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(Rosé off on her own) I feel so free! (It's been a while since
the girls had free time) I'm not good at going places alone. I think I'll be proud of myself. You're so pretty!
-Thank you! (Getting playful) I really like you guys!
-Thank you! -They're surprised!
(Imitating her fans ^^) I'm BLINK!
-Thank you! Hello, BLINK!! They're so cute!
They recognize me. (Can you find your way alone?) I have to look at this! Am I going the right way? (Looking this way and that…
she seems lost) There's no road here! It's giving me the wrong direction! (It's right here!!) (Is technology actually
bringing us down?) It's giving me weird directions! (Hrm…?) I didn't know I was already here! Wow! What's this? I already have something I want to buy! "W" Record – LP record specialty shop (Rosé listens to music
anywhere at any time) I always thought I wanted to collect LP's and recently, I came across an LP player.

(Rosé's wishlist: visit LP
record store and buy LPs) It's so nice here. This is what I was looking for!
This one! (She keeps stopping to look at stuff) (Let's enjoy together ^^) Looking & listening Looking + listening + dancing Rosé's LP record taste? 1. The design has to be pretty The cover artwork is important, too. This is so pretty! One of the Beatles' most
famous albums released in 1967 Wow! I like this one. The Beatles have really pretty covers. The colors are so pretty. Ed Sheeran! So cute! (Ed Sheeran's Bedford Live LP) 2. Has to bring back a memory I cried 7 times while watching
this movie. I was literally in pain.
I told my Dad I wanted to go home. I told him, "I want to stop watching…" (The Fault in Our Stars OST) I cried a lot watching this one, too.

I was on my way back to Australia. I cried so much during the flight. But the music from the films
were all really great So, I kept playing back
to listen to the music again. I picked everything I want to buy. Shall we listen to Rosé's picks? DJ Chaeng! I heard my dad was a DJ when he was young I wonder if he felt the same way. This is a really good song. Rosé is enjoying her song choices. This is the saddest part. It's saying let's do the things
lovers do for one more day (Chaeng kindly translating the lyrics ^^) The way it ends is
really important to me… because what will I do
if I can never love again? That's when you tear up… Remembering the emotional lyrics… Rosé enjoying this time on her own Now, which member is driving
through the cold? Jisoo & Dal-gom Dal-gom! "A" Pet Training Center Dal-gom's friends
are all here! (It's a place where pets can have fun) (What is Jisoo & Dal-gom
doing here?) I spend a lot of time indoors with Dal-gom.

But, when I leave alone
while the girls are sleeping… Dal-gom barks a lot, waking them up. I always felt bad about that… (What is it??) (Hi! I'm Adam, the genius dog!) Agility: a sport where the dog
and owner both pass through obstacles Adam is an agility champion! Lee Jun-young
(Agility expert) Dal-gom, can you handle this? (It looks cool…so…
I'll try it) (Jisoo is in love with Adam
at first sight) Wow, he's so cool. Down! Good boy. Adam. Sit! (Stares) (Dal-gom are you ready?) Sit! Hand! This hand!
Lie on your stomach! He's good! (Good job!) Let's test Dal-gom's intelligence first. Intelligence?? I think he's above average… When we put this towel on him…

If he can come out of it
within 30 seconds, he is intelligent. He's just standing still. I've done this a lot. Let's start. Points: 3 = within 30s, 2 = 30-120s
1 = 2+ mins, 0 = no effort Mom's getting nervous. Dal-gom! Oh! He came out!
(Success!) 2 points for Dal-gom! He's good! Great job! Good job, Dal-gom! We'll see if he can find
a treat hidden in the towel Will he succeed this time? Look! We'll hide it here. (Show us your skills, Dal-gom!) He found it! Points: 5 = within 15s
4 = 15-30s
3 = 30-60s 2 = attemped but failed
1 = no attempt Good, good! (please…please!) What are you looking at? (Where is the treat?) 3, 2, 1! The end! (I think he's smarter than average…) He's an average dog ^^ What an average dog!! We need to learn some
basics before learning agility (What's that?) Adam! House!
Good job! House training: training to
reduce separation anxiety (Adam goes right in
as soon as he hears "house") (Dal-gom, were you watching?) Dal-gom, house! (This is your chance to become
above average!) Oh~
House! (Can't decide whether to go in or not) Dal-gom, house! (Mommy did you call me?) House! (Uses a treat to urge him in) (Strong steps towards success) Dal-gom goes into the house! Dal-gom has succeeded in
getting his own place! (Call me above average! ^^) Agility training start! We'll go around the course with Adam.

Sit! Wait. (Jisoo at the start line…) (Adam moves at Jisoo's command) Tunnel, tunnel! (Runs into the tunnel obstacle) (Confused Jisoo ^^;;) What happened?? (Sorry, Jisoo!) Sit! Sit. Wait. GO!
(One more time) Goes through the tunnel successfully In between! In between! Goes through the difficult part with ease! So cute!! You're so smart! Dal-gom, now it's your turn! Can you do it? But if you try it out…
it's a lot more fun than expected! (Mommy, just trust me!) This is the first
obstacle that you can try… is a hurdle. Dal-gom has to jump? The height is not important. Wait. Come here! (Avoids the obstacle with confidence ^^) (Where's my treat??) Sit! (Go? Stay??) (Here I go!) Dal-gom succeeds in going over
the hurdle on his second try Long distance is no problem (This is how good he is!) (You're pretty good!) Once he's faster you
can try to raise the bar We'll try it this time Can you handle it?? Come here, come here! High places are dangerous!
(Just like Mommy) How can you do that? ^^ (It's scary ^^;;) (A second try) (Why should I take the hard way?) (They said when one road is
blocked, take another one) (Fails every time) Okay, look at Adam! Look at Adam!! Is it because your legs are too short? (Poor Dal-gom) (Can't stop here!) (This is the last chance) (For a treat…) (I can put away all my fears…) (A timid success!!) Good job!!! You have to explode with praise! You have a lot of potential, Dal-gom! I'm proud of what we accomplished today.

I think I raised him pretty well. Let's stay happy! You're so cute!.

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