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Barbie – The Family Pet | Ep.41


Barbie – The Family Pet How was school Chelsea? Really good! I really like Miss Myers And your friends? They're good Hey! Tamika got a pet rabbit yesterday A rabbit? Yeah! When are we going to get a family pet? One day if you're lucky Ohhh! But I've been waiting so long! Maybe when the twins are a bit older Great! I'll be forty-five before I get my own pet! Ken? Are you in there? Ahhh, yes Chelsea Can this wait until I get out? I'm kinda in the middle of something… That's ok, I don't mind.

Oh goodie! Can you ask Barbie if we can get a pet? Can't you ask her?? She won't listen to me Pleeeaaase Ken? Oh alright!!! Barbie? Can we get a pet? No! Sorry I tried! Hmmm! Skipper, do you have a minute? Chelsea! I'm very busy chatting with… I mean doing my homework! What's up? Can you please ask Barbie if we can get a pet? Why me?? Oh, never mind… "Can we get a pet?" "Ummmmm…No!" Sorry little Sis! Hmmm! What's wrong Chelsea? You don't look happy… Barbie won't let us get a pet …could you please ask her? Maybe later… Please!? Let me just finish… Please? Oh ok! Give me a few minutes to chat to Barbie… Thank you, thank you. You're the best. I just know Barbie will say yes… to you… Wait! That was quick! Did you even ask her? She saw me coming It's a no Hmmm! (Phone ringing) Hello? Good afternoon Miss! My name is CC I'm ringing to let you know that
you have won a new pet!! Oh, boy? Now, all you need to do to collect your pet is to go down to your nearest Pete's Pets store, and…hello…hello? Ma'am? Are you there? Great!! …and he shoots …and he scores…

(thud) Poor Chelsea! She really wants a pet doesn't she? I wouldn't mind a pet around here Same here It would be cute to have a furry friend around Geez… Maybe we should just get her one… Hahaha! (Ding) Hmmmmmmmm I have to go I… Err… Just remembered I have to meet my friend Me too I think Max is waiting for me Yes I must be off too I think they've got a special on diapers at Costco There you are! Are you busy right now? No… I've finished playing with my invisible pet Good Because I wanted to talk to you about a pet I already know Barbie I can't have one Hmmm…

If you did have a pet, would you look after it? Yes…I would! Are you sure?? Yes I really would! (Dog panting) I'd feed it, and I'd wash it and… (Bark) Shush puppy! and I'll clean up after it and I'd cuddle it (Bark) (Bark) Quiet! I'm trying to talk! and I'd take it for walks, and I'd… Wait a minute! Who's puppy is this? It's yours Whooooaaa! Are you serious? But you said no I know, but I had a think about it and I think you're old enough to have your own pet! But you must look after it! Oh I will! Thank you, thank you, thank you! (Bark) (Bark) Oh Chelsea… I've got a surprise for you Stacie! I've got a big surprise too! Well I'm sure it's not as good as this …surprise! (Meow) A cat? Yeah. I kinda felt bad for you so… Chelsea! Oh there you are! You know how you always wanted a pet… Yes I did, but… Well, surprise! A turtle? Thanks Skipper but… Hello! Anybody home? Oh good, everyone's here I think I've got the perfect pet for you Chelsea! Not you too! That's nice of you, but Now you'll probably need a few lessons, but say hello to your new pet! (Neigh) A horse!! Are you serious? There you go Chelsea, Taffy is all clean What is going on here? Hey! Who's puppy is that ? Yeah! I hope I didn't waste my time! Sorry guys! I was trying to tell you Barbie got me this little puppy and I named her Taffy! Isn't she cute! (Bark) (Bark) Yeah great! Thank you all so much for getting me a pet! I wish I could keep them all I can't keep them all…can I? That's a no! No! I can't keep them all not even the horse? Not even the horse…

Come on! Let's go outside and play! (Bark) (Bark) Barbie, have I told you that I've always
wanted a pet too? Really? Oh yes! For such a long time now And I would take such good care of it! No you can't keep the horse! Hmmm! Oh well…it was worth a try! (Neigh).

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