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Chickens Can Become Pets🐔 – Funny And Cute Chicken Videos | Pets House


Hi Guys! Welcome to Pets House We will bring you the most interesting videos about pets in the world Chicken is a very cute, dramatic and funny animal. Do you want to keep a chicken as a pet? you're my friend now we're having soft tacos later here's your chicken oh excuse me sir excuse me do you 
have time to talk about our lord and   savior jesus christ hey don't run 
from the lord where are you going my god get your balls off my head   you freak no they probably enjoy that stop 
it get off get off me it's not funny liz oh i can't touch that snake yes why do you keep biting the dog huh why 
why have you kept on biting the dog   after i just literally told you not so 
long ago i didn't want you biting the dog   you sit there and you bite fight fight fight fight 
and you don't peck because you actually do bite   a lot of people think that you don't bite but 
you do you open that feet you grab them and   you twist it down got damn skin like i don't 
understand you you're supposed to be a chicken   don't fight the dogs you know what i'm telling you   don't bite the dog do not bite the 
dog because this this right here   this relationship between me and you you gotta 
understand me i don't want you biting the dog let it be the last time you

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