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Did Angry Brother & 9 Dogs Trash Sister’s House? | Part 1


the defendant is your brother-in-law. >> Correct. >> Judge Judy: And I assume this is your wife. >> This is my wife. >> Judge Judy: How long have you been married? >> Almost a year and a half. >> Judge Judy: And you moved into her home? >> Correct. >> Judge Judy: She has a large piece of property, and on that piece of property are two houses, a large one and a small one.

>> Correct. >> Judge Judy: Her mother was living in the large one? >> No. >> Judge Judy: Who was living in the large one? >> The mother was living in a small park model, which sits about 50 feet away from the big house. And then we were living in the big house, and she wanted to live with her furniture, so we said, "You know what? That's fine. You can live in the big house." And we moved into the small house, so we moved mom into the big house, so she could have all of her furniture. >> Judge Judy: That's what I said. I said, "Your mom was living in the big house." Could you stand up, please? Was this house a family house, or did you purchase this house? >> Purchased it. >> Judge Judy: When? >> In 2013, December. >> Judge Judy: Where was your mother living at the time? >> My mom lived in a condo in Everett. >> Judge Judy: And when did she move to the property? >> About 2014. >> Judge Judy: When your mother moved to the big house, at what point did your brother move into the house? >> Approximately January 5th, 2017.

>> Judge Judy: Is that correct? >> Yes, ma'am, January. >> Judge Judy: January of… >> Of 2017. >> Judge Judy: Right, and who else lived in the house at the time you moved in? >> My mother and my younger brother. >> Judge Judy: Were you working at the time? >> Part-time. >> Judge Judy: So the answer is, no, you weren't working. >> That's correct. >> Judge Judy: Does your mother work? >> No, she's retired.

>> Judge Judy: How is she supported? >> I think she gets Social Security, stuff like that. >> Judge Judy: How is your mother supported? >> Mom did have Social Security, but we paid all of the household bills, including the new car we purchased her. >> Judge Judy: By the way, is this property that you purchased prior to your marriage? >> Yes. >> Judge Judy: Is this property in your name or in both your names now? >> Mine. >> Judge Judy: So you actually have to be there, not your husband, with regard to the property damage because he doesn't own the property. Right? >> Right. >> Judge Judy: Now, you allege that, during the time that your brother lived there, and it was a relatively brief period of time that he lived there — couple of months? >> Yes.

>> Judge Judy: That he caused damage to the big house. What damage did he cause? >> Well, his dogs peed and [bleep] all over our home, and there is pictures of that. There's a hole in the wall. >> Judge Judy: Well, how many dogs do you have? >> I have five Chihuahuas. >> He had nine at the time. >> Judge Judy: Shh, shh, shh. >> Five, ma'am. >> Judge Judy: How many dogs did you move with when you moved into the large residence? >> Five. >> Judge Judy: How many did your mother have? >> Two. >> Judge Judy: And your younger brother? >> None. >> Judge Judy: So there was seven dogs in the house? >> Yes, ma'am. >> Judge Judy: What are you doing with five dogs? >> I love animals. >> Judge Judy: Me too. >> But I take care of my animals, ma'am.

>> Judge Judy: Can I see pictures of what you're talking about? And you're going to tell me why you attribute it to Mr. Hatch. What is that? "Tracy broke my glass." >> Oh, that shows that there is glass on that window, but the next picture shows where the glass is broken. >> Judge Judy: And you allege that he did that? >> Yes. >> Judge Judy: How do you know that he did that? >> Well, out of our family, he's the only angry one.

>> Judge Judy: That's not… >> I see. >> Judge Judy: That's not… Shh. Shh. And what is this a picture of? >> That's a picture of a hole in the garage door that my husband had to put back together. >> Judge Judy: And other than him being the only angry one, that's how you ascribe this damage to him? >> Correct. >> Judge Judy: This is a picture of? >> That's where the dogs had urinated on our wood floors. >> Judge Judy: But there were lots of dogs there.

There were two other dogs there that weren't his. >> You are correct, but my mom's dogs were potty-trained. His dogs were not potty-trained, all nine of them. He forgot to mention the litter his dog had while it was there. >> Five. >> Judge Judy: This is, I assume, another hole that you ascribe to him as a result of his temper. I don't know what this is. What is this? >> That's where we shut the water off to the house because they had done something to our septic system, and we had to have the septic man come out and pump it. And it shows that the sewer backed up in the shower. >> Judge Judy: But there were a lot of people there. >> There were three people there. >> Judge Judy: There was your mother, the defendant and the younger brother. >> The younger brother was only there a couple of days a week. >> Judge Judy: I don't care. >> Okay. >> Judge Judy: You know, it's a court, so it's proof.

>> Right..

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