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ADLEYs 6th BiRTHDAY!! Wild Animal Party & Piñata with Family and Friends! ultimate backyard bday 🥳


– [Dad] Happy birthday! Good morning party animal!
(upbeat music) (screams) Good teamwork. Pink waffles? Mhmm. – Mhmm.
(Dad laughs) – I want it here. – [Dad] Oop. (laughs) Cheers to Adley being 6 years old! (glasses clink)
Oh yeah! – Oh. (Dad laughs) – I need napkin! – Sand! – Sand for us! – [Dad] Isn't that going to be fun? (grunting) Happy Birthday, Miss. (screams) Birthday day pile. (everyone laughs) – Dad look at my face. (Dad laughs) – [Dad] You look adorable. 3.
(makes whooshing noise) Whoo! 3. Wah! Whoa! Whoa. – Dad. Ah! (Adley giggles) Okay for real this time. (Adley giggles)
(crowd laughs) (kids cheering) – Who wants sloth candy? (piñata crashes) (kids scream) – [Dad] Who wants pizza? (kids yell and scream) (sounds of celebration) Whoo! – Thank you guys. – [Parents] Aw. – [Mom] Ooh.
– [Dad] Oh boy. (dramatic drum roll) – [Dad] Are you serious?
– Thanks Kensley! – No makeup on Dad.
(mom laughs) – Makeup on dad! Makeup on dad! – Let's pop it! (mom laughs) – [Dad] What's today? – Adley's birthday!
(cheering sound effect) – [Dad] It's Adley's birthday!
(air pump blows) Whoa, that's a big ballon.

And Naves got a popper. (air pump blows) (excited kid gibberish) (clown horn sound effet) – [Mom] It's working. – Welcome to a best Adley's birthday ever. (Niko screams) (shushes) (air pump blows)
– It's gonna take awhile. – Boing, boing. – Bonk, bonk. – Let me poke it.
– Bonk. – [Dad] Don't pop it! – [Mom] Oop. (laughs) Guys do you think Adley's awake? – [Dad] I definitely think she's awake. She wakes up so early
and it's her birthday So she's just waiting probably. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Dad] Should we go surprise her? – Yeah.
– [Dad] Okay. – [Niko] It Adley's birthday! Hey! I wanna sit on you. (dad laughs) – [Dad] Let's go surprise
her, everyone grab balloons. – (gasps) I'll get big cheetah. – [Dad] Oh the cheetah one? – [Mom] Ooh, get the cheetah. – [Dad] Oh, Niko's
gonna throw the cheetah. – [Mom] Oh we got little
blowers for everyone? (paper crinkle) – [Niko] I get this one.
– [Mom] Okay. (paper crinkles) (mom laughs) (dad laughs) – Happy birthday Adley! Oh we're so excited,
you're gonna love today.

All right, let's all
get our balloons ready. – [Mom] Niko you can't go without us. (dad laughs) – [Niko] (sings) Happy birthday. That looks like a lava-cano. – [Dad] A lava volcano? (gasp) Look Adley's birthday animals. – [Niko] Yeah. – [Dad] Party like an animal. – Oh wait, we were going to
set the animals on the table. – [Dad] Oh yeah! Let's
get the animals set up. Where's the animals?
– Right here. – [Dad] Okay. (both gasp) Look at the party animals! (mom laughs) That's so cool! So her birthday party
is a party animal theme with all of the party animals.

– Okay, let's put them on. Ooh look at this crocodile. (Niko cries) – I wanna play with 'em now. They're all glittery. (dad laughs) – [Dad] Here let's set some up. All right. A gorilla? – Look at this turtle. (laughs) – [Dad] Aw. (gasps)
(Niko roars) – [Dad] Whoa. – Ooh. A bear. Where are you going to sit Niko? We'll put him by you. – [Dad] Yeah that's your Niko bear. – You want this your plate?
– [Niko] Yeah. – [Dad] Oh look at this baby cheetah. – And this one is mine too. – [Dad] Okay. Oh a little giraffe family right here. – [Mom] That's Niko,
and then this is Navey, and that's Adley,
– [Dad] Aw. – [Mom] and that's dad,
(dad laughs) – [Mom] and this is mom. – [Dad] That's awesome. Looking good. – Animals stay there, I'm getting Adley. – [Dad] Yeah we're gonna
go get Adley, stay there. – Oh cheetah on that plate! – [Dad] Cheetah? – Yeah. – [Dad] All right, are we ready? Do we need to regather balloons? – [Mom] Oh we do. – [Dad] Here you go. Guarantee Adley's awake in her bed just so excited waiting
for these balloons.

Where did my balloons go? I think you took mine,
I'm going to take yours. – [Niko] Happy birthday! Happy birthday! (dad laughs) Naves, you're covered in balloons. – The door's open. – [Dad] Oh no. Did she escape? (light music) – [Everyone] Happy birthday! – [Dad] Whoo! She's six, oh yeah. – [Niko] Guys, help me. – Hi Olive.
(dad laughs) – [Dad] Good morning, all! – Help me my thumb stuck in here. (dad laughs) – [Mom] Adley were you fake sleeping? – No. Maybe.
(dad laughs) – I was so excited for my birthday! – [Dad] Miss, where's my hug? You're six. Wait, is she taller? Look, she can almost hit
her head on this now. (both gasps) – [Mom And Dad] She grew. – [Mom] Over night. – [Dad] She's six-year-old big. Oh no.

You have a six-year-old. – I know, don't remind me. Are you being a monkey? Monkey, no! – [Dad] You're a little monkey. – [Mom] Monkey, no! (dad makes monkey noises) – Stop growing up, monkey. – In ten years, our
monkey will be driving. – That's a scary thought. – [Dad] Don't even think about it. – [Mom] Think she can drive. – [Dad] (chuckles) That's
a cool balloon, huh? – [Niko] Adley can drive now. – [Dad] She can't drive! (chuckles) – [Adley] The balloons
and let's go down stairs! – [Dad] Let the party begin! – [Mom] Seven in the morning.
(dad laughs) – [Mom] Oh yeah. – [Adley] Grab the balloons. – We thought we were so cool and dedicated for waking up before 7

To surprise her. She was already awake. – [Adley] Everybody grab a balloon. – [Dad] Okay grab balloons,
let's roll to the party. – Hey, let me have one. – [Dad] Okay. – [Adley] Somebody kick that one over. – [Mom] Boom. Uh oh. – [Dad] Pass. – Boom. Oop. That's why
I didn't play soccer. – [Dad] Uh. (kids making noise) – [Adley] Look at the animals! (dad laughs) – [Dad] Happy birthday! – [Adley] Whoa. – [Dad] Good morning, party animal. – [Adley] Whoa! – [Dad] Look at this little baby cheetah. (laughs) They're so cute.
– [Mom] All right Miss, what do you want for
your birthday breakfast? – [Dad] (gasps) Anything you want. – French toast! – [Parents] French toast? – [Niko] No. Crackers. – [Parents] Crackers? – [Dad] What do you want? French toast? Just like Dad. I love french toast. – Waffles? – Pink french toast! – [Dad] Pink french toast? – Waffles! Pink waffle! – [Mom] Pink Waffles? – [Dad] This just keeps changing. – [Niko] No! I don't wanna do pink waffles cause I don't like it. – [Dad] Well guess what? It's Adley's birthday. What color do you want? – I just want cookies.

(parents laugh) – Bring the Naves over,
we're making waffles! (dad laughs) – [Dad] Naves, you're
presence has been requested in the waffle pantry. Do, do, do, do, do, do, beep, beep, beep. – Hey! – Naves coming through. – Whoa, whoa. She's pushing everyone over. (Adley giggles) (Adley sings to Navey) – It's her birthday! (upbeat music) – And in the morning, I'm making waffles. (Shrek groans) (upbeat music continues) – Mom, try and it make it
all the way to the top. – Oop. Okay pour that in. (laughs) – Keep going. – Chocolate milk or normal milk? – Chocolate milk.

Keep going! – Chocolate milk or normal milk? – Chocolate milk. – [Dad] All right. (upbeat music) – We need an egg. – Ooh, I'll crack the eggs. I'm, wash my hand. – [Dad] Oh and you can put
some animal crackers in there. – No, no, no, dad, dad.
– Oh perfect. – Dad! – We're using fancy cups
for Adley's birthday. (upbeat music) We should all pretend to
be different animals today. I'm gonna be a monkey all day. (makes monkey sounds) – But I wanna be a monkey. I'm gonna be a monkey all day like dad. Dad, watch this. – [Dad] Smash it. – [Niko] I be a lion – [Dad] You're gonna be a lion? – I just be a lion today. – Yes. I want to drop it in. – [Dad] Good teamwork. Oh boy. Pink waffles for this six-year-old? How many of you are six-years-old? That is old. I can't believe
I got a six-year-old. What are you going to
do now that you are six? – Be a monkey. (dad laughs) – [Dad] Should we get two stools? Whoa. What are those
piggies doing up here? (dad laughs) (upbeat music) – My party animals.

– [Mom] Hey you're getting… (dad laughs) – My other party animal. – And this time, I don't
eat the batter anymore. – [Mom] Oh, is that so? Ah ha! I knew it. (upbeat music) – [Dad] Hi Miss, how was your breakfast? – [Mom] Okay wait, everybody watch Navey. She does this new thing
where she scrunches her nose and goes (snorts) (everyone makes nose noises) – Naves. (sniffles) (dad laughs) – [Mom] She did it!
– [Dad] She's doing it. – [Mom] Yeah. – Can you do a kiss? Mhmm. – Mhmm, mhmm.
(dad laughs) – She's so cute.

Why are you doing that? – You wanna know how to make- (Navey whines) (dad laughs) – [Dad] Want Puffs?
(Navey screams) – [Mom] Ooh. – [Dad] Ah, we got Puffs. – When I gave Navey Puffs,
I gave her like this much. (dad laughs) – [Dad] You do. You are a
very generous Puff giver. – [Mom] Nanas or waffles?
(Navey screams) – [Dad] You'd like some nanas? (Niko roars) – [Dad] (laughs) What animal was that? – A tiger makes.
(dad laughs) (Navey screams) – [Dad] Could I get a kiss? Mhmm. – [Niko] Nope. (dad makes disappointed noise) – [Dad] Ooh I'll try Niko. Can I get a kiss? Mhmm. – Nope! (dad makes disappointed noise again) – [Dad] Let's try Adley.

– Niko, you want a pink waffle? – [Dad] Can I get a kiss? Mhmm. – Nope. – I know where I can get a kiss. Mhmm.
– Nope. (more disappointed dad noises) – [Dad] I didn't get any kisses! (Niko giggles) – Olive, Koopa. Oh there's Koopa. Koopa, can I get a kiss? Mhmm. There it is. And one more kiss. (mom laughs) Aw, thank you buddy. – [Mom] Gross.
– Olive, can I get a kiss? Aw I got my kisses. Can always count on my pups. Good morning did you know
it's Adley's birthday? Did you go tell her happy birthday yet? Let's go tell her. – [Mom] So good. – I'm getting it! – I need a plate.

– [Dad] Happy birthday.
(dramatic sound effect) (dad laughs) – [Mom] Whoa. – Flip it, flip it. – [Mom] You scared her out of her seat. – [Dad] Good job, Olive. That looks perfect! – Whoop. (dad laughs) – Dad, let me tell you something. – [Dad] Okay, tell me. So mom makes the waffles,
I put on the plate, and then you're the server
and you serve it to the table. – [Dad] Okay. – Serve my waffle.

– [Dad] One birthday
waffle, ready for the table. Oh boy. – [Mom] Where's the waffle? – [Dad] Wait, where's the waffle? (mom laughs) (dramatic sound effect) – [Mom] I need a plate.
– [Dad] Oh boy. She's the chef, I'm the server. – [Mom] You put the plate
right here and then we'll plop it down. – Server? – [Dad] Yes, chef? – That is yours. – [Dad] Okay. Delivery for Adley's birthday breakfast. (Niko screams) – [Adley] We're gonna eat now. – [Dad] Okay. Some chocolate milk. – I want it here. – [Dad] Oop. (laughs) There we go. Mhm very fancy, there you go. – No, keep going. – I want it!
– Done, done! – [Dad] Okay, wow that's
a lot of chocolate milk for your birthday.

– Wait, you want syrup for your cookie? (dad laughs)
– No. I eat this. – Excuse me, is there any
mess I need to clean up? Yes, let me take care of that. I'm sorry our other server spilled. It's his first day on the job. – You're the other server! – Uh I mean it's my first day on the job! (Adley giggles) (upbeat music) – Why do I got two forks? I mean knives. Server? – Yes? – Why did you give Niko two forks and you give me two knives? – Oh because at this
restaurant we use teamwork so you share one of your knives with him and he'll share a fork.

– Okay? Hey, cut open! – Adley you want some, Adley you want some, you want some of this? – Cut open! No. (upbeat music) – Is this my waffle? – Yup.
– Nope. – Yes. – No it not. – Yes it is. Hey, you
have a syrup mustache. Hey, stop spilling my waffle. Hi vlog. I'm ready for
some delicious breakfast. – Then that's all your waffle
and don't steal my waffle. – I won't. Uh, Olive's on the TV. – I really looked. (laughs) and Adley didn't. (laughs) – Everyone looked, but Adley. – Where's Olive and Koopa? – Maybe they're throwing a dog
party for Adley's birthday? (party music) (upbeat music) Ooh. I like this idea. How's it taste? – Good. – Oh yeah. How's it taste? – Good.

– Ooh. Good. Hey! Are you eating my waffle- Hey! Are you dipping in my- – Here.
– Oh. Mhmm, that is good.
– Is there a plate for me? – Okay. Waffle and choc milk,
that's actually delicious. – Ooh, do I get this cookie plate? – Yeah. – Oh, yummy. (upbeat music) – Dad, I wanna touch the animals. – You want to touch the animals? Touch. – Whoa. – Adley, what are you doing? (Niko laughs) – It's like you're behaving like animals! – You're acting like a
bunch of party animals.

(upbeat music) – Yes, you'd like some chocolate milk. – Don't spill on any of
the kids. That's good. – Yes, thank you. Let me
know if you'd like a refill. – Thank you. Let's do a toast to Adley. Cheers everyone, raise your glasses. – Cheers to Adley being six-years-old. – Six-years-old.
– Oh yeah. – Happy birthday. (glass clinks) – Guys, there a hole in mine. – Oh. That was yummy.

– I think this one mine. – That one is yours. – Oh. (laughs) – Niko is at such a fun age right now. – Look at his blue mustache.
– I know. – And it gets washed away by the sea. – Guys, watch. You see it kinda? – Oh.
(dad laughs) – I need napkin! – Here. (dad laughs) – You guys are actual breakfast animals. – Uh huh. – Hey! Don't wipe on me! Get me out of here. Hey, don't wipe on me!
– Use your napkin. – Mh-hmm, don't. – Napkin. – No, no!
– Napkin. They're animals, what do you expect? (upbeat music) – [Mom] Okey-dokey. – [Dad] (gasps) Her birthday crown. Adley has worn this crown
every year, on her birthday. – Does it go behind my ear or? – [Mom] Behind. – [Dad] You look so cute!
(mom laughs) It's an Adley tradition.

Brandon, pop-up all the
Adley birthday crowns. (laughter) – [Parent] ♪ Happy birthday to you. ♪ – [Mom] Good job!
(cheers) ♪ To you. ♪ – [Dad] Uh Adley, what's that?
– Happy birthday! – Whoa.
– [Dad] What? – [Dad] Pretty cute, Miss. Hey, for reals, happy birthday. I love you. – [Niko] Do password. – [Dad] Okay.
– [Adley] Wait, what? – [Dad] What's the password? – Dinosaurs. – [Dad] Okay. Guys,
– What? – [Dad] If you need
the password, dinosaur. It's dinosaur. – [Adley] Dinosaur. – [Dad] Dinosaur, yeah. Da, da, da, dah! Presenting
the birthday girl! – [Mom] What's the password? – A dinosaur. (dad laughs)
– [Mom] Dinosaur. – [Dad] All right. (Niko screams) Whoo! Look at these birthday presents. – Adley, wear this.
– My birthday vest. – Ya. – [Dad] Yeah. What's up birthday girl? – Who's this from, who's this from? – [Dad] Mom and dad. (paper crinkling)
(uplifting music) – Juicy Fruit and crayons!
– Stamps. – Crayons for us! – They're stamps and they're scented. – [Dad] That's cool.
– I love it. – Open this present first. – And Dad, you got me Juicy Fruit again? What game is this?
– [Niko] I don't know.

– Cooking Mama. – [Dad] Those are real video games. – I got an idea, color pile, Juicy Fruit
pile and game pile. (dad laughs) – And I got a spirit
game and a cooking game. – [Dad] Adley, those are
your first real video games. – [Mom] And I cannot
wait to play with you. – [Dad] I know! I'm ready to play Spirit. – Wow. More Juicy Fruit.
(mom laughs) – [Dad] There's the Juicy Fruit pile. Adley likes Juicy Fruit. – Sand! – [Niko] Sand for us! – [Dad] Isn't that gonna be fun? – [Niko] Yeah! – [Dad] I think she likes it. – [Mom] Niko and Navey gave you that. – [Niko] Yeah. – [Dad] Naves, here comes
your present for Adley. – Chocolate!
– Chocolate! – Chocolate! I wanna eat it.
– Niko, these are all for me. – [Mom] Did you forget
that this is her birthday? – No. It my birthday, too. (parents laugh) – [Dad] You guys can share. – Oh, I needed a clean eraser! – [Mom] Niko picked that out. – A butterfly catcher! – A butterfly catcher! – [Dad] Whoa.

That is awesome. – You get caterpillars
and you put them in here and you watch them become butterflies. – [Dad] That is gonna be awesome. – Wow, a coloring rock set. Here mom. – [Dad] Wow, we got a
lots of arts and crafts. – New pen! – [Mom] Niko picked it out. – I pick these.
(mom laughs) – Erasers. And candy. Thanks Niko.
(dad laughs) I can tell this might be a baby doll. Wait… – Wait. – [Dad] Naves is helping. – It's a barbie set. – [Dad] That's cool. It's like a barbecue. – Yeah. – Girl is going camping. – [Dad] Aw, you got good stuff? (paper crinkling) – Wow.
– Whoa. – Bath bomb and what is it, what is it? A robe! – [Dad] (gasps) that looks comfy. Cute. – [Adley] Niko, put the bath bomb back in.

I'm not talking a bath, Niko. – Probably should today,
at least some time. – A Bluey pool! – [Dad] Wait, what? Bluey stuff? Oh yeah, oh yeah. – [Niko] You can play
with this in the hot tub. – Yeah! – [Dad] Oh boy, dad is
excited for this one. That's awesome. – Dad, did you make
this present fall on me? – [Dad] Yes, you are going
to love this one. Trust me. – More Juicy Fruit. Paint? – [Dad] It's a pottery wheel, so you can make your
own bowls out of clay! – Whoa.

– [Mom] And then we paint them afterwards or if you need a little
Barbie, little teapot, we can make one. – [Dad] You can just make a
little teapot for your Barbie. Anything you want out of
real clay and it stays. – Thank you! – You're welcome. I need hug!
– [Dad] Yeah. – Happy birthday. – [Dad] Hey, hey, I want
a hug, I want a hug. – Nope. – Aw, Niko. I love you kiddos!
(grunts) Happy Birthday, Miss. – [Mom] Wait for me!
(screams) – Doggy pile, birthday pile. (everyone laughs) – Oh, I love you guys. – [Dad] What's next? – We play with my presents. – [Dad] What are we
going to play with first? – Dad. – [Dad] Ooh, Dad gets to play video games? – [Mom] Should we all do sand? – [Niko] Yeah. Let's all do sand. – [Dad] Nave, do you want
to go play with some sand? – Mmm. – Do I get to wear this? – [Dad] You do get to wear that.

– Birthday girl. – [Dad] Sup birthday girl? This has been such a fun morning. Adley has been nonstop just
waiting for her birthday. Four more days, three
more days, two more days. – Oh, it started months ago. – [Dad] Yeah. Two more
months, one more month. – First it's mom's
birthday, then it's Niko, then dad, and then it's mine! – [Dad] And then who's next, Navey? You're gonna be one. At the end of this month, August 31st, Navey turns one-years-old. Are you so excited, Naves? – I can't believe it's been a year. (sniffles) (dad laughs) – [Dad] I love how she does that. – Can I have a kiss? Mhmm. Kisses? Mhmm. – Mwah. – She can. She like blew
it to the vlog. Mwah. – Mwah. Thank you.
– [Dad] Ooh, good job. – Want to kiss the vlog? (both laugh) – Vlog, you got a Navey kiss! All right. We got sand going. Sand time. Whoo! (Navey cries) – [Mom] Aw, are you tired? Okay, we're going to get to bed.

"Happy Birthday sister, I love you. (dad laughs) I love you." – [Dad] Whatchu make? – This. – [Dad] Ooh, that's a perfect scope. – Happy Birthday, Navey. – [Dad] Night-night, Nave.
– I love you guys. – I want a kiss. Mwah. I love you. Good night Naves. – Good night guys. – All right. We gotta play
with all the birthday presents now and have fun and
then we'll get you again because it's Adley's
party animal birthday. We're going to have a really fun party and you guys are invited
so, see you there. – Dad look it.
– What? – Dad look it a map. – Ooh, should we build
a castle out of sand? – Yeah. – Okay, let's do it. – Wanna build a big castle. – A big castle? – Pick out your favorite animal.

– [Dad] Oh boy, where
did these all come from? – I'm picking my favorite animal. – So she's having a wild
animal adoption party and her friends are going
to take home an animal. – [Dad] That is awesome
so all these animals are for adoption?
– [Mom] Yeah. – [Dad] Aw, you guys are
going to find good homes. – Can I pick two?
– [Dad] 1.5! – Pick two, it's your birthday. – [Mom] Niko, which one do you want? – [Dad] Navey's just cruising. Naves, did you want to pick one? – [Adley] I want a flamingo. – [Dad] Oh yeah. Do you want the zebra? Naves is liking the zebra. – Okay, my party is an animal
party, everything animal. – [Dad] Wow. Is that so fun? (makes eating noise) – So we're gonna set all these out and then your friends can adopt them. And then what are they going to do? – They got to write their collars and there's going to be face paintings. – [Dad] Ooh wait, who's painting faces? – Ally and Chelsea. – [Dad] Really? That's
going to be awesome. – Okay should we go and
set these all outside? – Navey likes the hedgehog and kangaroo.

– [Dad] She does, huh? – Can I take their tags off? – [Dad] Yeah. – Yup. I wanted the kangaroo and hedgehog, but the hedgehog asleep. – Oh okay. – [Dad] The hedgehog fell asleep. – [Mom] All right. – [Dad] Oh hello, you guys are
gonna find such good homes. Good luck, you're gonna love all the kids. What else? – [Mom] We have more
stuffies to bring out.

– This is where they make their collars. – [Dad] Ooh. – So we'll go like this, get out a fuzzy, and then you can design your own collar. – [Dad] Ooh. – And then we'll put it around the animal. – [Dad] I love that. (Adley chokes)
(mom laughs) – Uh oh, the kids have
transformed into animals! – Niko first. – [Dad] Niko first? All right. She's almost done. Niko, what are you? – A crocodile. – [Dad] Whoa! You look
like a scary crocodile. – A crocodile. – [Dad] Yeah. – Dad look at my face. (dad laughs) – [Dad] It's so cool. Wow, hidden talents by Ally
and Chelsea. I didn't know. – Ally and Chelsea turned into artists. – [Dad] You guys turned
into them? Good job. You look adorable. (dad roars) (upbeat music) – [Lady] Wait, plate. (record scratch) Whoa.
(dad laughs) (Niko screams) – [Dad] What's wrong? – It so windy.

– [Dad] It is so windy, I know. Should we go inside and
wait until her friends come? Come on. No wind, wind go away. Hurry, let's go inside. No! This wind. All right, vlog we got to repair. The party animals have arrived. They're still arriving right now. This is how you know
how to get to the party. You gotta follow the animal footprints. Ooh, these are the ones
Niko made. Good job, Niko. Back to bear paw prints.
Oh, a love paw print. We got some horse hooves. Oh man, it looks like a lot
of wild animals back here.

(gasps) Party animals only. I don't know. Are you guys ready to party? Let's enter. Woo! Good job girls. It's looking good. – Welcome to the wild animal party. – [Dad] I love it, mama. Kooper are you having a party? Looks like the girls are going
to get their faces painted. Oh an aligator? Are you gonna match Niko? What's up Mason? Mason, cool shirt. I like it, I like it. What's up girl? Uh huh. – Kensley, I got my face painted! – [Dad] And Niko is a crocodile. (Niko blows air)
(dad laughs) Are you getting your face painted? – You know it. – Those are all the cousins and kiddos from the space station and
some of Adley's friends. What a good time. – Okay, so Adley's favorite
thing right now is wild animals and she got all of these wild animals, but no one's taking care of them. Can you guys take care of them? – Yes.
– Yeah.

– Do you want to adopt a wild animal? – Yeah. – I want panda. – [Dad] Ooh, Briggie's going panda. – A pink flamingo, okay. – Flamingo! – [Dad] Ah yeah. – Oh, nice. – [Dad] An elephant, I like that. (upbeat music) Whoa! It's a spider crab. – I don't know how to do that. – [Dad] You just invented it? – [Holladay] Okay here we go,
I'm gonna do a flip. Ready? – [Dad] Oh, what's Holladay got? I'm ready for this. Oh! There it is! Did you see that?
– Yeah. – [Holladay] Let's see, can
your dad do a back flip? – [Man] Can you do a front roll? – Yeah.

– [Man] Okay, here goes Dad. Dad's gonna do a back flip. Here he goes. – Higher than the trees! – I want you to hold me
up and do a back flip. – Okay. 1, 2, 3! Whoo! Super eagle or you're gonna
look like a flying crocodile. 1, 2, 3!
(Niko giggles) – [Holladay] Whoa. – All right let's go
check on these bracelets. Holly knows about the camera toss. He's been here since the beginning. (upbeat music) – I have to find "T" "H" and "E" – [Dad] Amy, what'd you name yours? – Pandy. – [Dad] Aw, that's such
a good name. I like it. (upbeat music) (paper crinkling) I got you.

– My boy, yes! – [Dad] I got you! (laughs) – You wanna jump with me? – Yeah, want me to jump with you? – Yeah. – I almost.
– Wee. – Dad, can you do that to me? Dad do the superman.
– [Dad] A superman? No, I can't do it with the vlog. Here we'll go right close. Ready Adley? Here we go. 1, 2, 3! Ooh! Super tiger! 1, 2, 3! Ah! Good job, cheetah. – My turn. – [Dad] Okay, Niko. – [Adley] And then everybody gets a turn. – Let's fly! 1, 2, 3! Whoa, you landed on me. All right. – And you do me Holladay. – 1, 2, 3! – [Dad] Whoa! That was a spin! – [Adley] Dad, there's a lot of customers. – [Dad] Oh all right, line up customers. Let's all take turns
doing our coolest tricks. 1, 2, 3! Whoo! All right, who's up next? Your own best trick. (crowd cheers) – [Dad] Whoo! Let's see what you got? Oh yeah, look at those high jumps! She's flying! Go Adley, go adley, go! Whoo, spin moves! I like it.

Whoa, a head spin? – And… – [Dad] Whoo! A front headspring. (dad laughs) Let's see it, Mason. Whoo! Whoa! That was the flip of the day! Whoo! Okay, next one. What? A backflip? That was awesome!
(crowd claps) Whoa, Niko! He did the front flip! Whoa!
(crowd cheers) Ooh, look at those high jumps! Whoa, a ninja flip! He looked just like a ninja. A knee hand stand? Whoo! (soft claps)
Whoo! All right, if you have your animal you can come do a superman. Okay you have all you
need to do a superman.

– No wait, my pet goes first and then me. – Oh the pet goes first? 1, 2, whoo! Whoa. All right, sit over here. 1, 2, 3! Whoo! (upbeat music) (Adley screams) The zoo is attacking me! (dad screams) (upbeat music) – Go to the World Record
Eating Competition! (upbeat music) – I named it The Pro. – [Dad] The Pro?
– Yeah. – [Dad] That's a cool name. Why did you call it The Pro? – Cause look…
– [Dad] Ah! (kids making animal noises) – [Dad] Wow. Can you say welcome to the best day ever? – [Everyone] Welcome to the best day ever! – [Dad] Whoo-hoo! It's an animal party. – Do you guys want to do piñata? – [Everyone] Yes, piñatas! – [Dad] Let's do the piñata.

Hit something with a
stick til candy comes out. Can you reach it?
– No! – I can reach it, I can reach it. – Wait, I got it, I got it. I'm going to lasso it. – [Everyone] Lasso, lasso, lasso, yay! – I lasso it! Yee-haw. – Piñata! – All right, let's get this piñata on. Oh there's candy in it. All right let's see if it moves. Yee-haw, yee-haw. (kids scream and attack) – [Mom] Wait, here's a bat. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Adley's got a bat. Everyone watch out. Whoa, watch out. – [Holladay] Scoot back, scoot back guys. Okay, everybody go over on the stairs. – Whoa, whoa. – Dad. – Ah! (upbeat music) – [Kid] I'm last, cause I'm
probably going to break it. – Ah, hey! (record scratch)
– Hey, get down! Hey, buddy?
– Sloth? – Sloth? Whoa. Okay, one more good hit.

Just kidding. – Dad.
– Just kidding. – Dad! – Dad! – Okay, I won't. (laughs) Okay, I really won't this time. (Adley giggles) Okay, for reals though, I won't. (Adley giggles)
(crowd laughs) I'm not doing it, okay! – Pinky promise!
– Pink promise. – [Woman] (gasps) A pinky promise. – I never break a pinky promise! Hey! I said one good hit. – All right, who's next? – Hit it Niko, hit it Niko, hit it! – [Mom] Two hands, you got it bud. Yeah. – Whoa, whoa! Watch out! Oh boy, he's swinging. Watch out. Oh he's not coming down, he's scared. Oh he's scared!
(crowd laughs) Ah! Whoa, whoa, whoa! (crowd screams) – Wait, wait, my piñata's still alive.

(Niko screams) – Candy! – No, it's still alive. My Frankenstein piñata lives on. Whoa, whoa! – Everybody jump. – Whoa. – Whoa! No, don't hit my sloth! – Sloth! – He got some candy out. Parker's up, yeah! (growls) (dad laughs) Ah! Hold on, not dead. (kids scream) Who wants sloth candy? (kids scream) – [Mom] You guys are animals! – [Dad] Good job, get that pocket full. (upbeat music) – [Dad] How much did you guys all get? – Ooh, that's a lot. – Do we eat pizza on the tramp? – [Dad] Who wants pizza? (kids yell and scream) – I want cheese! – [Kid] I want pepperoni.
– I want cheese. – [Mom] Everyone gets one right now. – [Dad] Hey mama. – Hey. – [Dad] Hi Naves. Are you having a fun birthday party? Hi. Can you say, "Happy Birthday, Adley?" (baby talk) – [Dad] That was pretty close, good job! She's close.

– Cheetah girl, do you want
to go sit in the chair? – [Adley] Yeah! – [Dad] Everyone go grab your presents so we can give them to the birthday girl. – This is my present. – [Dad] Holy cow! You
brought a present that big? Oh, I can't wait to see
what's in all the presents. Should we go smallest boxes to biggest? – Yeah. – Do this one first, this mini one. – [Dad] All right. Who's that one from? – Me. – [Dad] That's from you, Rowan? Give it to the birthday girl. – [Adley] Wait, no, no, no, no. I think Rowan got that one for Niko. – [Dad] Okay. Niko that's for you from Rowan. – [Dad] (gasp) Whoa! – Goomba, Goomba, Goomba, Goomba.

(dad laughs) – I don't like poop. – [Dad] It's not poop! It's a Goomba, look. It's a little mushroom. – Dad I'm opening.
– [Dad] Okay. – Whoa. – More Mario! – Oh, you got Peach. – [Dad] Oh, Princess Peach! – Nail polish and a card. – [Dad] A little boo. That's cool. – Dad what's this card say. – [Dad] Says, "Happy
Birthday, Adley! From Rowan." Did you write that? – Yeah? – [Dad] Good job! – Thank you. – [Dad] Aw, good job. – Hers is next. – [Dad] Oh that one's a good one. – I did it all by myself. – [Dad] That is so cute. You made that wrapping paper? Homemade wrapping paper, that's cool. – Dad what does it say? – [Dad] "Happy Birthday
Adley! From Brynn." – Whoa. – You get to paint your own.
– Whoa. – Your animal kitty for breakfast. – [Dad] You get to make
your own food picnic? – So, mine's heavy. – Oh, what. (glass shattering sound effect) – [Dad] Ah! – Whoa. – [Kid] You get to paint those rocks. – [Dad] Whoa.

– [Mom] That's awesome. – I love it because Macy guess what? My parents gave me the same thing. (parents laugh) – [Mom] Ooh.
– [Dad] Oh boy. – [Dad] Are you serious?
– Thanks Kensley. – I think you're going to
use it on your parents. – [Dad] Oh boy.
(Adley giggles) That does not go on dad. No makeup on dad. – Makeup on dad, makeup on dad. – We got you, you got… – Walkie-talkie. – [Dad] Walkie-talkies! That is awesome! – Thank you guys. – [Parents] Aw. – From Scarlet. – [Dad] Ooh Scarlet, I'm excited. – Wow.
– Whoa. – [Mom] Whoa. Calico Critters! – [Dad] Aw, a little squirrel family. – It's a hedgehog family. – [Dad] Oh. (laughs) – Wow. – [Mom] Oh, a squishy! Oh! – You can open mine now. – Thank you Scarlet. – [Dad] Everybody open it. (kids scream) – Help! – This looks like the space
station opening boxes. – Get the balloons. – There's something in the balloons. – Adley, this is a 1 dollar bill! (parents laugh) – [Mom] Pop all the balloons. – [Dad] Okay. (kid screams) – Money! Mommy here, mom.

– [Mom] Okay I'm the sugar mama. – I got one. – [Dad] Oh, good job. Whoa careful, careful, careful! (dad laughs) – [Mom] Cal, what a present. – [Dad] That is a lot of money. – Mom, give me some money. Just give me a little
bit, give me a little bit. No I need like… – [Mom] What are you doing? – I, mom… – [Mom] Aw. You're so sweet, Adley. – Thanks. – [Dad] You're so nice, Adley. Okay, that was cool. That was way nice. – Can I have one? – [Dad] Good job, Adley. – Here Parker.
– Yay! ♪ Birthday dear Adley ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ (everyone cheers) – Donuts for everyone! – [Mom] Do you want a donut? (upbeat music) – I'm so hungry I could eat a whole zebra.

(Dad makes eating noise) – I eat my birthday cake..

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