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ANiMAL TRACKS 🐾 Adley and Niko find mystery paw prints!! Family bike ride & kids magic restaurant


– There's a baby rabbit in here! – [Shaun] What is that? – There's a baby rabbit in here! – [Shaun] No there's not. – [Shaun] Do you think
there's a rabbit in there? – I see a rabbit.
– [Shaun] Are you guys sure? I don't know about this, let the vlog see. Any rabbits? (energetic music) (energetic music) – Moo – Got some cows over there. Got some cows in here. (energetic music) – This looks like a paw. – [Shaun] We found our first track. – Look it up, Dad. Dad, look it up. – [Shaun] Do not fall in the animals. Oh, hi Naves. – No dad. – [Shaun] Right there. That's the track. (man making funny noises) Oh yeah. Feels like we're back at Pirate Island. – Footprints! – [Shaun] Footprints. Whoa, what kind of footprint are those? – [Jenny] Wow, look at this restaurant. – This is a delicious restaurant
if you want some food. – It's looking good already. – [Jenny] Oh yeah. And Adley, you are getting
quite the static hair.

Uhhhh… That looks delicious. – No. – [Jenny] What are you doing? – There's a baby on the table! You guys write this down. This is secret sauce French toast. Those are the ingredients. Then you have to let it flip out and then put it back in. – Here we go. – [Shaun] Oh, I'm so excited. (chomping of teeth) Mmmmmm! It's so delicious! – Thank you. – They're special ingredients. – This is amazing! – Guys, for the news, we're having a giant windstorm. Boom, boom! – Is everyone okay? – Except it's flash flooding. – [Jenny] Flash flood! I dunno! I wanna get on the train. Where are we going train conductor? – Hawaii! – [Jenny] (singing) I'll
take a train down to Hawaii. – [Shaun] That's a crazy
French toast, lady. I just want your French please. Here's your French toast.
Just eat your French toast. There, I just want one.
The French toast baby fell. You okay, French toast baby? – Hello? We're going on another adventure! To the bird park to
find some animal tracks. You ready Niko? Is Niko ready? – [Shaun] Helmet check. – [Adley] Is Niko ready? Is Niko ready? – [ Shaun] Helmet check! – (screaming) – Helmet check! Where's your helmet? – [Adley] Get your bear helmet on.

– Helmet check! – [Jenny] All right. You guys
are going in. Take cover. – [Shaun] You're getting covered up. – I'm smacking your booty. – [Shaun] Hey! Where's that Navey? Hi! All right, they're trapped! – No we're not. – [Shaun] Is it nice and cozy in there? – Yeah! – [Jenny] You got some snacks? Okay. I'm gonna zip this up. So you guys aren't cold. – [Shaun] She looks like a real bear. You ready to roll? – [Jenny] I'm already cold. – [Shaun] You got your
SpaceStation Animation jacket.

We got those for the whole studio. As a surprise after we
did our last cartoon, that just went up. Hair Salon? Have you seen it? It's really good. – What are you doing? What was that noise? – Hold on. – I did not like the… sounds
like a snake is in my hair. – It's just me. – It's like my favorite one so far. You ready to roll? – Are you riding my one wheel? – [Shaun] Yeah. – Okay. – [Shaun] Delivery, delivery, delivery. Water delivery. Ah, water delivery, water delivery. For Naves, water delivery. There you go. All right. Water delivery. – Thanks. – [Shaun] You are not gonna be going cold. It's a warm day. Come on. – Well we're riding a bike.
It's going to be cold. – [Shaun] It's a beautiful sunny day. – It's gonna be chilly breeze. – [Shaun] All right,
let me shut the garage.

3, 2, 1. Oh, hi. – Oh Hi. Did your one will turn into a bike. – [Shaun] Kinda, let's roll. We're off to have an adventure. The wonderful adventure of Oz (children singing) – We got music with this ride. – Adley won't stop singing. Big problems inside the
bike tent right now. Big problems. – Moo. – [Shaun] We see some cows. Got some cows over there. Got some cows in here. – Moo! – What to hear a bee joke? – [Shaun] Yeah. – How do bees get to
school? They take the buzz. – [Shaun] Good bee joke. How do bees get to school?
They take the buzz.

We're here. – We've arrived at your destination. – [Shaun] Thank you, Siri Mom. – Let's go for dad. – [Jenny] Wait, stay there. Let me perk the vehicle. It's not fair. – [Shaun] Please keep your hands, arms, and entire inside the
vehicle until we are parked. – Okay. – [Shaun] Okay, she's crazy. I think the kids are ready. – Dad! – [Shaun] What? – I found a home. – [Shaun] You found a home? – Yeah, look.

– [Shaun] Ooh, is that an animal home? – [Adley] It's a hut. – [Shaun] Do you think
animals live in there? – Squirrels. – Where we are, there's
lots of animal homes and animal tracks, and just, it's fun to adventure and explore. Ooh, and we've got these cool swords. – Chop. Mine's big. – [Shaun] Chop, Chop, Chop! – Mine is little. – We need a rescue mission.
– [Shaun] For what? – Navey shoe fell off. – [Shaun] Where? – Right here. – [Shaun] Oh, I thought
it fell off on the ride. Here you go miss. We're almost there. – And we made it. – [Shaun] Put it on. Good job. All right. Keep your eyes open for animals. – Keep your eyes open for
animals at your house too. – Yeah. If you guys are watching, keep your eyes open for animals, and animal homes and tracks. Niko, do you see any animal tracks? – [Adley] Animal tracks! – I do. – [Shaun] What? – Remember when we were coming back and we saw a snake right here and we jumped over it? – [Shaun] Yeah.

We saw a snake. Ah! Poop! What kinda animal poop is it? We gotta taste it. – [Jenny] Ewww. – [Shaun] Who's gonna taste it. – Maybe it's deer poop. – [Shaun] Deer poop? Maybe. – What is it mom? – [Shaun] Ahh, more of it! – Yuck. – I think it's fox poop. – [Shaun] Fox poop? Is that
what fox poop looks like? – Isn't it like more pebbly? – [Shaun] I don't know
about you think, Naves. – Orange. – [Shaun] It's orange. – Yeah. – [Shaun] Fox poop is orange. – Oh. – [Shaun] What'd you find? – A rock! – [Shaun] Whoa, that's a cool rock. – [Adley] Oh dad! Remember yesterday when we found crystals. – Yeah. You found a crystal
rock in our backyard. It was so cool. – But not like one crystal
rock, like a bunch. – Guys, slow down so
she doesn't run so fast. – [Shaun] What'd you find.

– Look, this looks like a paw. – [Shaun] Oh, we found our first track. – Look it up dad, look it up! – [Shaun] Okay. Then we
look it up on my phone and see what kind of paw print it is. – [Niko] Oh, maybe… It's a fox! – [Shaun] Let's see. – I think that's like one paw like this. – [Shaun] Oh, this shows
you all the animal tracks. – I think there a fox. – That does look like a fox. – Where's the fox? – Right there. Let me see. – So, it has a paw right there. A paw right there and a paw right there.

– And oh, two of them. That could be a deer look
right there. Right there. – Where's the fox? – That's a fox. – I think it's fox. – We found a fox track.
Should we keep looking? – Yeah! – [Shaun] Good job guys.
We found our first track. – Dad! We should've brought a paper to write down what animals we saw. – [Shaun] Okay. I'll write it in my phone.

– Dad! A animal sign! – [Shaun] Ooh, let's go
check the animal sign. – [Adley] Birds. – [Shaun] There's birds,
eggs, other birds. And there's Sandhill cranes. There's these little birds
that make these cool nests all over the place. They're pretty rad. And they're snakes here. There's lots of good animals, huh? – Yeah.
– [Shaun] Let's go find them. – Hey, dad! – [Shaun] Do not fall in the animals! Oh, hi Naves. I see a bird up in the nest. – Where, where? – [Shaun] Oh wait. It's just Navey. – [Adley] Paw prints! Paw prints! – [Shaun] Paw prints! We got tracks. – [Jenny] Ahh, Shaun! She's trying to climb off me! – [Shaun] Hey, get down. All right. Where's these paw prints? – Right here. – [Niko] No, dad! – [Shaun] Adley found tracks. – [Adley] Three! – [Shaun] Here let me
see if I can go down.

– [Adley] Dad. Is it solid? – [Shaun] It looks solid.
Do you want to come down? – [Niko] No, dad. – Niko, come on. This is what I found. – [Niko] No, dad. – [Shaun] Right there. That's the track. – [Niko] Dad! – [Shaun] What? – The pond is frozen. – [Shaun] Yeah. This is a frozen pond! What was walking on the
frozen pond do you think? – Dad, go get your phone. Cause I think this looks like a fox. – [Shaun] Oh yeah. Let's look it up.

What do you think? What kind of tracks? – It is… that. What's that? – [Shaun] A mountain lion. You really think those
are mountain lion tracks? – Yeah. That's a mountain lion track. – [Shaun] Wow. Mom, we think we found
mountain lion tracks. – Yep. They go all the way to there. – [Adley] No, they go over here! – [Shaun] Should we follow 'em? – I dunno, cause it stops right here. – [Shaun] Where did oh,
there's another one. Look! – [Adley] Where? Came over right here. Look! Here's another one! – I'm just guessing.
Yeah. There's, over here. – [Shaun] There's a lot right here. Follow the tracks. Where are those tracks going? – Maybe they are leading us to the fox? – They lead over there. I
don't think we should go. – [Shaun] I think the fall
lives in there somewhere. Do you guys think that? – And like, the mountain lion. – Maybe they're trying eat the cows. – [Shaun] Oh, they're
trying to get the cows? – Yeah. Mountain lions like to eat meat. – Wait, mountain lions eat meat? I don't like this.

– More meat. – [Shaun] Whoa. It's all frozen. – We were ice skating. – [Shaun] Niko, do you want to ice skate? Oh yeah. It feels like
we're back at Pirate Island. Careful, Niko bear. – I see a frog. – [Shaun] A what? – Frog. – [Shaun] Oh, frog frozen in there. – Look, that's a frog. Half of a frog. – [Shaun] Oh, that was cool. What you see? Well, frog. – Gleaned. – Fish, fish, fish. – [Shaun] Ah. There's
a fish frozen the ice. We need to go on a rescue mission here. Hop back up. Oh, all right. We found some good stuff.
Let's keep looking. – Dad! Adley is trying to get up! – [Shaun] You look like
a mountain lion, stop. Guys, I found a wild mountain lion.

Her name's Adley. Get down. Get down, get down. – They're filming a video too. – [Shaun] Look, they're filming a vlog. What's up? I like your guy's vlog. Very cool. I need to look more like that
in my vlog. Look at that. Whoo. (upbeat music) Guys, I see a track! Who did this? It's a heart track. No, you broke their heart. – [Niko] No, no. And there's a footprint. – [Shaun] A footprint. Did
a human make that heart? – [Adley] I heard something in the bushes! – [Shaun] Wait where? – Footprints! – [Shaun] Footprints. Whoa, what kind of footprints are those? – They're little. – [Shaun] Yeah.

– You have dot, dot, dot, and a… – [Shaun] Those look like
baby Big Foot tracks. – [Niko] No. – [Shaun] What is that? Spooky? It's a baby Big Foot! – [Adley] Dad! – [Shaun] What? – [Adley] I found tracks! – [Shaun] Where? Let me see. Whoa. – Look. – [Shaun] Oh, I'm thinking
it might be a mouse. – Niko, you stepped on the evidence. – [Shaun] Ah, did you
step on the evidence? – Wait, I remember what it looks like.

I think it's that one. – [Shaun] That one? That's a bear! – Yeah. I think it's a bear. – [Shaun] She looks like a real bear. You guys really think it's a bear? – Yeah. I really think it's a bear. – [Shaun] Whoa. Oh wait. That was just my hand. Let's keep exploring for animals. – [Adley] Oh no. – [Shaun] What kind of tracks
do you think those are? – [Adley] Should we go
down and look at them? – [Shaun] Are you sure about this? – Now me down. – [Shaun] Okay, are you sure about this? – Hey dad, where's the
tracks that you saw? – [Shaun] These ones right here.

– This one's gonna be our evidence. – [Shaun] That's our evidence? – No, this one. – [Shaun] Okay. Let's look it up. What kind of tracks? – [Niko] I think they're deers. – Wait, hold on, it's a circle. – [Shaun] Kind of a circle?
– What's that? What's that track? – [Shaun] That is a rabbit. I bet those are little
rabbit tracks. Look. – [Adley] Those are baby rabbits. – [Shaun] Look, they're just
little circles in the snow. Just like that. – That's a rabbit burrow! See how tall that is? – [Shaun] Oh yeah, look
at this rabbit burrow. I bet there's so many rabbits in here. Good, find! We found where the rabbits are. – We're probably scaring them. Let's leave their habitat. – [Shaun] Yeah, that's a good idea. Should we leave 'em alone? – I see a house! – [Shaun] What? – A house. – [Shaun] Yeah, that looks like maybe there's some animals in there. – Dad, I found a scratch. – [Shaun] A scratch? Navey sounds like she's ready to roll. Are you girls ready to roll? – Yep. – [Shaun] The girls are
ready to roll.

Ooh, scratch. Where did these scratches
come from? Do you think? – Probably from underneath. – [Shaun] Underneath.
Should we look underneath? Should we? – [Adley] Dad, so… You gotta go deep, cause
there's a wood, right under it. – [Shaun] Should we send the vlog? Vlog, you're going under the trail. Be brave. Look right under here. – [Adley] Yeah. – [Shaun] You see any animals down there? – [Adley] I get like a… wait look at…

Look at these claws. See what could be, what
could be this claw? – [Shaun] Whoa, that's a big claw mark. – What could this be? – [Shaun] I don't know. Mom, we found claw marks and in a little house under the bridge. Hi Naves! What's up? – I smell Rabbit fur. – [Shaun] Rabbit fur? Wait! Is that really? I think it's rabbit.
– I smell rabbit. – [Shaun] You smell rabbit? It's probably the rabbit fur. – No I spell like rabbit skin. – [Shaun] Skin? – There's a baby rabbit in here! – [Shaun] What is that? – There's a baby rabbit in here! – [Shaun] No there's not.

– No, there really is. – [Shaun] I don't believe you. Do you think there's a rabbit in there? – Yeah, look. – [Shaun] Do you think there's a rabbit? – I see a rabbit. – [Shaun] Are you guys sure? I don't know about this. Let the vlog see, let the vlog see. Any rabbits in here? Ahh, you were right! There's a rabbit in there.

Why is there a rabbit in there? – It's a little coo coo baby rabbit. I wanna take it home. – [Shaun] That was a pretty good mission. – So we saw fox tracks. – [Shaun] What else? – Rabbits. – [Shaun] Rabbits. Two rabbit… We found rabbit footprints and the baby rabbit in the green tube. Maybe. Ooh. Is that a rock? Okay. We learned not to eat
rocks cuz that's a bad idea. You're gonna get rock pocks. What did you see, Niko? – I see bunnies. – [Shaun] Yeah. – Remember when we saw bear tracks? – [Shaun] Ooh bear tracks.
That was kind of crazy. Remember the like baby,
abominable snow monster tracks. That was kind of weird. Anything else? – I saw scratches and the
nest underneath the bridge. – But oh yeah. And we
put the vlog under there. That was brave. Good job vlog. – I saw like a little dinosaur footprint. – [Shaun] Did you see
a dinosaur footprint? I see dinosaur footprints right here.

There on Niko's hoodie. A dinosaur was walking on Niko? – [Adley] Dad! And we saw lots and lots
and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots…. – Watch out for the poop! – [Shaun] Watch out for the
poop! Let's get out of here! – Navey is being so cute. She just woke up from a nap
and the kids set up a little something downstairs. I don't know about you Naves, but I'm feeling a little hungry. Huh? Should we go check it out? Oh, hey guys. Wow, look at this restaurant space. – This a delicious restaurant.
If you want some food. – [Jenny] Okay. – [Shaun] They never dropped their food on the ground or anything. It's always fresh. – [Jenny] What are you doing here? Navey.

Niko. Adley. – [Jenny] Oh, so cute. – Oh thank you. Wow. – [Jenny] Wow. That is fancy. – I ordered bunny vegetables.
It was on the menu. See how it looks like a
bunny with eyes and mouth, but it's vegetables. – [Jenny] I like that. All right. Oh, can I come here? – Yep! There's the menu. Oh, I forgot. I also have like a bottle. – [Jenny] Oh! Naves, would you like a bottle? Oh, she's gonna come
check that out right now. – Oh, she wants the color. Here. – [Jenny] She loves to color. – Okay. Your baby's gonna have to
share the crayons with dad. Naves can sit right here on the chair. Navey can sit on that chair. – [Jenny] And your
snacks. All right, miss. You can sit right here on this chair. Oh, get you right there – [Adley] Sir. – [Jenny] Put your snack. Good job! Are you coloring? – [Shaun] Is my pizza almost ready? – [Jenny] Good job! – [Niko] No.

I don't have no more pepperoni. – You don't have any more pepperonis? – [Jenny] No! I love pepperoni pizza. – Can I get a mushroom pizza? – Okay. – Thank you. I don't like mushrooms. – [Jenny] May I order some food? Oh, a job Navey. What would you like to
eat? What do you think? I'll have… – [Shaun] What? – [Jenny] I'll do a cucumber sandwich. – Pepperoni on top. – You do have pepperonis? Yes! They have pepperonis.
Go to the pizza shop. They have pepperoni pizzas. He's a master. – [Jenny] Oh my goodness.
The looks delicious. I think I'll just take one of… – No! – [Jenny] Ah! Okay. My food is ready! – Here's your pickle sandwich. – [Jenny] Pickled! I wanted cucumber! – Oh well I don't have cucumbers. – I'll take the pickle sandwich. – Pickle! – [Jenny] Thank you.

Nav, you want some sammy? – [Niko] This is my oven, Dad. This is my oven. – [Shaun] Oh, are you
putting it in the oven? Oh my pizza just got out of
the oven. I'm so excited. – [Adley] Did you bring your food back? – Oh, this looks still ah, it's hot. Oh yeah. Will you blow on it? And then it's kind of stuck
together. Can you cut it for me? Thank you. – [Jenny] Oh. Hi sir. Can I
have a slice of your pizza? – Yeah. Can she have a slice? – [Jenny] Wow. This little look so good. Thank you. – [Adley] Order for Nav. – Navey your order is ready! – [Adley] Order for Nav! – [Jenny] Navey!
– I forgot the apple slice.

– [Jenny] Oh yes. – Cause I just moved my pizza down there and I didn't say, where's my pizza. And you just leave them right here. – Oh, okay. I think
I'm done with my pizza. Thank you, sir. Can I order dessert? Is
there any dessert for sale? Do you have any dessert
for? Ooh, I like that. – Where's your apple slice. – [Jenny] She ate it. We eat our food that you gave us. – No. – [Jenny] No, don't take our food away. – Hi. Do you have any desserts for sale? – French toast. – French toast! – [Jenny] That's a dessert!? – I want French toast with
like strawberries and fruit and maybe a banana. Thank you. I'll just be sitting at my table. – [Jenny] She's trying
the ingredients before! Do you always taste all the food? – [Niko] Mom, you know how I put this in? – [Jenny] Oh, is that the oven? – No, it's not.

This is the oven. – [Jenny] Oh, are you cleaning up shop? – Yeah, I am. – [Jenny] Oh. – Perfect. – [Jenny] Whoa. – Okay, time to stir it. And it's looking good already. – [Jenny] Oh yeah. And Adley, you are getting quite the static hair. – [Shaun] Uh, restaurant owner? Can you get this baby off my table? – Get that baby off the table! – Get off this table miss! – [Jenny] What are you doing? – There's a baby on my table! – Cake is on. – [Jenny] Can I help you, sir? Oh, that switch. – [Adley] Put this in the fridge! – I'm now a worker here. – [Shaun] You got a job
at the pizza factory? – Yeah. – [Shaun] Lucky.
– I gotta hang up signs. – [Adley] If anybody wants to watch, it's cool how I make my toast. – [Shaun] Ooh, let me see
your secret ingredient. Oh. Is this invisible French toast? My fridge toast is almost ready.

– I closed my shop. – [Shaun] Oh, you closed your shop. That's good. You gonna
take a little break? Is it a long day of cooking pizza? Oh wait. And that looks like that. Okay. That was pretty special. Oh, that looks so delicious. – How many do you want? – [Shaun] I was thinking like three. Are you putting tomatoes
on my French toast? I think I'm getting tomatoes
on the French toast. – Hey, remember when you used
to have French toast here? This is how I made it every time. – [Shaun] Hi. You waiting for food? – Yeah. – [Shaun] She's making some French toast. – Just waiting for some food. – [Shaun] Oh, is that your family? – [Jenny] This is my family. – [Shaun] They look pretty cool. Especially that guy with the hat. How's the French toast going? – Good. – Can we have French toast for dinner? – [Shaun] Let's do actually! Yo do you want French
toast for dinner, dinner? – Yeah.

– [Shaun] Yeah. Will you put an order upstairs to French toast for dinner dinner? – Yeah, I'll tell the lady up there. – [Shaun] Okay, hey lady up there! We need some French toast. – Okay! – That one's burnt. – Who's that up there? – [Shaun] There's a lady upstairs making us French toast right now. – [Shaun] Whoa. – It was me. – [Shaun] Wait, is that your secret sauce, that you always put on French toast? She's making her secret
French toast sauce for… – In front of you? – [Jenny] She has not made this for years. – [Jenny] It is not a secret anymore. – [Shaun] I'm filming it all. You guys write this down. This is secret sauce French toast. Those are the ingredients. And then you have to let it flip out and then put it back in. You have pickles in your French toast? You have to hit the sauce.
That's part of the secret. This is the Kaboom part. She dips the toast in the sauce. – Boom, boom, boom. Strawberry toast. – [Shaun] Her secret French toast recipe.

I've been wanting to try this for years. I gotta watch her make it. Oh, is that your new chef? – He's my helper. – [Shaun] Hi, helper chef. – Oh. – [Shaun] Some powdered sugar. Thank you. She brought me some powdered
sugar for my French toast. – Oh this looks delicious. Thank you. Oh, I'm so excited. Adley's secret ingredient French toast. Let me try one of these. Mmmm, so delicious! – I'm gonna go hand
these out through town. – [Shaun] Uh, town, you got some delicious
French toast coming your way.

– Thank you. – Special ingredients. – This is amazing! So good. – Good job. – [Shaun] Is it yummy, Naves? – Okay. Time to put these in the fridge. I have loads of these in the
fridge. Just waiting there. All I need to do is just warm 'em up. Customers can come any
time to just grab 'em. – [Shaun] Can I buy extra? – Yeah. Take some for the road. – [Shaun] Thank you. Well,
vlog, you gotta try these. I think the vlog likes them. – Okay. – [Shaun] I'm taking
these home with me. Okay? – Okay. – [Shaun] Thank you. – Goodbye. – [Shaun] Bye. Bye pizza guy. It's a crazy French toast lady! I just want your French toast, please. There you go, I'll share. Eat your French toast. Calm down. Oh no. The French toast baby. Here. Get your French toast. Just eat your French toast
there. I just want one.

Ah the French toast baby fell! You okay French toast baby? I'm going to go check upstairs and see if they're starting
our real French toast. Does that sound like a plan? – [Jenny] Sure. – Is that really what we for dinner? Okay. I'll go tell that guy who
makes really good French toast upstairs to start cooking
his really good French toast. You guys want my secret
cinnamon special ingredient? – [Adley] Do what I just did! – Ooh, I'm gonna follow Adley's recipe. – Here's my recipe. – [Shaun] Oh, that's for the
super secret French toast here. Here, will you be the news
channel for the neighborhood while I go cook our French toast? – Today for the news, we're
having a giant windstorm. Windstorms calming down. – That was a crazy windstorm. Is everyone okay? – Except it's flash flooding! – [Jenny] Flash flood, I dunno! Everybody get up high somewhere! We're gonna be swept away. Oh good job Niko! – [Niko] (train noises) Oh no. That baby's gonna float away. Wanna get on the train? – [Adley] Flash flood! How am I gonna get to you? – [Jenny] Oh no.

Get outta the water. – [Shaun] Yo! Are we thinking eggs and
bacon or just French toast? – Eggs and bacon! – [Jenny] It's a flash flood! – There's water! How am I supposed to cook French toast? – [Jenny] I dunno. – I'm going back upstairs. – [Jenny] but we're on a train in water. – [Shaun] Oh no. – [Jenny] Where we going, train conductor? – Hawaii! – (singing) I'll take the down to Hawaii. All right, we're going
to go get some dinner. You are a crazy French toast lady. I'm getting out of here! – [Adley] I'll get you! Oh no I forgot my Navey baby. – [Jenny] My baby! All right, we're gonna go get some food. – Thanks for watching. Bye – What's the password? What's the password. – [Jenny] Thanks for watching. Bye – No. – Come eat delicious French toast. – No. – [Jenny] Oh no. We might be here awhile. – Dinosaurs! – No. – [Jenny] Oh, she can sneak in. – Sneak in – [Jenny] Niko likes chocolate.

– Yes. – [Jenny] Woohoo. Thanks for watching. Bye. End the vlog Nav! – Thanks for watching, bye! – We're gonna have a dance party. – Breakfast for dinner dance party. – No. – [Jenny] the burp was not it Naves..

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