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DC LEAGUE OF SUPER-PETS – Offizieller Trailer #1 Deutsch German (2022)


Wake up buddy. Time to go for a walk. Maybe I'd rather let him sleep. OK. hmm All right, I'm awake. Okay, Krypto, let's go for a walk. I have a master. And that's Superman. Ironed over it as quickly as the Flash. He would be jealous. no My dog is the best. But
he's not really good with other animals. What's new with you, friendly Normalo dog? I bit the FedEx driver the other day. Who does he work for?
General Zod? The Legion of Doom? For FedEx. Sure, of course! The Federation of Ex.
Harmless. Why is it taking my master so long? Well look at this. If it isn't the Justice League. super man What's going on here? you are super strong I should be a lot more dead, right? My best friend is in danger
and you must help me! We're just a bunch of pets.

But we are stronger than you think. The Mighty Oink! I didn't see anything speed toad. Where the heck am I? Indestructible Dog. Class. I'm really the only one here
who doesn't have superpowers.. Those who have powers in excess are bound
to use those powers to… 'sorry. did you just say something How much did you drink? I had two toilet bowls and a bidet. A bidet really cool.
I didn't even know there was such a thing. It's kind of a dog water dispenser. Out of the way, kitten. Ace, activate Flying Fox Shield! What is a flying fox… Dodge! Clean defense.
That looked incredibly painful. Ah! Anyone want to trade superpowers?.

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