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Attempting to make my DREAM HOUSE in Animal Crossing…


i don't know about you but i always put off 
decorating my house in animal crossing a big part   of it is that i'm just lazy well okay i have two 
things first is that i really just like decorating   the outside of my island a lot and i tend to just 
like not really like doing interior builds however   since happy home paradise came out i have 
been obsessed with doing interiors i've   been getting really really good at it the 
second reason and truthfully the worst one   i think it's so hard to like pre-plan what 
i want to do for a build in general and then   you know get the items and do the damn thing 
i just find it so difficult i can't think and   plan that far ahead that's just me but today 
i spent hours i spent hours time traveling and   ordering items and getting everything all ready to 
build inside of my house so we're gonna conquer a   room baby let's do it i'd love to tell you 
about my plans for the interior of my home   as well as like my general aesthetic but before 
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for sponsoring this video now let's go ahead and   get back into our animal crossing this is what 
the exterior of my house looks like right now and   i will add some clips of what my island's kind 
of looking like at the moment so you can get an   idea of like my general vibrage i've been doing a 
very city-like island with tons of colors and i'm   basing it all on the fact that i want to have this 
island done for cherry blossom season which is the   best season in animal crossing let's be honest 
next week i'm planning on uploading an island   update in case you wanted to keep up with the 
kardashians i guess so uh if you're not subscribed yeah this is this is what we're looking like right 
now don't mind the roach he's actually my roommate   and probably my only friend right now leave him 
alone but this is probably the worst room in   the house and coincidentally one of the only rooms 
that actually has stuff in it i would like to make   this room into like a living room or something i 
think i'm gonna do a separate kitchen normally i   do like a kitchen and living room combo but we're 
not doing that this time i think i'm gonna do like   a living space a little diy space for when i'm in 
the house i can do my little thing but if you have   any other ideas of like what to add in here let 
me know i like to call this um my nightmare corner   here's the thing gyroid's so cute i thought that 
i would love to just have like a ton of gyroids   in every room and see i wanted them to like sing 
along to songs and have it be like a beautiful   symphony going on in my house but my god is it 
the most annoying thing i've ever heard when   there's too many of them just watch everybody take 
a second and listen to the quote-unquote symphony like imagine like a choir of people 
that aren't listening to each other   it's too much it's too much so yeah we're 
gonna have to figure out a solution to like   what's going on in that corner with the 
gyroids it's not today though i really   don't have a plan for in here the two rooms on 
the left and right the basement and the upstairs   literally don't have anything in them but i will 
show you my bedroom okay so my bedroom's looking   really cute i made this with only stuff that 
i had like just laying around in my storage   i don't know if i'm going to keep the bedroom 
back here i think my plan is that i'd like to   have a bedroom and i'd like to have a kitchen and 
a bathroom room i love those i'd love to do like a   little bathroom spa and something that i adore so 
much is when people make their basements look like   an actual basement so i can't help myself we've 
gotta have either an attic or a basement don't   you think that that's so fun i don't know and 
there's honestly there's too many rooms in this   house like what are you gonna do with all of them 
we could do like multiple bedrooms like a like a   two bedroom type of thing and then it would give 
my roach a place to sleep oh god i hate it in here   this is the room that we're gonna work on today 
and i'd love to make it a little gamer paradise   i got a bunch of stuff like i said so i'm gonna 
grab it and then we're gonna get started i went   ahead and contemplated my wallpaper and flooring 
off camera just because like i could sit there and   do that forever but as far as general aesthetic 
goes you know it's kind of hard to say i like a   lot of the things that i've picked out but i'm not 
sure how to use them i guess first thing is first   is that you know if this is gonna be an office 
we're gonna need a desk because we are gamer and   i will do this chair i like um like muted primary 
colors a lot so i find myself gravitating towards   builds with those kind of similar to like my real 
aesthetic in my real life so let's see what we can   really do with this um you know it's it's a tuffy 
this is a toughie i picked out a bunch of stuff   but i wasn't really being super conscious of the 
color of everything so it might take me a second   but we will figure something out and if we have 
to customize things then that'll be it okay i   love patchwork sofa chair i think it'd be cool to 
fill up maybe some of this blankness with a wooden   bookshelf i will have to craft that though so add 
that to the list keep it in your mental i think   this is a good combo but not the right colors so 
um we'll just we'll ignore it for now sloppy sofa   i love her i don't know she speaks to me wooden 
locker is very cute and i think you know we got to   introduce some more wood tones in here so we will 
use her i got this coffee table because i think   it's interesting looking but man do i hate the 
top i don't know why i just have such a hard time   using her because i don't like the top i do have a 
backup though i'm gonna try to use this instead we   have a lot of very similar wood tones let's see if 
we could break this up with mayhap's a rug oh cute   and it kind of goes with our orange i'm definitely 
showing off a little bit but and then we have a   little rug over there oh that's cute that looks 
really good how about a cat tower in the corner   for my lovely amazing kitten tiny oh he's 
the best he doesn't actually really like   cat towers in real life he's an old man he's a 
traditionalist and for the most part he doesn't   really like toys or things like that he just 
loves to lay so yeah reading nook is cute but   maybe i'm actually going to move her just a little 
bit so i could put a table something right here   oh is it too tall i want to put something right 
there so i can put more stuff and things on it oh you know what i think we're on to something 
something that i really really did not get   enough of is plants i'm kind of suffering 
right now because i don't have enough of that   but um i do have plushies so that's a plus i do 
have a carton of milk no we're not doing that   that's very weird who drinks milk um i decided 
to put some cactus yeah colors are like a little   bit off but um do i care no before i continue 
i really i do have to go collect this bookshelf   so let me do that really quick devastating news 
just learned i don't have the wooden bookshelf diy   so i ended up pinging all of my twitch subs and um 
our lovely friend krista is going to give me some   so i will be back i'm so grateful that krista has 
bookshelf for me right now because i also learned   that it takes five books to craft one um who 
has five books who has the space for five books   who reads book i have a bunch of golden nuggets um 
because you know i have been a cheater i have been   a cheater in the past and i will do it again and 
i like to have them on reserve just in case i run   out of money so that i can um get super rich super 
quick that's what i'm going to give krista today   and this island is so cute island goals are 
you freaking serious i'm like okay guys i'll   see you guys next week um video's over i'm 
done why do i even bother why do i even try   you get all the gold nuggets have fun being 
super rich and also i'm gonna give you some   wood everyone needs it oh my goodness and what 
is all this i asked for two and there's three   no you're the best krista i don't have 
my thing open oh god i don't have my i   don't have my thing on my phone open um how do i 
convey that i have much love i do shy thank you   i love you that should be good enough oh my god 
what an angel everybody right now leave a comment   thank you krista for saving the day my 
hero okay leave now we go finish decorating   all right flying back you know after that 
experience on that beautiful gorgeous island   feeling super good that is such inspo i would 
actually love to go take a tour sometime   i want more city islands and i want more city 
islands with like 2.0 items and very much color   that sounds like you you better share your 
d.a let's keep on keeping on keep strong   ooh okay so this one is white we can customize it 
i was thinking about doing the natural but like   this is kind of cute i think i'm gonna stick with 
it i like how this reading nook looks this reading   nook looks maybe like that ooh like that is even 
cute too how about is there anything else that i   could put in that corner monstera moment maybe 
another bookshelf even over here yeah i adore   that too okay this is good this is really really 
shaping up let's move on to the walls finally   finally squeakoid seems super appropriate we love 
a good squeaker i also am a big fan of corkboard   i think she belongs in every office it's probably 
my favorite part of any build is doing the walls i   just have so much fun doing walls just like really 
pulls things together it's nice okay so i have put   a lot of stuff on the walls let's see what we can 
take away definitely that and i honestly think we   could take this one away too i don't want to cover 
up that beautiful molding on that accent wall so   what about that and we also do not want to neglect 
the ceiling decor which i did get quite a bit of   ceiling decor nordic pendant light is my hero 
ceiling fan i thought was fun and i also like   this bird mobile there's this one that is pink 
okay this is kind of like a nice little tasteful   cluttery room i am a little disappointed you 
know that i didn't have everything that i could   dream of using but i do feel like i did a pretty 
good job do i like that wall better but i think   i do i think i like that wall better because 
we have like lots of little blues and greens   ah i don't know like this wasn't like really what 
i wanted to do initially but don't you think it   kind of came together the one thing that i 
didn't really get was like a music player um   maybe i'll just use this tape deck and i'll just 
kind of throw her right here you know we gotta   throw on a nice little banger adjust some of 
the lighting as well because it's really bright   and we'll see from there what do i want to play 
we're gonna play kkdub i think that's a new   song right it does look better with the lights 
dimmed a bit i also i changed it back to orange   this is tough this is tough what would you guys do 
or if there's like a different wallpaper flooring   combo that you would do let me know but this 
is my final results for my cutesy little gamer   room i honestly didn't have like a lot to work 
with um i ordered as much as i could before i   started to get really bored we're on the right 
track because you know i really like this kind   of aesthetic but conveying it in this game is 
very difficult for me this might be something   that we have to revisit gosh dang it i was trying 
to make my dream home today but it's not so dreamy   at the end of the day it is what it is and 
we came out here and we gave it a good old   college try thanks so much for watching 
don't forget to check out hellofresh   as well as all my social medias i am on twitch 
i do stream there monday through friday we play   a lot of animal crossing stardu um whatever i 
feel like doing i hope you liked this builds   let me know what you would do different or if you 
have ideas for the rest of the house i would be   more than thrilled to hear them because 
i truly have no original thoughts i hope   you're having a good day and you continue 
to do so and i will see you in the next one

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