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Ala Pets Tho Quarantine Lo || Mahathalli || Tamada Media


Right in the morning, people ask for
either coffee or tea, but my mom asks for a kiss. Give me a kiss.
Just one kiss. What's wrong with them, dad?
How irritating. Such a show off. I'm late already. Let's go.
– You're going to work even today, mom? Are you ready? – Yes, I am.
– Why don't you take an off today? Leo and Bailey,
here is your food and here is water. I'll have it,
but Leo won't eat unless he is spoonfed. I'll be back soon. I'll be home
in three hours. I love you so much! Bailey, be nice to Leo. Okay?
– I can't. Fighting with him is my only way to kill time. Hurry up, Jahnu.

– Yes, coming!
Be nice you two. Come back soon.
– Sure, I'll be back soon. Bye, Bailey! Bye, Leo!
– Come back soon, mom. – Sure! Say, bro! What do we do today? Why are you staring at our apartment? Move it!
– This guy does nothing but bark at strangers. You are still here? I said get out!
– Bailey, when I went for a walk yesterday I saw a pomeranian. She was so pretty!
– Really! – Be warned! She is your sister-in-law. Our parents usually spend
a lot of time with us on Sundays. Uncle Ajju is here!
Hello, uncle! But everything changed since 22nd of March.
Why is no one on the streets? Nice! Keep it up, you guys.
Brother, did you hear what Grandpa Modi had to say? Yes. He said mom and dad
can't step out of home from now on. Uncle Ajju, who takes online classes?
Come, play with us instead. Ever since Grandpa Modi's speech,
neither mom nor dad nor Uncle Ajju have stepped out. I think it has been a month since lockdown.
They play with us all day. So, this is the best phase.

Extension again? Yes! My mom is trying out new recipes
but Pedigree is all we get. Hey, Jahnavi! What's up!
– Hey! You tell me. – I'm panicking a little. What for?
– It is tense out there. The lockdowns are getting extended. Do you think it'll be normal anytime soon?
– This is the time we've to be strong and not panic. If we remain a little patient,
everything will be under control. I'm scared. What if we get Corona?
– Not all would get Corona. Corona isn't deadly in most cases.
So, don't panic unnecessarily. So, stay home and stay safe. That is why
we aren't meeting even though we live close by. Even animals are contracting Corona.
They other day, a Tiger contracted Corona. What! I-I will call you back. Bye! I won't let anything happen to you two.
– What's the matter, mom? All okay? What is the matter?
– A tiger got Corona. I'm very scared. So? The WHO released a statement
saying dogs can't contract Corona.

So, chill. Still, I can't take chances. Relax, Jahnu, take it easy. We'll wash their feet
and bathe them regularly. They'll be fine. I won't let anything happen to you.
Leo, let's only go on short walks. Bailey, I won't let anything happen to you.
– I know you'll take care. Dogs are angels. You won't get Corona.
– Yeah, we know that. Relax, mom.
We'll be fine. Who the hell is at the door?
Why the hell are you visiting us during the lockdown? Can I expect to get the work done by tonight, Sushant?
– Sir, that is impossible. Working from home with all the network issues
and family around isn't easy. So, I'll need some time. I'll try to finish by it tomorrow, though.
– Come on, even I've two sons, but I don't complain.

Even I've two pets, sir.
– Not the same thing. What problems would pets create? You really want me to not cook
and instead take care of these two? Seriously? My bad. I'll take care of them.
Leo! Come here, Bailey! Coming, dad. Brother, who is this guy?
– Maybe he is dad's boss. – Cute. I hope you now understand the situation.
The other day, he sat on my laptop. W-What? Really?
– If I leave my charger behind, either of them will chew it.

They chew the charger?
They seem pretty dangerous. Alright, Sushanth. Take your own time, no worries.
But make sure the project is issue free. And also, try to hide our office hard disks
and everything important from your pets. You know, just in case. Okay then, bye.
– Sure, sir. Bye. Where did my biscuit go?
– I ate it. I gave you and Ajju your share of biscuits.
Still, you eat my share too? If you eat my share, what am I to eat?
– She is still stuck at the previous episode.

You should've atleast asked me
before eating it all up. I wasn't even expecting it to be you.
I thought it was Ajju. How could you do this to me? I brought other snacks too.
Have something else. I don't want anything else. I just want my biscuit
which Sushant ended up eating. I'm so sorry I didn't know.
But I promise I'll get you exactly those tomorrow. Stop it you two!
This is not the time for you to bark. Despite having so many chew sticks,
they both fight over the same chew stick. I don't understand why they act so naive.
– Such hypocrisy. Leo, shall we go for a walk?
– Not in the mood, mom. Come on, boy, let's go.
– We'll go later. We can't go later. You know we can't step out after dark.
– Maybe you can meet sister-in-law again, brother. Oh, right! You have a point.
– Let's go now, Leo. We'll go and come soon. Alright, I'm taking him for a walk.
– Come on, I'll take him.

Even I want to go for a walk. Please! I'll take him this time. There was a time, when they used to argue
about who should take him for a walk. No one is on the street. So, peaceful! Don't go there, Leo.
Let's be on this side. Damn! My Pomeranian isn't here either.
– Yes, this surface is neat. Do what you want here. That is enough for today, mom.
Let's go home. I'm feeling so bored.
There is nothing we can do but eat and sleep. All our travel plans have been cancelled too.
– You are getting bored already? Do you realise we live in quarantine all our lives?
– It's been ages since we met our family friends. I want to meet them all.
– The world will miss you if you step out now to meet them. I hope the lockdown ends by 7th of May.
– Dad! You too? I hope the lockdown is relaxed only after
the entire situation is brought under control.

Brother, will they step out like usual from 7th of May?
– They wish. Grandpa Modi won't let that happen. Are you sure, brother?
– I'm damn sure, kiddo. Wait and watch..

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