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Back to the Outback | Official Trailer | Netflix


Welcome to the Australian Wildlife Park! Home to the cutest animals in the world. Oh my gosh, it's Pretty Boy! This is Mission Control patching you through to Pretty Boy now. And the Outback's most dangerous animals. These animals are deadly. Hear that horrible hiss? Gross. Monsters. That's what they think we are in here. I say we break out tonight. You're a bunch of creepy animals! You're not gonna get five yards. You're really mean. But he's so adorable. Look at his cute little bottom, like it was knitted by angels. -Grab him! -Go ahead and try.

Snakes can't climb. Snakes can climb! It's just easier. We're going back to the Outback. -They've gone, sir. -We got deadly creatures to hunt! -Grab hold of me. -Over there! Where'd they go? Dear God, don't let me die with ugly animals! -Sweet. -Like a tiny cloud filled with hate. I know it's scary. But out here, we can be ourselves. The face of death! I feel so liberated! Am I a duck? Am I a beaver? It's hard for me to buy clothes off the rack. I'm gonna catch those freaks! I'll raise an army if I have to! My bloomin' onions! I've never had a pretty friend before. -Can I wipe my bottom with you? -What? I want to go home! I'm hit! Oh God, that was my lip. Where's the Fiji water? We drank it all. But here. What is it? My urine. You know what this means? You don't hate me anymore. I'm a Capricorn. I hate everybody.

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