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– Bearded dragons make
absolutely horrible pets and I'm about to tell you why. And actually guys, I don't think that bearded
dragons make bad pets, but my friend over at
Husson's (indistinct) sent me an article that was titled, "Bearded Dragons Make Horrible Pets." And I want to kind of go through this. You guys know that I don't
like to go negative on things. I don't typically like
to do this, but I thought in this case it was kind of
something I wanted to cover because bearded dragons can
absolutely make amazing pets. So let's go ahead and
outline what they thought made bearded dragons
such horrible animals. This happens to be Fetty. My bearded dragon that I've
had for 13 years already. And their first point
was is that these animals are often crammed into small
cages and deprived of water. Now, when it comes to cage size obviously you should be
keeping your animal in a cage that's big enough. No doubt about that.

So if you're not, then
that's on you, right? But I think most people
are pretty responsible with that. When it comes to actual depriving of water I'm not really sure where they get that. I mean like who deprives any
of their animals of water? I mean, that would be absolutely crazy. With that being said, you do
realize that bearded dragons get about 90 percent of their hydration from the food that they eat, right? They're omnivores. So they eat lettuce, they
eat other vegetables, and they also eat bugs. All of which will help with hydration and really a bearded dragon in the wild in Australia is probably
very rarely going to drink from standing water. Typically what's going
to happen is if it rains they'll actually drink off of things like leaves and stuff like that. So if you mist your bearded
dragon down once in a while, theoretically, you don't
even need a water dish. But trust me, I suggest you
keep a water dish in there. We certainly keep a water dish in with every one of our animals. This next one is a good one.

It actually says that bearded dragons are just used as breeding machines, and once they don't breed any more they are actually just killed, oftentimes put into plastic
bags and euthanized. Get in there and breed. Why aren't you breeding? I got the plastic bag, you know. Now listen, I don't want
to make light of this. I mean, obviously that
would be a horrible thing but I don't know. Where did they come up with this? I mean, I have to believe that
they're just making it up. I've never heard of anyone
just throwing a bearded dragon in a plastic bag because
it wouldn't breed. I mean, that would be asinine.

This happens to be Bones, one of our newest bearded dragons. And of course their next point, I don't completely disagree on. And it says that bearded
dragons are almost always kept in too small of enclosures
and are not given that expensive set up that they need. Now, first off I agree, some people probably don't keep them in large enough enclosures. They do need, you know,
anywhere between a 40 and maybe even up to a 75 gallon aquarium as far as size goes when they are adults, but as babies you can keep
them in something smaller, and then it is a little
expensive to keep the animals. And what I mean by that is
they need a basking spot.

That's going to be 100 and
five, a hundred and 10 degrees. And then of course they need UV light. And then of course they
need a sizeable cage and all that type of stuff. The truth is, is it's not
that cheap to get started. But I think the majority of
people actually will do that when they get a bearded dragon, right? They'll get them what they need, even though it does cost a little more than let's say a leopard gecko set up.

But once you have that set up the cost of actually keeping the
animal is actually pretty low. So next point was that 75
percent of all reptiles, not just bearded dragons,
never make it to a year old. Again, I introduce you to
Fetty, the old bearded dragon. And the truth is, is
that, you know, I'm sure there's some attrition when
it comes to all reptiles, but 75 percent? Like where did they get that number from? I could go the other
way and say 99 percent of all reptiles live to be 20 years old. Now I'd just be making that
up because I don't know, I don't have any kind of data behind that, but I can assure you that 75 percent of reptiles don't die in their first year. I would say it's probably
under 5 percent, quite frankly. That would be my understanding. And certainly every bearded
dragon I've ever owned has thrived for many, many, many years.

And if you're taking care of it properly there's no reason why it
should die at a year of age. Not to mention all reptiles? I mean, captive bred
reptiles in particular almost always thrive. Again, I don't know what the percentage is but I'm certain that
it's well into the 90s. So again, I just think
these arbitrary numbers that they just come up with and throw off with no data to back it,
is kind of just ridiculous.

And guys, I don't want
to beat a dead horse. I got the plastic bag, you know. I certainly don't want to be all negative. But when I see something like that, when I know that bearded dragons are one of the best pet reptiles you can ever own. I mean, Flaming Hot is
definitely a hit here and everyone I know that has had kids that has had bearded dragons
absolutely loves him. So I had to address it,
right? But that's it. Let's go ahead and end the negativity and move on to some positivity. Well with big snakes, come pig poop. That's right. Lucy did a nasty poop soup there. If I'm going to go in here I'm
going to try and leave her, and hopefully she's
going to be good to me, and drain this out, get
all that poop out of there. Tell you what? You know,
the life of a snake guy, you know, it's always so glamorous.

As much as I love giant snakes, this is the one downside to giant snakes, there's no doubt about it. They have giant dirt and
Lucy fortunately goes in her water because it
makes it easier for cleanup. But boy does it smell, I tell you what. Being in here is not very fun, but again, I always get the glamorous
job of doing this. (upbeat music) That wraps that up. It wasn't a fun job, but
it was a job that needed to get done. So Carl, our emerald tree
boa, has started to shed. How amazing is that to actually
see it crawl out of its skin and get a brand new layer of skin? So look how beautiful the
emerald tree boa looks now that it's shedded. It's always cool to see. And it's really an amazing
thing to see a tree boa shed.

It's been a few weeks since
we've had the coloring book out. It's been a huge success, although you can go to the reptarium.com and you could buy
yourself a coloring book. But I've actually noticed
I haven't seen anyone that actually colored the coloring book. So do me a favor tag me at
snakebites TBN on Instagram with your coloring, and I'll go ahead and
pick a few of them out and send you guys gift
cards for the Reptarium.

Laurie. – What? – I think Bella wants attention from you. You never love her. Why don't you love Bella? You don't, look at her. She's looking at you right now saying, "Pet me, pet." Go and pat her. Good. See? Isn't that nice? – Yeah. Just because you don't see it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. – Do you pet her? How often do you pet her? How many times a week? – I don't keep track.
I pet a lot of things, a lot of times a week. – (stutters) I don't think want to know about what you're doing. You're petting things. All right, ooh. And I can't think of
anything more positive than snake breeding. I mean, take a look at some of
these pairings that we have. This is actually an interesting dynamic in scaleless Texas rats, right? Because this thing is just an
absolute ripper, beautiful.

Hardly any scales and so bright, but believe it or not, this
is also a scaleless Texas rat, but it has quite a few scales left on it, and it certainly doesn't have
that dynamic color pop, right? And that kind of gives you
an idea of the more scales, the less the color actually pops. The less scale, the
more the color pops out. Of course, that's also apologetically bred to have that really bright red color. (upbeat music) Really excited that I just had
a meeting with the engineer. The first time I've
actually met with them. We've talked about going down. We've talked about going up. I tell you, we've got some
pretty exciting things we're going to be sharing with you guys. So I think I've made my mind up and I think you guys are
gonna be really happy with the way it turns out. It's going to be a big one, guys.

It's going to be a big one, but I'm excited to get it started. Back to some scaleless Texas
rats snakes, and again, a pretty good dynamic between one that has quite a few scales left, and what I call remnant scales, and one that's almost
completely scaleless. And this one's actually in shed and still looks absolutely ridiculous. We have some killer scaleless
Texas rats breeding this year. So again, super excited about it. Cannot wait for egg season. It's right around the
corner, and then babies, hoo doggy, I tell you, it's
going to be a fun year. So Noah actually cut up some more salmon for baby Kush to see if, it just seemed like he
wanted some more food. He definitely looks like
he's on the hunt right now. So go at it Noah. – [Noah] All right.

Try not to let him out
of his cage this time. – [Host] You'll be fine. – [Noah] Want to go in. – [Host] You can go in if you are. – [Noah] Should I go into the dungeon? – [Host] You can. Just
get right up to him. You're all right. He's
not going to do anything. You can go in. You're fine. – [Noah] Oh my God. – [Host] You're stuck. – [Noah] My shoelace. – [Host] He falls down. – [Noah] That is the worst thing. – [Host] That's the last
time we've (indistinct) to see Noah again. – [Noah] Yep. That was crazy. Come on. Come over here. Going
to have to work for it. Something you love. Oh God. All right, this is my last piece. – [Host] It's okay. – [Noah] So I have to make it count. – [Host] Yeah, so you're fine. Seriously son, he's
going to get more mellow as he's eaten too. – [Noah] All right. – [Host] There you go. Go ahead, pet him. You'll be okay now. – [Noah] No more. – [Host] That's good. You did good. (scratching) – Excited him, ho, ho. (laughing) – You know snakes are pretty amazing.

I mean I never get sick
of seeing them, you know? This happens to be a
Tangerine Nuevo Leones or what they call a variable king snake. But I mean, just take a look at that. Is that just absolutely ridiculous? Finally, we're going
to have an opportunity to maybe see what this
little monkey produces is right here. This was an albino Honduran milk snake that we produced a couple of years ago. I always said it looked
like that Halloween candy, the candy corn or whatever. Well, finally we're
going to be breeding it and hopefully it'll actually pass along and we can produce a line of Honduran milk snakes
that look just like this. Definitely don't show boas enough love, there's no doubt about that. And take a look at this one here. This is actually a Motley
that's (indistinct) albino. Just absolutely stunning. The Motley's actually an incomplete dominance boa constrictor.

So essentially what it is, if you breed this to a normal, you get about half the
babies will come out Motley, of course you breed them together you get a super Motley, but unfortunately a lot
of the super Motleys don't really survive. So we don't plan on ever
breeding Motley to Motley. but nevertheless, absolutely beautiful. It has been a minute since I
have gotten some new shoes. I tell you what, I used
to buy shoes all the time, but you know, you know, things
have changed a little bit. But I definitely need some new. Definitely need some new shoes now. So let's see what we got. These are, by the way, everyday shoes. These are not going to be sitting on a shelf or anything like that. I just needed some new everyday shoes. Because my Neighborhood
UltraBoost (indistinct) are definitely getting old
and you know what I mean? So I got these.

These are actually pretty dope. Of course some Yeezy's, but
these are again, everyday easy, right? I wanted a color that I thought
would match some things. Kind of neutral color. So I like them. I'm going to try them on right now. Yeah, baby. It's like walking on clouds. Another amazing boa of-course, is my sharp albino boa here. Love this guy. Got to get him back on display when we do 3.0 for sure. Because he is just an
absolute gorgeous animal and I definitely need (indistinct), and I definitely need more boas.

If you guys enjoyed this
video do me a favor, on snake egg playlist right here. You can definitely watch
some videos over here. On this side hit that subscription button. Let's get to 4 million, okay? We just hit 3 million during
your post notification on. Thank you guys for joining me. I really do appreciate it. Have a wonderful day. Be kind to someone and I
promise I'll see you tomorrow..

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