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Did Angry Brother & 9 Dogs Trash Sister’s House? | Part 3


How much was your lawyer? >> Four thousand dollars. >> Judge Judy: May I see the receipt? >> It's $4,000 plus that $700. >> Judge Judy: Shh. >> There's one. >> Judge Judy: Where is your younger brother now? >> He's back in Washington. He didn't want to come. >> Judge Judy: Who is he living with? >> He's living with my mom. >> Judge Judy: Where are you living? >> I'm living in Everett. >> Judge Judy: Who are you living with? >> With one of my friends. We're roommates. >> Your Honor, I also have a video I'd like you to watch of Tracy bragging that he threatened to kill me and stab me in the neck. >> Judge Judy: I'd like to see it. Were you granted a restraining order? >> I was. >> Judge Judy: For how long? >> One year. >> Judge Judy: I feel sorry for your mother. >> May I say something, Your Honor? >> Judge Judy: Yes. >> So this what we had to live with, and in 2 weeks, it was absolutely crazy.

The police were at our house, in a 2-week period, over 28 times. >> Because of you. It's because of her. >> Your Honor, this is how he acts. >> She attacks my mom. That was my mom's car, by the way. I was defending my mother, you crazy [bleep] >> Judge Judy: Listen to me. Listen to me. The problem, Mr. Hatch, is this. >> She's crazy, Your Honor. >> Judge Judy: No, listen to me. She can be crazy in her own house. Do you understand? You're entitled to be crazy and act crazy in your house. >> Yes, ma'am.

>> Judge Judy: You're not entitled to be crazy in her house. >> I was crazy outside of her house. >> Judge Judy: Shh. Do you understand what I'm saying? >> Yes, ma'am. >> Judge Judy: Listen. I want you to calm for one moment. Your mother came to live on her property. >> Yes. >> Judge Judy: She wanted to be in the big house. >> Yes, ma'am. >> Judge Judy: They let her move into the big house. It's her property, not your mom's. >> Yes, ma'am. >> Judge Judy: You and your brother clearly were incapable of supporting yourselves, so your mother prevailed on her daughter to let you come there temporarily. >> That's correct. >> Judge Judy: You know, I got it. You move in with five dogs. Immediately, if it were my house, I would say, "You know what? I invited my brother. I didn't invite my brother and a menagerie." Now, while your brother is there, one of his dogs had a litter.

So you had more than five. The litter was four, right? >> Yes, ma'am. >> Judge Judy: So you had nine dogs, and your mother had two. >> Yes, ma'am. >> Judge Judy: And you and your younger brother were doing nothing, and they were paying all the bills. So they were paying the gas, the electric, the upkeep on the place, and you and your brother were doing a zippity-doo-da.ow, the two of you don't get along. I don't know if either one of you or both has mental issues. That's a possibility. I don't know, but if you want to act loony, you're free to do that. If she wants to act loony, she's free to do that in her house. And you're free to do that when you get your own house. >> Right. >> Judge Judy: But if you're going to be unemployed and incapable of taking care of yourself, you can't be loony in somebody else's house. And I don't care if you're protecting your mother.

If you're protecting your mother, get a job and get a condo with her. But right now, she was living with her daughter, and before you moved in there, it was okay! >> It wasn't okay, ma'am. >> Judge Judy: Then she wouldn't have moved there, and she would've stayed in the little house and not moved to the big house, where she wanted to be. Before you moved in, it was okay. So I find that there was absolutely no basis for you to file a restraining order against her, and I'm granting them their counsel fees, which is $4,000.

We're done. Thank you. >> Whoa. >> Thank you, Your Honor. >> Byrd: Parties are excused. You may step out. >> She's crazy. >> He is still jobless and still homeless. >> The people that know her will say the same thing what I'm telling you today. >> We're just happy they're gone. Our house is back to normal. >> She would just do what she wants to do, and she is above the law. >> We got the restraining order. He can't come near us..

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