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Animated Movies 2019 – Frozen 2, Toy Story 4, The Secret Life of Pets 2


for decades only Disney had the special
sauce when it came to animation sure others tried to compete but they just
couldn't capture the magic of hand-drawn Disney animation but then damn it
computers came along and sure with Pixar it was like if you can't beat them buy
them right but Disney can't buy every animation studio so competitors are
popping up like daisies thank buddy-boy i like to clarify disney certainly could
afford to but you know they've already got I think more movies than they can
handle so even DreamWorks Animation is back in
the game by the way and Disney thought they killed those suckers right but
DreamWorks Animation is back now part of team Universal although Disney can take
the smaller win of pushing Jeffrey Katzenberg out of another animation
studio that company the mouse has been so cruel to Jeffrey and Jeffrey has done
so much for the mouse but anyway as we take a look at the animation slate for
2019 I just want you to keep in mind how it went from only won one game in town
to a very wide and competitive playing field all right so now unbelievably even
though we've yet to see a single teaser for either we're getting both Toy Story
4 and frozen 2 next yeah when it rains it pours but it's also interesting
because you know boy time flies because it seems like only yesterday right that
we were wondering if we even wanted these movies but come on resistance is
futile and with these two sequels Disney and Pixar are not only pulling out the
big guns but also the safest ones in their arsenal I am actually curious to
see how they do at the box office uh Toy Story I think
everybody felt the third was like the perfect ending so I'm curious to see
what they've come up with story wise to warrant a return although if Ken's there
I'll be there and that was frozen I mean it's just it's popular but it's not
quite as popular as it once was I don't know if maybe it took too long for them
to come back with it with with a sequel and I don't think that Olaf's frozen
adventure did the brand any favors but they're building
frozen lands and theme parks across the globe so you know Disney's heavily
invested so they gotta try they gotta try we'll see what happens now with
DreamWorks Animation now that used to be Disney's arch-nemesis but they have a
new one and that's illumination entertainment which is weird because
animation fans at least in the United States never really talked about
illumination entertainment I think because they don't want to acknowledge
that what I think many feel is an inferior studio is genuine competition
for Disney picks up but if you look at the box office it certainly is and
they're also at Universal with DreamWorks in fact with Katzenberg
pushed out Chris Miller donkey reruns both John Lasseter style and as we now
know it's it's not safe for a studio to put all their animation eggs in one
basket so melon dontrey has his own big guns in 2019 well biggish ones and the
first over at illumination is the secret life of pets to which they're hoping to
turn in to another franchise for themselves it is their most successful
film out of their one single franchise and that's despicable Me movies and
those are absolutely huge I love them if you don't like them I don't know I think
maybe you just maybe you're not admitting it it's a guilty pleasure and
those movies by the way do Mad Money overseas because of their European
sensibility and also when it comes to secret life of pets – who doesn't want
more snowball right and DreamWorks Animation now at Universal under
mellowed Andris our tutelage comes roaring back to life hopefully with one
of their biggest franchises and that's how to train your dragon now it's been
five years since the last movie but thankfully the Netflix Netflix animated
series has kept interest going theoretically theoretically I don't know
if this is such a slam-dunk I don't think that the trailer was as hot as one
would suspect or had would plan for considering how hot drew were DreamWorks
is How to Train Your Dragon was back in the day like this was like frozen level
excitement and just didn't generate the clicks with its first trailer at least
then speaking of interesting here's an interesting situation pearl studio
actually used to be part of DreamWorks Animation one of Katzenberg's last big
but failed ideas and that was expansion into China remember they were going to
open up an entertainment hole like a like a entertainment complex which would
have like a movie theater all kinds of stuff going on and also it would have
they would house DreamWorks Animation's they called it real it was I don't know
why they did this oriental DreamWorks we were like that sounds like bad branding
offensive branding but that the the division did help animate Kung Fu Panda
3 but then it's true works animation imploded Universal sold off the stake
that they acquired when they took over DreamWorks Animation and now it's an
independent animation studio called pearl studio but anyway their first
fully animated in-house movie was developed at DreamWorks Animation so and
DreamWorks Animation is sharing the credit for this and it's called
abominable and a mostly asian-american voice cast here including agents of
shields Chloe Bennet tells the story of a group of misfits who find a young Yeti
and must help it get home ET style you can see the pitch but you know this
sounds also a lot like Warner Brothers small foot what's with animation
constantly ripping it each other off right I mean it happens in movies too
live-action movies too but it happens an awful lot in animation it's weird
alright then speaking of Warner Brothers animation they've had some genuine
misses stork's was brilliant damn it I'm still sad that we didn't do better but
they've had some hits too mostly of the lego variety they just got greedy and
oversaturated their lego movies but they took over a year-long break right and
they're bringing back the brick that started the whole build and that's the
lego movie 2 with not only the original voice cast they a new director though
unfortunately Phil Lord and Chris Miller still mixed in there but they're also
they're adding current comedic sensation Tiffany Haddish although I believe she's
the alien in the first trailer and they changed her voice so I don't understand
why you would pay for Tiffany Haddish and then change her voice like
electronically I'm assuming she'll eventually take that helmet off and
sound like Tiffany Haddish and they'll and you know Warner Brothers
will get what they paid for she'll also of course promote the movie which will
be very valuable then blue sky studios once a huge player in this field thanks
to the Ice Age movies damn has made a lot of money like wow but you
know they faded it away but they refuse to give up good for them they were just
Oscar nominated for Ferdinand I'm still haven't been able to make myself watch
it even though it's an Oscar nominated movie I know some of you said it was
good a part of me just feels like they had slots to film with the academy but
just somehow it goes with animated movies and yeah I think you can see into
the future and best popular Oscar as well right there's always maybe one or
two films or you're like really in that CAD amis like we need in five
all right so their latest effort is an incredible style action movie called
spies in disguise this sounds like a real winner
basically Will Smith spawn stand in must team up with his version of Q voiced by
Tom Holland to save the day really an amazing voice cast I don't think the
blue sky studios could mess this up but then again you know cuz it's bond Never
Say Never plus the movie is going but the movies
going to be released by Disney right so that could be interesting hopefully
they'll hold it up they'll be like welcome blue sky or they'll be like we
don't want you here hahaha and bury the competition before and you know maybe
they'll sell off blue sky some of you who thought that maybe blue sky would
become their direct-to-video animation division and I think blue skies like how
dare you that's not what we're gonna become so I'm not sure what's gonna
happen over there but you know Disney could could jettison blue sky before
they even release this movie and then this this movie would be stuck in limbo
I mean Disney instead they will release every Fox completed Fox movie but does
that count for those the companies that have distribution deals with Fox we
shall see alright then Fox also this is hustle Wow
this is hilarious for our for Chris Sanders but Fox has a live-action CGI
hybrid movie also coming up from fan favorite director Chris Sanders now if
you're not familiar with Chris Sanders and if you're into animation how could
you not be but he's the guy behind lilo and stitch he's doing really well at
Disney until he got into a fight with them over what was you know bolt it was
supposed to be American dog he got kicked off of that he left in a huff
went to DreamWorks he did how to train your dragon stuff
there which of course is also you as we were just were discussing various
well that didn't even even there didn't quite things didn't quite work out and
now he's out there on his own well not with the DreamWorks Animation but he's
still at Fox and now he's back at Disney Second Life baby and he's doing this
live-action hybrid movie maybe maybe Disney will evil stepmother right but
this sounds amazing this sounds really good so I think they should bury the
hatchet and release this fantastic movie where Harrison Ford tentatively
last-last we heard they were he was in talks for this but he would play a
prospector during the Klondike Gold Rush but the story focuses on his pack of
dogs oh that sounds so freaking good I mean
maybe I could maybe actually see that going to streaming although Harrison
Ford on streaming I don't know and now Chris Sanders would be like typical
Disney BS alright so that sounds very good to me but I although considering
how alpha dude but Alpha didn't have Harrison Ford although Harrison Ford
often doesn't do well at the box office share your thoughts on the prospects of
prospects of that movie down below now in the little leagues for 2019 there's
more I told you crowd and playing field but these aren't quite the same level of
competitor we've got Sony's Angry Birds 2 & Paramount's Wonder Park which
recently released a trailer but none of these are that exciting plus MGM is
trying to get into animation with a new Addams Family that boasts a killer
voiced cast I'm not kidding Oscar Isaac Charlize Theron Chloe grace Moretz Finn
wolf hard Nick Kroll Bette Midler and recent Oscar winner Allison Janney as a
reality TV host that goes up against the family
sounds good I don't like the visuals actually aren't that much but everyone's
gonna be interested in that voice cast finally finally these movies might come
out as planned ugly dolls some real effects who has who
have made movies in the past Freebirds which was medium and then book of life
which was excellent until Coco which actually was better came along and stole
its thunder and then the Playmobil movie which I'd have to see to believe
but I would be happy to see it so that's the animation slate for 2019 as it
currently stands what movies are you definitely going to see which movies are
you definitely not going to see and what do you think of the current state
of the animation industry write your thoughts down below and of course as
always you can check out some more videos right now

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