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Animal House (2/10) Movie CLIP – A Real Zero (1978) HD


We need the dues. Good. Larry Kroger is now pledged
to Delta Tau Chi. Next slide, D-Day. – [Screaming]
<i>- [All Jeering]</i> [Shouting]
<i>Just a minute. Just a minute.</i> Just settle down. This is Kent Dorfman.
He's a legacy from Harrisburg. <i>[All Jeering]</i> – Okay. Now wait. Okay.
– Come on! Okay, this guy is a real zero.
That's true. Let's just think back to when
you guys were freshmen, huh? Boon! <i>You had a face</i>
<i>like a pepperoni pizza, right?</i> <i>And Stork here. Everybody thought</i>
<i>the Stork was brain damaged.</i> <i>I, myself, was so obnoxious,</i> the seniors used to beat me up
once a week. So this guy is a total loser? Well, let me tell you
the story of another loser.

[Jeering] [Yelling] [Screaming] Let's go!
[Boon Yelling, Laughing] Uh, l… State your name. [Pledges]
I, state your name. Do hereby pledge allegiance
to the frat. Do hereby pledge allegiance
to the frat. Uh, with liberty
and fraternity for all. – Amen.
– Sergeant at arms. Do your duty. From now on, your Delta Tau Chi name
is "Weasel." Uh, from now on,
your name is "Mothball." Kroger, your Delta Tau Chi name
is "Pinto." Why "Pinto"?
[Belching] Why not? What's my Delta Tau Chi name? Dorfman, I've given this
a lot of thought.

From now on,
your name is "Flounder." "Flounder"?.

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