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creating the goth family as pets in the sims lol


I feel like this video requires some backstory, 
okay, so let me explain. So the other day I was   just playing Sims, you know, as I do. As we 
all do, and my SIms family got a new dog,   and I have this thing where I really like to have 
ugly pets in The Sims. Whenever I adopt a new pet   for my sims, I like, look at the adoption 
menu and pick the ugliest one. For example,   I recently had this very weird looking cat — 
ears are just so big. Isn't it hilarious? Anyway. So I have this new dog. The game calls it a mixed 
breed, but it looks a little bit like a Bedlington   Terrier. These are Bedlington Terriers. Honestly, 
real cute in real life. Oh, what are you doing?   Don't poop, don't poop! Oh my god. Real cute 
in The Sims too, but imagine this one but like,   poofier and weirder looking, that's 
my dog.

And his name is Winston,   which feels very formal, so I was like, ooh 
I'll give Winston a suit, and while doing that,   I realized that we had this suit for pets, which 
also happens to be available for adult Sims,   and is the same suit that Mortimer Goth wears 
every day, which obviously made me laugh a lot.   And then I was like, well, what if you 
made Mortimer Goth as a dog in The Sims. Or better yet, what if he made all the Goths 
as pets in The Sims, and now here we are,   about to make all the Goths as pets 
in The Sims. So let's do it, shall we? Look, I know it's weird, 
but it's gonna be fun. Also,   my Twitch chat tried to say that Cassandra Goth 
should be a hamster, which personally I found   offensive. Why does Cassie have to be My First Pet 
stuff? How is that fair? What did she do to you? Okay, but for real though, I was 
thinking Bella Goth gives me like,   black cat vibes, does that make sense? I 
don't know what kind though. Oh my god,   this one's scary looking, I always think that. 
Oh, d'you know what? I think this is Cassie,   I think Cassie's a ragdoll.

We'll keep that 
in mind. Ew, did you hear the noises it made? Anyway, I feel like this one is 
Bella Goth. I'm thinking green eyes,   red collar. I don't know, are there like, 
dresses, that would feel appropriate for this?   Because look, I'm not gonna stick Bella 
Goth in a taco, that's for sure. Mmm,   d'you know what? There are some 
really cute pet clothes in this game. I feel like I don't use them often enough. Because 
look at this. Oh, maybe we could put Alex in one   of the little costumes. This is ridiculous. 
Okay, we do have a dress. Oh my god, wait no,   that's what Cassie has to wear. That totally 
matches her skirt. Okay, I think Bella can stick   with the red collar, and we'll come back to the 
little dress for Cassie. That's hilarious, okay. Bella Goth, do you know what? Bella is a very 
common pet name as well. Am I wrong in assuming   that you know someone who has a pet called 
Bella? I think I know two dogs named Bella.

Okay,   so Bella Goth is family-oriented, romantic, and 
good. I feel like affectionate — why do I want   to make her territorial? I feel like she is 
though. Affectionate, territorial, and frisky,   right? Okay, so maybe Cassie is also a cat, but we 
make her like, oh my god, I like this one. Sorry,   hairball. No, I want to be a ragdoll. And then 
obviously the dress like, already decided. The problem I have is that the fluffy pets 
always look really silly in the clothes.   D'you know what I mean? But it's okay this 
one looks just like Cassie, this feels very   appropriate to me. I always call her Cassie, 
her name's Cassandra, but maybe the cat can   be called Cassie. And Cassandra is gloomy 
and creative and loves music, so perhaps… maybe lazy is not bad, and we could do 
clever because of the glasses? We can't   give a cat glasses, but we can give 
it the clever trait. And maybe like,   aloof.

I want another cat 
so bad, I just love pets. Okay, and then Mortimer has to be a dog because of 
the coat. The problem is, I don't know what kind.   Because I'm almost thinking it has to be a sort 
of pretentious dog breed, but I also think it   would be funny if he was like, a little ratty 
white dog or something, but I think it has to   be a big dog in order to wear the clothes that we 
want to give him. I don't think the little ones   have the same coat. Yeah, little ones don't have 
the same coat. Is that the dress that we liked? Oh my god, sorry. If I Google "pretentious dog breeds." Oh, the 
eight most expensive dog breeds in the world.   Okay. Samoyeds can cost eight to ten thousand 
dollars?! Oh, we had a Samoyed growing up,   that dog did not cost eight to ten thousand 
dollars. Look at that one! It looks like a   bear. Do we have that in The Sims? I don't 
think that's what Mortimer Goth is, but oh,   wait, I did it wrong.

Sorry, I just put the 
colors on him. Oh, you're so big! Oh my god. No, these aren't really speaking 
to me though. Well actually,   maybe that Pharaoh Hound? I 
kind of like that you're pointy,   does that make sense? I feel like Mortimer 
gives me pointy vibes, right? No? I don't know. Do you see what I mean though? Doesn't this just 
speak Mortimer to you? No, it has to be a big   dog. Wait, he kind of has a mustache, maybe 
that's the one. Oh, I think this is the one.   The mustache — it feels very appropriate. Look! I 
love this. Okay, okay, okay, okay. Pet clothing.

I   want to make sure we have the same matching coat, 
that is. in fact, the entire reason I did this,   so. Oh my god, I can see it. Alright, Mortimer 
Goth. Okay Morty, perhaps you — I don't know   about loyal. Well, maybe he is loyal. It's 
kind of hard to break up Bella and Morty,   the two of them like, refuse to cheat. It's 
like they're married or something, it's bizarre. Imagine like, respecting your spouse, 
so weird. Anyway, he's also outgoing,   creative, and loves books. Well, dogs 
can't read, so. Friendly, probably,   because of the outgoing thing. And 
maybe smart? Oh my god, I love this dog. Alright, and then I think that we should make 
Alex a little dog.

Alex also loves books,   he's got the glasses, he does wear the bow 
tie for his party wear which is interesting,   that could be an option for his outfit. This one's 
really funny looking too. I love dogs in The Sims. I want like, a little fluffy dog though. 
Honestly, maybe even a Corgi. I feel like   that's definitely an option, or like, a 
Cockapoo. Oh, or the Cocker Spaniel maybe?   No, I don't know, I like this one. English 
Cocker Spaniel? English Toy Spaniel? No. Mmm, King Charles Spaniel? I love this one. 
This one also gives me Mortimer Goth vibes,   but we had to use the big dog for the coat. No 
no, no no, I have to go back to the Cockapoo,   it was the right answer. And then if we could 
give him like — I mean, there is the bow tie   option because he does wear a bow tie, but I also 
think it'd be cute if we gave him like, a little   t-shirt because he is a kid. Oh my god, I love 
that you can match them to the adult's clothes! But like, would it be funny to 
put him in like, a little costume?   A shark? Superhero? No, no My First Pet stuff. 
Hot dog? No, I like the shark one a lot,   I think the shark one is so cute.

we do the red — that's not a shark,   it's a dinosaur. I know what I was trying 
to say, okay? It just didn't work. No, I   think the red dinosaur feels appropriate for this 
family, like, with all their red that they wear? D'you know what, I never give my pets 
clothes in The Sims, look at how cute this   is. Why don't I make them wear this? I'm 
like, near tears over these pets. Okay,   this one is Alexander Goth. Oop, no, wrong 
spot. Alexander Goth. Bookworm, whiz kid, okay,   well obviously, we go smart again. Perhaps, 
independent and maybe playful because like,   he's a kid? I could make the dog a puppy, but — 
oh! Oh my god. No, we can't do a puppy because   you can't put clothes on the puppies, but 
look at how cute puppies are in The Sims! What does Morty look like as a 
puppy? I need to find out. Oh,   so cute! Do you know what else is fun about 
puppies in The Sims is how tiny they are.

Like,   look at how small this one 
is, it's the size of the ball,   the ball is bigger than his head. Oh my god, 
this is my dog, by the way, the scary one. I told you it was not as cute 
as the Bedlington Terrier,   something is off about this guy, look at him. I want them to hold the right pets. You're 
holding the wrong pets, all of you! Forget it,   I'll just delete them. Never mind, I'll 
just make you go away. Easy solution. "I recreated the Goth family as pets 
lol." I like how scared Cassie looks,   I mean I know she's very small so it's 
hard to tell, but you get the vibes.

I feel like I shouldn't have called her 
Cassie, everyone else got their real names.   Here I am calling Cassandra, Cassie. Okay, I put them on the gallery. I do want to show you my dog up 
close though. The reason for it all,   the inspiration. I feel like you deserve to 
know. Oh my god, you can tell — well, it doesn't   help that he's so dirty, but look, look, look, 
look, look. He's so weird-looking, I love him. The flies really are not helping my case.   Ew! Okay, anyway, I highly recommend — oh, I'm 
sorry I'm making fun of you, you're so cute.

Highly recommend if you're gonna 
have your sims adopt a pet,   to just get the weirdest ones available. Like, 
say you want a dog you load up the dog menu,   look at that one! Why does it look like 
that? Oh my god, please bring it to my house,   I need to see it immediately. 
It's the middle of the night,   why am I doing this right now? Oh my god, it looks 
like a pig almost. You see how small the puppies   are though? I need to know what it's going to look 
like when it gets older, this is really important. Also, please ignore my ghosts. 
This family is a — it's a lot,   I have a pile of graves in my front 
yard, don't worry about it.

Okay,   let's find out. Oh, it looks like a guinea pig. 
It really does. Okay, well when you're older… See ,it makes sense when it 
grows up, but when it's small,   it looks so funny. Because it really is just 
a mini version of the big one. Anyway, um,   this is my Potts family that I've been playing on 
Twitch. If you want to come to my Twitch streams,   I'm live every day. I'll link my Twitch channel 
down below.

Absolutely nothing weird is going   on here, at all, whatsoever. Nothing weird, at 
all. Nothing. Nope. Nothing to see here, okay. Well, that was fun. I hope that you enjoyed 
this video. Maybe someday I'll stop messing   with the Goth family, or perhaps, I'll just 
do it to more Sims, like make the Pancakes   as pets or like, the Landgraabs, oh my 
god, imagine the Landgraabs. We'll see. But on that note, I'm gonna 
go. Someone needs to stop me,   so I'll do it myself. And I'll see 
you all tomorrow, bye everybody. Okay wait, actually though: in the comments, what 
kind of pet do you think Judith Ward would be?   You know, the celebrity? The annoying one? Tell 
me please because I need to know your thoughts.


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