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Cougar Man: Living With A Mountain Lion


COMM: Animal lover Mario Infanti loves nothing better than playing with his pet cat, but
instead of a tiny tabby, he favoured feline is actually a 15 stone cougar, called Sasha. MARIO: She's like a my daughter, she's like my 200 pound daughter. COMM: The 63-year-old adopted Sasha as a newborn kitten, and over the years they've developed
a powerful bond. MARIO: It's a lifetime commitment, if you're not willing to put, y'know, put your whole
life into this thing, then you shouldn't own one of these pets. I bottle raised her, I
was with her 24/7 for four months. And uh now she's a full grown kitty and we love her. COMM: But with Sasha's razor sharp teeth and explosive power, Mario knows never to turn
his back on his supersize pet. 00:57
MARIO: I don't think she would rip anybody's face off. She's not that kind of an aggressive
cat. the only time she gets a little dangerous is when she gets over playful or over affectionate. COMM: As a musician, Mario is often on the road. Leaving Sasha in the care of his wife,
Lenore. LENORE: Mario loves Sasha with all his heart.

When he goes, she'll constantly look at the
window and meow for him. I'll go out there and I'll feed and she'll like look past me
like okay where's daddy? COMM: Mario, who is known locally as the cat man, has made plenty of sacrifices to own
Sasha, including having children of his own. But as they approach their fourteenth year
together, he has no regrets. MARIO: Sasha is more like family to me than a lot of my family, she's the love of my life,
she's like my daughter, I would do anything for her, there's nothing like it in the world.
It's an amazing feeling.


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