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Dilbert McClint Magician’s Secrets Family Battler All Magic Pets


this is how to defeat Delbert McClinton all magic pets for the magicians secrets part of the family Butler achievement your first pet is a level 25 mana fiend higher speed ones work better with the following abilities are key and explosion surge of power an Archaean storm your remaining two pets at any level 25 magic pets with minor surge start with our key and storm and then follow this priority use arcane storm and cooldown unless you're blinded otherwise cast arcane explosion until Atherton is defeated if you were defeated before often are shown in this video just bring in anyone two remaining pets and customers surge if you have a speed speed version of a mana fiend this becomes infinitely easier unless RNG if your mana fiend defeated artherton use arcane explosion and arcane storm to finish off BB and if possible you've searched a power to finish off Jennings otherwise use mana surge with your bug or pets to clean off hope you found this video helpful and thanks for watching you

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