's heads, Abby here takes all of this…
with my blessing. Tommy.

And if it's tails… I fuck your daughter, Mr. Gold. You have three daughters, I hear… And Esmeralda is the oldest,
and also the prettiest, so I'll have her. So make her part of the deal
and spin her against the yard. Tommy, for fuck sake. Here, toss the coin, Mr. Gold. No. Please don't believe
this is a joke. The coin to us is sacred.
Yes, Arthur? Sacred. If you toss that coin,
you take a bet before witnesses. And if I win… Then, we'll insist that
the terms of this agreement, the wager, are fulfilled. Toss the coin, Mr. Gold. Tommy Shelby OBE…..No wager today. But with this penny,
I will buy a flower to put on your grave… When the time comes. And before that time, please don't again disrespect my friends
or their valued property. We missed Christmas –
let's have it now. Peace on earth,
good will to all men. Drink..

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