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Bloat Pet Battle Guide and Family Fighter Strategies


Hi! I'm Hazel, and this is your guide to the Bloat
pet battle on Argus. I'm going to start with a super quick strategy
for World questing, then go through teams for every single pet family for progress on
the Family Fighter achievement. Bloat lives here in the Antoran Wastes. He appears to be just a little worm dude but
apparently stepping on him doesn't get you the achievement. First up, the fastest strategy for when you
just wanna get your World Quest done and go. This also doubles as the Beast strat. In slot 1, any raptor with over 291 speed
set up with Exposed Wounds. Today, I've got my Ravasaur Hatchling. Slot 2 is a Zandalari anklerender or kneebiter
with black claw and hunting party and third can be any beast pet. Starting with the Exposed Wounds raptor, use
exposed wounds. He smacks you down with the Antaen Cannon,
and you bring out your Zandalari raptor. Use Black Claw, then Hunting Party. This whole thing is over with very quickly. Next, Aquatic. You want at least two Mongooses, Civets, or
Otters of any description as long as they have over 291 speed, and they're set up with
Gnaw and Dive.

The third slot can be whatever. This one is very straightforward. Start with Dive to avoid the cannon, then
mash Gnaw. Keep Gnawing until the cannon comes back up,
avoid it with Dive, and you get the idea. If your mongeese aren't very fast, you can
actually get away with slower two in the second slots as long as your first one is faster
than Bloat. Just remember that if you're slower, you need
to Dive one round before the cannon comes up. A Cooldown counter like this PetTracker one
is extremely handy for that. Next is Critters. There's lots of options for this- I'm using
a pair of Marsuuls both over 291 speed with Bite, Burrow and Feign Death and then my Mulgore
Hatchling with Trample. If you're short on those mix in rabbits with
flurry, dodge and burrow, or a Darkmoon Rabbit with Huge Sharp Teeth would be good.

Avoidance and Beast damage is the key here. Starting with a Marsuul I'll use Burrow to
avoid the cannon, Bite Once then Feign Death to avoid the Plagued Blood. That will bring out your highest health pet
but since mine are equal it's random. I get my Mulgore Hatchling, so I'll spam Trample. If I had gotten the Marsuul, I would have
used Bite, Feign Death to avoid the cannon and Burrow to avoid Plagued Blood. When the Hatchling dies, I'll bring back my
first Marsuul. Cannon is in one round so I'll use Bite, then
Burrow to escape underground. It's super effective. Next we'll do Elemental. I'm using my Bound Stream with Water Jet and
Dive, a Core Hound Pup with Thrash, Howl and Burrow and third is an Electrified Razortooth
with Rip and Blood in the Water that you may not need. Starting with the Bound Stream, use Dive,
then spam Water Jet until you die.

Bring in your trusty Core Hound Pup and use
Howl, then Burrow. If you die before Burrow, just restart the
fight but your odds are good. Burrow will scoot us away from the cannon
and does some magnificent damage. Use Thrash until your Core Hound Dies, or
in this case until you win. If the Hound doesn't finish things a Rip-Blood
in the Water ought to do it. Next up is Humanoid. I've got my Flayer Youngling with Deflection
and Rampage, a Dandelion Frolicker with Bite and Dazzling Dance and a Lil Bad Wolf with
Claw, Dodge and Howl. Starting with the Flayer use Deflection, then
Rampage. Once he dies bring in the Frolicker, or a
Thistleleaf Adventurer if you're really fancy. Use Bite, then Dazzling Dance. It feels like we're just getting obliterated
but I promise we're still on track. Bad Wolf comes out and we're going to use
Dodge, then Howl, then spam Claw. Easy peasy. Next we've got Mechanical. In my top slot is my Lifelike Mechanical Frostboar
with Missile, Pig Out and Decoy, and second we'll use a Mechanical Scorpid with Barbed
Stinger and Blinding Poison.

The third pet is a De-Weaponized Mechanical
Companion with Thrash but it does not see battle. We'll start with the Frostboar and use Decoy. Missile four times, Pig-Out and back to Missiles. I'm not convinced that Pig-out is worth it,
you might be better just Missiling forever- either way is fine. After the Frostboar dies for good bring in
the Scorpid and check the Antaen Cannon cooldown. When it's up, use Blinding Poison. Outside of that, just spam Barbed Stinger. The DoT damage sucks but the initial damage
is good and it gets the job done. Next we'll do Dragonkin. I'm using a Sprite Darter Hatchling or Nether
Faerie Dragon with over 291 speed with Arcane Blast, Evanescence, and Moonfire. Second is Chrominius with Bite, Howl, and
Surge of Power while third I have my Proto Drake whelp with Bite and Proto-Strike. Starting with my Sprite Darter, I'll use Evanescence
then swap to Chrominius. On Chrominius we'll use Howl, then Bite, then
Surge of Power. After his demise bring in the Proto Drake

We'll use Bite once, then Proto-Strike. We're slower than him, so we're using the
Proto Strike one round before his cannon comes up to make sure that we're clear of it. Then, a few good Bites finishes the job. Next up is Flying. This strategy is identical to what I've used
for several of the Antorus bosses and that is because it works. In the first slot is any Skyfin pet set up
with Wild Magic. Second is Ikky with Black Claw and Flock,
and third can be any bird that you think deserves to feel special. Start with the Skyfin, use Wild Magic, and
then Die.

Ikky comes in and busts out Black Claw, followed
by Flock. It's too good. Next we'll do Magic. I've got my Chaos Pup with Enrage and Bite,
and second is a Sapphire Cub with Pounce. Third is Trunks with Smash, Ethereal and Headbutt
but if you don't have him any Surge of Power magic pet or a Mana Wyrm with Deflection will
do you just fine. Trunks is very good here though, and if you
have him you can put him at the front and nearly solo the whole fight. Starting with that Chaos Pup I'm going to
use Enrage, then spam Bite. You should make it about halfway. Bring in the Sapphire Cub and attach your
finger firmly to your Pounce button.

That takes us most of the way there, but he
does have Cannon back up. I'll use Ethereal, then Headbutt, then Smash. That Awfully Big Adventure finally pays off! Last is Undead, and this one is nice and easy. Top slot is the Unborn Val'kyr with Curse
of Doom and Unholy Ascenscion, then after that you want a Saber Kitten or Bigglesworth
or Widget the Departed or two of the above with Pounce. Follow your heart. Scraps with Claw isn't a bad choice either. Start with the Val'kyr, use Curse of Doom,
then Unholy Ascenscion. This has the pleasant effect of eating the
cannon while setting us up for some top notch Pouncing. Bring in a kitty and Pounce away.

I wonder if undead cats still like warm cuddle
spots. After all this fine work they certainly deserve
one. So, that's Family Fighter Bloat! Thank you so much for watching. Subscribe for the rest of the Family Fighter
guides and other super cool WoW videos. Let me know what you think, share your own
strategies in the comments if you like and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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