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Bug made Cutest Wooden House for all Pets


(lively upbeat music) (girl gasps) (intense music) (girl gasps) (cat meows) (intense music crescendos) – Oh no! Ayayay! (bunny chirrups) Gucci, stop eating my dress! (guinea pig squeaks) Power Puff! (tongue clicks) (phone beeps) (phone rings) -Hello? – Hi! Yes, I'd like to
order some guinea pig cage, and rabbit cage, and
cat cage, and dog cage. One for my guinea pig,
and I have four dogs. (upbeat music) (furniture shuffles) Yes, yes. (crowd cheers) (upbeat music) (whistling) (mumbles) – Yay. (dog barks) – Where's the cat? (cat meows) (upbeat piano music) (dog barks) (paper rustling) (laughing) – So big. (excited squeaking) – Oh my god! (mumbles) – Okay! Now that everyone's here, I'm going to feed them! (bag rustling) – Taffy! Here you go! Enjoy your food, Pepsi. (food pouch crinkles) This one is for Duchess and Bella.

Duchess, here's your salmon. Bon appetit, Bella. This is for the rabbit, and
this one is for my guinea pig. Have some carrot Gucci. Eat up Power Puff, don't be shy. These type of birds are called cockatiel and these type are called budgies, and they're very friendly. Now I'm going to feed them
their favorite food, seeds! (birds chirping) Eat up, my feathered friends. (wings flapping) Before I bring them out in the park, I'm going to give all of them a makeover! Let's start with Taffy. Taffy, I'm going to
make you look so pretty. You're going to be irresistible. First, let's comb your frizzy hair, you need a little trim. Tada! Now I'm going to
put on her sunglasses. You look just like a princess. Time for your bath, Duchess. (cat meows) (water splashes) (bubbles pop) Now you're all clean. (cat meows) (upbeat music) (hairdryer whirs) (cat meows) Next it's your turn, Pepsi. She has the longest, most beautiful hair. – I'm sure this is the
only dog with long hair. (brush scratches) – Wow guys! Pepsi looks so pretty! (crowd cheers) (upbeat music) (hairdryer whirs) (cheerful music) Thank you guys for watching! If you enjoyed my videos, please follow me on
Facebook and Instagram too! See you later, guys!

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