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[COUNTRY GIRL] complete the bedroom at the back of the house | Live whit nature, My Daily Life Ep.77


Summer morning Gentle morning sunshine feels good Lately at home, I often go to herd goats on the hill And graze the buffalo Feel the fresh air every early morning Recalling childhood memories of herding buffalo with a group of friends As usual, work revolves around my daily life Upland rice is at risk of losing white due to white leaf disease Farmers' worry is crop loss due to pests and diseases. Hope you liked what I shared A grass that grows on a hill that can be fed to pigs Everyone is worried about my farm Don't worry too much about my farm because my sister helps me take care of the pets Such a life I feel very simple and peaceful I'm going home now Using a vegetable chopper for pigs Now I will mix bran to feed the pigs Clean the floor of the barn before feeding the pigs.

Cute ducks A new day begins with the morning sun The builders also started the construction work Fortified walls have been built high I tidy up the messy bricks Help move the bricks up for the builders The weather was so sunny, so I used palm leaves to shield the builders from the sun Meat prepared for our lunch today Happy lunch full of laughter The builder continues his work Vegetables in the garden have sprouted My jackfruit tree is very fruitful My mother helps clean up and transport the land Transporting corrugated iron for the bedroom roof The corrugated iron sheets are being raised to cover the roof Roof finished The wall will be plastered with a thin layer of mortar Builders are meticulous little by little The mason worked while measuring the flatness of the wall My video ends here Thank you so much! Subscribe to my channel to support me

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