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DC Liga dos Super-Pets – Trailer 2


Okay, TV night. With my hand. Do you have a date with Lois? That lack of respect. Oh! Hello, little friend. Not. Wake up buddy, it's time for the ride. I have an owner, and he is Superman. I got up. My dog is the best. But it's not very good with other animals. That looks disgusting to me. Disgusting how? Sniffing things out is one of the greatest joys
of dog life. right after licking any part of the body. I'm always licking myself. Well, that explains the bad breath Superman I am Lulu and I order you to kneel before me you… Oh! But what a beautiful little thing you are. What's up? You are invulnerable. It should be super dead by now, shouldn't it? We all have superpowers. I'm still perfecting some scenes! I didn't see anything here.

are you ok? My friend is in danger and you have to help me. You know what they say about dogs, don't you? Never give us chocolate. We love unconditionally. We're just a handful of adopted animals… But we're stronger than you think. We help you to rescue your owner's duck. Ace, deploy the canine shield. Evade! Excellent shield.
I think that must have hurt like hell Couldn't I have a magic hammer or something? What do I have here? The Rubber Bruce! Search! It better be a licensed toy,
otherwise I'll freak out..

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