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Backyard PET BUTTERFLY!! Earthquake Morning Routine! Family check up! Animals get a new zoo house!


– [Shaun] Big jump! (upbeat music) (people cheering) – [Jenny] Leprechaun legs. – Let's go! – Cow girl. Let's get our game faces
on, we are cruising. Whoop, hello, hi. – Wow!
– Whoa! – [Jenny] You got one shoe. – Wow. – Everybody follow me. (child screams)
(Jenny laughs) – [Shaun] Hello butterfly, hi. – I wanna.
– I love you. – [Shaun] Nico wants your butterfly? Oh, she's so nice.

Things are crazy guys,
be so careful out there. Especially in Utah. We've got earthquakes and sicknesses, and trampolines with bikes. – Go in honey, I think she's too small. – No, she fits perfect. – (laughs) He's like can I have.. See!
(Jenny and Shaun scream) – We need (mumbles) – Okay, stay down here, okay guys? (Nico murmurs) – It's seven in the morning, we all just woke up from a earthquake. The whole house was shaky. Did you feel that? – Yeah. – It's really crazy. It's been a wild day, and it's only 7:10 a.m. (laughs) And it's already been a wild day. – [Jenny] Next time, go under the table. Okay, guys? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Welcome to a shaky best day ever.

Utah started out with a 5.6
earthquake this morning. 5.6-5.7 and there's been four aftershocks. You know. – Can't have this much anxiety. Oh my gosh. – Yeah, wow, you're dirty. 2020, you're crazy. Hi, is everyone okay? – Yeah, maybe I could get a little bit of, Polly Pockets very quick upstairs? – [Shaun] Yeah, sure, you go get Polly Pockets real quick. – Yeah. I'm gonna go get them very quick. – Okay. Be safe. Good morning beaut. Nico did not know what was going on, it was all shaky. And then Jenny ran in and grabbed him, and then Jenny went under the doorway, it's the cutest thing. Babe, your elementary school teachers would be so proud of you.

– I know. – [Shaun] You went to the doorway. – But I was scared. – [Shaun] World, how
are you doing out here. It's rainy, it's virusy,
and it's earthquake-y. – I know. – Gonna be an interesting best day ever. – Whoa. – This is the worst day ever. – [Shaun] The worst day ever? We don't have worst days ever, only best days ever. (upbeat music) All right, all right, let's go, let's go, everyone on the family bean bag. (launch sounds) – Dad, I'm gonna jump to that bean bag. – [Shaun] Yeah right, that's a long jump. Let's see it. – Ooh. – (laughs) Push. – [Shaun] You can do it,
let her do it, let her try. Okay, big jump. (strains) Wow.
– Whoa. – [Shaun] Let's see your big jump, Nico. Stand up. Whoa, jump. (screams and laughs) – Your turn to jump that far. – Yeah, your turn, dad. – [Shaun] Easy. – I don't need it close, Nico. – [Jenny] Watch out, watch out, watch out.

Oh, you barely made it. – Let's see if Nico can make it. – [Jenny] Go Nico. – Wow.
(cheers) (horn honking) – Throw me onto the bean bag, throw me. – Three, two, one, blast off. (horn honking)
– [Jenny] Whoa. – Three, two, one blast off. (horn honking) – Whoever gets flying
lands onto this bean bag. – That's the game we're gonna play first? – One, two, Three, blast off. (horn honks) Jump off my back. – Oh, yeah.

– Think you can do it? – Can you go further away like this? – Yeah, like this? – [Jenny] Oh my goodness. – Oh boy, this is what happens when you've been inside for too many days. – [Jenny] Ready, set, whoa. (laughs) I don't think she made it far. – Let's do Nico and see how cute this is. What do you want? (babbles) Two, three. – [Jenny] Whoo! (horn honking) High five. Found it. (punching thud) (laughs) Whoa, that was dangerous. – Alright mom, let's see your best trick. What you got, show us what you got. – Ready? – [Shaun] Ready. (dramatic beats) – Oh. (laughs) I was like, she can't do a back flip. (laughs) Find a game, I wanna do something. – Watch this. (screams) (horn honking) Whoa, 'kay, Nico's turn.

Wow! (sputters and laughs) Alright, what kind of games
are we looking at here. Oh, guinea pig check. Hi guys, how you doing? – [Adley] Hey (mumbles). (giggles) – [Shaun] They're doing good. I've got a brand new game
we've never played before. Follow me. – Oh boy. – Follow me. You guys think you've
seen this before, wrong. Different game, I just
invented it in my head. Alright, here's the thing. Everyone picks a color
and we have to think of random things that we have
to do if it gets that color. What color do you want, mom? – I want to be purple? – [Adley] I was gonna be– Oh, okay, I'm yellow. – [Shaun] I was gonna be yellow. (laughs) Okay, I'm gonna be blue, dad's blue. – I'm gonna be red. – What! Okay, I'm changing mine to purple. – Wait, I'm changing mine to yellow then. – [Jenny] Okay, red, yellow, purple. – All right. So what's everyone thing? Whoever the color we roll,
they get to choose what we do.

– How about we make it up? It's like add-on trampoline, but we make up a dance move or something. – [Shaun] Okay. I like that. Okay, roll it, Nico, roll it. (family cheering) – I wanna see what it is. – Green.
– [Shaun] Green. – [Shaun] Do it again. – [Jenny] Do it again. – Do it again. – Whoa.
– Good girl. – Orange.
– Do it again. – This time I'm gonna roll it. (cheering) – Purple!
– Purple! (upbeat music) – Everybody has to floss, go. – [Shaun] Boop, boop, boop. – Oh, is this like a dance battle? And then we add on to it. – I like Adley's floss. (laughs) – [Shaun] The knee down floss. All right, so that was
the floss, who's next? So I think how we play this is, everyone keeps adding on, you
have to do the full dance.

– 'Kay, Adley, from now
on you are red and orange. – [Shaun] I'm blue and
yellow, and mom is– – Mom's purple and green. – [Shaun] Purple and green. – Roll it Nico. – [Shaun] Whoa. (Adley mumbles) – Green. – [Shaun] Who was green? – Purple.
– I was. – [Shaun] Okay, first floss, then what? (laughs) Okay, let's see it. – Dad, you gotta play too. – [Jenny] Yeah, set it up. – Alright. First, floss. And then, hi-yah, hi-yah, hi-yah. Who's turn next?
– Roll it. (giggles) Blue, that's me. I can choose one.

Everyone over here. Floss. And then you've got to go like this. Then you've got to go like this. Yee haw. But you've got to do it in a circle. Yee haw. Roll it, roll it, roll it, roll. – Roll it, roll the ball. (screams) – [Shaun] Red. Who's red?
– Adley. – [Shaun] Oh no. Adley's
choosing the dance. – First we're gonna do the floss. – Yep, floss. – Now you have to stand up. – Oh, gosh. – Hey dad, you have to do the dance. – Okay, over here. – What if we just, she
tells us what we adds on, and then we all do the dance. – Okay, you just tell us what we add on, and then we'll add it on. That's the best part
about making up games. You just make it up as you go. – Kick, punch, punch. – Good.
– Good. Okay, let's go, ready? I'm gonna spin like a ballerina. – Yeah, okay. – [Jenny] All right, from the top, here. Here we go. Leprechaun legs.
– Leprechaun legs. – [Jenny] Cowgirl. – Yeehaw. Kick, punch, punch, kick, punch. And then–
– [Jenny] Ballerina. – Ballerina. – [Jenny] Beautiful. – Ta da. – Next level.
(Nico screams) – [Jenny] Ooh, roll it.

– Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Blue, dad's turn. Alright. You can have one more dance, what should I do? – [Jenny] This dance is wearing her out. – A Sleep dance? That's the end of the
dance, you sleep walk away. – [Jenny] Nico's sleep dancing. (snoring) (shrieks) – Let's get our game
faces on, we are crooked. (laughs) Hello.
– Hi. Whoever does the final
level, wins the game.

– Ow. Look. – Knees, leprechaun legs. And then cowgirl. And then kick, kick, punch. (pants) Don't punch your brother. – Ballerina.
– Ballerina. And then– – Then sleep walk. (snoring) – [Shaun] Everyone's falling asleep. Did you guys hear that? Something's at the door. Doorbell just rang. We've got to see. What's here? Open it, open it, open it, open it. – I can't open it. – Oh, it's child proofed?
– It's locked. – Wait, let's check and
see if anyone's there. We're good. – [Shaun] What is it? – [Jenny] I can't see. – [Shaun] Packages, mom,
that's a surprise for you.

(gasps) Whoa. One of those is for mom. Hey, everyone grab a box of shoes. Come on, come on. Here, you hold those.
– Okay. – I'm gonna get this giant box. What's this giant box? Baby gate. Are we having a baby? We're having a baby. – [Jenny] Oh my God. – We are having a (laughs) I'm so excited to have a baby. So is Adley, Adley's the most excited. And mom's definitely the most excited. Nico has no idea. What? – Nico started opening it. – [Shaun] Oh boy, what did we get? – Wow.
– Whoa. – Nico loves shoes. – Wow. (laughs) – Are these for someone? – [Shaun] Those are daddy's. – Look at these shoelaces. – [Nico] Mama. – [Shaun] Wow that's cool. Do you want to try 'em on, Nico? – [Jenny] They're so light. – I know, so everyone at the office started wearing these Vessi shoes. Looks like this. – [Adley] Wait mom, look these. – Vessi. And everyone loves them,
they're super comfortable, super light.
– Oh, my gosh.

– And, I know right. – [Jenny] It feels like am wearing socks. – Wait, (gasps) you are wearing socks. (ba dum tss) Wow. What do you think, babe? – [Jenny] These are awesome. – I know, Travis has been wearing these, Brandon wears these, Holiday wears these, like everyone is on these Vessi kick now. So we had to hop on it as well. You like them? – [Jenny] They're really
comfy too, I like 'em a lot.

– [Shaun] I know, right? Oh, you're gonna love these, Nico. They are so comfy. – Dad, do you want to
see how fast I can run. – [Shaun] I can beat you in a race. Do you want to have a race? – Yeah, let's have one. – Okay, let me get my new shoes on. You guys know when you get new shoes, it makes you run faster? It's true. – Adley, if we go outside
and find some muddy puddles. – Yeah, we can go outside in water, and I won't even get my feet wet. These are, Trav, thank
you for hooking us up. By the way, Travis from the space station, he gets us all our deals and stuff.

He totally hooked us up. Vessi, thank you. No, forget Trav, he just sent the email. Vessi, thank you guys for hooking this up. They sent us all these shoes, and told us we could test them. So, this video is sponsored by Vessi. Alright, let's go have a race now. See if these live up to
the hype that everyone in the office has been giving them. First impression is comfort. Feels weird not wearing a skateboard shoe. You guys know that I pretty
much only rock skate shoes. – I can pretty much run faster than you. If I hold my cheetah running. – You have a cheetah? – It's not a real cheetah, it's a toy. – Oh, I thought it was real. – But then if I hold it, I can go fast. See you in the run. – Wow. All right. Let's slide your shoes on, okay.

There you go, bud. You've got shoes and you're ready. (footsteps) (cheering) I like. Look, it's my feet. Wow. So far, first favorite thing is I can just slip them on 'cause that's what I always
did with skate shoes. What's your first favorite
thing so far, babe? – They're really light. – [Shaun] Light, I like that. – I like how they're light. – But the most important test, do they make you run faster? Adley? – I'm out here– – Hey. Look how fast I am. – I can run faster than you. – Whoa, are those speed boots? (laughs) She picked her
slowest pair of shoes. Wow. Whoa. I wanna find the puddle
and test these out. The other day I watched Brandon full on step into a puddle like,
up to the top of his foot, and the water went over it,
and it didn't go inside.

– I think there's a
puddle in the skate park. – Oh yeah, that's a good idea. – I'm just gonna bring my bike for fun. – [Shaun] Okay, did you
know you can ride it? Yeah, you don't have to carry it. – Yeah. – (giggles) I'm such a good dad. Those are dad tips. All aboard! – Running faster. – Not as fast as I can run. (footsteps) (metal clanks) Ow, even great for kicking fences. – [Jenny] It is a puddle
on this skate park. – All right, babe. Watch and learn. (Adley screams) What's that thing that
that pig always does that you watch. – I'm jumping up and
down in muddy puddles. – That's the one. ♪ Jumping up and down in muddy puddles ♪ (shrieks) ♪ Splash, splish, splash, splish ♪ – [Jenny] That grip. – I know, I can't even slide. – You've got a grip.
– What's going on? – [Jenny] But the real question is– – These shoes don't slide.

Is that a benefit, or is that a negative? – [Jenny] No, that's a benefit. So you don't fall on your face. – [Shaun] What? – [Jenny] That's so cool. – [Shaun] That's crazy. – [Jenny] Do you feel that at all? – [Shaun] Zero, it's literally
still completely dry. – [Jenny] So are my feet. (splashes) – [Shaun] Look at that. – Looks like it's wet but it's not. Parkour. (laughs) – [Shaun] Oh, are they good for parkour? – [Jenny] Parkour. (laughs) – [Shaun] Careful, don't slip.

– Nico, you don't do parkour. – [Shaun] (laughs) No, no, no, no, no, no. Slippery skate park. – [Jenny] I have all the grips. – [Shaun] Holy cow. That is wild. I can't even slide down. – (gasps) Thought you
were gonna throw it at me. – (laughs) PTSD from flying cameras. Here, wait, wait. I bet I can straight
up walk down the side. I've never done this in my entire life. – [Jenny] Be careful. – No, that still slides. – [Jenny] Okay. Vessi, you need shoes that
can walk down vertical walls, what do you doing, man? I'm just kidding. And that's insane, a bike on a trampoline? – It's fun and it's very creative. – This is where the earthquake
happened this morning. Isn't that crazy? To be exact, the earthquake
happened in Magna, Utah, which is exactly right there. That, that mountain right
there, that's Magna, Utah. – [Jenny] It's pretty much
the Salt Lake Airport. – Salt Lake Airport got destroyed. – [Jenny] They had to shut it down.

– Really?
– Yeah. – My airport. Things are crazy guys,
be so careful out there. Especially in Utah. We've got earthquakes, and sicknesses and trampolines with bikes. – So, people let their dog
just go in their cage more, 'cause they start pooping on there. – [Shaun] Ew. That's dog poop. And that's a butterfly. Hi, little butterfly. Hi. – Hold her? – [Shaun] Yeah, she's so careful. (babbles) – I love you.
– I love you. – [Shaun] Oh, Nico, do you
want to see a butterfly? Oh, hi. Oh, she's so nice. – I forgot to name my new butterfly. And I also got her into her house. She lives right here. – [Shaun] She lives on your bike? – Yeah.
– What's her name? – I'm gonna name her Lyssa. – [Shaun] Lyssa, that's such a cute name. Hey, you get back here with Lyssa. Hey, you give me that Lyssa. Hey, hey, no.
– Lyssa! – [Jenny] Oh, thank you. – You can't stole her. Mom, give her to me.

It's time her to go– – No. (crying). – [Shaun] Do we have another butterfly? – No. – We need to get more butterflies. (laughs) All right, should
we head back inside, it's kinda cold. – No, I like staying out here. – Well, I like my new shoes. Guys, you know the drill. I'm gonna get you a link
and a discount code, and some sort of special deal from Vessi. If you guys want to try out these shoes, pretty much half the space
station wears them now. From the 10 minutes I've been in them, I've really enjoyed them. They are actually insanely comfortable. And, and I just really like
the way they look, I think. These are cool. Yeah, hi-yah. What are you guys doing? – We're making dinner.
– Delicious.

– Mom, mom, let's make rolls right here. – [Jenny] Okay. – Girls are cooking food, Nico is drinking a chocolate milk. I'm gonna clean up my mess I made. (gasps) And– – [Aldey] Dad, help us please. – What, what's up? And I have a pro tip idea. – Turn and squeeze. – [Shaun] Ready? (shrieks) – [Jenny] Okay, here we go. – Back to my pro tip. So ever since I was in high school, and I needed a belt, I
always used shoelaces. And whenever I get fancy shoelaces, especially these ones, they
kind of like have a wax coating, it feels like.

But whenever I get fancy
shoelaces like this, I make belts out of them. You're a red belt in karate. (karate shout) (upbeat music) Tie a bow, voila, instant belt. What are you doing? There you go, okay, and
what are you guys cooking? – Rolls. – Rolls? – We're being (mumbles)
croissants together. – [Shaun] Croissants, it's a fancy name. – I did one. – Sometimes Adley likes
to get a little creative with how she folds them. – Oh, wow, is it a snail? (gasps) – Yeah. (laughs) – You guys are crazy. Our whole house is always
crazy, but I love it. It's been pretty fun,
just hanging out at home. – [Adley] Take a little bite. – (gasps) No. (upbeat music) (snapping) It's time to eat,
see you guys after we eat. – I put the lid in here. We're gonna make guinea
pig houses with these. – Yeah, we're gonna make
little guinea pig clubhouses and we're gonna decorate them and make 'em so soft and comfy. – Get supplies first. – Our supplies, what supplies do we need? – Scissors to cut little holes on them. And maybe we need some things to color. – Like markers?
– Yeah.

And maybe we can use some
tape if we need to tape stuff. – Guys, I've got some stuff. – Oh, mommy read our minds, good job. – I got stickers and scissors but I don't know where the markers are, do you guys know where the markers are? – I know. (box clatters) – This is what staying home
and being inside all day is all about. Inventing stuff and just doing things that never really do like
make guinea pig clubhouses out of shoe boxes. – Move to middle. – Middle move. (glass shattering) – Holy cow.
– Color them first? – Let's start coloring. – Oh, these are stickers.
– Yeah. – You can make 'em space
clubhouses. (gasps) We're making the guinea pigs
their very own space stations. (upbeat music) This was in the other box we got. A little bridge tunnel. – Oh, wow. – And we can put it in between
their two space stations. Wait, mine's a space
station, what's yours? – Mine's gonna be a unicorn one.

– (snaps fingers) Oh. What are you guys doing over here? – There's a kitchen and a
bed and a table in here. (screams) – Yeah.
– Whoa. – And a couch, apparently. – Couch.
– Couch. Is that one for pancake? – Yeah. (child babbles) Oh, we put pancakes on the
table, triple pancakes, good. – [Shaun] Yeah, I think
pancake likes to eat pancakes. I think we put in here like this 'cause it's the perfect length,
it can be like a little bed. Look at this. And then they can walk in right here. You like that? – Yeah. – Hey, no. Oh. – Oh, you know what? – Dad, did you know this
is actually not a marker? – Yeah, it is.

(screams) – Where'd it go? – Look, I'm done with mine, done mine. – Whoa, what's this? – What's this? – Should we get how it works? – [Jenny] Adley, you're so crafty. – [Shaun] I know, she's creative, huh? – [Jenny] Yeah. – There's this thingy that holds the door so you pull this and then you put it down and then go through and then
they play in this little area. I need to drop some stuff they'll like, and put some food in there.

– Yeah.
– Hey. (child babbles) – (gasps) Oh, no, not on the table. On the box. – Good thing they're washable. (child babbles) What color's that, is that blue? – Are you using blue? (screams) Did you turn into R2-D2? – No. (howling) – Uh oh, we got some wolves in here. – Wanna show me your house? This is the house Nico made for you. – [Jenny] Put Pancake in. (laughs) – Should we show pancake? Look, here's your house,
that's your kitchen and that's your bed, that's your table, and this is where you can sit. (gasps) Yay. (claps hands) – Pig. – Oh, yeah, that's right, do
you wanna go through the door? There you go. – Go on in. – Go on in, Honey. I think she's too small.

– No, she fits perfect. Shut the door, shut the door. No escaping. Oh, you guys are neighbors. – Hi.
– Hello. She's like how do I open this door? (laughs) (screams) – You gotta use the door, no
jumping out of your house. Come here, go to your mama. (laughs) – Please don't poop on me. (laughs) Can you hold, do you wanna
hold your guinea pig? – No. – Oh, hi. – My guinea pig ran away. – Oh, boy, Honey. Have you guys been
missing our guinea pigs? The whole time we were traveling, you guys didn't get to see 'em. (smooches) We missed them too and then we came home and played with them. I feel like we haven't
filmed with them forever 'cause we filmed with them way too much and I felt like everyone was sick of 'em, but we'll start filming with them more. Look how long her hair's
gotten too, look at that. Look at that.

– [Jenny] She's gotten bigger
and Honey has gotten bigger. – Look how long her hair is, Adley. Hi. (laughs) – [jenny] So cute. Oh, Honey, you gotta stay. Okay. Wanna get in my lap? – [Shaun] Happy and hungry for dinner. (Child babbles) Here's your carrots. – [Adley] 'Kay, everyone go in there. Spread it all out. – [Jenny] Oh, that's a lot. – [Adley] Spread it out. One, two, three. – [Jenny] Whoa, they love it. – [Adley] Eyes on me. (laughs) – [Jenny] Where'd you
learn that from, school? – Boom. (laughs) Help me get my tape off me. – Hey, you got tape in your hair, pause. – Don't pause. – Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. – Ow.
– Ow, ooh, boop. There, we got it out. – [Jenny] Babe, don't. (screams) – Honey is an escape artist,
she's going over there. – We caught her. – (laughs) We got it. – [Jenny] We got her. – It tickles my belly. – [Jenny] Get back in there. Back in the clubhouse. – 'Kay, thanks for watching me. – Bye. – Bye. {upbeat music) – [Shaun] Where did Lyssa go? – She's in my bike. – [Shaun] She's in your bike? – [Adley] Yeah, she's
right here in her home.

– [Shaun] She's inside there? – It's so simple. (dramatic music)
(monkey hoots).

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