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Aulier Aquatic Acquiescence Family Familiar Pet Battle World Quest Master Of Pets


this is out defeat olya using all aquatic pets for the aquatic acquiescence part of the family fighter achievement your first pet is a moon shell crab preferably a power breed with a key and slash shell shield and moon tiers your second pet is a Gor shell crab with spirit claws bubble and whirlpool and your final pet is being act with water jet mudslide and bubble start your meal chill krub cash shell shield followed by moon tears and then use arcane slash until beauty is defeated should take five [Music] once beauty is defeated conviction endless custom own tears if your crop has the same speed as conviction 289 as microbus here sometimes you get the call first sometimes you don't I didn't hear and my mucho crowd was defeated once defeated at bringing your core shell crab start with bubble and then your spirit closed until conviction has 350 health or less if you mines to get moon tears off with your moon shell krub this turns the way that the moonlight and your core shell crubs spirit claws will now always hit which should knit as part a little less R and G a spirit claws without moonlight as an 80% chance to hit once conviction is out around 350 health it will you start rebirth which if defeated will return it to full health cast whirlpool at this health point then pass one round the dark rebirth both will then drop off now kasparek close this in conjunction with whirlpool should finish off conviction if this didn't happen and your go shell crowd was defeated early or world pills and do enough damage cus water jet we all pay an axe to finish conviction off once conviction is defeated dignity endless if your course shell crowd was still alive to what every time that you come before it's defeated and then be an ox enters use mud slide and cool down but we won well pull us one round remaining and water jet to fill until the fighters won this may take a few tries to get to work good luck and thanks for watching

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