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At 10 Years Old, This Kid Becomes World’s Most Dangerous Criminal


Linux Slammer is a 31 year old woman with a rare hormonal disorder called hypopituitarism that gives her the appearance of a 10 year old child she also has a dumb name and that probably makes her feel bad she lives in the sarn mental institution in Estonia and is regarded as their most dangerous patient in 2007 an art therapy instructor named Anna takes up the therapist Post in The Institute Anna is informed of Lena by a doctor and also of the security procedures as they are talking a fellow doctor runs up to them and informs them that Lena is missing in no time the whole facility goes into lockdown and the doctor places Anna in a dark room assuring her that it is safe before leaving however Anna is not alone in the room and a child sitting behind her is drawing a picture of her Anna asks her name and lo and behold it is the psychopath Lena the childlike woman holds a sharp pencil in her hand ready to kill Anna but before she can do so luckily the guards in the doctor arrive and take her away some days pass spy and Lena orchestrates an escape from The sarn Institute she lures a guard into her cell by seducing him and then talks with him for a while when the guard is distracted she suddenly grabs him and bashes his head against the wall killing him serves him right for being seduced by a 10 year old then she sneaks her way out of the facility with the help of her psychotic friend editi editi takes down one of the guards standing near the front entrance in exchange for a piece of candy it turns out that Lena had already planned everything revealing that she is not only dangerous but also a genius she is tracked in his movements in the facility and knows the exact time she departs shortly after she approaches Anna and pretends to run off into the woods so that Anna will leave her car unattended and run into the facility to inform the doctors the plan works and when no one is around Lena sneaks into the trunk of Anna's car and remains hidden inside the facility Anna informs the doctor about what she just saw and the latter reassures her that the situation will be handled by the police Anna then returns home without real advising that Lena is hiding inside her trunk when she arrives home the little psychopath also follows her inside there Lena greets Anna with a crowbar to the Head knocking her out afterwards Lena goes up to Anna's study and uses her computer she looks up missing American girls and finds one that she Bears resemblance to it is about a girl named Esther Albright who went missing in 2003 confident Lena dresses up in Anna's clothes and as she is about to leave she realizes that Anna has woken up the poor woman begs for Mercy but Lena picks up the Crowbar and bludgeons her to death later at night the crazy girl heads to a park and pretends as though she is lost soon an Estonian police officer approaches her and inquires if she is okay Lena introduces herself as Esther Albright and claims that her parents are in the United States the scene then cuts to Darien Connecticut where wealthy artist Alan Albright and his philanthropist wife Trisha are attending their son Gunners fencing tournament the couple leave the venue after their son wins the match and it soon becomes obvious that Allen has still not come to terms with The Disappearance of his daughter Esther before they get in the car to head home they are approached by detective Donnan who is in charge of the police search for Esther Donnan informs Alan and treasure that their daughter has been found in Estonia much to their shock and frankly disbelief the very next day Trisha travels to Estonia and meets Esther after four long years she is extremely happy to have her daughter back and hugs her tightly after the two reach the states the family has an emotional reunion at the airport however for some reason Gunner seems unenthusiastic about meeting his sister shortly after Trisha brings the Imposter girl home and immediately starts having doubts when she notices that Esther has forgotten about the death of her grandmother and also because the girl can now draw exceptionally well the following day Trisha takes her to the family psychologist Dr Seeger to gain information on her life during her supposed kidnapping in Estonia after the session Esther is sent outside the office and the doctor calls in Trisha as the little psychopath eavesdrops on their conversation Dr Seeger says that all of Esther's answers were wrong for example she mistakenly called Dr Seeger's parrot the wrong name even though Esther had known it previously if you want to piss your doctor off just forget the name of their pet bird hearing this as their fakes a fall to intervene in their discussion she also pretends to get injured prompting Trisha to leave with her abruptly as the two are heading home Esther notices a man clicking pictures of her he turns out to be none other than the detective Donna this worries us there and she starts fearing that the detective may find out about her soon after a while they get home and Alan begins bonding with Esther over their shared love of painting which never interested the real Esther meanwhile Trisha observes that Esther's apparent return has changed her husband for the better as he is now more inspired with his artwork and more affectionate towards his family the same night as the family is having dinner detective Donna interrupts them he welcomes us their back but seems suspicious of her noticing this Esther leaves the dinner table and eavesdrops on the Family's conversation with the detect Donnan suggests the family have a counseling session with Dr Seeger to get a better understanding of their daughter during her disappearance Esther who has been hearing all of this gets worried that she might get caught so she goes back to the dinner table and changes the topic right away hey have I told you guys that I'm like 30 years old later at night she plots to run away thinking that Donna is on to her but reconsiders when she gets the idea that she can seduce Alan into a romantic relationship oh God in the next scene Trisha and Alan are getting ready to attend a party as they get romantic inside their room ask their spies on them and rips Trish's dress out of jealousy afterwards the couple leaves as they're home alone with her brother Gunner but instead of spending time with his little sister Gunner organizes a backyard party and invites several friends Esther also joins the party and when Gunner behaves bluntly towards her she responds by talking back to him rudely suddenly detective Donna arrives at the Albright home Gunner answers the door and requests that he leave as he's trying to have a party however Donna insists on using the bathroom when Gunner agrees he enters Esther's room and starts searching through it he even steals a vinyl record from there which has Alina's fingerprints on it as he is leaving Esther finds out that he has taken the record from her room and decides to follow him meanwhile Allen and Trisha return home the latter calls Esther but gets no response so she heads to her room before tailing Donna Esther had turned on the shower to make it seem like she was in the bathroom assuming that Esther is taking a shower Trisha takes the opportunity to search through a Keepsake Bible that the little girl brought with her from Estonia to her surprise Tricia finds defaced family photos of her and Alan an address for detective Donna and a stamp identifying The sarn Institute back at donnen's place he verifies that the fingerprint lifted from the record does not match Esther's suddenly he feels a weird presence as if someone is lurking in the shadows and when he turns around Esther starts stabbing him repeatedly but as she is about to finish the detective off Trisha appears out of the blue but instead of helping the detective she shoots him dead he here it is revealed that Trisha knew all along that Lena is not her daughter she also confesses that Gunner accidentally killed the real Esther during an argument four years earlier and she covered it up without Alan's knowledge as she knew it would affect him the most following this she interrogates us there and finds that she is a murderous psychopath who escaped a psychiatric facility since she could have robbed them and disappeared Trisha speculates that Lena has a larger scheme in mind possibly one that involves killing her whole family however since Esther's return has ignited a spark in her husband Trisha wants to keep things going so through a mutually beneficial Arrangement where they both have something to lose Trisha compels Lena to continue her ruse and keep quiet I told a little white lie to my family but you might kill my whole family yeah we're about even here afterwards the two throw Donna's body done the same well or Trisha disposed of the real Esther four years ago after returning home Trisha privately tells Gunner what is really going on and he too agrees to go along with the plan over the course of the few weeks Trisha coaches Lena on how to fool Dr Seeger as well as family friends to convince everyone that she is the real Esther however the little brat could care less and refuses to be bossed around eventually Trisha gets fed up with her Antics and decides to kill Lena by feeding her a poisoned pasta but the plan hits a roadblock when Lena learns that Alan is going on a business trip without her prompting her to throw a tantrum and leave the dinner table without eating later Lena gives the food to a rat that lives in a room and a few days later finds that the rodent has died with this she quickly deduces that it is Trisha's work or maybe that Trisha is a [ __ ] cook and decides to take revenge the next day Lena retaliates by tricking Trisha into sipping on a smoothie containing the dead mouse as days pass by Lena and Alan spend more time with each other so her infatuation towards him grows even more one day Trisha Gunner and Alina go to a train station to see Alan off on a business trip there Lena attempts to kill Trisha and her son by pushing them in front of a moving train but luckily her plan is foiled when she is interrupted by a passing commuter as soon as Trisha realizes this they leave the station with the intent of killing Lena once and for all Lena pepper sprays Gunner hijacks Trisha's car and flees she then plays a song and smokes a cigarette whilst in the car little did she know that Trisha has called the cops on her and that they are already on her tail in no time she gets pulled over by a cop who forces her to return home now Trisha and Gunner are hell-bent on killing Lena as at this point she has become too much of a nuisance to have around Trisha plans on slitting Lena's wrists and making her death look like self-destruction caused by the trauma she experienced during the years she was missing shortly after she leaves Gunner to take care of Lena thinking that he can handle her however things don't quite go according to plan as the crazy girl breaks free from Gunner and ends up murdering him with his own fencing sword on guard [ __ ] in the meantime Trisha gets distracted by Alan who calls her to inform her that he is returning home as he also got a call from the police about Esther's fleeing attempt then she returns to check in on Gunner only to find him being repeatedly stabbed by Lena the scene devastates Trisha and in a fit of rage she gets into a brutal fight with Lena she slams the girl all over the kitchen and even manages to slash her a few times with a knife however during the scuffle the two inadvertently ignite a fire in the gas burner the fight shifts away from the kitchen but the burner is left to light and in no time the house catches on fire this is still not enough to stop the fight as the two reach the rooftop adamant on killing one another at the same time Allen returns home to see the horrific scene of his house going up in Flames while a vicious fight between the two women ensues on the mansion's roof during their brawl both Lena and Trisha lose their balance and end up hanging on the edge of the House Allen rushes up to help his supposed daughter and his wife however both of them start yelling at him to save them first but before Alan can make sense of the situation Trisha loses her grip and Falls to her death devastated Alan pulls Lena up and Embraces her but just then he notices the girl's fake teeth and finally realizes that she is an imposter he then calls her a monster but this only infuriates Lena prompting her to push him off the roof sadly Alan meets the same fate as his wife shortly after as the fire trucks arrive Lena goes into the burning house where she removes her bloodied ribbons and puts on fresh ones to deflect any suspicion about her in front of the fireman she then comes out of the house in the final scene Dr Seeger meets Lena and puts her up for adoption the movie ends as The Psychotic girl gives out a menacing smile implying that she is about to continue her reign of terror with a new family soon subscribe for more videos like this turn on notifications and leave a like to help the channel out thank you for watching

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