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BOY & GIRL SWAP LIVES for 24 HOURS ft/ Royalty Family


today my daughter Salish and farron from the 
royalty Family Switched lives for 24 hours at the end there will be a massive 
shopping spree and only one of them   gets to keep what they bought first 
you guys have to look like each other now he has to have shoes oh so cute are you serious this doesn't 
look anything like Salish do you like a bun or a ponytail I hate both of 
them you're looking like today no a headband   okay now you look like every single teenage 
girl good job no you know what if you think   this is good I have a whole entire closet 
for me to pick for you wait what follow me   wait what oh yes I'll give you one of my 
favorite shirts this one right right here   this shirt this is actually my most favorite 
shirt no now for the pants no yes she's gonna   hate that here you go those aren't pants 
well look at what you put him in though the blues don't even match okay okay okay 
you know what now it's time for the shoes   too expensive too clean oh I got it I got it I 
got it oh no oh no no no no no here oh what is   I guess I'm gonna go get changed at least it's 
better than my outfit these ones are way too   small don't forget your chains wait what see 
ya I know what salish always does my check hey oh [Applause] no you look good ow ow okay we gotta do something 
yeah I'm not and I don't want my hair looking   like your hair anyway I'll make a compromise 
you can take out these hair accessories yeah   yeah this is the one thing see ya I look mega 
mega Bussin bussin oh yeah well I'm ultra   mega mega mega Ultra Giga chat button no but I'm 
gigabyte Ultra Ultra Ultra it's getting a chance   what's busting you are negative 
negative negative negative negative   what is she talking about he's old oh 
you guys look so so good are you hungry wait I can't go like this oh here I'd buy you 
a little something just in case you want it oh does not do that let's go get some 
Starbucks they are just getting started   but wait until you see Faron pretend to 
be Salish and FaceTime Nidal oh my God I mean ferran would never eat an impossible okay 
so then what should I get how about you get a iced   lemon loaf okay but if that's what ferran would eat 
yeah I want turkey bacon cheddar and egg whites no   no Salish does not eat meat do you want to kill 
an animal no you're gonna get a blueberry muffin   I hate blueberries I love blueberries may I 
please have a pink drink with strawberries   and light ice and can I get a pink Drink please 
well we both like pink drinks good stuff okay [Music]   how do you eat like this how can you 
eat like this dude what time it is   um like four o'clock no what time is it what do 
we do every time around this day like I normally you can't do it in these good clothes you 
have to do it in real gymnastics clothes oh come on it that's good right no okay now 
for our gymnastics lesson okay we have to   start off with some workouts arms of 
behind Tuck up v up scissor this is too   easy question okay and jump in Okay 
jump go okay five more tens one one Go Go real push up jump in jump up okay okay okay   okay oh wrong it's really really 
easy it's really easy really easy we are gonna learn how to do a proper 
cartwheel kick up and lamp Okay that's   easy I got it okay no no no you don't start 
like this is too easy I got it push nope your   hands weren't cracked this isn't even level two 
gymnastics she has so much work to do [Music] I'm literally literally than salish at 
cartwheels you are so much okay so to be   a competitive gymnast you need flexibility and 
it looks a little bit like you're lacking in   it you're gonna push forward and put your arms 
down okay now get your what no ah my legs this   is give up uh yeah no down you want me to push 
you down okay get your push-up okay there you   go now we have to do some partner stretches say 
that since when did you get not flexible anymore I don't like gymnastics I can't tell which one 
is Salish and which one is fraud anymore why do   you even need three screens you don't understand 
because you're not a gamer fine what does that do   that powers the whole entire thing yeah I knew 
that I knew that obviously I'm from wondering I   do gaming all day and I like spend like so much 
money on like Roblox and now I have like nobody   like I'm so cool like what like look at my outfit 
I'm so cool are you serious right now why would I   spend so much money on this stuff I spent 500 
bucks on the Avatar let's change it started   what is that bear thing and like why is like 
what's that this Avatar is so good I don't know   what you're talking about okay let's change it now 
I gotta spend more money so much money right now   wait whose money is it my money Wait no 
that's my money oh no oh yeah I know how   to make a good Avatar I don't think so 
I do I've made one before with Preston   oh no I saw that video that Avatar 
was um it was good right yeah sure oh this one is cute no no not that dress that's 
70 Robux for a dress no oopsies okay now we have   to add some color like some shoes yes shoes oh 
those shoes are so ugly no okay which one would   you suggest none these are dope I don't sound like 
that bye that's 80 robots now we just need a face   and then we're good she's spending so much Roblox 
I literally have to do it for you I got it don't   worry all right you know what since you're doing 
my voice all right so right now we're gonna be   doing a double backflip with a back handspring 
I don't have a double backflip oh my God   guys I'm ready to reveal 
the new Avatar three two one that looks absolutely horrible oh yeah 
no I'm gonna go live for oh my face no no   no so far with that so far we're not gonna 
go live let's go do something else come on   Taylor's we're leaving we're leaving come on 
you know what being Salish it kind of sucks let's try this say something 
nice about being Salish   I can't think of anything I give Hudson facials 
like literally every week so you're gonna do one   on him go get him tiger okay I got you first 
we need daily facial cleanser close your eyes no okay that's enough of that oh 
I will go all right guys so right   now we're gonna do some refreshing 
sheet mask what's a refreshing seat   now it's a facial mask that helps 
with your facial face okay [Music] yeah we're gonna use some of this facial mist   okay that's not enough that's not enough I 
know what I'm doing here Hudson so now you   just take off that mask right that was a quick 
rip-off and then now all you have to do is just   insert this clarifying serum that did not sound 
correct I actually think that's for a night time   but okay oh yes I pull on mustache I have a 
good face dude the ladies love this face all   right ladies he has no ladies all right ladies 
if you're out there call me my number is Top   Gun mustache dude okay that's not how you do it 
oh okay that's enough all right guys now we're yes you do roll back the clip now I'm 
using this Sarah Bay moisturizing cream   see she does it the only only so yucky ah got my 
eyeball beauty is pain me beauty is pain no no   yeah okay so for the final step cleansing spray 
okay we're all done see ya do I just keep it   like this or can I wash it off now guys hi guys 
since I'm Salish I'm gonna call my crush nidal I mean look at us on our wallpaper we're 
so cute but first I have to look pretty okay   before I call an adult I have to fix my hair 
because that's what she does every single time wait I fixed my hair when I call anybody 
hi Nidal hi it's me Salish how are you   good nidal I just want to tell you something 
what I love you what the I love you so much wow your hair looks really good today salish 
you look way better than usual really thank you   I think you're so cute make sure to answer it okay 
I got you boo-boo bear if you want to go on a date   soon yeah what do you like about me the most well 
your hair usually looks bad but now it looks good I probably thank you so much I think 
you really believed me because of   the bow that was weird that was for on 
dressed up as Salish and he said [Music]   usually when they do a shopping spree together 
they both get to keep everything but this time   only one of them is gonna get to keep it 
so that's gonna be kind of interesting to   see how they handle that moving time just 
like scary movies Sailors let's watch CoCo   melon the Paw Patrol movie I heard it 
was really good Black Adam is not scary smile English but I'm in a different dimension so   I'm a different type of Salish 
that doesn't like scary movies [Music]   I really don't want to watch smile I 
can't wait I'm so excited you won't   be scared I'm really scared I think 
it is a little scary [Music] foreign shopping's free you each have 200 and 10 
minutes to shop like your character whoever   gets closer to their budget of 200 without 
going over gets to keep everything both of   your hauls Okay who wants to go first you no no 
no you no you you you Rock Paper Scissors Shoot   boom ferran goes first one kid is gonna end 
up with four hundred dollars worth of stuff   and one kid gets nothing you only have 10 
minutes Salish for on go what okay okay no no I wouldn't start in the style Veranda blend 
there we go okay you don't know nothing because   I'm Salish oh yes I would want myself some makeup 
wait I want like this no you don't even know what   you're talking about first of all this is so bad 
for your hair no it's okay keep going red hair   dye okay oh no okay no honey no thank you okay 
let's go it's not Salish it's Salish why are you   turning it wrong way you're not Salish I'm Salish 
actually I like skins go to skincare no no no no   40 bucks no no honey 40 bucks no I need a roller 
you know no you actually don't know oh   perfume yes you do Salish yeah this one oh you're 
five minutes we don't care about that okay okay [Music] we are giving away an iPhone 14 to one person who 
is subscribed to royalty family my channel and   Hudson matter so subscribe right now and comment 
when you're done guys you only have four minutes   left you don't understand if I and then I get all 
the stuff so you have to help me out okay right   now right now okay Salish has to put in the cart 
for it to count if I see [Music] like I need to go   like get that one and I'll get you anything 
you want if you get me anything I want 15.

50 no no no no no no this one fine you need this 
no no we don't need that come on listen to me okay   if you get me anything I want right now I'll give 
you anything you want friend it's your turn okay   go wait we're not staying on budget too they have 
no idea what this all costs like 200. trust me   this is not even close no this definitely is like 
a hundred dollars two minutes to make it decisions that is the worst lot of stuff do you have any 
idea how much this is like 30 million 30 million   they could get anything chocolate they pick a 
towel this cart is sales card and at the end   we'll find how close to 200 she went without 
going over and now it is time for a new card   oh okay you have 10 minutes starting right now 
if I like win then I get to keep my things and   your things but I could just give you your things 
and if you win you could just give me my things   what wait what okay wow they figured that out I 
thought they made each other's throats instead   they're working together that's kind of cool but 
it might cost me 400 bucks oh listen Okay and   then oh my god oh no that went in what's with the 
pillows didn't we all think they were gonna get   like electronics and stuff cash doesn't throw it 
in there you go now come follow me please please okay if you go over and you go over you guys 
get nothing whatsoever I definitely went over   we should count no this is 20 right yes right how 
much is this you guys only have seven minutes you   have time to count that's kind of cool okay but 
you only get like you one more thing or else we're   gonna go over and neither of us are gonna get any 
that's only like a hundred dollars no this is like Target I get to choose your body wash okay fine 
I kind of like the teamwork here this is awesome   actually but I think they're both gonna go over 
and get nothing I invented skincare I got you I   need to know your skin type like is your skin 
like usually dry or oily dry usually okay you   guys do not have time for this conversation 
remember shape Jose is really good I need   a candle a candle is the most important thing 
right okay okay guys you only have 15 seconds there's only two seconds that's 
fifty dollars together we're in no we're gonna go check out right now if they 
both went over 200 they get nothing if one   of them stayed under 200 I guess they are sharing 
everything and that was pretty slick of you guys   we all collabed on the royalty Family Channel 
big hide and seek in their palace go check it   out as soon as this video is over it was sick 
card number one let's see if she stayed under   200 okay it's already it's already 19 
after two that's not a good sign Louise you went crazy I'm definitely going over oh oh no there's only two more things 
in the cart let's see what happens stayed under if from Ramen over they 
get nothing and not for the other basket that was the one he threw and at the 
end at the end 26.

I'm not very happy   of my decisions how many pillows does 
a kid need a lot to make of them look   good yeah oh the last thing the candle they 
threw in the last second [Music] [Applause]   wow they did it oh my God okay guys if you 
like this video you'll love that one [Music].

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