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BTS on Having No Friends, Drake and Pokémon | Questionnaire of Life


I don't have friends Hey [Applause] [Music] noisy question of life we are busy ass Oh drink hey do you love me Drake ascots Clinton I mean then I mean then I'm Drake he's gospel city yeah a life city I love city yeah [Music] yeah drowned boy is in Myeongdong you know me I'm dark now someone broke in the Naruto hum – and then I get pop I love plants know people and pets pets I love and thinking thank you thank you yeah thank you yeah thinking about you listening thank you talking I love the GU the one which laser you know me know yellow red yellow dragon and yeah it's my man yo and Korean yeah phone porn no friends go without my shingle not want me there no go go without your friends for a day because I don't have friends my own under sorry sorry for be able to fly okay amazing hung go get all your kid chiquan Bucky around the world but equalizing yeah okay okay I love that okay now I got why the name is noisy and we were so noisy thank you we were we were beats yes yes thank you and the noisy the question of life who pts thank you yes I love you I love war

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