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Bunny BUS!? Off-Grid Bus Life with 5 Pets (Rescue Animals)


Hi guys. Jenna here, and this is my dog Selise and I
had to bribe her to do this video. So I adopted Selise when she was a puppy
and I was building this tiny house. So she really hasn't known much else
besides living in a small space and she gets excited every time
we come to the tiny house. So I know that she really feels at home
here and a lot of that has to do with the fact that I designed the space for
her as well as for me.

For instance, I put a tub in my shower, a tiny tub
just so that I could give Selise baths. I also made sure that she could climb
the stairs and join me in the loft at night. And this is all relevant because the
tiny tour that I'm showing you guys today involves a couple that has not just
one pet in their tiny space, but five I think it's really interesting how they
designed the space around their animals and how their lives are affected every
day by living in a tiny space with their furry friends. We are Adam and Rachel and we
live in a school bus name Luna. Really what made us push towards living more
of a tiny minimalistic lifestyle in general was just trying to simplify life.

I've ran a home theater installation
business for the last nine years. Five years into it I finally realized
that it just was a job that wasn't fulfilling me as much anymore. The answer of well how do
we do something different? You change your bills and you change your
lifestyle and that's really where bus life came in. I think we've discovered
bus life, tiny life together.

I don't remember exactly when it happened
but I think we just both decided it was probably what was best for us. It was going to be chapter
two of our life together. We finally landed on a bus just because
we were able to combine the house and the vehicle all in one. We have four now, five I guess animals we
are choosing this life. They aren't and so it was really
important to us to build a space that they would also be comfortable in and that's
why we ended up with carpet and we have a cat tree. They're coming along on this ride with
us and we want to make sure they're as comfortable as possible and that they
can also live their best bus life. The whole build process on the bus took
11 months from start to finish, my initial plan was to
have it done in six months. Oh, it did take us twice as
long to do it. It's a bus. You're dealing with curved
roofs, nothing's square, you're having to custom make everything.

It was a massive process to
try and figure out everything, but I think by planning with what the
animals needed first and then fitting ourselves in after the fact was really
why we came up with the floor plan that we did to overall spend about
$30,000 on our entire house. I don't know of anywhere that you can
spend 30 grand and get your whole house and something to move it with. Come on inside Luna and take a look. So welcome inside Luna, this is our
front entry area slash my office. In our last house I had a detached shop
and I wanted to kind of give myself a similar assemblance of
having my own space. So that's really what the front
driver's area has turned into. This couch is basically where Oakley and
Rachel sit while we're driving down the road. I'm a hundred percent driver. Like every good tiny house you
need massive amounts of storage. So the back part of the couch is
where all of our odds and ends, extra propane bottles for cooking as
well as our 12 volts fuse block is back there as well.

So in this front entry area we wanted
to treat it kind of like a mud room. So we have coat hanger just inside
the door and then we have our shoe compartments and we don't track
any dirt back into the bus. This has been probably one of my
favorite vehicles to drive. Also, the purchasing experience that we had
from Northwest bus sales was the best experience of any vehicle we've
ever purchased. They were really, really nice and took very good
care of us.

When we got Luna, I did replace the driver's seat because
the one that came with it was just disintegrating and falling apart. And then I just modified the bracket to
be able to attach to the stock air ride seats. So I still have all of my air ride and
can bounce up and down as we're driving down the road as we repurpose some of the original
lighting fixtures as well as the lighting switch.

So I did switch
these to led bulbs, so they're much more efficient
than the original halogens. But why spend extra money on stuff
if it's already present in the bus? So over onto this side, this is my standing desk and this
is where I work on photo editing, video editing for our Instagram and
YouTube channel, soulful bus life. And this was a toolbox that
I already previously had. I really didn't want to build more
cabinets after already building a bunch of cabinets for in the kitchen.
So I repurposed my tool box, we can lock it so that all of my storage
is locked as we're going down the road and nothing's going to come flying out.

One of our favorite features of the bus
is the tongue and groove ceiling and that continues all the
way back through the bus. This is our composting toilet area. We decided to build our own composting
toilet and then as we come to this side, this is my closet. We did do
separate his and hers closet. So Rachel has a little bit more
space than I do in this compartment. Underneath is our 200 amp hour, 24 volt battery bank and in the back
of the closet is our 24 volt to 12 volt down converter. We are totally off grid. We are powered by 1,060
Watts and solar panels. We have a 3000 watt
Vectron energy inverter, so we can charge our battery bank off
of shore power or using our portable generator. So here in the Pacific
Northwest it gets cloudy a lot. It's just not sufficient enough production
from our solar system to keep our batteries charged. So we needed to make sure that we had an
additional source to be able to keep us electrified. This is Rachel's
closet and like I said, she just has a little bit more space.
There's no batteries or anything.

So for her it literally is
just all closet storage. And then across from that
it goes into our shower. We can crack the skylight when we're
taking a shower and it allows all of the hot steam to just rise out. And the other thing that we did
is when we designed the shower, we designed it around being able to
open the window so you can have a breeze going through or if you're in
beautiful areas with a great view, why not have a shower with a view? We keep our dog dish in the bottom
of the shower, Oakley, she drools. This is a great place that keeps all of
that water confined within the shower tub instead of on the floor. So I'm going to show you guys the rest
of the bus. We have our wood stove here. It's a woodstove and
we just installed it recently. It's kept us really warm, at least a couple of chilly mornings that
we've had pet food containers and cat litter and stuff right
underneath it in these bins.

And then the litter box
is just back behind these, so there's just a little hallway there
and the cat can go back and get into her litter area. So across from the
woodstove is where we have our sink. We didn't want one of those tiny
sinks because we do cook a lot, so I wanted to be able to actually
do the dishes effectively. So we've got our kitchen sink and a really
big counter space next to it for when we are doing the dishes.

All of our doors are just framed out
and then we use some fencing that we had from our old house and a tapestry that
we also already had and we kind of cut it up and used it as our covering. We also have a large refrigerator, it's just kind of a standard
residential refrigerator. We have this really long counter space.

We always kind of joke that we actually
have more counter space in the bus than we did in our house that we sold, so we're not really lacking for prep
space when we're doing any cooking or baking projects or anything like that. And we went for the camp chef portable
oven, which we are really loving. It has two burners on top. This is what we use kind of for our
every day meals or when Adam's making his tea or something like that.

They're both propane and we
just refill the small cans. We added these cabinets this
summer. Used to be a shelf here, but the shelf really wasn't
functional in terms of storage. It keeps everything locked in place
when we're going down the road, which is really great. Across from that big countertop is
where we have our dinette table. The dinette seats have really great
storage that Adam created for them, so on both sides it's
the exact same thing, but these pop open and it's
got storage all the way. This length of these counters, the back opens up here and then both of
the seats lift up and have more storage. So down here we've earned ourselves the
nickname of the bunny bus because we do share our home with two wonderful bunnies. They basically have this whole stretch
of underneath the cabinet so they have one really long bunny Hutch. The bunnies are actually litter box
trained rabbits are easy to litter box train.

They can use a litter box the same way
as a cat would 15 minutes of work in the morning and we can get their
Hutch vacuumed in their litter box, change to get the cat litter box changed, run the vacuum through the bus
and we're done for the day. Everybody has a clean space and our bus
stays clean and doesn't smell like dirty litter box or animals. We've got our TV, we are kind of movie night people. I really enjoy movie night or sometimes
a good Netflix binge and when we have our movie nights it basically just swings
and we can kind of make herself a cozy little nest. It's very secure and
we don't have any issues with it. We've got two in-wall speakers right
here on either side so that when we are watching movies, we have
nice sound coming at us Civil being just about a year old.

She's got a lot of energy and so we
wanted to have kind of a fun space for her to play on. So Adam actually built this
sort of little like tree house space. typically we leave this windows open and
Civil can sit here and she loves having that view, so this is like
a favorite space for her. We actually just got a second cat. Hopefully she'll also enjoy this little
tree house and her big sister will play with her. I think they'll have a lot of fun together
and it's nice to make sure Civils got a companion to kind of continue living
all the years that she hopefully has ahead of her.

We've always had a King size bed because
we've always had multiple animals sleeping with us, so it ended
up fitting this space perfectly. I'm really big on books. It's one of the things that I'm
not very good at minimizing. So we have a nice bookshelf here. Adam's really decorated
it with some extra plants So our bed lifts up, it's
on the hydraulic lifts, so it just lifts up really easily
and it provides extra storage for us. But then also our freshwater tanks. We
have two 40 gallon tanks on either side, so they're balanced out.

So Luna is a 1999 Bluebird, all American RE which stands for
rear engine because I didn't want to be driving with an engine a in front of me
or be right next to me heating up and creating a lot of noise. As
we're going down the road. We try and keep between 60 and 70 miles
an hour and if we do that we get between 8 and 10 miles per
gallon, which is pretty good. Choosing the color of the bus was
actually one of the last decisions that we made within the renovation. I've
always wanted a Volkswagen bus, so that's why we went with the
classic V style in the front. So it does kind of give that semblance
of an old classic Volkswagen bus. This was also another feature we wanted
to find was a bus that had a midway emergency exit doors so that as
we're sitting on our dinette table, we can look at the view wherever we're at.

So we don't have a tow vehicle, we just have two mountain bikes that we
use to get around and explore when we're parked at places or in state parks. What's nice about this particular rack
is since it does actually kick back, it allows me to still open up the hatch for
the bus so that I can check fluids and levels of everything without actually
having to remove any of the bikes off the rack. And then when I'm done, it's just a simple matter of closing
it back up and now they're locked, ready to go down the road. So lastly, we do have another door and this
is our second emergency exit door. That's right where our bed is. So again, if we're in a beautiful space
where we've got a nice view, we can lay on the bed, open it up, and
just enjoy a nice sunrise or sunset.

I think my favorite part of bus life is
all the different things that we're able to see. There are so many places in this country
that we would never probably have been able to go visit as easily as we
are able to with the bus. Park wherever you want, travel, wherever you
want, you get sick of a certain area. You just pick up and move
home is where you parked in Thanks for watching this week's video.

Make sure to subscribe and high five
if you love pets in tiny spaces..

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