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Baby Monkey | Doo’s Family Has A New Member, Cat Miu – Funny Animals


Hello, our dear friends Doo's family has a new member That's a cute kitten She is Miu After Doo and Miu finish their lunch, they play together on the hammock Then Dad and Tom also play with them on the hammock Some children in our neighbour also visit Doo and play with him Doo seems to like Miu and love playing with her Miu also likes playing with Doo Hope Doo and Miu will become best friends The whole family finish lunch and play together happily Tom loves both Doo and Miu Tom asks Miu: "Do you love me?" and then he himself answers: "I love you" These children love Doo a lot.

They visit and play with Doo everyday Dad is teaching Tom that Tom is a big brother so he should love Doo and Miu and take care of them well. Doo's so cute and feels comfortable when lying on Dad's body After finishing playing, we let Tom, Doo and Miu take a nap Just a few minutes in bed, they hug each other and sleep well They look like angels We want to share with you all these precious and cute moments. Hope all of you like this Thank you so much for your watching Have a great and happy day with full of love and laughter We love you so much.

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