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APNA PET AAYEGA Short Movie #Funny Cute Pets | Moral Story for Kids Aayu and Pihu Show


Hi Friends All those who have pets.. All those who like pets Please like Because today's story is about Pets. Yes we are asking for a new pet Come watch All of us Yes friends Sister, I will win the queen Yes you always want queen in carom board Door Bell Pihu open the gate. Yes mummy coming Door Bell Aayu Open the gate Yes mummy coming I am calling you since long. No one is listening Yes yes coming Who is it? Ruchi, open the gate, I am waiting Hi Kirti Hello Hello Come inside I will not come inside I have to go out with family Will you take care of him, till evening Yes Aayu and Pihu will get happy Laughing What is his name? Snowy Aunt please take care of our Snowy OK my child OK, RUCHI, I will come back by 6 PM Ok Bye This is mine Dog Bark Oh Where is the dog barking? Yes sister let us check Aayu Pihu Come outside, who has came? Who is this? He is very cute What is his name? His name is Snowy Snowy He is so relaxed with me Aayu come sit here Yes sister I am coming with snowy Sister what is he watching? Wow Aayu, new picture trailer is coming SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2 Oh, he is also watching TV with you.

Mummy, new movie is coming on 14th June On pets and humans We will watch it OK, go and play now. OK mummy Snowy Please bring food for him Yes bringing He is very cute Yes he doesn't bite Go snowy I wish he will be with me Yes, he is very sweet Come on sit here SNOWY Will you be our friend? OK, now give it me, Kirti aunt will take him back. So soon Kids, her work is over Come snowy He also does not want to come.

He is enjoying with us. Yes No mummy Bye Aayu Pihu, I am going No Bye Aunt is getting late Mummy, we want to play for some more time. Hi Aunt leave him for 2 more days with us. We want to play with him They enjoyed a lot he also must have liked SNOWY Whenever I will go for shopping, I will leave him with you Aunt is saying, she will leave him here again Ok Bye He was very cute Mummy, I am missing him I want to play more with snowy Me Too Kids, It was aunty's puppy.

Mummy, it would be great, if we also have a pet. Yes sister Idea We will also bring another dog Yeah we will enjoy. We will also bring a puppy We will also bring puppy Which puppy? Like Snowy Who will bring? You No No Means you will not bring puppy No No mummy We want puppy Yes mummy Look mom Sister go back When we 3 will be friends Which 3 friends? Pihu, me and puppy Then we will eat together Yes mummy drink water Yes mummy Roam together Yes mummy Go to garden Yes mummy Go to school School? Take him in your bag Laughing mummy we can do these 4 things Mummy, you did not understood I will explain Ayu side please We will take him out Yes mummy Give him bath Yes mummy Play with him Yes mummy Take his care Yes mummy Clean his mess also That's it, bring one No Please You don't do your own work Door bell was ringing You were playing carom board No one got up to open the gate Bring puppy What? You don't do your work Why will 1 bring more kid? Mummy, I finished my work Sister didn't do her work Oh I did my work, Aayu didn't Me Me I did all the work I did them and you did not Please be quiet I know who did the work I know you very well.

OK mummy, leave that – We want a puppy Yes sister, you are correct Thank you Aayu Ok Please sit here I will also speak now Aayu, it seems, mummy understood I will make you understand Mumma, I am already knowledgeable But still you can try… Look who is talking? Yes Yes I know you are very intelligent OK now tell me. If he will make this place dirty Who will clean? Will you Pihu? You are here.

When he will do potty Who will clean? Tell me Aayu… You are here When he will not sleep in night He will be barking Who will take him out? Who will make him sleep? Tell me Mummy, please don't disturb me during night. Aayu what are you saying? Mom, will not bring puppy We agree to everything Later mom, will do all his work You just bring puppy. We will do everything Yes mummy I am listening to all your talks. I understand everything You are saying yes for puppy now. Later you will not do anything I know everything Keeping a pet is a big responsibility Mummy Puppy is not a responsibility Puppy is a Dog. Oho Responsibility means, to take care and do some work. Did I do any work till now? Why would I do work of Puppy? You and pihu sister will take care of puppy.

What will you do? I will make him do my work. How? I will ask for water Will ask for chocolate. Prepare the bed If he is educated? Then I will make him do my home work !!! Laughing Very good Aayu is very smart Wow Aayu Puppy will do your home work? You can find an educated puppy? Very good !!! He can write your exams also from him. You will get very good marks. Look, I am very smart That's what I am saying. if we already have 2 smart people in home. Why do you need 3rd one? If you can manage the responsibility of Puppy? Then ask your father.

From my side – A big NO. No No No Mummy, where are you going? Aayu what will happen now? Sister don't worry, I am here I will take approval from father easily. (Dad Arrives) What happened? What happened? Are you not well? No No? What happened? Can't you see, I am sad? I am not talking to you. Sad? Not talking to me? What have I done? Oho Ok, Pihu you tell me. What happened, tell me? Mummy is not giving us Puppy. Ok, you want puppy? Yes Just a small thing… Come here Come here fast, I will give you.

Here is your puppy. Not this one – A Pet. Baby dog That puppy You want a dog? Yes In our house? Yes Cute one Yes Small one Yes- Sweet one You will not get Why? You can't take care of yourself. How will take care of Puppy? We will take care. We have seen him. In morning a puppy came here. Which puppy? Ruchi… Yes What happened? Which puppy came in our house? My friend came… She had to go to market. She left her puppy at our home. Since, she took him back, they are asking for another. I already gave puppy to Aayu. You bought? Ok Laughing You have got puppy, what now? Not that puppy. Dog Ok, Ok, we will do a family discussion. Ok, sit properly Site here, mummy you also come. Look Both of you understand one thing. You are kids You are a big responsibility on mummy. Mummy, is taking your care. We don't want 3rd kid in our house.

Great First time your father is correct. Yes look What? First time… Yes, I mean that only… Ok we are going Where? This is not correct… No we are going Not correct… Ok, listen come here You will give us puppy…. First sit here Yeah, we will get a puppy. Yes, you will get – But I have a condition. What is it ? Your task is …. For 1 week… You have to do your work, by yourself. Without mummy's reminders. Right father Yes – Very good make your Bed : Eat Food : Drink Milk Study All work by yourself. and second task Both of you will not fight with each other. For next 7 days… Very good This is a task for them or my vacations? Yes – You can relax ! You will be a Good Boy? Yes You good girl? Yes Both will become Good Brother and Sister? Yes Done You will get it Done – Done Responsibility of checking your task is on…. Mummy I will enjoy… OK mom, till then make a cup of Tea. Some one was saying, that we will do our own work.

Then make tea for your self. Get me a cup of tea… No make it your self. Ok, please Laugh OK, I will bring We are going to sleep. Bye Oh, dinner is ready !!! Yes mummy, we are hungry. You know what have made for dinner? What? Chapati & Pulses Very good Yes we will eat. Will I get tea? Or I have to come? OK, coming Oh As you saw… I have given a week's target to kids. That they have to listen to mom, for 1 week. Now let us watch in next story.

That kids will get a new pet or not? Till then I make tea. Next part of this video will come soon..

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