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hi good morning snowball who
is the best thing in the world is this my chest I'll send you
to the sun oh it's for them that and we started the meeting of friends
of superhero animals commander cavalinho line ata from the last meeting in good
thank you remember all crime is on the loose stay alert at school time captain
snowball you stay in charge until I get back there and it will start we will receive in the white thunder that
came back from the laundry can was washed with a red blanket and therefore it will be called thunder rosa
very well I'm going to patrol the child right g1 it's a joke it's and the note and then it says snow is doing
what  what do you think but I'm not fighting the crime I caused but you have to stay here
superhero  the following is learned from these two here the calms down and the old lion is ahem you know
that  your owner is just playing superhero, right you only you  are just wearing superhero pajamas
bye you are so naive point me to the pet that needs mine The juda e e
observe bag our mother so I understand come here your child has already gone to school already where  there
will be a test to roll a dictation she will get 10 and we must have a photo in the drawer so
confident that she is she seems to be smart but you know, I read it too, and I even heard that
say that the circumference of the line's head   is in the eighth of his knight's biggest big head
but he says there he's still watching the whole house or it's already figured is he still pees but
marking territory is what every puppy learns to do it you're thinking about a better future
for school it's not cool to be hungry with a faucet right now the little bird is
already going to donate little dog no little bird won't fly little school so he has to stay at
home safely look, it's not a big deal, you don't need to be nervous, but liam left because
they never told us anything there, we are concerned

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