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CAT VS DOG || Funny Things Pets do! by 123 GO! Play


Are you a dog owner? Then you know to brace yourself for a warm welcome each time you walk through your front door! Aw, good boy, Michael! Cats, on the other hand, have a more subtle way of showing you the care. Ew! Everyone knows cats hate tomatoes! Today, we’re looking at what life would be like if kids act like our four-legged friends. Aside from getting dressed, feeding the dog is one of the first things you do every morning. And today, it’s another thrilling breakfast of kibble. Why’s this stuff always such a mess? It’s like these things have legs or something. Ooh, don’t forget to put in some milk, just the way Michael likes it. Just know that as soon as you pour the stuff, that little pup will come running! Why is it that dogs get so excited to eat something as boring as breakfast anyway? Michael! Come and get it! Alright good boy! Woah! Don’t forget to come up to breathe! Ew! you’re making such a mess! But when it comes to feeding your kitty cat, it’s a whole other ball game.

Don’t worry, it’ll be ready soon, Alyson. Okay, we have our milk! When making your kitty its breakfast, you always put great care into everything, from the amount of pieces you pour to the kind milk you use. Whoops! And just like that, this kitty’s delicious meal is served! Ooh! I almost forgot the milk! And a garnish gives the dish some extra pizzaz, don’t you think? Oh yeah, gourmet indeed! Okay, Alyson, it’s time to chow down! Go on, take it! Woah! This cat is NOT amused. You expect me to eat this junk? No! You wouldn’t dare… If you knock that down, I swear… You swear what, human? Ugh so ungrateful! Aw man, now I gotta clean all that up! Oh Michael? Want to go for a walk, good boy? Yes! Yes! Yes! Just give me one sec.

That good boy deserves the best look for a walk, Yeah! Come on, I don’t have all day! Well, this little guy wants to make sure he looks perfect But once they’re done dilly dallying, they’re ready to go. Like go NOW, okay?!! If there’s one thing cats love to do, it’d lounging around without a care in the world. And if you want to take them on a walk, you ought to forget about it. Gah, why won’t she ever listen to me? This is so annoying! Fine if you don’t want to move, I’ll do it for you! Ooh! Busted! You should have listened the first time, Alyson. Yes! My team is winning! This is the best day ever! Did I just hear what I think I heard? Uh oh. When it comes to snacks, dogs may as well have bionic hearing! Uh oh, get ready to brace yourself for impact! No! There goes all the popcorn! Now that’s one happy dog! Hey! Mind if I join you to watch a movie? Okay, maybe if I just sit on this side… Nope, that didn’t work… Okay, there’s enough room on this side, right? Okay, there we go.

Ugh, this human is in my way, I’m gonna give her a little shove to show her who’s boss. Hey! That wasn’t very nice! This is my couch, you know. Ugh, why are you still sitting here? Don’t you know I was here first? Is it just me? Or is my cat actually bullying me in my own home? Looks like Betty will be enjoying her movie from the floor this evening… Ooh! Finally, the package Betty ordered has arrived! Hello? Anybody there? Aw, hey kitty cat! You’re so cute! Woah. Okay, you’re welcome… That’s a pretty big package for such a little cat to be toting around! But by the looks of it, Alyson has things under control.

Woah! This is a big box. I just gotta get all this annoying stringy stuff outta here! Okay, what on earth is this? Betty wastes her money on the silliest things. Yes! I finally got to the good stuff: an empty box! Alyson? Where’d you go? Oh, I know where you are! Aha! Go away. Geez, what is it with cats and boxes? Whatever. But when boxes come to a home with a dog in it, it’s a whole other story. Because the second there’s a knock on the door, things get tense… Very tense. Ok! Ok! I get it! I’m just gonna leave this box here! There’s nothing better than indulging in a juicy burger after a long day! And unfortunately, your pets feel the exact same way.

Ooh! Watcha got there? Uh, do you mind? Give me some space, will you? Oh man, this thing smells so good! I’m so glad I asked for extra cheese. I should probably give that a taste, you know, to make sure it’s ok for you to eat… Get down, Micheal! This isn’t for you! Okay, finally, its time to take a nice big bite. Hey, what are you guys whispering about over there? We’re so hungry and cute. Couldn’t you spare just the tiniest little bite? Aww! Look at them. Pets really do have a way of turning on the charm when they need it, don’t they? Oh, alright, here, you can have it. Hey! Where’d that ball come from? C’mon! Let’s go play! Ok! Here! Go fetch! Where was I… Unfortunately, if your doggy wants to play, it’s gonna play, no matter what you’re busy doing.

Seriously? Ok, I think he finally tired out… Nop! False alarm! That’s the thing about playing with the dog. Once you start, there’s no way to stop. Is it just me or is he catching this thing faster than I can throw it? Gah! How’d you even get under there? Fine. See if you can catch this one all the way in the kitchen. Boom! Seriously?! How on earth did you fetch that so fast? C;mon! Just one more! Please? This is never going to end, is it? Here, kitty kitty! Go fetch the ball! Not now, I’m busy.

C’mon! Just one little game! Here! Unlike dogs, cats only want to play when they say they want to play. Which is once or twice a year. If you’re lucky. Unless, of course, you bring a laser into the mix. For some reason, cats go nuts over those things! Maybe if I hide out her I’ll finally catch it! YES! Meow! OK, now I definitely got it. Oh no! Alyson, you knocked over the vase! Just par for the course, I guess! Ah, enjoying some nice quiet time before bed, are we? Well, that sure didn’t last long, did it? Why do dogs get so excited right when it’s time to cuddle up in bed? OK! I think I finally found the perfect spot. Oh yeah, that’s the stuff. Okay, that means it’s officially time for lights out.

One that mask comes on, it’s a one way ticket to dream land. Alyson! What are you doing? You’re going to wake everyone up! Unlike humans, cats use the nighttime to explore, have fun, and well, be a cat. Ah! What are you doing?! You nearly scared me to death! Well, there goes my nice relaxing sleep. Don’t act surprised, Betty, she does do this every night… Did you think these human pets were hilarious? Just wait till you see the bloopers! Be sue to share this video with your four-legged-loving friends and as always, subscribe to 123G!Kids’ YouTube page fore more awesome content! See you next time, friends!.

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