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All Bichon Dog Breeds – Bichon Family


The Bichon family of dogs consists of
several similar companion dog breeds who are small, playful and cheerful. In this
video I will show you all the Bishon breeds Quick quiz before the video – which one of
these does not belong to the Bichon family? A) Shih Tzu B) Havanese or C) Coton de Tulear. Make a guess and watch the video to find out the correct answer. The
breeds in Bichon family share a lot of similar characteristics. They are all
great companions and they all have low to non-shedding and odorless coat, short
muzzle, a large and expressive dark eyes dropped ears and tail that curls over
their back. Many people think that Bichons are only in white color. The
truth is that the each Bichon breed has its own coat color and texture. And now
let's jump into the list of all dogs from the Bichon family.

Number one Bichon
Frise – probably the most famous dog of all Bishons is the Bichon Frise. It
is a small curly and fluffy companion with white coat. Cream or apricot color
around the ears and on the body is accepted but it shouldn't exceeds 10% of
the body. It is said that the Bichon Frise is one of the calmest and most
sociable of all Bichons, making it the ultimate doggy
companion. Number two Maltese – the Maltese coat tends to be long, silky and straight
and very elegant, but it's prone to matting if not groomed regularly. This is
an all white dog but they can have light tan or a lemon color on the ears. The
Maltese is quite intelligent and calm dog. This is a very social dog who wants
to be around its family all day long. The Maltese is the smallest Bichon with
weight up to 3 kilograms. Number 3 Bolognese it's believed that the Bolognese is very
closely related to the Maltese and indeed those dogs are very similar

The Bolognese is also very small with weight up to 4 kilograms. This
dog's hair is long, very fluffy and completely white. Just like all the dogs
on this list so far this is a calm and affectionate companion. Number 4 Havanese –
the Havanese comes in almost all the colors. The most common are creme, silver
blue, black and gold. It is pretty rare to see all white Havanese.
These sweet-looking pups are very friendly and do not bark much. Number-5
coton de Tulear – coton de tulear hails from the Madagascar. They got their name
after their coat structure, because the coat is dense, long and silky and it
does give the appearance of cotton texture.

Again just like all the
Bichons, the coton de tulear is amazing social companion who has intelligent
calm and playful temperament. Number 6 Lowchen – for a long time the Lowchen
has been considered as a relative to the Bichon family and it was believed, they are
descendants of some Bichon breeds, but there is another theory that suggests
that this is a terrier type of a dog developed in a Tibet with no connections
to the Bichons. We will most likely never know what is the exact ancestry of
the Lowchen, but it does have similar temperament and appearance to Bichons
Number seven Bolonka – the Bolonka is a russian toy breed of the Bichon type.
It's not considered as a direct member of the Bichon family but it does have a
Bichon ancestry because the Bichon Frise and Bolognese was used in the
breeds development. The last thing that is important to mention is the origin of
Bishon family. Even though for example the Coton de Tulear is considered as a
dog breed from madagascar all the Bichons trace their ancestry to
mediterranean region. The first Bichons originated from Batbets and Poodles
One theory says that the first Bichons and the original stock for all Bichons
was on Tenerife.

The other theory says that it is the Maltese that is the
progenitor of the Bichons. Some Bichons accompanied tradesmen on their sales, on
their journeys to for example Indian Ocean or Caribbean Sea. That is how the
Havanese or the Coton de Tulear were developed on such distant places from
the Mediterranean. Tell me in comments which Bichon is your favorite which one
do you own and what is your experience with the dog if you are new on this
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