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Breakfast With Your Pet Bear | Bear About The House: Me & My Supersized Pet


from the dispersion it is not noticed verbally and on facebook it’s not your match agonda angry birds beautiful weather good day now we’ll comb you to our steppe 24 years old he weighs about three hundred and fifty kilograms he’s from our very childhood, that is, we took the little one from three months in the zoo and since then we have been educating him, we have been working with him, we must never forget that he is a predator of course he supported 1 which, with such weight with such strength, in principle, he can really really be a dangerous person [music] we do not use any medicines, the most important thing is to feed him well you sat down eats 25 kilograms of vegetables and fruits fish porridge and a good mood for a walk let's go for a walk with you we go go go go let's go the old man was taken right and left and right left to sit down at the table we usually have breakfast he can come up to us and we treat him to the devil neatly not everything drops everything let's say so we open [mu language] cake I know for two weaknesses my little one to do escape is one of the main conditions for their habitat this and yes well done were such yes no attacking is unlikely but this is another reason to do exactly what we trust him and he trusts us when he doesn’t like something shows us a signal that he is dissatisfied with something in this case, he explains to us that he wants even more cake [laughter] cool, you can

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