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– Eleven. – Eleven!
– That's right – That's our biggest clutch of the year. – That's our biggest clutch of the year. Hey, good morning everybody. Welcome to the vlog. You know that movie Groundhogs Day? Well, yeah, kinda feels like
I'm living the same day again. But this time, it's actually pretty good. What I mean by that is that, again, the morning starts off
with some baby stinks. I've got Jessica here.

Let's go ahead and just see what we got. I mean, I love the fact that
we're in baby skink season. You never know what you're gonna get. Actually, I remember this female when we started to raise her up. So, she's a really pretty one. Aw! Look at these and look at
that cute little monkey. These are more like the
kind of classic northern. The coffee ones that we got yesterday were definitely a little bit different. And these were some big babies.

– Oh yeah! They're nice and healthy looking. – Nice and healthy looking. They're like almost twice
the size of the other ones. Don't know how many there are. We just see two, so far. Oh my god! Look at how cute! Oh my god. That is so adorable. It is crazy. They're so feisty right out of the rut. I do see a little stillborn over there, which is really a bummer.

You can see it's kind of
got a little egg sack. It didn't make it. What a bummer. And that's so common. Oh my gosh. She is definitely
protecting her babies today. It's okay. Hopefully there'll be
some more in here, too. Let's see what else we have. Be careful, mom. All right, we only have two so far.

That's definitely a small litter. See what we got. Looks like there's only two so far. That's crazy. – [Jessica] Some hiding
under the paper, maybe. – [Brian] It's okay, mom. See if we, there's another! There's a third little one. And look at how cute
this one is, right here. Oh my god, these are all so amazing. Really pretty animals. You can see mom over there
is a beautiful animal. What was this one bred to. – Ahh! Don't bite me. So, she was bred to our red male, sunrise. So, it's a red sunrise male. – [Brian] Red sunrise male. – So, these'll be interesting.
– So, these babies should be incredible. – [Jessica] See how– – [Brian] She's literally
running after your hand. – [Jessica] She's got a nice bold pattern, but you can see that the
orange is coming through, right there. – Oh my god, the reds.

These are gonna be so incredible. So far the first two
litters are unbelievable. Do you think that's all we have, is three. – [Jessica] I don't know,
maybe she's not done. – [Brian] She might not be done. Maybe that's right. You know what? Let's go ahead and just
check back in on her later. – Leave her alone for the rest of the day. – Yeah, I think we're
just gonna leave her alone for the rest of the day, because it's hard to
believe that a girl that big would only have three live
babies and one stillborn. So, we'll update you later in
the day, but how incredible. Again, great way to start the day. – Yeah, awesome. – [Brian] Oh my gosh. And by the way, a little update. Remember yesterday we
started out, I think, with seven or eight live
babies and it turned into nine. Then, ultimately at the end
of the day it was 11 babies.

Well guess what, we found
another little baby this morning. So, yesterday's litter was 12. That's why I think this
girl is gonna continue to lay babies throughout the day. So, we're just gonna leave her alone, and we'll go at the end of the day and see if she has any more babies. But look at yesterday's litter, how unbelievable they are. And they perk up so much, just in a day. After that first day they
become little monkeys, right there. Oh my god. So again, yesterday's litter, 12 babies instead of eight or
nine we originally thought it. So, fingers crossed, we'll have a whole bunch more babies from
this girl here later today. Take a look at Ben and Jerry's shed. This may be the very first
time that they've ever shed where they didn't need
assistance to get their head off.

They look absolutely gorgeous. It does look like the end of the shed is a little bit messed
up, and stuff like that. I'm gonna take a quick look and see what the actual heads look like. I don't know. But that's really cool, because again, usually it sheds 100%, but then there's usually
stuck shed on the head that we have to help get up. We're gonna actually feed
them a little bit later, because they look absolutely beautiful and they'll definitely be ready to go. And look who else shed today. It must be just one of those days where some cool things are shedding. Of course that's Verde, my girl here. Oh my god, she looks so good. I tell you what. I don't have any food for
her today, because again, she typically's only eaten chicks and then choo-choo training rats. So, I'll have to go to the
store and get her a chick, maybe tomorrow, because after she shed she's definitely ready to go.

But it looks like she's
got a really beautiful, perfect shed, too. Look at that. Absolutely perfect. That's good. And one of the things I'm seeing with a little bit better
sheds, is the fact that in the winter time, of course, the furnace is on a lot,
because we're in Michigan and it's cold outside. And that dries the air out,
even with all the water dishes, and water falls, and
all the things in here. We definitely have some
dryness in the air, and now that is getting to be spring time, that furnace isn't on much and we're getting much better
sheds, which is really good.

Once again, that time
of day, and guess what, we have two clutches of colubrids, again. I think the last three times
I've collect colubrid eggs, there's been two clutches. Really weird, because
all these red tags here are females that are due. I guess we're just gonna
have an explosion here in another week or two, where
we're gonna get tons of eggs. Regardless, this is
actually a blizzard sunkiss that's bred to a blizzard corn. Lori was super excited about this one. Oh, that's not all that
good though, is it. Ugh, let's see, is she done? Yep, she is definitely done. Wasn't sure because, she looked a little bit swollen, but she's done. But boy that isn't a good clutch at all.

Lori's gonna be so sad, because this was the one clutch that she was probably, almost, the most excited about. We'll take a look at those
eggs in a second here again. I just wanted to make sure
the female looks good. Again, yep no problem at all. She looks great. We'll pull this shed,
we'll get some water in with her here in a
second, but let's go ahead and take a look at this clutch. And again now, blizzard corn is actually a muted albino corn snake. Which, basically, is
lacking the iridophore, which is the red pigment, as
well as the yellow pigment. That's why they call it
a muted charcoal corn. Because it's lacking the yellow pigment. So, essentially get a
predominately white corn snake, which is really cool. And the of course the
sunkiss is recessive. It adds a little bit of flavor to it. But regardless, we do
have a few eggs in here. That's okay.

I mean, hey, hatching
some is gonna be better than hatching none, right. It looks like we have four
good eggs, right here. And again, you can really
tell the difference. Look at how nice and kind
of round the sides are. They're kind of a whitish color. And then these sloggers are just mushy, and nasty, and stuff like that. We'll go ahead and feed these slugs off to a bunch of our monitors
and stuff like that, over next door. We try not to put them to
waste if at all possible. If we can use them, we can use them. That's for sure. But hey, in the meantime we
have to set up these four eggs. They look like they're
really good, so hey, we'll have four little blizzard corns.

And we do have some
more coming up next year that'll hopefully be ready to breed, so. Gonna break Lori's heart a
little bit on this clutch, but we still have one more clutch to pull. And the last clutch is this
pueblan milk snake, right here. And this is the first pueblan of the year, so it's really exciting. Let's see what she has going on in here. Ooh doggy! Look at those eggs right there. Oh my god, she is a gorgeous snake, too. Looks like a bunch of eggs. Now, pueblans are actually a
pretty high production animal, so they can have quite a few eggs. And again, she looks good. We'll take the shed out,
get some water in here, like we always do. And they'll actually lay two clutches, sometimes even three clutches a year, so they're really good animals.

Let's see what we have here. Two, four, six, eight good eggs! That is absolutely
incredible, and I always say that pueblan milks snakes are like the best starter milk snake. If you're into milk snakes. Because they do really
well, they're easy to breed, they eat really readily
when they hatch out. So, they're really just
that kind of perfect snake. Never the less, super excited to get our first pueblan milk snakes, because we've really just been
pulling corn snakes so far, as far as colubrids go. So, it's pretty awesome to put a pueblan milk snake clutch
in the incubator box. Back to Ben and Jerry. Let's see if we can get
these guys to eat again. So Ben always takes it easy, the question is will Jerry take it? There he goes! Yes! Yes, they're both eating again! How awesome is that? So it's interesting that Ben
is done with his first one, but Jerry is still working on it.

So, I'm gonna see if I
can't give Ben another one. Yep. And he seems to eat too. Oh my God, this is crazy. While Jerry is still kind of working on getting that head in the right position, Ben took a second one. Take a look at that. So neither one of them
really has it in a spot where it's right at the head. When Ben reached out and grabbed it, he grabbed it midbody, and
then when Jerry grabbed it, it was a little bit off center, too. I think Jerry almost has
its head in its mouth. Almost there, and then it'll
start crushing that fuzzy. Whereas Ben's still struggling. I'll tell you what guys, I
just want these guys to eat. So, I'm gonna go ahead, walk away. Just leave them alone. We'll come back and check on them later. But that was absolutely bonkers. Back down in the dungeon again, to meet up with Kelsey to
get a ball python clutch.

All right, what do we have here, today? – This is a pastel bred to
a pastel scaleless head. – Okay, good, so we can have
super pastel scaleless heads, pastel scaleless heads, and even potentially some normal scaleless heads. Although that's a little
bit of a longshot. Looks like she has a massive clutch. Obviously we've got little
egg out over here on the edge. I'll pull that real quick. We'll have to candle this egg, right here. But the rest look, ooh doggy! That is a big clutch. Is that gonna be the biggest
clutch of the year, so far? – [Kelsey] I think so.

– [Brian] It looks like it might be. Let's see, what do we have here? I'm gonna pull this egg, too. Just because it needs
to be candled, as well. So these two eggs we can candle. These eggs are stuck
together really nicely, so we'll just go ahead and pull those out, get those in the box. And yeah, they might not fit in the box. It's definitely going to be a tight thing. We just have to peel that one egg off, which doesn't look like
it's on there too tight, which is good. There we go. And again, you just don't
wanna tear those eggs. So, what's the final count? – [Kelsey] One, two,
three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven. – [Brian] Eleven! That's right! – That's our biggest
clutch of the year so far. – That's our biggest clutch of the year. We had ten before that. Last year, we had, what, 13? – Yes. – So 13. So, we still haven't reached
last year's watermark, but 11 eggs is absolutely incredible. So, good job, as always Kelsey.

I'll tell you what, you're killing it. And we have a ton more gravid females. So, it's gonna be an
exciting couple months where we're pulling eggs, and hey, I think that we're about, maybe, four weeks away from
the first eggs that are, kind of, due to hatch, where
I'll be able to cut them. So, for you guys that are
pining for egg cutting videos, we're four, maybe five
weeks out at the most, so. Anyways, awesome, good job mama. Good job Kelsey. I'll catch up with you later. Just a little bit of an update, guys, for those of you that are following along, we're on vlog 987, so we are 13 vlogs away from the big one thousand. We're trying to do, kind
of, a special vlog for that.

Working on it. A lot of work actually, but it's gonna be absolutely incredible. But, for those of you guys
that have been interested, 987. Might remember a couple of days ago, we started working on a new
crested gecko enclosure. Well, you are back to
finish up, which is cool. You can start to see
that this foam right here is gonna start looking like
this, so that's the next step. To lay down that. And then you brought a bunch
of plants and a bunch of stuff. So, you're gonna have a good time, huh? – I'm gonna have a great time. I'm excited. – All right cool, I'll check back later. We'll see what this thing looks like when it's completely done. So, definitely excited about it. We have a pretty interesting
situation right now. We're actually re-homing our tokay geckos. – Really? – I'm gonna take them and
breed them, hopefully. – That's right.

And if you get babies, I would definitely, like I'll buy some babies back, Because I want to raise up some babies so that their really docile. – So that they're nice, yeah. – Because the ones we have,
well, they're not so nice. But the thing, I've got
a surprise for you guys. – What? There's a surprise? – [Brian] So Jessica's taking them home, and you guys get a chance
to go get them for her, and put them in a box. – Yeah, you get to say goodbye to them. – No, that's okay. We're fine. – [Brian] It's awesome. So yeah– – I think we'll just leave them here. – So guys, I'll tell you what, I think I'm just gonna let
Noah film this on his channel. So, I'll put a link in the description. Go show Noah some love.

And we'll see if you
can actually catch it. Are you guys excited? – I'm so excited.
– Not at all. – Do you guys wanna get the
big male out for me, too, and put him in, like, a
smaller thing to take home? – Not a small, I mean,
we need like a trash can. Goes in, you spin the top. – I agree. – Good to go. – Yep. – All right, so this ought to be fun. We're gonna go do this. Again, it'll be over on Noah's channel. It is an absolutely gorgeous day, so I think I'm gonna
take advantage of this. Go out for a little bike ride with Lori. Again, we work so hard, even
if I can take an hour off to just kind of get away, get on the bike or something like that, it's good for me.

It's good for my kind of
pep, you know what I mean? Let's go ahead and hit the park and just do a little bike ride. Just back from our bike ride. Lori said, "let's go
for a little bike ride." And then I think it was
was like seven miles. – It wasn't that bad. It was seven miles. It was seven miles. – But you're on a bike,
though, so it's like one. – Oh my gosh, I'm tired guys. – Exactly, it was a lot of coasting. – I'm tired, let's get back to work. Just circling back to
check on Ben and Jerry. Yep, absolutely, they crushed
those fuzzies no problem. So I knew they would, I just figured if I was bothering them a lot, that maybe they would spit one out. I wanted them to get a good meal, so. They both look fantastic. And it's so crazy that they both eat now. I'm gonna do a real quick
check of that female now that it's been a handful of hours. See if she has any more babies out at all.

See, I don't see anything yet. She's in the back. I don't see any more babies. That's weird that she would
literally only have … She only had three babies and one slugger. So that's it for that female. Definitely a small little, but hey, still, those babies are gorgeous. Last thing for today is to give you guys the update on the finished terrarium, for what we're gonna probably
try at least crested geckos. We're gonna put them in
there, see how they do, and stuff like that, but I
think it's absolutely amazing. You did great, dude. – Thanks a lot. – [Brian] This thing's crazy man. – Its an honor. – It's absolutely beautiful. And like he was mentioning, once all this stuff starts growing, it's gonna get even more
interesting and stuff like that.

That's kind of the direction we want to go with some of our habitats,
here at the Reptarium. We've been wanting to do
it since we opened up. We're finally getting a chance
to get around and do it. So, there it is. One down. I'll tell you what guys, that
was a pretty eventful day. Pretty action-packed. Hoped you guys enjoyed it. Thanks as always for all your support. Really, you guys are amazing,
and I love you guys so much. Have an absolutely wonderful day. Do me a favor and be
kind to someone today. Now promise, I'll see you tomorrow..

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